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Boss and Me (杉杉来了): Episode 31 & 32 Review & Recap



These 2 episodes are basically about Shan Shan trying to earn money to repay Feng Teng the money Liu Liu’s boyfriend has run away with. During the progress, she starts to grow up to take notice of Feng Teng’s weaknesses, to be more confident, assertive, smarter and more business savvy to match Feng Teng’ better.

Where in the world has peanuts gone? Peanuts has been busy subbing at Since the manager has uploaded and started subbing, I’ll try to incorporate my mini-subs in there to help them to speed up. But lidge said, it’ll probably finish right before You Are My Sunshine’ is broadcast. Well, with friend like her, who needs enemy, lol?

Another housekeeping matter is bongsd isn’t thrill that her screen captures have been floating on the internet without credit. We don’t own the copyright to the drama but she did spend time and effort to capture and arrange those pictures nicely. She didn’t put any stamp on them because it’ll make the pictures look less perfect. We don’t mind sharing but please acknowledge her hard work, clap clap:)


Shan Shan: I just saw Liu Liu and she looked strange. Since it is Lunar New Year, I hope she didn’t quarrel with elder aunt.

Feng Teng: Don’t worry because her situation will change soon.

Shan Shan: Feng Teng, have I told you that when you put on this suit, you look most handsome?

Feng Teng: Really? Then I will also wear this at our wedding.

Shan Shan:  No, no way. You can be even more handsome! This……

Feng Teng: How does even more handsome look like?

Shan Shan: That is especially handsome, heehee…..

Feng Teng: Shan Shan, you grew up here?

Shan Shan: Yes, I always wrote on the walls when I was little. Take a look.

Feng Teng: Oh, you were already so naughty when you were little.

Shan Shan: Haha, actually I am very obedient.


Liu Liu informs Yan Qing that Cheng Hao has run away with all the RMB10m investment money. Later, Shan Shan’s family finds out about this and her father tells Feng Teng that he can’t let Shan Shan marry him. He promises to repay the money and wants to cancel the wedding. As long as the money is still owing, Shan Shan will not marry into the Feng family because he doesn’t want to be seen like he is selling his daughter to pay off the debt. It is not a matter of money but dignity. Liu Liu offers to take up responsibility but gets scolded by elder aunt.

Feng Teng: Xue Shan Shan, do you still want to marry me?

Shan Shan: I don’t know.

Feng Teng: Xue Shan Shan, what is the meaning of marriage?

Shan Shan: Meaning of marriage? This time……

Feng Teng:  The meaning of marriage is 2 people who are in love, irrespective of health and wealth will not abandon each other but mutually support each other. Because of this RMB10m, you don’t want to marry me?

Shan Shan: But this RMB10m……Liu Liu did that for the family. It is because of me that you trust Liu Liu. I don’t know what to do.

Feng Teng: If we get married, we are 1 family, whatever problems happened to your family, we’ll face them together. It is not like what your dad just said that your family owes my family. Xue Shan Shan, because of this RMB10m, you already wavered. I want to ask you what if in the future the Feng Group owes a few hundreds billions, the whole group collapses and I can’t handle it, will you leave me?

Shan Shan: No. But, 1 side is you and the other side is my dad. I need to consider my dad’s feeling. Feng Teng, I really don’t know what to do.

Feng Teng: Look at me. Trust me. We won’t talk about the wedding now but we will definitely get married.


Feng Teng tells Feng Yue that the wedding will be postponed and they will return to Shanghai. While sending them off, Shan Shan sees some photos of her family and finds out Feng Teng has been investigating her family. She is angry at him for not trusting her. Feng Yue explains she was the one who investigated her but Feng Teng says he’ll also do so before they get married. Shan Shan is even more angry now and cancels the wedding. Shan Shan’s dad tells her it is understandable that the Feng family will want to investigate her in view of the stake involved.

Feng Teng has a chat with Shan Shan to explain that the investigation is not meant to look down on her family. He suggests they’ll get married immediately after she repays the money. She can use the RMB350k invested by Cheng Hao’s dad to earn the rest of the money before repaying him in full. In order to do so, Shan Shan decides to resign from the company.

Zheng Qi and Li Shu will hold the engagement party in Feng family residence and get married in US. Li Shu and Feng Teng have a chat about Shan Shan may lose her naivety and innocence in her quest to make money to repay Feng Teng.  Zheng Qi is jealous of their chat and thinks Li Shu doesn’t want to marry him anymore since Feng Teng and Shan Shan’s relationship is on the rock so she may have a chance with Feng Teng. Li Shu teases him a bit then informs him that she doesn’t have anymore feelings for Feng Teng because the person she loves most is him.


