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Hua Qian Gu (The Journey of Flower) Novel Summary & Spoilers – 仙侠奇缘之花千骨



Please direct any enquiries or comments to lidge who is a HQG as well as WH’s expert :This is my personal blog so I am entitled to write my bias opinion. I do not like the novel so I did not finish the novel or watch the drama. You have the freedom to disagree with me in a constructive and polite manner. But any rude comment which amounts to personal attack will be deleted.

This book is ranked number 9 on the old top 100 Chinese Romance Novels poll which you can find on hamster’s blog. However I have never really like xian xia book because they are the hardest to understand. I am probably doing this feature to bash Bai Zi Hua so you have been warned. Serendipity said my teacher phobia is well-known in shusheng bar, haha. For your information, I have only heard 20% of the story but I have read the summary. Currently, I am waiting for the better quality audio book to be released.

I’ve written a summary including the ending, so you will be spoiled. I have also included some of the most memorable quotations spoken by the lead characters as well as an English translated MV. Actually I feel this is one of the better written xian xia book, definitely better than Chong Zi, thanks to the awesome supporting males and a little worm, lol.  I drafted this feature a long time ago but it has taken me ages to finish it so please excuse its poor quality as I have forgotten a lot of stuff:(

According to what I have read the leads for the drama adaptation have been decided. Zhao Li Ying will be Hua Qian Gu and Wallace Huo will be Bai Zi Hua. The drama will be quite different from the novel because the setting will change from xian xia to wuxia. For your information Hui3r is a devoted Wallace Huo’s fan:P Also, make sure you read queenanon’s comments below because she has written very detailed review and analysis of the novel. She is a superfan of this novel so her writings are heaps better than mine.

Latest Update: According to my source who is crazy about this drama as well as Wallace, Hua Qian Gu will be filmed as a fantasy drama just like the novel but they will also film some wuxia parts. Thus, if the fantasy drama doesn’t pass SARFT’s censorship, then they’ll re-edit it to be a wuxia drama in order to be aired on tv. However, the fantasy version which is exactly like the novel will be released to overseas audience. A looney WH’s fan is translating the book into English so if you want to read it, click here.


Hua Qian Gu is the world’s last God, so since young she has often been injured by demons and supernatural spirits. After her father’s death, she followed his bidding and went to Mt Shu to learn some skills. Then after the death of Mt Shu’s leader, she took over as the leader. Because she is not strong and powerful enough, she went to Mt Chang Liu to learn more skills. She become the disciple of Bai Zi Hua, the leader of Chang Liu sect.

When Qian Gu and Bai Zi Hua went traveling, while trying to save Qian Gu, Bai Zi Hua is poisoned and nearly died. She used her own blood to extend his life. Then, she made use of the spirits to save him, thereby releasing the demon god. Such an action is condemned by the entire cultivation world. The demon god gave all the strength and power to Qian Gu. At the same time, her shi shu (one of the other leader in Chang Liu) found out about her love for Bai Zi Hua so she got sent away to confinement. With Dong Fang’s help, she managed to return to Chang Liu. She returned because she mistakenly thought Bai Zi Hua is going to accept another disciple when he had already said he will only accept Qian Gu as his only disciple in this life.

Sha Qian Mo who is the leader of the Yao and Mo (demon) realm, attacked Chang Liu in order to save Qian Gu. As a result of this battle, Sha Qian Mo become the living dead, Dong Fang died and Qian Gu is imprisoned by Bai Zi Hua, under Chang Liu’s seabed for sixteen years. Due to Qian Gu’s blood, Tang Bao, the adorable little worm is able to cultivate and become a person. She went to rescue Hua Qian Gu but sadly is killed. Because of that, Qian Gu broke all ties with Bai Zi Hua and become the demon god, ruling the demon sect.

Bai Zi Hua who cannot stand to be estranged fron Qian Gu, went to seek her out. He stumbled upon her kissing Mo Bing Xian and felt very distressed and heartache about it, thereby the unfeeling poison in his body flare-up. Qian Gu deceived him into killing her. Because of that, Bai Zi Hua become crazy for 30 years. Then in the epilogue, they ended up happily together.

Characters Analysis

There are many characters in the novel but I am going to elaborate on a few of the more important one only. You can refer to skyblu’s more detailed list in the book bar. I am going to translate some of the rather classic lines they’ve spoken! Before that is a translated fan-made MV to give you a feel of the story as well as the major characters. I have heard many songs written specifically for this novel and this song is one of my favourite.

0.41 – Wallace Huo – Bai Zi Hua: “From today onward, she is Chang Liu’s high deity, my disciple. I, Bai Zi Hua will only accept one disciple in this life.”

0.50 – Liu Shi Shi – Hua Qian Gu: “In this world, I am most scared of two things, ghosts and shifu.”

0.56 – Yuan Hong – Dong Fang Yu Qing: “This tongue is really obedient, sometimes it will need to be moistened with water, and sometimes I will need to open the roof to let it have some sun.”

1.06 – Nicholas Tse – Sha Qian Mo: “Little child, why was I born so good-looking?”

“Yes ah, how come can look so good?”

1.56 – “Bai Zi Hua, if you dare to hurt her for your sect, I will slaughter your entire sect. If you harm her for the world, I will massacre the people of the world!”

2.09 – “Bone, do not look. Bone, do not die. Listen to my advice, do not die. Even if nobody in this world love you, you also have to love yourself…..”

2.25 – Li Qian – Tang Bao: “Bone mummy, I finally get to meet you.”

2.30 – “Bai Zi Hua, everything I’ve done in this life, I have never regretted them. But if I can do it all over again, I don’t want to fall in love with you.”

2.46 – “How can you be so cruel? Make me kill you personally, then leave me all alone.

What do you want? You only need to say it. No matter right or wrong, I will also give you.

I’ll give you love. I’ll give you myself.

What does the destruction of the six realms has anything to do with us? What does whether these people are alive or dead has anything to do with us?

I will take you away, we can go anywhere, you can do as you please.

Just do not leave me ……”

3.42 – “Bai Zi Hua, on the road to hell, in the middle of the River of Forgetfulness, beside the three lives stone, at the head of Bridge of Helplessness, I may have seen you before?”

“Little bone, follow shifu home!”

Hua Qian Gu


“You are the world’s gentlest person, and also the most heartless. Because of you, I have nothing. My body is covered all over with scars, all thanks to you. Between you and me, we have already broken all ties long ago.”

“I tried so hard for so many years, but I have never understood you. Now, I don’t need to understand nor want to understand. Whether to die or to live, you are now in my hands, I can do whatever I want.”

“Bai Zi Hua, the one hundred and three sword wounds on my body, seventeen cavities and a body of scars, all of them were given by you. Sixteen years of imprisonment, plus these two lives, I have already paid off all I owe you. The memories have been spoiled, the bell pendant has been damaged, so from now onwards, our master and disciple relationship is severed. “I have no Shifu, no friends, no lovers, no children. I once thought I had the entire world, but it turned out to be fake. The one who loves me, died for me, the one I love wants me dead. The ones I believed in betrayed me. The ones I  depended on abandoned me. I don’t need anything, I don’t want anything, I just want to live simply. But heaven is forcing me, you are forcing me! Do you think that now, I can still turn back?”

“I don’t believe in good, don’t believe in evil, don’t believe in happiness, but I believe in you!”

“Bai Zi Hua, I curse you in the name of God: This life and eternal life, you won’t grow old or die and won’t get injured or get killed.”

I don’t understand how anyone can ship Hua Xian Gu with Bai Zi Hua after all the sufferings he inflicted on her, whatever the intention or justification may be. I admire Qian Gu’s courage and dedication but I also find her a bit naïve and obsessed with loving the shifu.

Bai Zi Hua


“Noble character? Isn’t that just a phrase? A person who had to offer up his happiness, and sacrifice everything he has, does he still have feelings? My heart worries about Chang Liu, worries about the Xian realm, worries about all living things, but I have never done anything for her. I didn’t disappoint Chang Liu, didn’t disappoint the Six Realms, didn’t disappoint the world, but, in the end, I disappointed her and I disappointed myself.”

“Regarding love, both of us have made mistakes before and resulting in both of us suffered greatly. Now, it is not easy to finally have the opportunity to be able to do it all over again, I will never give her up like last time.”

Yes, in the end Bai Zi Hua is quite pitiful but he can’t erase what he has done so I can never like him no matter what he did later. Also, he is such a prim and proper cold fish, so boring, not the type I like. The author wrote at different stages in our life we will be attracted to different kind of men. Bai Zi Hua is someone Qian Gu can trust and look up to and who will love, cherish and protect her forever. Obviously, I am not at that stage in my life as I dislike Bai Zi Hua:P

Sha Qian Mo


Sha Qian Mo is the leader of the Yao and Mo (demon) realm. Initially Hua Qian Gu mistakenly thought he is a female because he looks so beautiful, just like a woman. He is like an elder brother or sister to Qian Gu. Even though he is the leader of the demon clan and his love can be considered overbearing, he has never failed to protect or rescue Qian Gu whenever she is in danger. I especially like his declaration which I shall repeat  “Bai Zi Hua, if you dare hurt her for your sect, I will slaughter your entire sect. If you harm her for the world, I will massacre the people of the world!”

