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Poll: Which Novel Should I Translate? (Closed)



The poll is closed and Silent Separation had been chosen as the next translation project.

Since there is only about a quarter of Shan Shan left to be translated, I’ve been thinking which book should I translate next or should I just retire and concentrate on reading my ever increasing pile of novels? Hence, I decide to let my readers exercise their preferences through voting in a poll. See, I am so nice, lol. Most of the books listed are written by Gu Man since I am a fan and you can find further information in the book bar. If you want to vote for other books, leave me a comment but no ancient, sad or long novels. In view that I will be translating a book written in a communist country, I do not necessary translate the book with the most votes. Nonetheless, it’ll form a big part of my consideration.

Thank you to everyone who voted. This is getting interesting. After two days of voting, it seems Silent Separation is going neck to neck with You Dare Marry Me, I Dare Marry You. Hey, don’t mix this book up with the K-drama Marry Him if You Dare ! I am surprised that this book has so many votes. Is it because there is no Viet translation? I wish to inform you that if this book does get translated, it will not be a word for word translation and some parts will be summarised. Anyway, I hope the result will reflect the preference of the majority. Bear in mind, the book with the most votes will not automatically be chosen:P


Silent Separation by Gu Man

This is such a classic that I am kind of afraid of stuffing it up with my translation. Many people love this novel but my feeling is just average only. The storyline is not that great but Gu Man’s warm language and writing elevate this book to a higher level. Lidge is obssessed with lawyer He and she said it is the only book she will help me to translate. However, can I trust her as she takes a long long time to keep her promises:P? I don’t mind translating this novel with Lidge’s help since the novel is short but I wonder if many of my readers will like it as the English speaking readers tend to have different reading taste from the Chinese ones.


Just One Smile is Very Alluring by Gu Man

This is another classic novel by Gu Man. It can be considered a new genre, the online game kind. At the beginning when I started reading it, it took me some time to understand all the online gaming terminologies. Those who do not play online game find it difficult to read this book. Nonetheless, this is still a sweet and nice novel. Eeeeeee, I am a bit worried that I cannot do the book justice with my translation considering I do not play online game. Also, I am not sure if my readers who do not play online game will be able to accept or like this new genre.


Blazing Sunlight by Gu Man

I have not read this book yet because only book one has been published. I am not sure when book two will be released taking into consideration Gu Man’s slowness like a turtle. Thus, I don’t know who is the OTP as there are two equally swoon worthy guys in the novel as per Lidge. Maybe, by the time I finish translating book 1, book 2 will be released but I cannot promise you. I am quite keen on this book because while translating it, I can also read it at the same time. However, the length of the book and the uncertainty of the male lead make me think twice.


KAO, I’ve been Submerged ! by Diamond Barbie

I think Xinn Xinn voted for this book but can you trust her taste, lol? Actually this is a very funny book but the female lead is rather annoying and silly whereas the male lead is a bit too cool for my liking. I cannot guarantee the funny parts will not get lost in translation. Also, I am not sure if my readers will find it funny even though Lidge, Xinn & I think it is hilarious. The story is short so it is a plus. However, I still think the female lead is too stupid so some people like Phong may find her irritating.


You Dare Marry Me, I Dare Marry You by Flourishing

This is a little known internet novel which I think is not even published. I have not read it yet but it seems to have many fans. Seoul and Hui3r like the book so much that they ended up reading other books written by this author. According to Lidge, there is no Viet translation. Nutella requested me to translate it because she likes it very much but cannot understand it completely. I am not sure if my Chinese is any better than her. But, no worries because I manage to get my landlord who has been hibernating to help out, lol. She says the book is quite fun. Unfortunately I found the book boring and did not even manage to finish reading it.