Liu Liu wants to open a jewelry store which she has been planning for a while. Feng Teng gives his support so it will operate under the Feng Group until the debt is fully repaid. Shan Shan resigns from the company to help Liu Liu to set up her business. When Shan Shan and Liu Liu look around for a suitable shop to rent, the real estate agent recommends all Feng Teng’s properties. She remembers seeing them in the prenuptial agreement before so she has become smarter now and tells him if the landlord is Feng Teng, they are not interested, haha….But how can you outsmart a fox like Feng Teng as he asks Zheng Qi to rent his mum’s recently purchased shop lot to them.


Feng Yue chides Feng Teng for being a blood sucker for making Shan Shan returns his money as well as paying rent to him, LOL. The banter between the Feng siblings are so funny and warm, making me wish to have a brother like Feng Teng:) Feng Teng warns Feng Yue not to help Shan Shan in any way.

Shan Shan’s father has a discussion with Feng Teng and is glad that their love relationship has not been affected by the debt issue. Shan Shan’s dad gives her some money to help out with the debt but Shan Shan is reluctant to receive it. Initially, I don’t really like her dad for being so stubborn, bias and prideful but I can understand where he is coming from as he feels the need to protect his only daughter from getting hurt.

We made a new discovery of the seemingly fearless Feng Teng. That is, he is scared of cockroaches, LOL. So exaggerating to stand on a chair as even I am not that timid:P

Bongsd, never fails to capture Feng Teng’s most embarrassing moments because she is a devoted Chen Xiao’s fan:P


We discover another of the invincible Feng Teng’s little weaknesses when Shan Shan brings some jewelry home and asks Feng Teng which color looks better. Wah, he is color blind. That naughty Shan Shan laughs and teases him. Come on, some people are born with it so what is so surprising or funny about it:(


Feng Teng: I notice that you like to discover my weaknessess for fun lately

Shan Shan: We’ve been together for such a long time, so I should get to know you better. For a Big Boss like you, if you want to know someone better, you can spend money to hire a person to investigate. But for an ordinary citizen like me, I can only discover and get to know you better from the traces in your life. Right?

Feng Teng: This little kid is getting more articulate.

Shan Shan: I learned from you.

Feng Teng: Is it tasty?

Shan Shan: Why did you order luffa (sigua)? I don’t like to eat this the most.

Feng Teng: You are picky with food now?

Shan Shan: I also learned from you

Feng Teng: Why don’t you learn something good from me?

Shan Shan: What is good about you? Ahahaha…..always bully me

Heehee, this scene is extra to the novel but so amusing. Shan Shan is becoming like Feng Teng, so scary, lol.  But luffa really taste awful so I also don’t eat it.

imageFeng Teng is happy with his decision to get Shan Shan to repay the money as she starts to notice his weaknesses. She is growing in confident and starting to look at him as an equal and not looking up to him. Feng Yue doesn’t understand his logic. Shan Shan is tired out by all the preparations for the jewelry store’s opening. Feng Teng asks her to take care of her health as he still needs her to give birth to his babies, LOL.


Xinn’s favorite red coat makes its appearance again in the ribbon cutting ceremony of the jewelry store’s opening. I know for Chinese, red color means prosperous but do you need to wear a red sweater to match your red coat:P? I think Yi Chen will buy his wedding ring for Mo Sheng from F. S Jewelry in You Are My Sunshine, another of Gu Man’s novel which is currently being filmed. The drama and I can’t resist the chance to cross promote:p Does F. S stand for Feng Teng & Shan Shan but it is Liu Liu’s shop?  Feng Teng stumbles upon Wang Hong who has a rich father, working as a jewelry designer there. When he tells Shan Shan about it, she is surprised.


It is Li Shu and Zheng Qi’s engagement party but the business-minded Shan Shan even tries to promote her jewelry store. The couple is getting married in US where Zheng Qi’s family lives. Li Shu looks really pretty and I am happy for this couple even though I am not really invested in their relationship. Feng Teng tells Shan Shan she has one year to think about how to organize their wedding.


Shan Shan feels that she has changed for the better and is no longer Feng Teng’s vege picker but his girlfriend. Wang Hong who is 5 years younger than Liu Liu seems to be interested in her. Shan Shan happily and hurriedly wants to repay the trading profit to Feng Teng, but he declines and asks her to keep it as operating capital. Another sweet sweet moment between the two but Shan Shan spoils it by saying she has to do her work.


The drama skipped 3 seasons so one year has come and gone, it is time for the company’s annual party again. Shan Shan goes shopping with Feng Yue to buy a nice dress and spends hours on getting ready for the party so that she can win the ‘most beautiful and elegant lady’ prize to help promote her company’s jewelry.  I am not used to this Shan Shan who is so assertive and business oriented.