Dong Fang Yu Qing


“Bone, I have come to take you home.”

“Obviously, it is me who personally pushed her to Bai Zi Hua, but, I obviously know beforehand that she will fall in love with Bai Zi Hua. I clearly know that below love is the bottomless abyss …… why I still disregard everything to love …… If, at the beginning he can be a little more selfish, to keep her at his side, will it be able to change her fate? However, he is not qualified for Hua Qian Gu and also cannot afford her. He will just look at her, keep her company, would be sufficient.”

Dong Fang Yu Qing is my choice if I am Hua Qian Gu. It can be said that it is he who pushed Qian Gu to Bai Zi Hua so he is partly to blame for all the subsequent events. Yet, I still have a soft spot for him, for his humour and the sacrifices he made for Qian Gu. He is such a romantic, gentle and affectionate guy, just to Qian Gu only, so sweet.

Xuan Yuan Lang


“What do you mean leave her alone? What a joke! I can hold the world in my hands, what is so frightening about opposing fate?

“I do not want to become human king, want to get away from everything, be carefree, even if to become an immortal together with you …… but so many years, he has done nothing for her…… The fate of the people, all the responsibilities are heavy burden on him, making him can’t even breathe. He cannot abandone his duty …… the only thing he can do for her, is to wait for her, continue to wait until she come back …… Unrequited love for a person, but never look back at another person who loves him deeply. It is fated that, no one can be happy ……”

The book doesn’t elaborate much on him compared to Dong Fang Yu Qing. I like him because he met Qian Gu as well as the reader me, early in the novel and he is a prince then becoming an emperor. I am always attracted to poweful royalty, lol. Well, I feel all the guys in the novels are awesome and treat Qian Gu pretty well except Bai Zi Hua.



Hua Qian Gu forced Bai Zi Hua to kill her and her soul is broken and dispersed. With the death of Qian Gu, those who died because of her are resurrected because she is a God. Fortunately her soul is saved by Zhu Ran. Later, Sha Qian Mo sent the soul into reincarnation, but because it is too scattered, so the newborn Qian Gu only have a three-year-old child’s intelligence and was born in a rural family. Bai Zi Hua wanted to die to follow Qian Gu but he can’t because of her curse that he will become immortal. Thus he became crazy for 30 years, retired from being the leader and wandered everywhere in search of Qian Gu. When he found Qian Gu who no longer has any past life memories, he once again accepted her as his disciple (he said it is the most suitable arrangement for now, In the future, if Qian Gu want any other identity, he will satisfy her request).

This is the original ending of the book which can be considered an open ending. However, the author is reluctant to part with the characters she has written for 2 years. Also, she feels it is rather sad to end the book with one going crazy and the other is retarded. Thus she wrote a few happy epilogues to satisfy the fans. I personally feel although this ending is kind of sad, it is more poignant and appropriate. Without any past life memories Qian Gu will be able to live a happy life with her shifu.



In the epilogue of the original book, Dōng Fāng gave some drug to Qian Gu which helped her to recover her memory. She decided to forgive Bai Zi Hua and returned to his side. They got married and live happily ever after. Táng Bǎo and Shí Yī also ended up together. In addition, Xuān Yuan and Qīng Shuǐ also got together. Every time, after Dōng Fāng sacrificed his life, he continued to get reincarnated.

In the original book published for the Taiwan market as well as in the revised edition, there is an extra epilogue called ‘gamble’. Qian Gu recovered her memories and married Bai Zi Hua. Then something went wrong with her eyes. Dong Fang can heal Qian Gu’s eyes, but required sixteen years to make the medicine. Thus, he made a bet with Bai Zi Hua.

He will wipe away Qian Gu’s memory and sent her to the mortal world for 15 years. With no memory, who will she fall in love with? The outcome is she liked Liu Huo (Shuò Fēng). Then, she recovered her memory and went back to Chang Liu. At the very end, Bai Zi Hua healed Qian Gu’s eyes and they have a sweet and touching ending.

In the revised edition of the latest novel, there is an additional silly epilogue called ‘five husbands home-coming’. Qian Gu married Na Mo Yue, Xuan Yuan Lang, Dong Fang, Sha Qian Mo and Bai Zi Hua simultaneously so all five become her husbands. The order to exercise marital rights is the same as the sequence they got married as mentioned.

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  2. Wanted to try out this book but this sounds like this is a ‘ nue wen’. ok I shall stop being attracted to so many books :S

  3. LOL you have no idea how much “WTF??!” I was thinking while reading your very funny summary/review! Talk about a dysfunctional relationship! I was wondering whether I should read this book or not but then after a while I decided to give it a shot because your awesome review just got me so curious! 😀

    I’m so glad you posted this because now that I started reading this, I’m totally hooked! It’s such an awesome story with really cool characters – I especially love Sha Qianmo and Dongfang Yuqing. Actually all the guys are pretty cool and I love the little worm (so cute).

    Of course Qiangu is awesome and I feel so sad for all the crap she had to suffer. What a tragic life 😦

    I started out liking Bai Zihua but now I feel like bitchslapping him. Qiangu must be the most forgiving person EVER to stay with him after all the hell he put her through! Personally I would’ve picked either Sha Qianmo or Dongfang. At the same time, I really pity Bai Zihua and it’s obvious how much he and Qiangu love each other … urgh, so torn!

    • BTW, any books you can recommend that are similar to Hua Qian Gu? I really like this type of book… Thanks 😀

    • Oh and I totally agree with you about Bai Zihua being cold and a total prude – WAY too prudish (OMG I can’t believe he won’t get physical with Qiangu EVEN AFTER MARRYING HER FOR YEARS :\)

      • Thank you for thinking that my feature is funny:) Actually you’ve asked the wrong person as xianxia & wuxia are never my fav due to my poor Chinese language skill. I always fall asleep listening to them, haha…But if you want something very similar to HXG, it’ll be Chong Zi.

        Give the audiobook a try bcos I had a crush on the guy reader’s voice, lol. Inspite of that I never managed to finish that book bcos most of the guys in that book are annoying. The suppporting guys are pale in comparison to those in this book except one. I think the shifu in Chong Zi is less prudish. Anyway a lot of girls in the bar love that book.

        A firm fav with many readers is Heavy Sweetness, Ash-like Frost. This one is just a fight between 2 guys with some humour as well as angst. Floating Dreams, The Promise of 3 Lifetimes is also interesting with 2 male leads and a well-made audiobook. Lastly, When Spring Ends, I’ll See You Again is recommended since I did a feature on it, haha..You can find all the details and more in the bar.

        Btw, you are such a fast reader. So nice to know Chinese so you can read like a choo choo train:P Btw there are many good audiobooks on xianxia & wuxia books which are not posted in the bar because there is virtually no active reader of that genre to contribute to the bar. If you are interested & have a little spare time, you can post English translated book synopsis plus a short comment of the book in the bar. Just register, inform me & I’ll give you author access.

        • Thank you for all your great recommendations! I’m new to these novels so I think I’ll just pick them off the list you gave here and also check out the ones already blogged about at Shushengbar 😀

          Think I might try Chong Zi next (if it’s similar to the awesome Hua Qian Gu, then I’m definitely adding it to my list!)…

          When I made my previous comment, I only read about 2/3 of Hua Qian Gu, but now that I’ve finished it, my opinions have changed a little bit (especially about Bai Zihua)…

          [Personal opinions/spoilers alert! :D]

          I still like Sha Qianmo and Dongfang very much but I understand why Hua Qiangu ended up with Bai Zihua. Actually with the way the story went, it would’ve been bad if she DIDN’T end up with BZH, not only because he was so pitiful at the end, but mainly because he also made a lot of sacrifices for HQG, and his love for her runs deeper than the other guys.

          Dongfang always had a hidden agenda, and it was only after spending so much time with HQG and her being so kind and wonderful that his heart was moved by her. Sha Qianmo was more like an older brother and protected HQG because she reminded him of someone very important to him who he lost in the past (that someone was like a little sister to him), and also because he sensed that HQG had something to do with the 16 sacred talismans.

          As for Xuanyuan Lang, he had a childhood crush on HQG that lasted till adulthood, and he never really knew HQG beyond the brief time they spent together before she went to Chang Liu. Nan Wuyue was more like a little brother/son to HQG (and his true Demon God self used HQG as a vessel to store his evil demonic powers).

          We have to take into account BZH’s circumstances: he’s not only the leader of Chang Liu, he’s also the unofficial leader of the Xian and he has a duty to protect the life of everyone and stop the rebirth of the Demon God. The whole time BZH was torn between his duty as a Xian (and all his principles, morals, and everything that he must uphold as a Xian) and his love for HQG. He pretty much went against ALL his duties and principles in concealing HQG’s demon powers and he had to punish her severely so that nobody would suspect the truth about HQG (if they knew they would definitely kill her). He knew that with her Godly and Demonic powers, she could take the harsh punishment (and he actually went easy on her since he took the 64 nails himself and only destroyed the Xian part of her as an act to fool everyone else – she still had the demon and God powers).

