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Come & Eat, Shan Shan (杉杉来吃) – Gu Man (Chapter 37)


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This is a cute chapter on Shan Shan going shopping with Feng Teng. Ladies, you’ve been warned of the consequence of going shopping with your boyfriend if he has a wicked sense of humour like Feng Teng, lol. Then, we also have that silly novelist Shuang Yi with her equally wicked sense of humour, haha… Actually, I like Shuang Yi more than Shan Shan because she is smarter and more humourous. According to Gu Man, her boyfriend Ning Ning is around Feng Teng’s age so my guess is right that Feng Teng’s age is between 29 to 31 years old as Ning Ning is 30 years old as per Silly and Elite.

Chapter 37 (translated by peanuts and edited by lidge)

From time to time, there is a feeling of moistness and heat on her shoulders, the tingling making her tremble. Shan Shan, half unconscious half conscious, allows a certain someone to kiss her for awhile before sleepily protesting: “Stop, I will be late.”

“Today is Saturday, what will you be late for?”

Oh, it is Saturday already ah?

But a certain someone’s credibility is too low so Shan Shan does not believe him. Once not long ago, she was also pressed down and eaten early in the morning. At that time, she felt it was Monday where she needed to go to work. However, he firmly persuaded her it was still Sunday. She was still not fully awake yet so her brain was confused which was why she got cheated. After being eaten from beginning to end, she continued to sleep until noon. When she woke up, she only found out ……

Actually, it was really Monday ah ah ah!

He had to take a plane for a business trip so he did not need to go to work. He went so far as to set her up to be late ah ah ah!

Her perfect attendance award for the month ah!

She angrily protested to a certain someone for causing her to miss out on the perfect attendance award. The outcome was him actually replying: “Perfect attendance award? I can give it directly to you, and there is no need to withhold tax.”

“Well, this can be considered reasonable tax avoidance ah.”

=  =

Shan Shan thinks he is too shameless.

Early in the morning, this kind of beastly activity, surprisingly can even involve tax avoidance.

The most appalling thing is that certain someone even muses and says: “Shan Shan, do we want to take another kind of perfect attendance award?”


Shan Shan fumbles on the bed for awhile and finds her watch. She takes a look, and it is really Saturday. Feng Teng, who is also not in a hurry, smiles and whispers: “You can relax now?”

Shan Shan resists a little, “…… Don’t always bite my neck.”

“Well, capitalists are really blood suckers.”

A long time later, the room is floated with a puzzled voice, “This sentence sounds so familiar ……”

After doing reasonable tax avoidance which the tax office also cannot control in the morning, a certain someone contentedly goes to take a shower. Shan Shan does not want to shower with him so she rolls several loops on the bed, then wakes up to sort through her stuff.

She has already packed and moved over her things several days ago. She has progressively organized her stuff and only has a few clothes not sorted yet. When Shan Shan is hanging up her clothes into the wardrobe, she takes a look and is embarrassed.

In the family residence, the master and mistress wardrobes are separated but this is not so in the city residence. Feng Teng and her clothes are put together. When you don’t see, you don’t know but when you see you will be shocked that Big Boss actually have so many clothes, so impressive ah. In contrast, her clothes are too little and appear pitiful.

Shan Shan’s fingers sweep across the rows of well-ironed suits, and it is not known what she is remembering as suddenly her face is a little red.

Feng Teng, who is wiping his hair, comes out from the bathroom, glances at the wardrobe and frowns, “Ask Feng Yue to accompany you to go shopping in the afternoon to fill up the empty space in the wardrobe.”

He does not want to be a man who has more clothes than his wife.

Feng Teng also remembers something and reminds her: “Xue Shan Shan, when do you intend to use the supplementary card I gave you?”

The supplementary card was given to Xue Shan Shan a long time ago but obviously, Xue Shan Shan’s spending has never appeared on his bills. He mentioned about it once, and the outcome was Xue Shan Shan with her eyes sparkling like stars kept on flattering him: “It is entirely of no use to me ah. My boss is very powerful, knows how to make money and is also generous. The salary and bonus given by him are a lot, and I simply cannot use all of it!”

All right……

Although Feng Teng as a boyfriend was mentally unsatisfied, as a boss his vanity was greatly satisfied. Thus, he pretended to be deceived by her and did not pursue the matter further.

However, Xue Shan Shan needs to buy more clothes now so it is estimated the wages from her big boss will not be enough la.

Because he suddenly utters this, it scares away all the thoughts in Shan Shan’s head. Shan Shan quickly retracts her fingers and continues to sort out her clothes, all the while saying: “I do not want to swipe your card.”

Feng Teng’s gaze darkens, and displeasure rises in his chest. He would never think Xue Shan Shan still calculates everything so clearly with him. With a calm and collected face, he is about to speak. Xue Shan Shan finishes sorting out her clothes, turns her head around and fumingly says: “Why can’t you personally swipe ah?!”

Shan Shan wants to express her opinion on this for a long time!

“Every time, you also ask me to shop with Ah Yue! Tell me! We have been together until now, have you accompanied me to go shopping and bought something ah?! I protest!”