Feng Teng: Do you want to compete for the ‘most beautiful and elegant lady’ prize tonight?

Shan Shan: Of course, I get 90% you get 10% so I can earn back the money spent on my dress.

Feng Teng: Deal!

See, see, Shan Shan has learnt from the master and can topple him now, lol. As expected in drama land, Shan Shan wins the prize. How can you lose when you are now Feng Teng’s fiance? On the other end, that good for nothing Cheng Hao goes to the jewelry shop to cause trouble and injure Wang Hong so Liu Liu takes care of him.


After that incident, Feng Teng is worried about Shan Shan’s safety and asks her not to go to work anymore. He will write off the debt but Shan Shan insists on going to work to help Liu Liu to fulfill her dream.


Feng Teng: You still want to go to work?

Shan Shan: That……Liu Liu and Wang Hong were on leave yesterday. If I still don’t go to work today, what’ll happen to the shop? Feng Teng, I really can’t bear to see Liu Liu doing it all alone.

Feng Teng: Your company can still operate but get rid of the shop lot to avoid attracting attention

Shan Shan: I’ve thought about it the whole of last night. If I tell you I am not scared, it is false. But I’ve been thinking for business with a few millions investment like us is facing such danger then for business with a few billions investment like Feng Teng Group, I think it is probably even more dangerous. Although you are formidable whereas i am just a weak woman, if I can’t survive such danger, then how can I match up with you later? If I hide myself after experiencing the Liu Cheng Hao incident, whether physically or mentally, I’ll not be qualified to match you, right?

Feng Teng: Xue Shan Shan, you gradually start to have your own opinions.

Shan Shan thinks: I’ve thought the whole night for words to appease you. Although he doesn’t look happy, Feng Teng didn’t force me not to go to the shop so it should be okay la.


Of course, Big Boss can’t be beaten. He sent two stern looking bodyguards over to protect Shan Shan. She calls Feng Teng to complain they are scaring her customer away. Although we can see Shan Shan is getting more matured and reducing the gap between her and Feng Teng, these 2 episodes are rather boring and not sweet enough for my taste bud:P

29 thoughts on “Boss and Me (杉杉来了): Episode 31 & 32 Review & Recap

  1. Aaahhhhh……pm has watched Shan Shan……I just so find feng teng so 面瘫! but still handsome….but I think sheng qi looks cuter…:p

    Thanks for the lovely screencaps…….

    But I’m just upset that the ending has no wedding and pretty wedding gown and set up….was so looking forward to that part.

    I love the sound track sung by zheng Han… do I set it as a ring tone??

    • You late late bird:P You & Xinn always so blur & slow lol. 面瘫 – facial paralysis lol? But when he smiles, he has a nice one. I won’t say he is handsome bcos he still looks kind of weird, not ugly but not really handsome according to my std:P

      I know you always lurk around my blog so I prepare all the visual goodies for you, lol.

      Hopefully they’ll film the extra bits for us in a special with their life after marriage.

      Download onto your phone & set it as ring tone.

      Hey, what book are you reading now? Long time, didn’t see you post in SSB so I tut your dad locked up your pc, lol

      • Thanks…..muacks…….

        Hahaha…..nope….bz lurking on ur sites as well as hamsters……and watching 恋恋不忘 on YouTube. Eh…..I find jerry yan another guy with facial paralysis…I think his half brother Xiang heng is so much better looking.

        Ft has a weird kind of handsome….no one can compare to my Godfrey Gao….but I like his height..I like tall guys…but somehow I find if the girl is too short…they look weird….I have a fren who is up to her guy’s armpit..think he can rest his armpit on her head….hahah..and it does look weird.

        Oky….now I have to ask for instructions on downloading the song…. This is way beyond my capabilities…… Where do I down load from? Using my phone? Do I have to pay or isit free?

        • Haha, you are slow. I finished that drama b4 Boss & Me. I am sorry to say Jerry has not improved since his Meteor Garden days. I may be bias but Zhang Han is better than him:P That drama is watchable but I won’t re-watch it. Did you read the novel? It is quite diff fr the novel. In the 1st place, that novel is not good enough to be adapted. The half bro does look better but his acting is not good.

          Unfortunately your GG’s Li Chuan is having problem in broadcasting:
          1) The production coy is new & unknown so no tv network connection
          2) GG & his girl are not famous enough in China
          3) Bcos the coy spent a lot of money to film it, they are asking for a lot of money fr the tv station so nobody is willing to pay.

          Unconfirmed news is that it’ll broadcast in Nov so you better pray hard lol.

