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Silly and Elite (小白和精英) – Gu Man (Part 1)



This week, I am giving all the Shan Shan’s fans a bonus:P Haha, no two updates on Shan Shan, but you are getting a side story. Gu Man has written a few chapters on Shan Shan’s good friend Shuang Yi. Do you remember her? She is sort of like Lidge, lol. Don’t expect much as Gu Man will not continue or finish this story in a long time:( Just enjoy whatever I post when I have time:) If there are more feedbacks, there is higher possibility that I will post more:P Do you like Shuang Yi & Zhou Ning Xu and their story?

Part 1: Marriage Proposal (translated by peanuts)

In the evening, Zhou Ning Xu’s forbidden study room door is angrily pushed opened by a pair of paws.

“Ah ah ah, Zhou Ning Xu, my mom actually called to scold me. She said the writing in my novel is getting worse!”

Zhou Ning Xu remains unmoved, his eyes are fixated at K stock’s line graph on the computer.

Shuang Yi stands in front of the desk, looking furious.

“After scolding me, she only realized she has criticized the wrong person. That book is actually not written by me! She actually bought a pirated book to read!”

Shuang Yi is still furious, and Mr. Zhou continues to look at K stock’s line graph.

“I asked her why she bought a pirated book. She went so far as to say that my book is not being sold in big bookstores!!”

Shuang Yi stops talking, remains silent and gazes at the ceiling for three minutes. Then, her burning line of vision is directed at someone who has not said a word from start to finish. A man who does not have the slightest sympathy.

Angry ar.

“Zhou Ning Xu, I want to divorce you.”



Finally, certain words touch Mr. Zhou’s nerve. He moves his eyes away from his notebook and looks up at Shuang Yi, “Speaking of divorce, when are we going to get married first?”



Lu Shuang Yi VS Zhou Ning Xu


Shuang Yi: Lu Shuang Yi meaning family harmony and marital harmony, double harmony.

Zhou Ning Xu: ……

Shuang Yi (angry): What is this kind of expression?

Zhou Ning Xu (reading a newspaper): When you refused to get out of bed yesterday, didn’t you say the meaning of your name is eating and sleeping?

Shuang Yi: …… It’s your turn.

Mr. Zhou: Well, Zhou Ning Xu. My name has nothing much to explain.


Zhou Ning Xu: 30 years old.

Lu Shuang Yi : 25 years old.

Shuang Yi is pleased: “Heehee, actually you are already so old ah.”

Mr. Zhou’s mouth twitches: “I was already a principal stock trader when I was 25 years old. Somebody seems to be still unemployed.”

Shuang Yi: “…… But when I am 25 years old, I have already caught a long-term meal ticket …… also can be considered an achievement la.”

Zhou Ning Xu: “…… Can you ensure your long-term meal ticket will not turn bad?”

Shuang Yi (looks at her long-term meal ticket Mr. Zhou): “…… Finally, you admit there is something wrong with your personality. Ning Ning ah, if you are a man you must be loyal and dependable!”

Zhou Ning Xu: “……”


Mr Zhou: A manager in a certain fund management company.

Shuang Yi interupts: “It’s to cheat people’s money!”

Shuang Yi: Writer of ‘white text’ (xiaobaiwen – stories with no depth) whose books are slow moving.

Mr. Zhou concludes: “It’s to cheat people.”


Mr. Zhou’s typical character: On the surface, refined and courteous but actually treacherous and murderous.

Shuang Yi: Hmph, your outside appearance and inner reality differ. Gold and jade on the outside, rot and decay on the inside…..

Zhou Ning Xu: Yes, in comparison your external appearance and inner thoughts coincide.

Shuang Yi is being modest: Thank you, thank you, I had a good upbringing.

Zhou Ning Xu: Yes, on the surface a bag of straw, on the inside straws in a bag.

So: Miss Lu’s typical character is on the surface silly and slow-witted, actually is slow-witted and silly.

A typical conversation to reflect both of their characters:

Shuang Yi: “Why are the books I take so long to write and are unpopular and hard to sell have been pirated?”

Zhou Ning Xu: “If the pirates have good taste, then they will not pirate stuff.”