          Even after he took the 64 nails and lost the majority of his powers and was severely injured, he sneaked off to HQG’s prison cell to tend to her injuries straight after her punishment and he held her through the whole night while she was in pain. Mo Yan and the girl who always hated HQG were the ones who went behind BZH’s back to douse HQG with acid, and the evil girl also destroyed HQG’s voice by forcing her to drink the acid so that she couldn’t tell BZH the truth.

          Mo Yan then exiled HQG to God knows where because he didn’t want BZH to know all the stuff he did behind his back (he knows that BZH is protective of HQG). BZH didn’t know the full extent of HQG’s injuries and scars but he thought that as long as she’s away from Chang Liu and she’s still got the demon/God powers and nobody knows about them, she’ll be safe. Just in case he sent this magical beast to protect HQG and take care of her.

          In the big battle where HQG was trying to save Nan Wuyue, Mo Yan cast magic to control BZH’s sword to make BZH stab HQG. When she fell and he saw her scars, he was so devastated and angry that he chopped off the evil girl’s arm and was so pissed off at Mo Yan that he decided to give up Chang Liu and spend 16 years keeping watch on HQG who was imprisoned under the Chang Liu ocean. He feels that he’s failed HQG, failed to protect her and failed as her teacher.

          And then all that stuff with the final battle happens and HQG forced BZH to kill her and then cursed him to live eternally in suffering (Mo Yan splashed that acid water on BZH to test if he loves HQG and while the scar didn’t show up right away, it got really big by the end so he’s always got this crippling pain in his arm – the more he loves HQG, the more painful the scar gets). BZH went insane because he planned to die with HQG (by then everyone was out to kill HQG and she made it look like she was gonna destroy the world) but because of her curse, he couldn’t kill himself and has to live with the pain and guilt of killing the one he loves to save the rest of the world, with the reminder of his love and guilt giving him crippling pain and nightmares every day.

          After 30 years of insanity and nonstop searching for the remaining scattered bit of HQG’s soul, BZH found out from Dongfang how to track down Sha Qianmo (who had the soul fragment but sent it to reincarnation) and begged Sha Qianmo to give HQG back to him. It got to the point where even Sha Qianmo felt sorry for BZH and told him where to find HQG’s reincarnated self. Unfortunately she was mentally and physically impaired from having her soul shattered into pieces, and everyone in the village (except for her parents) bullied her because of her disability. BZH then takes her as a student again because he wanted to stay with her for as long as he could (until her soul fragments reunite and then she may make good on her word to not fall in love with him again, a day which he dreads everyday because he can’t live without her).

          I’m glad the author took pity on our main couple and decided to let them reunite at the end, forgiving each other and trying to use their second chance at life to be happy together. 😀

          Sorry about this long comment essay, but yeah I just wanted to talk about this awesome angsty love story and all the awesome characters. It’s got a bit of everything: fantasy, action, adventure, romance, EPIC ANGST (yeah!), and an EVEN BETTER HAPPY ENDING 😀

          I’m so thankful that you wrote this post on HQG because I never would’ve known about this wonderful book if not for reading your post! I haven’t read an awesome story like this one in a very long time and I’m so glad that I didn’t miss out on something so good! 😀

          Oh and one final note: how do I register at Shushengbar? Do I comment on there with my WordPress account like I do here at your blog? Or do I need to create a new account over at Shushengbar? Thanks 🙂

        • so touching I can’t just believe this how can he do that I don’t blame him when that bitch is not thinking straight how will he not know he is so stupid f**k him

      • Wah such an indepth analysis, making my writing looks so kiddy lol. Dun worry, the longer the better:P As I’ve confessed, I’ve only read 20% of the story & the balance I’ve only read the summary so I dun feel much for BZH. Later when I listen to the good version of the audiobook, I may change my mind & revise my post. Btw, in future, can I get you to do character analysis for each novel you’ve read bcos you can analyse & write very well:)? I wrote this post bcos I notice a lot of ppl went to SSB to seek spoiler so I took pity on those who can’t understand Chinese and those waiting for the final volume of the Thai translation to be released.

        I think you need to register separately for SSB but you can use back your wordpress name bcos it is not hosted by wordpress. Just click on register below meta which is below recent comments.

        • Aww thanks for being so supportive! 😀 I have a habit of ranting and rambling so I’m just glad that you didn’t mind reading all my jumbled ramblings (LOL). Of course if it’s OK with you, I’d always love to talk/write about novels and the characters 😀

          I remember back in the days of Harry Potter, I had all these theories and my school friends were all sick of me talking about them that they refuse to talk to me if I mentioned ANYTHING related to novels 😦 *sigh* Only my mom would be patient enough to listen to me talk about novels (even though she hadn’t read them LOL). I’m lucky that my parents love wuxia and were always cool with me asking them about Jin Yong, etc.

          LOL I’m addicted to Hua Qian Gu and I’m only sad that there isn’t more of it! I was totally hooked right from the first chapter when HQG was running away from the ghosts trying find the doctor to treat her dad, and then by the time it got to her trying to find a master I was just absolutely addicted.

          I’m usually quite picky in books/movies/dramas, so if something doesn’t grab my attention in the first few chapters I find it hard to keep reading. HQG was great for me because I was really interested from the get go, which is quite rare in my case (because I usually start getting interested by maybe the second or third chapter).

          LOL I’m not trying to convince you or anything since naturally everyone has different tastes, but give BZH a chance to redeem himself cuz that’s where all the good angst is (mwahaha). Oh and the extra gambling story at the end is REALLY good because it’s hilarious and really cute/sweet. BZH is aloof at the start of HQG novel (because it’s how he came to be after his Xian training) but by the end of the novel he becomes a really sweet romantic hero (and totally awesome in the extra story hahaha).

          I’ll head off to register at SSB now 😀
          Looking forward to talking with all you wonderful people there 🙂

      • Many non-Chinese speaking fans prefer ancient novels but I suck in that dept bcos I don’t know Chinese well. Most of the active contributors love modern novels so I’ve to use plenty of time & effort to search & read ancient books:( I am only the caretaker for this blog as well as the bar bcos the owners have lost interest. It is nice now to have someone to rant & rave abt ancient books with me:) I’ve given you author privilenge so you can post any book there. You can also write feature on books on your blog & link it to the bar as the bar is some sort of novel-pedia lol.

        I’ve read the first 15% of the book so my impression of Dong Fang & Xuan Yuan Lang are deeper compared to BZH who is basically just the teacher. I like Dong Fang’s humour. I’ve a soft spot for funny people, heehee….I can sympathise with BZH but I doubt I can like her as he is just too serious & staid. I’ve never liked any of my teachers & he will not be an exception eventhough he is good looking, lol.

        • Actually I think your Chinese is quite fine, since you can understand Mandarin and just listen to the novels and understand them just like that, something which I can’t do at all. I’ve been wondering about this but are you a native Chinese speaker? Because if you can just listen and understand like that your language base must be quite strong.

          As for myself, I have no formal Chinese education and the only bits of Chinese I know are from what I picked up in watching the occasional drama and through my parents’ love of wuxia (LOL). It’s because of great blogs like yours and drama blogs like Mookie’s that I can find more Chinese books/TV to enjoy – otherwise it’s just the odd book or movie that my parents have at home 🙂

          I’m a weird one because I usually only read historical novels and not modern ones, which is why the whole “time-travel” plot device is a pet peeve of mine (as I said back @ your SSB 秀丽江山 post :D). Thanks for the awesome invite to SSB and giving me author privileges! If you find any good historical fiction, please point them my way so I can check them out and if I can, I’d love to help contribute to SSB 😀

          I’ve said this before but I don’t really know where to start in terms of fiction by newer authors since the only historical novels I know are the ones my parents read (like, the old books we have at home with the yellowed pages and musty smell which date back to my parents’ younger days LOL :D), so I now just look to SSB as my map and go through the posted books there 🙂

          Oh yes I love funny characters too, which is why Dongfang and Sha Qianmo were instant favorites when they first appeared. 🙂 I love these guys right from the beginning and they only got more awesome as the story went! And the way they always jumped in to help and protect HQG is really very touching, especially when she needed their help the most.

          I also like quiet characters like BZH if they’re written well. In BZH’s case, he appears cold and aloof but keeps his feelings hidden very deeply. The things he does tend to make people think he’s a cold-hearted bastard (his attitude REALLY doesn’t help) and it’s only much later, when his reasons are revealed, that makes you think otherwise. I was so conflicted during the novel because BZH kept so many of his feelings/reasons hidden and the story is mainly told through Hua Qiangu’s eyes, so of course SHE doesn’t know the truth about BZH (unless other characters tell her or give her hints) until closer to the end when the truth comes out. So as a reader who follows the story through HQG’s eyes, we’re kept in the dark most of the time about BZH too (although we do find out more than HQG in scenes where the focus is switched to BZH instead). BZH actually helped and protected HQG a lot too, but it’s more like a hidden help and you don’t realize the extent of what he’s done for her until much later (I can’t speak for others but that’s the impression I got :)).

      • Haha, I am a Cantonese native speaker so I can’t speak Mandarin. I can understand abt 50% bcos they sound quite similar to Cantonese plus I watched a fair bit of Taiwan and Mandarin dubbed Japanese dramas when I was young. I guess the remainder 50%:P You are even better since you can read Chinese without any formal education.