After saying this, she is grabbed over by him and her fuming cheeks are lightly pinched once. Feng Teng laughs, “Help me to pick a shirt.”


“Don‘t you want me to swipe the card?”

Although picking a shirt did not turn into an out of control something, when they leave the house, it is already late afternoon. Shan Shan is very excited about Big Boss accompanying her to go shopping for the first time. In order to express his importance, she begins to investigate while on the way to the shops: “What kind of clothes do you think will look good on me ah?”

“Everything is the same.”

What kind of answer is that? Shan Shan carefully verifies: “Everything looks good on me?”

“Hey, Shan Shan, when I am driving please don’t joke.”

” …… ”

As a result, Shan Shan has a kind of premonition that by inviting Big Boss to swipe the card himself, she may need to pay a painful price ……

Sure enough, it is only the first shop, but Big Boss’s fussy nature is already showing.

“Does this look good?”

“Ah ……” The eyebrows furrow slightly.

Shan Shan silently returns to the fitting room to take it off.

“How about this?”

“…… Well.”

…… Taking it off again.

“Then what about this?”

This time, Shan Shan learns to be more clever. She is not in a hurry to change and lets Feng Teng sees first. In the end, a certain someone looks and finally says a complete sentence: “You cannot wear that.”

Come on, a person needs to be given a little respect!

Shan Shan immediately goes into the fitting room. After a few minutes …… Shan Shan comes out, still wearing her original clothes. With the salesperson looking earnestly at her, Shan Shan coughs a bit and returns the clothes.

“…… These are not very suitable for me.”

When she turns around and sees the sight of Big Boss unable to restrain a smile, she flies into a rage out of humiliation ah!

Shan Shan goes out of the first shop with tears in her eyes and sincerely suggests: “Why don’t you go to the seating area to rest for a while?”

Feng Teng expresses his disagreement: “Who asked me to accompany her shopping?”

Indeed, she is a dummie who digs her own grave. Shan Shan silently looks at the sky. Before entering the next shop, she fiercely warns a certain someone: “You are not allowed to do anything except swiping the card.”

After she finishes saying it, she turns back her head and sees the salesperson in front of the shop looking at her in awe.

=  =

Feng Teng sits aside and watches Xue Shan Shan with ample of energy trying on a collection of clothes, taking a few pieces at one go to try and look in the mirror one by one. She turns around and asks the salesgirl whether she looks good or not, and of course the salesgirl keeps on nodding her head and says all are nice.

Thus, she is very hesitant and turns her head to look in his direction, seemingly wanting to seek his opinion but in a fit of anger, she quickly turns back.

Feng Teng is amused. In fact, those clothes she wore beforehand were all beautiful, but he was deliberately being picky, just because he likes to see her taking a lot of trouble to please him.

Feng Teng is in the middle of having fun savoring a certain someone’s depressing appearance.  When he lifts his eyes, he sees that certain someone holding a windbreaker and running quickly over.

“Feng Teng, this will look quite good on you ah!”

She really does not hold a grudge and will not be angry for over three minutes. Feng Teng breaks into laughter and does not try it on but buys it immediately.

“Don’t you need to try to see if it fits?”

“Since you picked it, how can it not fit?”

He indirectly implies something else. Unfortunately, that someone apparently does not sense it. Instead, she is under the impression that he is praising her for having a keen eye for fashion. Thus, she is feeling pleased with herself.

“The clothes in that previous shop were good.” Feng Teng says.


“We will go and buy them later.”


“Except that one which you cannot fit into.”

…… Shan Shan is relieved, Boss is still normal la.

Suddenly, Boss seems a little less picky …… Shan Shan quickly seizes the opportunity to buy a few more pieces  =  = The rest of the afternoon can be considered fruitful, but the goal to fill up the wardrobe is estimated to be still far away.

Before leaving the shopping center, Feng Teng is clearly dissatisfied with her inefficiency, so in passing helps her to take a few pieces of clothing and swipes the card together.

“I have not tried all these yet ah, what if they are unsuitable?”

“Unsuitable?” Feng Teng pretends to think for a moment and says, “Then take it off.”


This time, Shan Shan understands, nervously looks at the salesgirl at a distant and hurriedly pulls him and dashes out of the shop.


Although the salesgirl certainly did not hear it, she still does not want to come here again in the near future!

After shopping for the whole afternoon, Shan Shan feels she has no more energy to eat a big meal so she takes Boss to eat a bowl of beef noodles. When they are on their way home, the sky is already dark. When the car enters the neighborhood, the security guard politely stops them.

“Mr. and Mrs. Feng, please wait for a minute as there is a courier parcel for you.”

He turns around, coming out with a square package and verifies: “Is Mrs. Feng’s surname Xue?”

“Uh …… ” Shan Shan is embarrassed.

Tang Feng nods his head, “Yes.”

“That’s right.” The security guard gives the parcel to Shan Shan and says with a smile, “The courier said he called your mobile phone, but there was no answer so he left it with us.”

Shan Shan’s ears heat up, “I forgot to bring the mobile out today, thank you.”

