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Three Lives Three Worlds Mini-Special (Kids Edition) – Part 14



Finally, I am posting my beloved mini-special. It is really tough, dividing my limited time between my two guys Feng Teng & Dong Hua, lol. I’ll try to do at least a mini-special a month. Since summer holiday will be over soon, this feature will be mostly on the cute & adorable kids, little dough & Gun Gun. Should I do one on Yan Chi Wu since I am starting to like him very much:P?


Little dough is holding the Qingming (Clear Light) sword, “Is this for me?”

Ye Hua: “Give your sister ah!”

Little dough is holding the Kunlun fan, “Then, this is for me?”

Ye Hua: “Give your sister ah!”

Little dough cried till he drown his tiny face and raised his grievance with Bai Qian: “Mummy, father lord doesn’t love A Li anymore. He won’t give me any of the gifts, sob sob..” Bai Qian pointing to her bulging stomach: “Be good ~ mummy will treat her as a gift and give to you, okay?” Little dough asked: “What is this?”

Bai Qian: “Your sister ah!”

Little dough: “ 〒 _ 〒”


A Li has reached the age to inherit a weapon. In the end, should I inherit father lord’s Qingming sword or mummy’s Yuqing  Kunlun fan. This is a tough choice.

Little dough: “Father lord, give the Qingming sword to me.”

Ye Hua: “Good son, with this sword, you can become the next War God in Jiuchongtian.”

Little dough: “Mummy, give the Kunlun fan to me.”

Bai Qian: “Good son, with this fan, you can blow anyone you dislike far far away.”

Little dough: “Uh, I roasted a chicken but the fire is not strong enough so I need to chop some firewoods and fan some wind to add more heat.”

Ye Hua and Bai Qian:  “…..”


Little dough: “Mummy! I am doing my homework but I don’t know how to answer a question.~”

Bai Qian: “Ask your father lord.”

Little dough: “Father lord, I don’t know how to answer a question.~”

Ye Hua: “Ask your grandpa Dong Hua.”

Little dough: “The question is: We should call Dong Hua Dijun (A) Brother or (B) Uncle or (C) Grandpa?”

Ye Hua: “……”

(Little dough, you should call him uncle … but your father also calls him uncle …… arrgh the confusing position in the family hierarchy is once again misleading the little kids ~)



Gun Gun: “Father lord …… you are helping mummy to do homework but…why are you not helping me…?”

Dong Hua: “Because your mummy is too stupid, so she cannot finish her homework.”

Gun Gun (abandon his pride to become shameless): “Gun Gun … Gun Gun is also stupid …”

Dong Hua: “No, although your mummy drags down your IQ, it is still above average.”

Feng Jiu: “…”


Feng Jiu: “Dijun …… whose schoolwork are you doing?”

Dong Hua: “Little royal great-grandson’s one.”

Feng Jiu (surprise): “Dijun, when did you start to have a conscience?”

Dong Hua: “…”

Feng Jiu: “Could it be that A Li gave you some benefits? What can he give ar …”

Dong Hua (Of course, Dijun is not going to repeat the original words): “He said that if sister Feng Jiu’s IQ is at least half of brother Dong Hua then she can help him do schoolwork. After hearing someone said that you have low IQ, I am very pleased.”

Feng Jiu: “…”

A few days later.

Little dough: “Brother Dong Hua … sister Feng Jiu is angry with me!”

Donghua (leisurely fishing): “Oh, why?”

Little dough: “Brother Dong Hua, did you purposely want to bully A Li …… did you feel unwilling to help A Li do homework … A Li, A Li clearly did not say that sister Feng Jiu is 555 (dumb).”

Dong Hua: “…”

Little dough: “Brother Dong Hua has deceived A Li … A Li… A Li …”

Dong Hua: “What you gonna do?”