        I highly recommend you to listen to Chong Zi’s audiobook with the text in front of you. Heehee, yah I am hard selling the male reader bcos all the girls in the bar like his voice:P He gonna read HQG soon so I am waiting for him to read to me, lol. Maybe I’ll change my mind on BZH bcos he does sound like a ‘da shen’:) Leave me msg later & tell me what you think of Chong Zi. You can find plenty of comments in the bar.

        It is time for you to embrace technology & read ebook, haha…Actually I’ve only started reading abt more than a year ago after I come across an English translation of a Chinese novel – Da Mo Yao. At first, I depended on English translation but I found that too restrictive so I started listening to audiobooks and found some ppl with similar interest. Later, I use google translate to read to me so I can read any books now, haha….You’ve me here to guide you & I’ve plenty to recommend you:)

        • Haha no worries, I’ll make sure to start on Chong Zi once I get some free time since it’s been so highly recommended! 😀

          So this guy with the sexy voice – is he gonna be reading BZH? Are they gonna read this with multiple readers? It’ll be great if they do 🙂 In the novel, BZH has been described as being so unearthly beautiful in every way: appearance, mannerisms, voice, even his aura (LOL). HQG has to restrain herself whenever she’s in his presence cuz he’s just so overwhelmingly beautiful her earthly eyes can’t take it. She’s like “I’m not worthy!!!” most of the time and the one time she accidentally saw him take a bath, she almost fainted from nosebleed at the sight of his wet naked back. And his hair is so soft and silky that they have a hard time trying to tie it back because the comb just slides right through and the hair tie slips right off, so HQG volunteered to help him put his hair up every morning (and secretly relish in running her hands through his hair LOL).

          Sha Qianmo is the most beautiful in the novel, but his beauty is more like a sexy beauty that dazzles everyone who looks at him to the point where his opponents often can’t fight him properly because they’re so distracted by his beauty. He’s so beautiful that HQG thought he was a woman until half way through the novel. Whereas BZH is described as so “out of this world” beautiful that it hurts to look at him for too long. Fresh Guo Guo writes awesome descriptions 😀

          Da Mo Yao! I heard plenty about this book (but haven’t actually read it). I know Koala did an epic translation of the whole novel – is that what you read?

          I get what you mean about translations. The translators have done an awesome job, but there will be thing that are lost in translation, especially between languages as different as Chinese and English. This is the reason why I prefer to read in the original language too (even with my limited skills), and only refer back to English if I can’t understand the original.

          I think ebooks are one of the BEST things about modern technology. I love reading so anything that makes reading easier is a plus in my book! I especially love how I can make the text bigger in ebooks because my eyesight isn’t that good and it’s really hard to find large print books.

          I look to you to be my guide into the wonderful world of novels! Lead the way, my friend! 😀

      • Huh, Chong Zi is not really highly recommended by me but bcos you want something similar to HQG, so this is the best imitation you can get:P

        I would classify that male reader’s voice as godly, lol. Yup, he is definitely BZH as he specialises in being a ‘xian shen’. I’ve confident he’ll do a good job. But his partner is a sleeping pill:( The woman who gonna read HQG never fails to put me to sleep so I am allergic to her. The female reader for Chong Zi is better. Similar to drama casting, I just have to accept & get used to it since I can’t read, lol.

        With audio books, normally they only have between 1 to 4 readers so they’ll play multple roles. The good one will make them diff & distinguishable. Normally I don’t listen to those books with only 1 reader bcos the female reader will sound sissy in the male roles till I get goosebumps, haha. The completed audiobook for HQG is not good bcos it has a single reader only & she reads with not much feelings. There is another amateur version currently in progress with a few voices.

        Radio dramas are larger in scale & will have diff voices for diff roles with vivid sound effects. The downsides are they’ll summarise/modify the novels and they take a long long time to complete. Some took a few yrs & some never get completed. I gonna download HQG radio drama & give it a try tonight to see if BZH sound godly enough to make me fall in love with him, lol.

        Yup, Mrs Koala is the culprit who turned me to the dark side which is Chinese novels, haha….A few girls in the bar also became addicts bcos of her:P You probably can wait for the drama Da Mo Yao as I think it’ll follow the novel very closely. Yah, a lot of things will get lost in translation to English. I am having a hard time translating my Shan Shan bcos everyday I’ve to dig my brain to think of the English equivalents:( Also, there are not many English translated Chinese novels out there and many have abandoned their novels before finishing:( Thus, I am always grateful to audiobooks & radiodramas for bringing engaging stories into my life and keeping me company in my daily train ride.

        • Well I started Chong Zi and I totally agree that the guy’s voice is epic. Very smooth and has a commanding presence – I approve! 😀 I look forward to hearing his godly voice read BZH. Do you know who will be reading Sha Qianmo and Dongfang? I really love those guys and Sha Qianmo is hilarious – the original Mei Nu Jie Jie! 😀 I dunno if you watched Lanling Wang but that 1st episode scene with Xue Wu mistaking LLW as a woman and calling him “Mei Nu Jie Jie” (LOL)

          Thanks for explaining the audiobooks/dramas to me! It seems like a lot of work to produce audiobooks or dramas of long novels! Kudos to the readers for their hard work! 🙂

          Yeah I just may check out the DMY drama if it ever comes out (just for curiosity sake). It’s changed the names and everything but kept the story the same (that’s what I heard).

          I think you’re doing an excellent job with Shan Shan translation! It must be lots of work, so kudos to you for your perseverance! I’m also grateful to all the wonderful people who put in so much effort in translating and producing audio works for all us readers to enjoy. It definitely makes our lives richer and I truly thank them for it. 😀

          I have so many mixed feelings about BZH. There were times I wanted to bitchslap him but then once I understood his motives/feelings a bit more, I started feeling sorry for him because he was in a really difficult situation and had to make very hard decisions (I still want to slap him for hurting HQG though), especially when he was an absolute wreck at the end (HQG really did a number on him). Seriously the guy was suffering so much (and he was all like “I don’t care about anything, I only care about HQG! I never want to be parted from her ever again!!!”) I wanted to put him out of his misery but alas, he was cursed to be indestructible. *sigh* Having HQG recover her soul/memory and then forgiving him was the best way to end the story for all involved.

          Hahaha I look forward to finishing Chong Zi and comparing it to HQG (and then talking about it hehehehe :)). The stories are really similar and I’m totally in love with HQG, so I hope I will enjoy Chong Zi just as much too! 😀

      • I am glad you like Bu Gege’s voice. That is how we address him, lol. After you finish Chong Zi, you can leave a msg in his blog. I am not sure if he’ll be reading Dong Fang & Sha Qian Mo’s parts as well or someone else. In Chong Zi, he read all the male characters but he did try hard to differentiate them. No doubt, HQG is a better book than CZ. Beside the shifu, in CZ there is only 1 awesome male character. The other 2 supporting males are pretty useless. Also, there is no adorable worm:( Maybe I should finish Chong Zi since I listened to three qtrs of it.

        Yup, I watched a few episodes of Lan Ling. I find that part pretty stupid bcos FSF’s has such broad shoulders & strong body, nobody in her right mind will mistaken him for a girl. It’ll be more credible if it is someone like Leslie Cheung.

        Yup, those readers do spend a lot of time to record and do the finishing work on the audiobook & radio drama. This is bcos they are recorded separately as they live in diff parts of China. So, the lead broadcaster will collect & combine them. Sometime, song, music or sound effect will be added.

        Today there is an uproar in baidu regarding Yumama’s weibo post that a few novels including Shan Shan have invited Chen Xiao to be the lead. CX is ok but they don’t want YMM to touch those classic books considering what he is doing to JY’s novels. Those fans are really passionate, wanting to kill him if he dares to touch Shan Shan with his piggy hands, lol. Arrrgh, there is constant fear in novel land that YMM will butcher their fav novels next. He loves to pick on those popular books to stir up controversy & publicity, rather despicable. I fell out of love with Yun Zhong Ge bcos of him. If I am an author I’ll never sell the book right to him unless I am starving bcos seeing your beloved characters butchered beyond recognition is a painful experience.

        • Thanks for the info about the recordings. It’s always interesting to learn how these projects are produced and I imagine there must be a lot of work involved in editing all the individual recordings together to make 1 complete recording. I love the background effects too because I think they add extra spice to the voices reading/acting out the story. I listened to some other audio dramas before (in English, etc.) and I always enjoyed them, so it’s gonna be really fun to listen to ones in Chinese, especially when they’re reading from awesome novels! 😀

          Bu Gege’s voice is awesome 😀 I think he did a great job with trying to differentiate the characters so far: peasant voice, old man voice, LYF voice, etc.

          LOL IKR? What part of FSF looks like a woman? Seriously, with the very obvious masculine back, no way could he be mistaken as a woman. That scene has got to be one of the most ridiculous scenes ever but I LOLed all the way so I can forgive the temporary senseless script.

