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Three Lives Three Worlds Mini- Special (Dong Feng Edition) – Part 16


Wah, Dong Hua and Feng Jiu won the favourite couple poll by a landslide. Thus, you are rewarded with a special on the most loved couple. According to Tang Qi’s official weibo, she will finish writing the draft for The Pillow Book 2 today as a birthday gift to her editor. Thus we won’t need to wait much longer for the publication of the book.

I also have a gift for my readers which is a Chinese fan-made MV with English subtitles. Actually Lidge and I have translated that sometime ago without putting the subtitles in a MV. The dialogue in the MV are included in that post. A big thank you to Phong Nhi for helping me to put the subtitles and uploaded it to youtube. Happy Mid-Autumn Festival, everyone! Enjoy looking at the moon and eating mooncake:)

This time, we will have a poll as to whether you like Dong Hua Dijun or Bai Feng Jiu better.


Feng Jiu (presenting): “Dijun, this is the Mid-Autumn Festival mooncake I made.  How is it, tasty or not?”

Dong Hua (ate one mouthful): “The taste is not very good.”

Feng Jiu (surprised and tasted one mouthful): “How can? ! It is very tasty ah!”

Dong Hua: “Then you finish eating it.”

Feng Jiu (angrily biting the mooncake and turned around): “But, I specially made it for you! You do not appreciate my effort. Hmph! I can’t be bothered with you anymore!”

Dong Hua pulled Feng Jiu into his arm and gave her a forceful yet gentle kiss.

Feng Jiu (panting): “Dijun, you, you are bullying me!”

Dong Hua (held Feng Jiu in his arm and stroked her hair): “I am only eating back the mooncake you specially made for me.”

Feng Jiu (blushing): “… Dijun, you’re really, too shameless …”

Dong Hua: “I have always been like that.”

Feng Jiu: “……”


Feng Jiu: “Stop Dijun, that’s my mooncake.”

Dong Hua: “What is yours is also mine, what is the difference?”

Feng Jiu: “Hey, have you been eating the wrong medicine? Previously, you are obviously not like this …… ”

Dong Hua: “This is because I am used to eating you up.”


Qing Qiu has been snowing heavily this year.

Feng Jiu: “Dijun, lets have a snowball fight!”

Dong Hua: “…”

Feng Jiu: “Well! I know it is a little difficult for an elderly like you to participate in a snowball fight. Dijun, what about we make a snowman?”

Dong Hua: “…”

Feng Jiu: “Please select which activity you want to do.”

Dong Hua: “I have made up my mind.”

Feng Jiu: “Quickly tell me what you want to do so we can have some fun.”

Dong Hua: “I have decided to cook today …”



Feng Jiu (protest): “Dijun, why you have nothing to do everyday except fishing and reading the Buddhist scriptures, whereas I have to do the laundry, cook and take care of the child everyday!”

Dong Hua (did not even look up): “I did not ask you to wash my clothes ah but it is good that you wash them.”

Feng Jiu (lip twitching): “… What about cooking and looking after the child?”

Dong Hua: “The child rolled out from your stomach so it is your concern.” Paused “Also, Xiao Bai, do you want to eat sweet and sour fish?”

Feng Jiu: “……”


Feng Jiu: “Indeed, I know Dijun is busy doing something …….”

Dong Hua (interrupting): “Xiao Bai, you recently have bad eyesight or not intelligent enough? I am not busy at all.”

Feng Jiu (wicked smile): “Since Dijun is not busy, can you help me do some household chores such as cooking?”

Dong Hua: “Of course, Xiao Bai, what do you want to eat today? Is it sweet and sour fish? Also, sweet and sour fish? Or sweet and sour fish?”

Feng Jiu (crying): “…. I choose to cook myself.”

Dong Hua (satisfied smile): “Okay, go ahead.”


When Dong Hua is still enthusiastically cooking sweet and sour fish for Feng Jiu.

Feng Jiu (hesitated): “Dijun … please do not cook sweet and sour fish anymore.”

Dong Hua: “Ah?”

Feng Jiu: “There is a saying, people cannot step into the same river twice, so people also cannot eat the same kind of food for many years …”

Dong Hua: “Xiao Bai, I clearly remember you always like to eat roasted yams.”

Feng Jiu (stammered): “Well, it is because I can roast them 30% cooked or 50% cooked etc …”

Dong Hua listened and nodded in awareness.

The next day, Dong Hua cooked sweet and sour fish again: “Xiao Bai, this is 70% cooked.”


Feng Jiu (pleased): “Dong Hua, you see, I have helped you to sort out these Buddhist scriptures. I am so efficient, so shouldn’t you reward me?”

Dong Hua (touched Feng Jiu’s hair): “Well, recently you have behaved well, so you deserve to be rewarded.”

Feng Jiu (excited): “What is my reward?”

Dong Hua (thought for a while): “How about sweet and sour fish?”

Feng Jiu:  “. . . .”

Feng Jiu (tearful and would like to explain that she does not want to eat sweet and sour fish): “Dijun, I want to say something to you. I have thought about it for a long time. . .”

Dong Hua (smile): “Xiao Bai, why are you crying, no need to be so touched?”

Feng Jiu: “. . . .”

When Dong Hua went to his bedroom at night, he saw his room full of papers with crooked calligraphy on them. He was shocked to read the huge words “I hate to eat sweet and sour fish!!!”