 Use that site to convert the youtube song into mp3 then download to your phone & set as ringtone. Google for all the technical stuff if u r stuck, I run a novel blog, not IT expect:P

      • Pm and I may be slow, just like a tortoise, but guess who wins the race at the end??😜

    • I found this blog in 2021 during lockdown. I read the novel and watched boss and me on YouTube.
      I preferred the drama. I thought the novel was too flimsy and ft in the book was too arrogant and ss too stupid.
      Adding the end episodes made it believable and ss less stupid. Before this drama I didn’t know zhang han only zanilia zhao (princess agents). I thought his acting skills were good. He acted with his eyes… no face paralysis. Only the hair colour was weird.
      I think he is nice looking, sometimes even handsome. I like slender men, don’t like beefy looking guys.

  2. I love the reference to “Silent Separation.” Maybe, ShanShan should make a special appearance for real.

    Peanut, I thought you were going to stay away from Viki?

    • We wish, lol. SS is busy filming Hua Qian Gu:( Bongsd said SS attended the same uni as Yi Chen but I don’t believe her bcos the gap b/w their IQ is quite wide, lol.

      I go there to sub for you mah, haha….Since I’ve already translated them in my blog, don’t waste them so I go there to help out a bit. Hopefully more ppl can watch faster.

  3. Love your re-caps! Just one factual correction — the shop front was owned by Zheng Qi’s mom, not Feng Teng’s.

    • Thank you for your love and spotting my error:) Are you one of the translators in viki? You’ve translated the ending theme song very well so may I put it on my blog with credit to you?

  4. Haha — your detective work is very good — I am indeed moonlighting over at viki. Of course you may use my translation in your blog — thanks for the compliment!

  5. Technically, F.S. stands for Feng Shang 风尚, but I prefer your interpretation. 😉

    • Thank you for the info. I tut I heard the words b4 but I didn’t pay attention so I assume it is FT & SS lol. I suspect Yi Chen will buy his ring from there bcos I saw it in Sunshine drama filming pics. Is it a real jewelry shop or they are reusing the props? 风尚 means fashion?

      • You would have noticed it when you were doing the recap for ep. 33.

        I have no idea whether this is a real shop. Hey, where’s the pic spam from Sunshine? I haven’t had time to keep up with the filming, so I’m counting on you.

        Hey, Landlord, are you testing my Chinese? You’ve been giving me pop quizzes the last couple of days. 😉 风尚 yes, means fashion. More accurately, it means the style and fashion of current culture as well as popular culture and trends.

        • Heehee, obviously I’ve not started to recap 33 bcos I can’t bear to say good-bye:(

          Thank you my scholar, you know my Chinese is half a bucket of water, lol. You’ll be adequately rewarded with Sunshine very very soon:P

  6. peanuts thanks :)if you finish sub in viki let me know ok:D

  7. Generally in agreement with comments above. Both GG & ZH look fine. GG does look better vs ZH, but GG prob suffers from slightly more severe “facial paralysis” than ZH. Both are better looking than Jerry Yan. I find it difficult to watch Jerry Yan’s acting too.

    I also prefer actresses that are similar in heights to their leading men in romantic series. Are there any decent TV actresses among the very tall ones? I remember seeing the very tall Patina Lin in the Taiwanese series Black & White. I thought her acting was quite awful, despite her short screen time.

    Thank you for the character lessons above. Even when I can read each character, I’m still unsure of the whole meaning when all the pieces are put together.

  8. Hehe……peanuts..I love u….. I got my song…lalala

    Hope it airs soon…another drama with nice eye candy and nice scenery….nice clothes and nice homes…..aahhhh…I’m falling into drama/story fantasy land……sighz….unfortunately..chances of it occurring in real life is close to zero…

    Does GG have facial paralysis??

    • No, I don’t think GG has facial paralysis but I can see a lot of facial hair, lol.

      Pm, good of you to realise, tortise can only beat rabbit in fantasy land. Tell Xinn, dun even dream of beating me in reality, lol.

  9. What happened to the episode 33 recap & review? please repost 🙂

  10. Just found this show on viki and since it’s not completely subbed your recaps have helped TREMENDOUSLY in understanding what’s going on. I’m way late to the game, but THANK YOU for you effort!!

    • Better late than never:) Hope you’ll enjoy Boss & Me as much as we did. You can watch again after viki finished subbing:) I used to help with the subbing but I’ve no time lately.

  11. I am so annoyed with Liu Liu’s mom. She has always been like that shallow through the whole drama.

  12. our shanshan is getting smarter… im so happy and proud!!! 😀
    fengteng, you sly fox xD

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