Little dough (start to cry): “A Li is not going to call you brother anymore lah …”

Dong Hua: “…”

(A Li dear, if you really call him grandpa, don’t ever think he is going to help you do schoolwork anymore …)


Bai Gun Gun (looking pitiful): “Uncle little dough ~ ~ ~”

Little dough (looking sincere and earnest): “Gun Gun, why are you so sissy, if you are not careful you will have a wretched life.”

Gun Gun (biting his fingers): “Sissy, just like Uncle Xiao Yan, that kind of dainty appearance?”

Little dough: “Correct ah! Your mummy does not like sissy. She will refuse to accompany you to sleep. You need to be a little more valiant and manly, just like me!”

Gun Gun: “Okay! In order to sleep with mummy, I will go home now and eat up all the rice that I didn’t eat!”

Little dough: “What does this have to do with eating ar?”

Gun Gun (confused): “Didn’t you just said I should be like you ar? But, but, I’m not, as fat as you, oh no, it should be round.”

Little dough: “. . . . . ”


Gun Gun and little dough are sitting in the courtyard and looking at the stars.

Little dough: “Recently, my father lord is increasingly excessive, occupying my mummy’s time the whole day!”

Gun Gun (worried look): “My father lord also.”

Little dough (waving his two small fists): “We have to find a solution! Thus, after the two have discussed over it, they decided to – first cry, two throw tantrum and three hang oneself.”

The next day, late at night. Only Gun Gun is sitting in the courtyard and looking at the stars. So what actually happened that night?

Little dough cried ——Ye Hua: “Crying is useless.”

Little dough threw tantrum—— Ye Hua: “Throwing tantrum is useless.”

Little dough hanged himself ——Ye Hua: “Okay, just let you this once.”

Gun Gun cried ——Dong Hua: “Crying is useless.”

Gun Gun threw tantrum ——Dong Hua: “Throwing tantrum is useless.”

Gun Gun hanged himself —The outcome is he hanged himself, but half way through he climbed down.

Feng Jiu: “What if he really hanged himself, then how?”

Dong Hua (expressionless): “Do not worry, Xiao Bai, he will definitely climb down.”



Yan Lang: “Mum and dad, how was I born?”

Qin Mo (look calm): “Pick up from the roadside.”

Yan Long (look indignant): “You are talking nonsense! Zhou Yue Yue clearly told me because both of you slept together!”

Qin Mo:” …”

Yan Song: “…”

Little dough: “Mummy and father lord, how was I born?”

Bai Qian (forced laugh): “… this question, is indeed, very deep …”

Ye Hua (look calm): “It is your mummy who gave birth to you.”

Bai Qian: “……”

Gun Gun: “Mummy and father lord, how was I born?”

Feng Jiu (look distress and stare at Dong Hua): “… Well … Well … How to explain this?”

Dong Hua (look calm and talk rubbish): “Pop out from the inside of a stone.”

Feng Jiu: “……”


Little dough: “Recently I feel very troubled. Father lord always does not let me sleep with mummy.”

Su Chen: “Recently I feel very troubled. Father lord always makes me feed Xiao Huang (tiger).”

Gun Gun: “Recently I feel very troubled. Father lord always makes me eat the sweet and sour fish he cooked.”

Little dough (sympathetic look): “….”

Su Chen (sympathetic look): “….”


New School Year’s Resolutions

Su Chen: “Study hard and improve every day, strive to become a wise ruler in the future!”

Yan Lang: “Strive to improve the gene I inherited from my mother to get good result for my language test!”

Feng Jiu: “No matter what, also must successfully steal the magical Saha fruit!”

Little dough: “Strive for mummy to change my name and compete with father lord for the right to sleep with mummy.”

Gun Gun: “Strive for mummy to pay more attention to me and do not need to eat sweet and sour fish.”

9 thoughts on “Three Lives Three Worlds Mini-Special (Kids Edition) – Part 14

  1. ~One~
    Oh, since when did Little Dough have sister ar? I’m not up-to-date.