I am Pickled Vegetable, You are Fish by Guan Jiu

Remember I did a pilot chapter of this book to test the water? The response is moderate as I have got about 4 favourable responses. I did not finish reading the novel so translating it will enable me to finish it. I just found out that my landlord hui3r turned to the dark side all because of this book, lol. Before reading this book, she will only listen to audio book but will not read ebook with the help of the robot. This book is the breaking point because since reading it she has become addicted to ebook. Hence, she will help me with the translation and this novel is quite short, so yippee hooray…..

23 thoughts on “Poll: Which Novel Should I Translate? (Closed)

  1. Oh pretty please with a cherry on top~ I voted for Silent Separation because it’s a classic and has been featured on the top lists of favorite Chinese novels as well as the beloved Zhao Mo Sheng being a favorite male character to so many readers.

    I have the audiobook downloaded but the titles have been unnumbered leaving me clueless as to which order I should listen to them in. 😦

    • Thank you for voting. Since you can understand Mandarin, you can listen to the audiobook or radio drama so don’t really need me to translate, lol. Ok, I’ll keep your request in mind & see what is the result of the poll. Where did you download the audiobook? Download from website with numbering. If I remember correctly, there are 24 chapters. Btw the radio drama is also very good but shorter and summarise.

  2. Hey, why don’t you translate the one I last recommend you? ^^ The “crazy of you” one (translate it from the Viet name *blushing*). It’s cute and funny and fresh and not really a long one (suit your taste, right? lol) And I think ‘cuz you’ve not read it, it might be less boring for you to translate (why reading it at the same time: P)

    • I don’t have time to look at it yet. Is it that good to warrant my translation? Will you be helping me with the translation? So, you are not going to vote for any of the book, lol?

      • Yeah =)) actually I don’t really like KAO, and the 2 last one. Well, I don’t know, I dont even read them yet TOT
        But silent separation is sad, and Wei Wei ~ I read it so many times before so… yeah.. ^^
        But, I’ll support whichever project you choose *heart*

        • I think the last 2 books have not been translated into Viet yet. Can you pls check for me because I’ve fired Lidge for not doing her research well, lol? Although Silent Separation is sad, it has a happy ending. Maybe I should try translating sad story since I’ve mastered the happy story, lol. Actually, I can’t make up my mind which is why I am having this poll.

        • Hey hey, you remember 明月听风? Last time you recommended me 喂,别乱来! written by her ~^^~ I’ve just finished reading her novel called 小魔王的恋爱功课. This story is too cute, honestly, cuteness overloaded arhh~~~~ Just her type, so funny, simple, well-paced and full of mystery. I know I can trust her talent ha *(^O^)* This story is about the son of the couple who the girl is the pig ar 😀

        • Did you read 喂,别乱来!? It is also very funny & cute. What can I say except I’ve good taste in novel lol. Ok, I’ll add 小魔王的恋爱功课 to my ever increasing pile:( This is a modern book right? Do you also want me to translate it, haha? Does the Viet cover has a pig on it? I think Lidge doesn’t like the book with the pig on it but I forgot which book.

        • Hey, I remembered that I telling that I read 喂,别乱来 already (right when you recommended me this book and you also blamed me for never recommending any funny books for you *blushing*). This is a modern book, but a little science and xianxia (‘cuz it’s about the son of King of hell, lol).
          I read several books of this author already. They are all cute and funny ❤
          The Viet cover which has a little pink pig on it must be 逢魔时刻, I still not read it yet. But this parent couple in
          小魔王的恋爱功课 is quite sweet and adorable. Maybe 'cuz 逢魔时刻 is too long (three books in Viet version), that is why Lidge not liking it?

  3. I voted for “You dare marry me, I dare marry you”. =)

    And my second choice is “I’m pickled vegetable, you are fish”.

    I don’t like stupid female lead. :-/

    • Thank you for voting and I’ll keep them in mind. I also don’t like stupid female lead but that KAO book is really funny which is why I’ve included it in the poll.

  4. I voted for the first one (because I liked the cover, LOL) but I think you should translate whichever one you want to. 😀 Or maybe try to choose one that you think the readers can connect to the most?