Feng Teng starts the car and raises his eyebrows, “Who sent you the parcel, Mrs. Feng?”

Shan Shan scowls at him in silence.

Actually, Shan Shan also does not know who sent the parcel because the name of the sender is already too blurred. When she opens it at home and sees colorful novel covers, Shan Shan starts to recall that Shuang Yi’s ‘teaching material’ has arrived.

A few days ago, she accidentally revealed some clues in QQ Chat. This led the radar sensitive Shuang Yi to detect something. Consequently, that unkind girl became very excited.

“Finally, it is technical instructor Lu Shuang Yi’s turn to appear, oh ha ha ha ~ ~ ~”

Hence, here is a pile of Shuang Yi’s so-called ‘teaching material.’

Shan Shan picks up and looks at one novel. She must say the teaching material selected by Shuang Yi is very relevant. Look at the novel’s title —— (Brutal President and Small White Rabbit).

Firstly, the occupation is very accurate, don’t you think so?

This has been carefully chosen, don’t you think so?

But when she flicks through it, there is a variety of burning hot H scenes. What is going on ah?!

Shan Shan casually glances at them and is shocked by the profound poses in the novel. She cannot help but look at them with reverence, the more she looks, the more her face turns red but also …… unable to stop ……

While she is engrossed in it, suddenly, the novel is removed from her hands.

The tall and big man is standing in front of her, flicking through the novel, then raises his eyebrows slightly.

Shan Shan is extremely ashamed, drops her head and does not speak. I am finished, finished, Big Boss will surely think I am a nymphomania la 555 (huhuhu – crying)……

Would the role of the nymphomania in their relationship now change?


Tears are flowing in Shan Shan’s heart ah, surging forward into the sea, never to return.

Feng Teng reads very rapidly so he finishes flicking through that little novel within a few minutes and mutters: “Shan Shan, I did not know you actually like this……”

A trace of solemn self-blame appears on his face, “It seems that I did not do my job well.”

Shan Shan has a bad premonition, “I, I like what?”

Feng Teng muses: “Actually, you wish I am more, ah, brutal?”

Shan Shan: “……”

Shan Shan does not have time to figure out his logic and is already carried away into the bedroom to be ‘brutalized’ all night.


Thus, one needs to be cautious when making friends. Having a romance novel author and as such as a friend is the most dangerous!

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  1. You’re so quick with your translations! *thumbs up* 🙂

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  2. Very glad that you continue to translate shan shan. Thank you peanuts 🙂 merry christmas

  3. What I see everyday at work. >.< Poor Shan Shan. At least FT bought the clothes. Some men want to please their girlfriends or wives but they are not only picky but also tightwad.

    Btw, Merry Christmas !

  4. Argh, I’ve come back, my babies, this is such a cute chapter *sobbing*
    Poor SS, FT bullies her a lot… Whatever, you’are the only one who he will willing to act like that in front of ^~^
    This chapter is so funny and sweet ar, I want more *^*

    Hey, I’ve read all Silly and Elite’s chapters in Vietnamese, SY is so funny =))

  5. Hello,

    I’m a recent lurker at your blog and absolutely feel in love with your posts. I started reading the translation for Come & Eat, Shan Shan yesterday night and didn’t go to sleep until 5 am T_T

    I really love this story, it’s so sweet that I’m getting cavities! I just want to wrap Shan Shan in a bundle and kidnap her, but alas, I suspect I’m no match for Big Boss and am too afraid to go against him 😦

    I laughed and blushed so much reading this chapter. Never new “tax avoidance” could be so hot hahaha. So thank you guys so much for your hard work and for sharing your work! I feel like I will even pledge my soul to you guys in exchange for translation/posts. This blog is that addicting. And I’m super duper excited for the drama. I love ZLY and thinks she’s adorbs and the male lead is very handsome so I’ll check it out (cross my fingers that they don’t add too much melodrama or makjang elements. Shan Shan is just too cute to be put into much emotional distress)

    Love you and thanks again!

    • Hi, thank you for leaving a comment so you are not really a lurker:) Oh, don’t worry, my blog and Shan Shan will always be here so you can continue your reading another day. Haha, we also have a lot of Shan Shan’s fanatic fans here who want her & Feng Teng. Did you come here via Koala’s Playground then Shusheng Bar? We want to translate sugary sweet novels to help you recover from all the angst in Tong Hua’s novels, lol.

      Yes, Gu Man is pretty funny and witty. She studied accountancy in uni but did not practice it so she probably was making use of her tax knowledge to good effect, lol. Eeee, we don’t want your soul as your support is more than enough to keep us happy:) You can also check out Shan Shan’s radio drama, song & comic book for more cuteness & sweetness, haha…….

      • Thank you to post this story. i watch the drama before reading the novel here. Thank you more details than in the drama and sorry for the faults in this post. My first language is french so…

        • Glad you like it. Don’t worry, if you want, you can write in french as bongsd can understand french 🙂 I suggested to her to translate this novel into french but she declined 😦

  6. Thank you for all your hard work. I am devouring the book.

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