          URGH why must Yuma always go out of his way to ruin everyone’s beloved novels?! Is nothing safe anymore?! 😡 I totally agree! If I was an author and I wasn’t starving for money, I would NEVER let someone like Yuma get his dirty hands on my book and butcher the characters – I owe it to my readers to protect the characters they love! I’ve stopped watching LC adaptations a LONG time ago because I don’t wanna feel pain at seeing the characters I grew up loving being butchered beyond recognition.

          Well I read ahead on Chong Zi and I gotta say this: it’s definitely not as good as HQG. I dunno why but I’m just not getting any feels from Chong Zi, whereas with HQG it was like SMACK in the feels. HQG is a lot more intense and the characters are more interesting, from the main characters all the way to the awesome supporting cast. HQG has a faster pace and I love the action scenes. The romance is also more layered and has a stronger emotional impact. Once I started HQG I couldn’t even put it down, that’s how good it was.

          I also like the BZH/HQG couple more than LYF/CZ because I feel that the BZH/HQG relationship is much deeper than LYF/CZ. For one thing, BZH is a better teacher and protector than LYF, and is much more selfless in his love for HQG. I’m not saying BZH’s the best, but IMO he treats HQG a lot better than LYF treats CZ. Yes I know LYF is fully devoted to CZ by the end of the novel, but I dunno, he’s not making me feel for him the way BZH surprisingly did.

          BZH KNEW that HQG would ruin him right from the first time he met her, and while NOBODY would take her because they could predict that she brings ruin and calamity to whoever gets close to her, BZH took it upon himself to help her and he hoped to change her fate, moved by pity that a young orphan girl is burdened with so much hardship. Before he took her on formally as his student, he often kept an eye out on her and would come to her rescue when the bullying by other Chang Liu masters/students got too bad. When she couldn’t do magic flying on a sword thing (even though she practiced every night instead of sleeping) because the other masters didn’t teach her properly, BZH gave her an awesome private lesson and then gifted her with his own treasured sword (Duannian) that was passed down to him from his own master.

          Duannian is a really powerful sword that had never left BZH’s side since his student days, and everyone in the 6 realms knows it. He gave her that sword to protect her and so that he would know right away if she was ever in danger. People were gonna give HQG a hard time when she had to briefly go back to Maoshan, but took one look at Duannian and backed down. In fact, it was because HQG had Duannian that made Sha Qianmo so interested in her at their first meeting (apart from the fact that HQG was cute and he sensed that she was somehow connected to the sacred talismans; SQM eventually grew to love HQG more than just a little sister and would do anything to protect her. Yeah SQM is awesome :D).

          Even when pressured to take anyone other than HQG as his student, BZH stuck to his guns and swore in front of everyone that HQG will be the ONLY student he’d ever take in his life, and even after she was exiled and blacklisted by everyone, he stuck to his oath and only took You Ruo as HQG’s student, as if waiting for one day when HQG would come back to Heartless Hall.

          BZH never took a student and so doesn’t have much experience in teaching, but he tried his best to teach HQG everything he could (and he taught her very well). While HQG was recovering from internal injuries after the duel with Ni Mantian, BZH would secretly seal HQG’s powers (so that she wouldn’t strain herself before recovering properly) and expend a LOT of his Xian powers to cleanse HQG’s “bad aura”. BZH doesn’t seem like it, but he’s actually really attentive and does a lot of stuff for HQG without her knowing.

          Contrast that with LYF who wouldn’t teach CZ magic because of her “bad aura”. BZH gives HQG more leeway than any other master would, pretty much giving her free reign. He knew that Dongfang and Sha Qianmo would sneak into Chang Liu every now and then to hang out with HQG (and technically he should’ve thrown them right out according to regulations), but he just pretends not to notice because he saw that HQG was happy with them.

          It’s no wonder that HQG would love BZH so much because they spent many years by themselves together like a family (BZH doesn’t need to eat cuz he’s immortal, but he’d take dinner with HQG and her worm just to spend time with them – this is how HQG came to be such an excellent cook because she’d often try to make beautiful food for BZH). BZH and HQG complete each other. BZH spent centuries all alone by himself in empty halls and is extremely introverted by nature, while HQG had never known friendship for most of her childhood (because no one could get close to her without having something bad happen to them). Tangbao (the worm) was the first pet/child HQG had, while Dongfang was a great friend (but always had a hidden agenda and was using HQG at the beginning, until he started truly caring for her after spending time with her). BZH was the first dependable adult that HQG had in her life after her dad died, taking her in when no-one else would, and was a knight in shining armor and mentor who’d not only protect her at the expense of himself, but take care of her and train her as best as he could.

          Over and over again in the novel, BZH would be sacrificing himself to protect HQG (just like HQG was enduring all the pain and suffering to save BZH). He got poisoned to save HQG, and then when she stole the talismans to save him and unwittingly released the Demon God, an offense punishable by destruction of the soul (so that she can’t even be reincarnated), BZH betrayed all his principles and duty to the 6 realms and used his own Xian lifeforce to seal HQG’s demon powers so that nobody would know she had them. Sure, BZH did hurt HQG, but he was in a really tough position and there was no way he could avoid it. If he didn’t put on a show for all the Xian, HQG would suffer a punishment worse than death. The 101 sword wounds would destroy her Xian powers but he knew she’d still live, whereas if she took the rest of the 64 out of 81 nails her soul would be destroyed with no hope of saving, so he took the 64 nails himself. As for the sword wounds at Yaochi, Mo Yan cast magic to control BZH’s sword so that BZH would stab HQG, and when BZH realized how much Mo Yan hurt HQG behind his back, he abandoned Chang Liu to watch over HQG while she was imprisoned for 16 years.

          The final time with the Xuanyuan sword, HQG made BZH choose between all life in the 6 realms and herself even though she knew by then that BZH loved her and wouldn’t kill her, despite her death being the only thing that would end the war and save all the life of the 6 realms from death & suffering. In the end BZH was fooled into choosing to kill HQG to save everyone, but he was planning to die with her anyway so that they’d be together even in death. Of course HQG wouldn’t let him die with her so that’s why he went insane for 30 years until he finally found her reincarnated self, and then devoting 100% to taking care of HQG and finding ways of curing her disabilities. This is why I love the last section of the novel, because BZH fully pampers HQG while being tortured by his love for her. It’s sweet and angsty at the same time.

          HQG sacrificed EVERYTHING for BZH and he in turn also sacrifices everything (except his life but only because HQG cursed him to be immortal) for HQG. Honestly at first when I started reading the novel (having already read the summaries), I never thought I’d be shipping BZH/HQG, but after the whole story I just couldn’t see it ending in any other way. Sure, I actually love characters like Sha Qianmo and Dongfang more, but I see their bond with HQG as more like one of a brother (SQM) and best friend (DF).

        • (^ oops I wrote an essay comment again =^_^=)

      • I love your in depth summary of Bai Zi Hua and the other men. It’s so beautiful how you analyzed them. Thanks! ^^

    • Many novel fans consider HQG a classic so of course CZ cannot measure up. HQG is ranked in every polls in baidu even the loving couples poll. But I think bcos you skipped ahead so you did not read what LYF did for CZ. He is also quite nice to her & they spent some yrs together. Lidge who is my buddy in books loves the part where CZ yearning for love in her lonely eyes being led out by LYF, down the steps and up the mountain to his home. If I remember correctly LYF did teach CZ something secretly to protect herself. No doubt BZH is a better shifu than LYF bcos I think LYF made CZ follow him by not eating:( Anyway, I think you need to read both books fully for an objective comparison:P

      I agree the pace for CZ is too slow. Moreover the author killed the most awesome supporting character in the book around the halfway mark. Lidge complains that the author did not know what to do with her many supporting characters making them redundant. I also think this author’s writing skill is not as good as Fresh Guo Guo. Although I’ve only read 20% of HQG but 75% of CZ, I also like HQG better & is more attracted to the story. I put HQG on hiatus bcos I really cannot stand the female reader boring reading. As I told you b4 I don’t like single reader book but I still listened to 20% of it which is a big exception:)

      I look fwd to readng your in-depth lengthy reply daily but I honestly think you’ve fallen very deeply in love with HQG & BZH, lol. From someone who initially did this feature to bash BZH, I am starting to like him a little bit. OMG, you are a bad influence, haha…If Bu gege’s BZH turns out to be awesome, I might end up slapping my hands & have to take back what I wrote:( Maybe you should set up a HQG/BZH fangirling club, lol.

      • LOL for my own sanity I think I need to step away from HQG for a bit (it’s like a drug OMG) *backs away slowly* I never realized how much of a classic it was so I’m glad you wrote this feature on it and introduced me to this awesome (and so ADDICTIVE!) book 😀

        Oh no worries, of course I’ll be finishing Chong Zi (I rarely abandon books unless they’re really bad), but it’ll be slower than HQG because I’ll listen through Bu Gege’s reading instead (I really like this audiobook version so I’ll stick to this one instead of stumbling through the book by myself). I agree with you that the HQG audiobook isn’t as good with the single reader (the girl does try, but she can’t do the guy voices that well because her voice is really girly) and so I only listened to a bit of it before going through the rest of the book without it.