    • Thank you for voting. Yes, judge a book by its cover, lol. I like that cover also, very classic. It is bcos I cannot make up my mind and I am not sure which book will appeal to my readers that I am having this poll. It is better to translate something that most of the people can enjoy than something that only I like. Drama producers should do a poll to let audience pick which novel to be adapted and choose the casts so they won’t end up with crappy adaptations and unsuitable casts:P

  5. I voted for You Dare Marry Me, surprise surprise~

    Actually, to be honest, I couldn’t decide, so then I was going to vote for all of them, cos I’m such an addict la, any book will keep me happy. But when I was going to click the button I realised I was being extra stupid cos if I voted for all of them then all of them increase by the same amount so it’s useless. Today I am very blur m(__)m

    So then I voted for You Dare Marry Me cos I can understand Gu Man’s writing in radiodrama/audiobook form, so I can still make do, so I just picked what was hardest for me to read on the list ehehe ^_^;;

    But I will be happy with any you choose… actually, I feel bad for KAO’s heroine now cos everyone is dissing her stupidity.. I just want to say: it’s not her fault for being stupid ar, it’s her mother’s fault.. actually, even the mother’s name sounds like she is blur XD

    Oh, and I read a little bit of I Am Pickled Vegetable, it’s quite cute and funny.. the main boss guy’s description makes me think of the guy who played Nic in 我可能不會愛你 (wo ke neng bu hui ai ni).. don’t know why…

    • Thank you for voting. I am not surprised you voted for You Dare Marry Me but I am surprised you feel bad for KAO. Did you read that book? Honestly that book is truly funny but the female lead is just kind of annoying. Very smart of you to make me do the hard work:P

      • No, I haven’t read KAO yet, but it’s going on my list hehe ^u^

        I started last night at like 2 am, I am already on chapter 7 for Living with the President.. so hilarious.. it’s like Shan Shan, but they’re already married, so everything already done for them, now they just have to get feelings ah~ I love books where they get married first, don’t know why.. I even like dramas with contract marriages/contract dating *sigh*

        Haha, yes, of course, I am a lazy bum, meaning I will try to avoid all hard work.. plus I have become smart from reading the best translations of very smart heroines la, thank you shifu xP

        • That book is quite easy to read. Aren’t u going to listen to the radio drama? I told you that Pesident feels like FT, so oppressive & such a big bully. Should I transate this lol? How does he compare to the male lead in Dare to Marry Me? Haha, you must be a fate of that T drama Fated to Love You:P?

        • I am doing both, listening to the drama+reading.. listening on the bus to and from college (it takes me two hours to go to college, two to come back), and reading during breaks and stuff when I can’t listen ehehe..

          Are all presidents such big bullies ar? You know, in one part where he’s like, this is your room, this is my room, so she gets happy that they have separate rooms, he actually feels offended… like, what is wrong with your head ar?? You just terrified her to death, then you expect her to fall in love with you suddenly? *shakes head*

          I haven’t read either books fully, so I can’t compare.. I like that in Dare to Marry Me, the guy gets completely whipped by the end, but I don’t know if that happens to the guy in this so I’ll reserve judgement. I like it when super awesome guys get whipped XD

          I hated Fated To Love You.. everyone was too irritating, plus the hero was not fu hei, he was a complete psycho.. I loved Drunken To Love You though.. like a million times better version of the story ^u^

          • How do you read Chinese offline? What kind of software do you use?

            I am not sure if all presidents are big bullies but I reckon all of them think highly of themselves, lol. You are such a cruel girl but I agree with you, haha…..

            Huh, it is not that I’ve bad taste but I was fed with bad info. Lidge told me she is crazy abt Fated To Love You so I mentioned that to you. I didn’t watch both of the dramas you mentioned.

            I’ve not read it but maybe this book is your cup of tea:P

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  7. Could you continue with too late to say I love you pretty please? I’m not watching the drama due to ad hoc eng subs and gave really enjoyed your translations so far.

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