Shuang Yi (contemplating): “Oh, what you said is quite reasonable.”

Mr. Zhou, who is expecting a fight back, chokes for a few minutes, then vomits blood…..


Shuang Yi drags Mr. Zhou to stand in front of the mirror together.

The Mr. Zhou in the mirror looks tall, slender, handsome and elegant. Want appearance, got appearance. Want stature, got stature. In addition, there is the legendary temperament ah.

Shuang Yi ar….. we will leave out la ==

Mr. Zhou smilingly looks at Shuang Yi to see what she has to say.

Shuang Yi stares at the mirror for a long time and says: “The two of us fit well together, really ‘inside’ outside double cultivation ah!”


Mr Zhou: Travelling and playing sports.

Miss Lu: …… I also like travelling.

Zhou (black lines on his forehead): Actually, you like to sleep la.

Lu Shuang Yi: …… Yes ah, so my travelling is to enter a dream, in short dream voyage (sleep walking) ……

Zhou Ning Xu: ……

Turtle (Author): Although the female lead in the text also writes novel, she has nothing to do with me at all. Thus, everyone please don’t put me in her place ah. I am a hundred times more normal than her ==

However, she is more hard-working than me a hundred times. 12 novels in a year, an industrious little bee --

12 thoughts on “Silly and Elite (小白和精英) – Gu Man (Part 1)

  1. It’s actually cute argh =)) I never think of reading this because it’s incomplete, but now it caught my interest =))

    And, I think that Xiao Bai is not fit to be translated into silly.. 😦 Yeah, this word is quite hard to translate =”= even we Vietnamese use the Chinese word of it without translating =”= But.. it’s hard in English, righ? But, even so, silly is a bit… I don’t know what to say here 😦

    And I can’t even imagine a writer who write H- novels (Shuang Yi said that herself in SS book ar) being a Xiao Bai =)) She doesn’t seem like a xiao bai in SS, come and eat, lol.

    What’s more to say, ah, yeah, right.. I like the type of novels Shuang Yi writes 😀 xiaobaiwen ^^ (it’s truly to cheat people, lol)

    • Almost forgot, I actually like how you translate the word Elite ar =))

    • Hey, hey, thanks for the comment:) I know I should be translating SS but I am just like Gu Man. I like to dig many pits and take my own sweet time to fill them, lol. FYI, I may be translating lawyer He Yi Chen, haha. Btw GM said she’ll finish this story after she finishes Blazing Sun book 2 so I guess it’ll be completed eventually in a few yrs time:(

      I think Xiao bai means silly in chinese. If I translate it literally it’ll be small white which doesn’t sound good and is meaningless. Silly is the best word to describe Shuang Yi as elite is best used to describe Zhou Ning Xu. When you can find a better word, tell me:) SY is silly in SS but not as silly as SS, lol. Remember her comments abt animal love and gold credit card fr the sky. What is H novel? I also like xiaobaiwen which is basically silly stories & I like to be cheated, lol. One cheats money, the other cheats people, such a matching pair, haha…..

      • Haha, I don’t think xiao bai means silly in chinese. Well, I don’t really now. Xiao bai is kind of a genre to me =”= I mean it usually used to describe girls who are innocent, slow and oblivious… There are many girls Iread who are called xiao bai but are very smart (in study or in their own fields). Xiao bai is just not really sophisticated and has simple way of thinking… =”= But I don’t know how can we translate it into Eng, lol.
        H novel is 18+ novel, lol. It contains many hot scenes 😀
        I don’t think SY is silly in SS. She is clever and sophisticated and teachs SS many things =)) She’s just funny in SS =))

        • Ok, I checked baidu. It is to call someone who has low IQ and slow. It is also widely used for ppl who are new in something eg you are a Xiao bai in playing computer game. Thus, should I change it to Novice & Elite?

        • Haha, better keep it Silly than change it to Novice ^^ I’ll try to think of another word, but well, silly is somehow cute too 😀

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  6. . . . . . Too late comment here? Yeah . . . I’m quite slow in finding book and things. . . Incomplete but quite interesting. Is Gu Man still gonna write this?

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