        LOL I wasn’t trying to bash LYF but I do agree that HQG has a much stronger supporting cast than CZ. (You know, when I first started reading CZ, I had a bit of wuxia flash when I saw Luo Yinfan’s name because his name sounds more like a wuxia hero’s name than a shenxian’s! :D) I really love Sha Jiejie, Dongfang, Tangbao, Shuofeng … even the more minor characters like 11, Xuanyuan Lang, and Zhu Ran (yeah he’s really devious but he was awesome in some scenes) – there’s no one in the HQG character list that I don’t like except for Ni Mantian (evil bitch and the worst bully ever) and Mo Yan (hypocritical old stubborn guy who does bad things in the name of “good”).

        Haha sorry if I seem to be brainwashing you about BZH! TBH I didn’t really start out liking him but he sorta grows on you without realizing (note to self: that’s how obsessions begin, girl!). LOL if I was to start a fanclub for BZH, then I’d have to start one for Sha Jiejie and Dongfang too because they get more AWESOME as the story goes, even MORE awesome than they already were at the start of the novel! Plus these guys are really funny so yeah…

      • PS. Well I’ll be honest and say that I originally didn’t like BZH all that much and thought he paled in comparison to the supporting characters like Sha Jiejie and Dongfang, but like I said, after going through the whole story, I had to change my mind because BZH is better than I expected 😀 So even if you ended up changing your mind about BZH, you wouldn’t be alone because I know I had a big turnaround on him too!

        • I am listening to the radiodrama which is pretty good. I prefer this HQG’s voice more than Bu gege’s partner. Oh, I just stopped at the part where BZH told HQG he doesn’t eat, lol. Too bad, only part 1 has been released. Did you give it a try? Bu gege’s audiobook will take a while to get released & finished. We can listen together:)

          I am listening to another modern radiodrama on teacher/student r/s & it is pretty good also. OMG, slowly but surely I’ve become a teacher hater to a teacher lover, die lah, lol.

          Maybe Tang 7’s 3L3W will cure you but I think you better give Xian xia a rest & either go for Hua Xu Yin or WGTW. If you read WGTW, I’ll have plenty to say & rave, haha…As for Eastern Palace, although I hate sad ending, I feel it is the most appropriate ending. If FWSC writes a happy ending, it’ll be too forced & the book will not be as memorable for me. I can still remember it vividly & I think it is the only FWSC’s books I like. You can give it a try later.

          • I haven’t listened to the radiodrama yet but I will now 😀
            Definitely waiting for the day Bu Gege’s version comes out! Of course we’ll listen to it together and then we can both fangirl to our hearts’ content hahaha 😀

            Hehe welcome to the dark side, my friend 🙂
            I think ever since Return of the Condor Heroes, it’s made me into a teacher lover… (I mean c’mon, Yang Guo/Xiaolongnü is such a beautiful love story)
            What radiodrama are you listening to?

            I agree. I’m giving xianxia a good rest and I think I’ll be going for WGTW first – I heard the first track of the audiobook and it’s EPIC, and I love wuxia stories so yeah… 😀

            I think I get what you mean. I rather have a sad ending that fits the story than an ending that is forced. This is why I hated the ending of Lanling Wang because I felt that they just forced it to end with Xue Wu dying (just for the sake of making it a “tragedy”). I’ll add Eastern Palace to my list too 🙂

        • I finished the radio drama, very nice but too short:( I also listened to the 10 mins on Dong Fang. Oh, I think I still like him the best. I’ll feel very sad for him for not getting the girl when I listen to the radio dranma:(

          I also finished a modern radio drama on teacher & student r/s. Okay only as it is more suitable for those high school or college students who worship their teachers. This book is very popular but I find it a bit childish, lol. The teacher is really nice but I still find it inappropriate to date your student, sort of cradle-snatching & abusing your trusted position. I think I am 2 conservative, haha. Don’t know why I find it more acceptable in ancient book. Forgot abt Rtn of Condor Heroes shifu r/s bcos they are so matchy:P

          Drop me a comment in any of the WGTW features when you’ve something to rave or rant:)

          • I listened to the HQG radio drama too and I agree – it’s great with all the SFX and everything, but they CUT OUT SO MUCH STUFF OMG. And the bits they cut out happen to be some of my favorites! T_T

            I love Dongfang. Such a great fuhei character 😀
            I love how he always calls BZH on his bullshit and steps up to protect HQG. If Guo Guo didn’t do such a wonderful job of writing the BZH/HQG romance and convincing me that BZH and HQG belong with each other, I would’ve shipped Dongfang/HQG in a heartbeat.

            Thanks for the link to the book! I didn’t realize but it’s actually quite famous 🙂 I’ll make a note to add that to my reading list 😀

            I checked out 3L3W Plum Blossoms & Pillow Book and and I dunno why, but it wasn’t as good as I expected it to be. I think Pillow Book is a lot better than Plum Blossoms but that’s because Pillow Book had better characters. Plum Blossoms was honestly a let down for me because the main leads were boring and the story wasn’t that interesting either. Unpopular opinion, I know, but I can’t help what I feel. *shrug*

            I started on WGTW and I gotta say this: it’s a LOT better than 3L3W. The characters are interesting (BFX and HFX are great), the story is exciting with many different things happening, and the prose is great. The pace is good and not long-winded like 3L3W Plum Blossoms. I haven’t gotten very far on WGTW yet but so far it’s made a strong impression on me. I’ll talk more once I finish it 😀

            As for teacher/student romances, I agree with you. Modern settings is different from ancient settings because in our modern world, teachers teach a big class and there are many students, so if there’s a romance happening then there’s the chance of nepotism. Also, achievements in the education system determines most of a student’s future (in terms of career), so teachers hold a lot of power over the student.

            In ancient societies it’s a little different – I’m talking specifically about the wuxia setting where the teacher usually teaches the student one on one (or maybe several students). There’s no big ranking system where the teacher gives points and the student relies on that to advance their careers or political future (if we’re talking about imperial examinations), and the teacher isn’t teaching a class with many students who are all fighting over some limited spot in college/government/etc. The balance of power between the master/student is a bit different in ancient society compared to modern society. Ah I don’t think I’m explaining this very well but I hope you get what I mean…

        • Did you listen to both radio dramas? I found & added the 2nd radio drama link yesterday. I’ve not listened to it yet but I know it is also incomplete. Nowadays I spend most of my time digging out radio dramas, lol.

          Dong Hua is also very ‘fu hei’ in the Pillow Book. I like him but I prefer Feng Jiu bcos she always get bullied and she is so cute. You are not alone as I also don’t really like 10 Miles of Peach Blossoms except the radio drama bcos the male lead whose nickname is petboy has a very nice voice. It is so draggy with redundant characters and the story is not funny at all except little dough parts. Without him, I would have abandoned the book. Anyway it has plenty of fans but I think Tang 7 is improving. Did you listen to the audiobook for PB? It is very good. C gege is another of my fav reader, lol. He read it with his real life sis so I feel kind of weird listening to them as the leads, lol.

          WGTW has plenty more to say than romance which is just a small part of the book. It has a lot of memorable quotes. I do want to translate them but my Chinese is just too poor to do them justice:( Pm, a girl who is reading WGTW now told me she prefers the prequel. Bcos there is no audiobook for it so I am bias, lol. Probably you can be the judge when you read it later. Oh, you don’t need to wait till you are finished to leave me a comment on it. I am happy to talk abt them whenever you want, haha….

          Yup yup, I understand what you mean abt the diff b/w teacher & student r/s in ancient and modern context. Another reason why I don’t like teacher/student r/s book is probably bcos they are too real as my cousin is married to her high school teacher, lol. Yup, truth is stranger than fiction:P

          • I only heard the first radio drama (the 50 min one) and it finished just at the bit where BZH agreed to eat dinners with HQG but then got pissed at finding out that she used his very rare lotus flower as an ingredient (LOL). I need to listen to this new radio drama that you found (cuz you know, I just can’t get enough of HQG stuff LOL)

            Dong Hua is definitely more interesting than Yehua and Feng Jiu is much more likeable than Bai Qian too. I haven’t heard C Gege read before so I’ll need to listen to this PB audiobook too 😀

            I think a good story should have more than just romance. Using Jin Yong as an example, his stories have romance but it’s not the ONLY story, it’s also part of a bigger story which includes lots of history, action and adventure epicness, which is kinda what WGTW is like (based on what I’ve read so far). Jin Yong’s characters are interesting and his prose is also very beautiful which is another bonus. I can’t say for sure yet since I haven’t finished the book, but WGTW seems to have the makings of a wuxia/historical epic and it’s scoring big points with me so far.

            During high school, a girl in my class fell in love with one of our teachers. The poor teacher (a really nice guy and good teacher) got into so much trouble and the girl got dragged through the mud, but at least they got their happy ending in the end (married with children) 😀

          • PS. What epic quotes are we talking about in WGTW? Are they at the middle or end of the book? Cuz I only got up to the beginning chapters so far so I probably haven’t seen them yet, but I’m curious as to what the quotes are so I can keep an eye out for them (LOL), just like I did with HQG after reading your review where you posted each character’s epic quotes 😀

            Sha Jiejie and HQG had the best epic quotes with the “I’ll slaughter all of Chang Liu if you hurt HQG!”, “Our master/student relationship is OVER!” and “I have no friends, no family, no teacher…”

    • The 2nd radio drama will go further as 3 parts have been released. I think BZH sounds kind of bland but I like Tang Bao’s very cute voice. I fell asleep while listening to it online so I’ll give it another try tonight.

