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Gu Man Comic Booklet – Gui Man’s Jiong Ji (Part 2)



Yah, I know this Turtle’s Embarassing Record is not something to shout home about as some of the jokes are not funny. It is probably because I don’t really understand them since I can’t read Chinese. As usual, I had a hard time getting people to read and help me with the translation. This is strictly for Gu Man’s fans only:) As for the actual comic book for Shan Shan, it will be released soon. I hope I can bring it home with me so that we can look at the cute pictures together. In the meantime, check out the preview in the featured picture.


These days, my writing has been very smooth, not stuck with obstacles!

Dinner time…….

Oh!! Fish bones!

The life of an author is stucked with obstacles…….


Oh, the structure of the CPA exam has changed?

When I took the exam, I have to take five units in three days.

Now, you have to take six units in two days!

Arggh, this means that I have to change the information in my novel!

Calm down!

That’s it.

I will treat the information as correct as at the date I started writing my novel!

The author is the most powerful!!


The doll figure: Miss Han, how old are you?

Miss Han: In 2007, when the author started writing about me, I was 22 years old…..

Miss Han: In 2011, when the author finished writing my story, I was 23 years old….


The doll figure: ………………..




Gu Man: After moving house, I want to explode my turtle universe!

The doll figure: ? By becoming slower?

Gu Man: Don’t jinx me!


Gu Man: I want to release a book at the same time as you.

The doll figure: Please don’t jinx me!

Middle of the night

The doll figure: Yeh, I have finished 2,000 words ! I am able to remove your jinx!

Gu Man: Congratulations, Add Oil……

Gu Man: Should I say the same thing to all the other authors……..?



Gu Man: Today, I feel very hard-working!

The doll figure: What?!!!

The doll figure: I want to go to the little black house.

The doll figure: I want to write 3,000 words today!

The doll figure: Quickly go!

The doll figure: Quickly go and write novel!

Gu Man: When I am hard-working, other authors will follow my lead……..


Turtle is crawling slowly.

Cang! Cang! Come & Eat, Shan Shan has finally been published!

Support original physical novel. Don’t read online:P

3 thoughts on “Gu Man Comic Booklet – Gui Man’s Jiong Ji (Part 2)

  1. OMG, it’s so cute… cuteness overloaded… I seem not be able to wait for the comic *crying softly*

  2. I just finished reading everything! It was fun and I would like to thank again the translator for the hardwork that they had done translating this novel. 🙂

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