    YH & BQ think too highly of their “good son” =))

    Yeah, the family hierarchy in TLTW is surely complicated. Since you call his wife sister, you should call him brother also, Little Dough? =)) And for sure, this is the title he wants to be called the most =)) But think again, why should we please that thick-skinned man, ha? lol

    DH, your words are so hurtful T_T you are just trying to bully FJ, right? T_T

    Way to go, Little Dough, call him old old grandpa, he deserves some punishment >:)

    OMG GG calls Little Dough “uncle” =)) GG surely got his father’s way of talking… so hurtful =)) poor round Little Dough =))

    You shameless husbands =)) sticking to your wives like glue and bullying your sons like they have no connection to you. I guess most of Chinese novel guys are like that =)) “she is my wife, go find and hug your own wife you idiot son” =))

    DH’s answer seems normal here, but well, it’s the most cold-hearted ar, lol

    I’m expecting the same line from GG, but his words shocked me more =)) maybe DH is trying to say to his son that “stay away from your mom or more sweet and sour fish for you” =))

    FJ is among the students ah? And why does she want to steal the magical Saha fruit?
    Poor GG~ He’s the poorest among the sons =))

    P.s 1: what does Gun Gun mean ar?
    P.s 2: nice come back of TLTW mini special Peanuts, I love this ❤

    • Oh, thank you for the long comment, very touched:) Hey, I though you are SS’s super fan. Or like me, you are stepping on 2 boats, lol. Did you read Pillow Book? I remembered you told me you don’t wanna read it. Should I do a special on Xiao Yan?

      Bai Qian is pregnant in the epilogue of 3L3W10PB, the one where they wanna change little dough’s name to black son. Did you read all my blog postings or not, I tut you are my blog’s no. 1 fan:P?

      Dong Hua is old in age as well as seniority, much older & highly placed than little dough’s dad so it is weird to call him brother, lol. Feng Jiu is diff. She is Bai Qian’s niece and just slightly older than little dough.

      Come on, Gun Gun is Dong Hua’s son so of course he talks like his dad, lol. Yah, he is the most pitiful bcos his dad is DH, lol. Anyway what he said is the truth. Little dough is indeed fat after eating so much of FJ’s cooking, haha….GG isn’t pop out from a stone, instead DH is, haha.. GG is FJ’s imagined baby when DJ bluff her that she is pregnant when she licked/kissed him as a fox, lol. The final GG’s line is written by peanuts, lol. GG means rolling, yah such an abnormal name, lol.

      Go & read The Pillow Book. FJ goes to school in Fanyin Valley so she is a student. She wanna steal the fruit to repay a favour.

      • I’m surely stepping on two boats, lol. I’m still waiting for the full PB, I don’t wanna read st that is not complete ‘ v ‘

        Hey, maybe I missed some of your posts, or maybe I don’t remember it :v But I really dont recall BQ’s pregnant ar. I guess it’s ‘cuz my favorite is DH & FJ, not BQ and YH 😛

        Yeah, I know DH is old in age as well as seniority =)) But I think DH’s very mad as Little Dough calling him grandpa or uncle, not just because it sounds old, but it’s also because his wife is called “sister” ar =))

        GG’s dangerous because he’s saying hurtfull words with an innocent face =))

  2. Hello, so glad to have stumbled upon this blog. Genuinely enjoy reading chinese novesl as well, and this San Sheng San Shi is one of my favourite books – I even got a copy of the real book at home.

    I personally prefer the author’s other book title, Hua Xu Yin, which is also big success hit. The stories there are soooooo touching and heart-wrenching.

    Just want to find out more about the owners of this blog, which country are you from? I am personally a singaporean. (am also the owner of the twitter quote account @ChiNovelQuotes , in which I post some quotes from some of the books that I love – so just pop by if you are free ^_^)

    Wheeee, so glad to find someone else who shares the love of reading!!!