      There are many good quotes in WGTW but they are not as easy to remember as HQG’s ones. They are not exactly quotes but conversations. You are currently at which chapter of the audiobook? I like BFX’s conversation with HC in chapter 45 & also her conversation with HFX in chapter 65. Later, I’ll post some Chinese quotes in the latest WGTW feature for you but you’ve to translate them into English:)

      These are very nice fan-made MVs with some memorable quotes:

      This is a creative one !!!

      • Always love to hear more HQG stuff, whether it be radio dramas, audiobooks, music, etc. 🙂

        Thank you for the links & quotes! 😀
        Sure thing, no problem, I’ll try my best to translate 😀
        The MVs are great! 🙂

        I haven’t gotten very far in WGTW yet because the language is harder than HQG and the story has quite a bit of fictional history/politics, so I’m following it along with the audiobook. Right now I got through the prologue + the first chapter (LOL I’m so fast, aren’t I? //sarcasm//), but I did read your summary/review of WGTW before so I have some idea of what will happen 😀

        • I bring good news lol. Yeh, Bu gege’s audiobook has been released in conjunction with the China National’s Day holiday. I guess that much but it has been verified now. Better give it sometime as the updating will be pretty slow, abt 2 chapters a day & maybe with break in between. We can start this together after I come back fr my holiday in Dec to celebrate Xmas, lol.

  4. Pingback: Flower and Bone (2014) | New Official stills release : rielbox

  5. I agree with you about Hua Qian Gu and Bai Zhi Hua. I find his actions are appropriate I just feel that he doesn’t deserve Qian Gu. I’m kinda on Dong Fang side, even if he’s partially responsible Qian Gu’s miserable life, I think he is the only one deserve her (or maybe that’s my bias opinion) because Xuan Yuan Lang is more like a friend (he never loves Qian Gu) and Sha Qian Mo is like a protective big brother/sister

    • Heehee, thank you but I’ve to confess I didn’t really read the novel. Just heard abt a quarter of the audio book and read some spoilers. I never like cradle snatcher no matter how young Bai Zhi Hua may look. Also, being the shifu makes it seems like he has an unfair advantage & influence over her. Also, it is not like he is very good & nice to her. Hence, can’t ship them. But there are plenty of WH’s fans out there so I am in the minority:( Anyway, I didn’t pay attention who’ll be Dong Fang or Xuan Yuan Lang but I saw Sha Qian Mo looking so gay. Come on, he doesn’t look like a pretty man. I expect someone who looks like Leslie Cheung:) Need to cast someone like Chen Xiao as Dong Fang to give WH a run for his money. If you cast someone with a loser look, I don’t feel interested enough to ship anyone or the drama:(

  6. “In the revised edition of the latest novel, there is an additional silly epilogue called ‘five husbands home-coming’. Qian Gu married Na Mo Yue, Xuan Yuan Lang, Dong Fang, Sha Qian Mo and Bai Zi Hua simultaneously so all five become her husbands. The order to exercise marital rights is the same as the sequence they got married as mentioned.”
    WTF is this. Getting married with 5 husbands. The author is so sick!

    • Haha, calm down bcos the author Fresh Guo Guo with her weird sense of humour wrote that as a joke only, won’t be in the drama. That is to satisfy all the shippers so all the 5 guys also can end up with Qian Gu 🙂

  7. This is the cosplay version of this novel. I think the cosers in this clip made a great job

  8. Thank you. Looking forward to the movie, Wallace and Bi Zhi Hua and LiYing as Hua Qian Gu. Casting is perfect.

  9. Hi, guys! This is the link of the drama version which is dubbed into English

  10. Hi Peanuts,

    Was wondering if you can help me with a question regarding the audiobook version of HQG (on ShuShenbar). So I started listening to the version and am enjoying it but when I got up to chapter 9, I have to start paying for the rest of the story to continue listening, which is fine because I’m willing to pay for it since I like the story but can’t read it myself in chinese, lolz….
    My dilemma is, I’ve created an account with however I don’t know how to top up my account/ put funds in it so that I can continue listening. All the payment forms are all through Chinese banks or chinese paypal services of which I don’t have because I don’t live in China. Is there a way to get around it?
    Or is there any suggestions of where I can listen or download the rest of the story?
    Hoping someone can help! Many thanks in advance.

    • I’ve sent you an email.

      • Hey!, I am hooked towards the audio book on cxt8 too! I have tried to register, despite not being able to read chinese… but can’t seem to get through the verification part..
        Would you be kind enough to let me know the process and how to buy the other chapters..

        Many thanks! and hope to hear from you soon!

  11. Does anyone know where I can read the novel in english?

  12. Hi I have the same problem as Nhube. I have an account with cxt8 but I don’t know how to top up credit to continue listening since I don’t have a China account.

    I would appreciate any advice on how to get around this problem or if you know of anywhere else I can listen to the audiobook that is read by bu gege.

    Thanks in advance!

  13. Where can I read this in english? (:


  15. Journey of Flower while not completed yet is already my favourite drama (even taking into consideration Thai, Korean, Chinese) and BZH and HQG are my OTP across any fandom.

    There is nothing to dislike about the couple or the storyline.
    Most of the angst revolves around the forbidden love between BZH and HQG and the opposing forces surrounding them.

    No one can say BZH does not love HQG as much as she loves him. His love while silent and almost questionable is enduring and overwhelming taking into consideration his nature. But above all else, his duties to the sect and the common people he prioritises over HQG. And while his actions towards HQG condemened them to such a tragic fate, you must applaud their commitment towards each other. There is a fine line between love and hate and for the both of them, love conquers in the end.

    • Yes…. a fine line between love and hate, or a love which is selfish or magnimous. I hope the end justifies all the pain the both of them went through and leave a sweet taste behind. Love is a double edged sword. It cuts both ways giving happiness or sorrow. That is also why these Immortals were reminded during the oath taking ceremony, ‘no greed’, ‘no anger’, ‘no love’. These are overwhelming emotions which could ruin lives eventually if taken to the extreme.

      I read that many readers hate BZH because he didn’t ‘return her love in ways as expected’. I differ from those opinions. Maybe as someone who is well and truly over the ‘romantic love’ age, I look at the whole relationship very differently. And Vanessa, I totally agree with you. One must consider the ‘nature/character/personality’ of the person. For someone like BZH, whose priority and responsibility and who has spent all his life taking care of the six realms and people, and who couldn’t even fall in love with ZX even though they were together for a long time, is telling of his emotional space. It is a space hard to break through.

      Everything he does, is according to rules. That frequent comment, right is right, wrong is wrong.. much like black is black and white is white. There is no grey area. But he did eventually broke the rules by taking HQG as his discipline thinking he could overcome fate. His first step to disaster amidst other actions. Has he remained ’emotionless’, the disaster would have been averted in the form of killing HQG.

      HQG is a big hearted little girl looking for someone to love and look up to (and having a pitiful life being constantly rejected by others), and found that in BZH. Her insistence in wanting to befriend Ni Man Tian despite NMT’s nastiness towards her point to her desire to have friends. Interestingly, insofar I read in the translated novels, the frequent reference to ‘warm, comfortable, nice smell’ when HQG is close to BZH. A little girl longing for love and protection. She is too young to understand that he has his commitments as a leader of Chang Liu and there is no ‘freedom to love’. She is too young to understand that if she commits any crime, she must be punished according to rules and by BZH as the leader of the Chang Liu. So long BZH remains the leader of Chang Liu, he must abide by the rules (of course we know he broke the rules by hiding HQG’s identity. Had he not done it, HQG is dead fish by now).

      • Thankyou for your response, your opinions are very much valid and thorough. All i can say is that I agree with you 100%. Throughout it all, HQG scarified everything for BZH whose very actions speaks of love and protectiveness in itself. Where she suffered, he suffered along. His self-recriminations and self-sacrifice in the end more than makes up for the things people blame him for! It warms my heart that they find their measure of HEA.

  16. Happy birthday, baby.

  17. Hi, Glad to find out your site. I really like this novel and your summary. Could you please let me share this post to my site? I promise that I will show this source in the end of the post. Hope to here from you soon. Dear!

    • Ok. If u want active discussion of the drama, u can visit my friend’s blog

      • thank you very much. I really like your translation. :v. Forgive me please but can I post the others of your? I will write the source and give you the link? Please. Love you so much ❤

        • This blog has a few translators and we do not want our translations in other blogs because we make changes continuously to improve the translations. We also do not want another copy online to cause confusion.But you can provide a link on your blog to our blog if your readers are interested to read in English.

          I let you post Hua qian gu in your blog because that is just a review not a full translation. This is strictly one off so please respect our decision.

          • Oh I see :v. Sorry for my impolite question. Anyway, your translation is really great. I really like it. I will try to translate Hua Qian Gu. So If there is something I don’t know, may I ask you?