Feng Jiu is a bit unhappy today, because Dong Hua did not eat the walnut she personally cracked for him at the banquet. She felt that Dong Hua has publicly humiliated her, so she ignored him. Dong Hua is sitting on the couch with a Buddhist scripture, looking very relaxed.

Feng Jiu could not resist and spoke: “You made me lose face so badly today and you are not even feeling a little guilty about it?”

Dong Hua replied: “My intention is to let you eat the walnuts as they are good for your brain.”


Feng Jiu: “Ai, ai, ai ~”

Dong Hua: “Xiao Bai, what is wrong with you?”

Feng Jiu (embarrassed): “No, nothing.”

Dong Hua: “Really nothing?”

Feng Jiu: “Well …… ”

Dong Hua: “Why are you frowning?”

Feng Jiu: “Sob sob, I have put on weight this month.”

Dong Hua: “It does not matter, you have not turned into a meatball yet.”

Feng Jiu: “π_π You are annoying.”

Dong Hua: “It does not matter, God is fair.”

Feng Jiu (starry eyed): “Are you saying I have become matured and elegant?”

Dong Hua: “No, I am saying this month your IQ is finally higher than Gun Gun.”

Feng Jiu:  “…”


Feng Jiu: “Dong Hua!”

Dong Hua: “What is the matter?”

Feng Jiu (probing): “I have to go for make up classes.”

Dong Hua: “Oh!”

Feng Jiu (continue probing): “I do not feel like going.”

Dong Hua: “Ah?”

Feng Jiu: “Please can you inform my teacher that I am not going?”

Dong Hua: “Xiao Bai, you want to skip class?”

Feng Jiu (bravely): “Yes!”

Dong Hua: “I will say you have to cook for me everyday, so no time to attend classes.”

Feng Jiu: “Dong Hua, you are so nice!”

Dong Hua: “Why are you so happy, quickly go to cook.”

Feng Jiu: “. . . . .”

9 thoughts on “Three Lives Three Worlds Mini- Special (Dong Feng Edition) – Part 16

  1. OMG OMG… the first picture, it’s so cute that I want to die, ewwwwwwwwwwww ❤
    Hey, this is Mid-Autumn day but Feng Jiu still got a lof of bullying. Dong Hua, that is why you didn't get my vote, because I always stand on the weak side =))

    Actually, I'm fed up with the sweet and sour fish too, hearing Dong Hua mention it over and over again =)) Not knowing how to cook has its advantage too ^^ No one dare to make you go cooking eh 😀

    Feng Jiu is too adorable ^^ so childish and innocent. I want to stroke her hair after she's been bullied by Dong Hua ^^

    • Wakaka, 2 votes for FJ, from you & I:P I know the sweet & sour fish jokes have been done to death but this is a Mid-Autumn Festival eating edition so have to write abt it:( All these bullying will lead to something if there is enough support for FJ, heehee….

      Wah, who voted for Dijun? Neck to neck now, this is getting interesting:)

      • Yeah, lock him outside the bedroom, Feng Jiu =)) I think this is the cruelest punishment for him =))
        I don’t really mind the sweet and sour fish joke, but Dong Hua always uses it to bully Feng Jiu ^^ poor her. It’s is kind of a poison food that makes her fur fall, right =))

  2. Come on I can’t choose either of my favorite couple! They compliment each other perfectly. Anw one for FJ since she has been suffering for hundred yrs perseveringly and unconditionally following that oblivious DH.
    Yesss they need to publish B2 asap cause waiting to hear more about this couple is unbearable. Thanks P and L! Happy mid autumn festival!

    • Yeh, girl power, lol. I’ll let you know Lidge, Phong & I voted for FJ, haha….Obviously DH has his supporters. Very exciting as they are neck to neck. To those who haven’t voted, come on vote for the one you most preferred just for fun:P

      I think B2 might either leave you hanging or give you a bad ending. Don’t quote me on that, just my feeling after reading all the posts in baidu.

      • Since there’s a B3 i kinda expect some sort of hanger at the end of B2.
        I don’t mind cliffhanger but a bad ending woud just leave me restless :(( Btw, if she hasn’t finished the draft, how would ppl know what’s gonna be like in B2?

        • She finished PB2 on Thursday. Tang 7 left a msg on her weibo which kind of say FJ is tired of everything & doesn’t want to be with DH anymore. Fans are speculating if this is the ending.

          I suspect T7 will leave PB2 hanging but there won’t be a book 3. Instead there will be a new book on MY & SW, BQ’s shifu & XY’s ancestor. In that book, Tang 7 will also mention FJ & DH but they are not the leads. Heehee, this is purely my speculation.

  3. Peanuts, do u know the word count for B1? Tang7 says B2 is 60,000 words longer than B1 >_< editors will have a field day.
    I don't care if there's B3 or if B2 is open-ended. But I want an explanation for Ye Qingti at least. Who is he?!

    • According to baidu, B1 has 280,000 words. I think Tang 7 wrote a very lengthy ending. Bcos initially she said she’ll write abt 6,000 words then in the end I think she wrote more than that. I think by Oct or latest Nov, the book will be out.

      Most ppl think Ye Qingti is DH’s previous life bcos he & FJ has 3 lifetimes fate. If he is not DH then he is just a canon fodder, someone FJ is grateful to for saving her life in the mortal world.

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