    • Hihi, you found my blog, lol. I am the admin for shushengbar and have sent you a personal email in reply to your comment in Blazing Sunlight. I visited your twitter as well as tumblr a/cs and notice we’ve fairly similar taste in books, haha…I think I’ve read most of your recommendations except a few eg the books by Black & White author and a few others. I am allergic to gangster story:)

      Actually I am only okay with 3L3W after reading The Pillow Book which is more funny and cute:) Have you read it? Yah, HXY is an even better book but it is just too angsty:( Normally I prefer more light-hearted books especially those ‘white text’ but sometime I do listen to the so-called classics as well.

      The owner of this blog is your close neighbour lah, lol. When you’ve time, do drop by here or the bar often so we can rant or rave about books and give some recommendations to each other. Have you tried listening to audiobook?

      • Hello,

        Wow didn’t realise the bar and this blog have the same owner, I thought they are two different websites. (=

        I don’t really listen to audiobooks, I prefer reading the text itself…Actually it is mainly because I am seriously not good with IT stuff, and I have no idea where to get access to all these audiobooks and listen to them hahahahahha.

        I briefly read the pillow book too, which I assume is “Zhen Shang Shu” – the author will be releasing the second half of the installment very very soon.

        Speaking of book release, yes Blazing Sun will get released soon as well! In fact some of the editors/author herself already received the real hardcopy of the book. How are you guys going to get access to the book? )= I can’t find any website that delivers to overseas country.

        Wow wow wow…so do you actually know how to read chinese? Or do you rely solely on google translate? That is actually pretty amazing. (=

        I am not sure about the collaboration part hahahaha. I would say if you don’t mind I’d post a link of this blog on my, (= because a couple of my followers have been asking for book recommendations, and I haven’t got the time to write more book recommendations, except the three that I posted on my tumblr.

        Talking about book recommendations…If you are into ancient books, I recently read 跨过千年来爱你, it is pretty long but I would say the plot is very good. I especially love how the male lead character was crafted. (= Do take a look if you have time.

        All the best with this blog, really admire those who share the love of reading!!

        • Actually I am not the owner of both blogs but the 2 owners abandoned their blogs so I am taking care of them, lol.

          You don’t need to be good in IT to listen to audiobook:) It is rather entertaining just like watching a drama. The readers are mostly very professional. You can also listen like a bedtime story, giving your eyes a rest then drift to sleep. In addition, you can read the ebook while listening to the audiobook. If you want to give it a try, I highly recommend you the audiobooks for Who Gets the World for ancient book, Kao, You’ve been Submerged for modern light hearted book and Tang Qi’s Twice Blooming Flower for modern book. You can find the Chinese titles as well as the audiobook links in the bar.

          Yah, Tang Qi has postponed the release of The Pillow Book to probably Sept. Officially, Blazing Sunlight will be out on 20 August. I am sure the bookshop in Sg will stock the book later. We normally don’t buy any since we cannot read Chinese. But I did buy, Silent Separation, Come & Eat, Shan Shan & The Pillow Book when I was in China. You can easily read the ebook online. The bar has all the links.

          Yup, most of us rely on google translate & another reading software. We’ve a girl who reads the Viet translated books. Some of the contributors in the bar can read Chinese. If you are interested to contribute, please register & I’ll give you author access so you can share your love for some books with others. The norm is post the cover of the book, ebook link & English translated synopsis, plus a short comment on it.

          Please feel free to post the links to the bar or blog as our existence is to share with others.

          Thank you for your recommendation. I heard about this book b4 but have no time to read it. I prefer modern book bcos the language in the ancient book is more difficult to understand. Don’t forget I’ve never studied Chinese, lol. If you want, you can post it in the bar after you’ve finished it. We always welcome new contributors

  3. welcomes back 🙂

  4. Donghua tried to kill me from laugh there XD

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