          • Lidge the web mistress of the link I gave you before is the best person to ask abt Hua qian gu since she has been translating the novel and knows the novel from back to front. She is very helpful so feel free to leave her a comment.

            I am sorry I cannot be of much help since I did not read the novel and also don’t like the novel.

  18. Hi! Can you please explain who is Mo Bing Xian and his actions in the novel? I’m still trying to figure who he is…

    • In future, pls direct all queries to the blog below as lidge is the expert on HQG, be it drama or novel:

    • Mo Bing Xian is an Immortal who initially tried to get close to Hua Qian Gu to kill her, or so he said, didn’t seem like he tried at all. But he fell in love with Qian Gu and even asked her to leave with him. Qian Gu seemed to be quite happy when talking to him. They had quite “normal” conversations in the novel about a lot of things (which made me feel sad for Qian Gu, because in the later parts of the story, she didn’t really have any friends to talk to, and Mo Bing was prob the only one she could have normal conversations with). With Bai Zi Hua, it was either her seducing Bai Zi Hua, or getting angry with him.

      If i remember correctly, Mo Bing said something along this line, “Don’t apologize anymore! They (other people) are the ones who should apologize to you!” I remember that after reading that line, I wholeheartedly believed he was the only sane person left. And there was also this one, “Forget him (forget Bai Zi Hua)!” then he kissed her. Too bad Qian Gu was a bit drunk and thought Mo Bing was Bai Zi Hua when he kissed her.

  19. i just know that you have this novel. and the ending, and even the character details.. aiyoo.. love it. my fave character now is sha jie jie. im following this drama, reading some chapters in dorayakiz and commenting here and there, lols. but finally get the ending and know that sha jie jie isn’t bad.. im glad.

    i havent impressed with BZH. it’s better to end up with dong fang 😀

    • Is there anything I dun have lol? Now you realized lidge is just following my footstep 😛

      SJJ is too girly & fr the dark side. DF is also of questionable virtue but at least he is young & handsome lol. Uncle BZH should not cradle snatch & date someone fr the same age group or rank as him 😛

  20. Hi Peanuts, a quick question, do you happen to know how many chapters book 1 of HQG have?

    Thanks a lot for spreading the love for HQG’s novel and Wallace Huo 😀

  21. So who is Mo Bing Xian? I never read the novel and I’m not planning to so its okay to spoil it for me lol. Im curious why BZH look like him and what is his significance.

  22. Here is the Karaoke version for the OST for The Journey of Flower Nian Lun :
    and if you want to see more karaoke videos of the themes of the
    journey of flower like Cannot Say or Fire in the Heart please go here :
    I will make one more karaoke video for Night theme from The Journey of
    Flower also so subscribe and be update with the new videos! Thank you
    for reading this!!

  23. ‘I don’t understand how anyone can ship Hua Xian Gu with Bai Zi Hua after all the sufferings he inflicted on her, whatever the intention or justification may be. I admire Qian Gu’s courage and dedication but I also find her a bit naïve and obsessed with loving the shifu.’

    In watching ‘the Journey of Flower’, I am now inclined to agree with you because at first I tend to usually favor the male lead but in this case especially after her punishment with the nails and the sword. Now I’m in full agreement with you.

    • He attacked her with the swords in place of the nails because the swords aim at non fatal areas. If she had taken all the nails she would’ve died. Not to mention he took rest of the nails in her place. As a person of high authority, Bai Zi Hua did the best he could.

  24. Do you know when will ep 55 of 花千骨 come out?If you know,can u also tell me the releasing date of the rest of 花千骨’s episodes?Its fine if you do not know…😉

    So does it means that,no matter what,this drama will have a happy ending right?😃

    Please reply…I really hope that you can reply..😁

    I would also like to thank you for writing out this 花千骨’s novel too!!😊


  25. What is 花千骨 last episode?Is it episode 58 or 59?

    Please reply!!😁


  26. Omg….do I want to finish the drama after reading this review?!?! What silly epilogues! And I am not liking the open ending at all….

    Only reason I might continue is because of Wallace Huo and my new favorite actress Zhao Liying!!! Shan Shan!!! Haha ok….and I’m especially a big fan of Zhang Han now.

  27. Wait guys..Now there is ‘Hua Qian Gu’ 2 .You guys can watch it at Youtube.So if u have watched can u please answer me a few questions?So,firstly..

    Where did BZH go at the start of the first episode when HQG suddenly recover her memory?
    Why does she have to wait for 1000 years to see BZH?
    Why is her soul stuck at the ‘Liu Guang Qing’?
    Is ‘Mu Tong’ , ‘Bai Zi Hua’?
    If ‘Mu Tong’ is ‘Bai Zi Hua’ ,then why did he not remember HQG when only HQG lose her memory?
    Why does some of the people like ‘Tang Bao,Dong Fang,Hua Qian Gu and Bai Zi Hua’ not look like before when they go to the future?

    I thought that at the last episode of ‘Hua Qian Gu’ 1 ,BZH and HQG would live together happily ever after,but why suddenly so many things happen..
    If it is because of that HQG suddenly recovers her memory,then why is BZH not with her at that time..

    Ughh!?!? i AM REALLY VERY VERY CONFUSED NOW.. If you do not mind can you please please reply me and give me a summarised story/explaination of my questions?
    Or you can also reply to my questions in point-form.. ;);)

    I would be really really very grateful if you could help me..

    I sincerely hope that you will at least reply!
    THANKU!! 🙂 🙂

  28. I want to see the uncut Hua Qian Gu

  29. I HV just finished watching HQG and BZH. For a lot of PPL BZH is a cold fish, I am of the opinion that BZH loves HQG unconditionally. He has always bn there for her. Watching over her, teaching her and loving her deeply and silently. A love so deep and pure. Unlike DF who slowly fell in love with HQG cos of her kindness, pureness, courage and innocent. BZH love is mature, no hoo ha, a love that run so deep , he has never given up on HZG even thouGH became disabled and retarded, but patiently taking care of het and loving her. Due to his position at Chang Liu he Cld not forsake the world for HQG as duty and responsibility HV bn ingrained in him for centuries.

  30. So. I haven’t read the book but I have watched both drama series 1 & 2. I didn’t like the season 2 series. I still think they should have left the actors from the first series in as themselves in the future. It caused too much confusion when my friends and I watched both seasons back to back. Season 2 didn’t end well. In fact it was absolutely stupid. The essence from the first season was lost when they moved to the future in the second season. Season 2 was very painful to watch.

  31. Hello, I’m a Chinese journalist. I’m working on a report about how people from other countries feel about Chinese ancient TV show. Would you like to talk about this?

  32. I wish I could read the silly 5 husbands epilogue x3

  33. Actually, I can understand why Gu’er couldn’t let go of BZH. Since she was little, or should I say since she was born ………… until a few days before she turned 16. She only learned the existence of LOVE from her father… the only person who was KIND to her, who protects her, who cared for her. Father and child living in fear, father and child caring for each other, father and child comforting each other, father and child don’t have others… and after her father died… you all already know, about her journey… I will just keep it simple…

    BZH was her first love… BZH place in Gu’er heart was not lower than her Father… It was just she didn’t know until that CURSED water pool hits her… She always thought it was a natural feeling between disciples & teacher…

    Also I would like to add about education that I think based on Gu’er & her father personality… I think her father only teaches her to look for good in a person… he never let her doubt, he never teach her to blame… etc etc etc… and surely the teaching have taken root deep inside of her… She was not naive… She was surely not stupid… but she is HARD HEADED!

    But still the most important thing that it was all FATE. There are many kinds of fate, but I think this kind of fate is almost the same as Life & Death Fate, it is not that kind of fate that you can run from.

    BUT… it was not and never was a CURSE. That is for sure 100%…

    The thing that I hate about other people in this story is about the “Fated Calamity”. Don’t they realized that if Person A is Person B “Fated Calamity” then wouldn’t it be the same the other way around? Both of the stone shined! Right?

    It is just like how Sha’er describe them… They hides their ugliness behind the so called Righteousness! Humph!

    The person that I hate the most in this story are that pig headed Mo Yan and that genuine bitch Ni Man Tian… I wish for them the worst death…

    The person that I like the most in this story? Lets not say a person… Lets say relationship… I feel happy, relaxed, and I smile like an idiot when the story comes to about Sha’er & Gu’er…

    It was all okay, eventhough I feel sad that Gu’er turned down Sha’er… couldn’t let her stupid shifoo down and readily to take the blame & punishment for unsorted reasons… But I could understand… She was always like that… She had always thought of herself as that… and when she said the person she hated the most is herself, she was not lying and she is not joking…

  34. Ohh please don’t mind me but can you also tell me the place where you can buy the edition of the latest novel the one called five husbands homecoming May i know which book is this cus i wannnaaaa bbuuuuyyy iiitttt soooo baaddddllllyyy.

  35. It’s such a wonderful story, I loved it so much,!! And the main characters of the show had amazing acting skills, I was crying whole time watching this wonderful and never forget love story between Bai zi hua and Hua Qian Gu, It’s so good storyline,.!! but they shouldn’t cut some scenes, like Bai zi hua kissed little bone out of jealousy,… 😅😂😂❤❤ But the overall drama was perfect!!!! I love this drama!!!

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