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The Amazing Race – China Celebrity Edition with Spoilers (極速前進) : USA



Friday is happy day to watch WC on tv. The picture above shows how we feel from Mon to Sun. For overseas fans, wait for youtube on Sat 😛 I’ll update this post often so always come back & check 🙂 I’ll set up a post for each country. For your information, all the posts focus strictly on WC only !!! If you don’t want spoiler, don’t scroll down.


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This post has nothing to do with novel or drama but I am in charge now so I can post anything I want, lol. No la, I want to share something nice and enjoyable with you 🙂 Since lidge is blatantly advertising her Wallace Huo, I also can’t lose out with my Wallace Chung. After completing the filming of You’re My Sunshine, WC is busy participating in The China celebrity version of the popular US reality tv program The Amazing Race. Have you watched it before? I seldom watch reality tv programs like The Survival, Big Brothers etc. but The Amazing Race is one which I like the most. Hence, I was looking forward to watching WC taking part in the China version with his real life sister, Jackie. The first part was shown on Shenzhen tv  on 17 October, Friday and every Friday thereafter. You can still watch it on youtube even if you can’t understand Mandarin as the first destination was New York City so they spoke a fair bit of English.

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The most popular participants are no doubt WC and his sister, Jackie 😛 You may also recognise the other HK team comprising of Ekin Cheng & Jordan Chan from the famous serial film Young & Dangerous. Jordan also brought along his real life actress wife Cherrie Ying who is in another team with her good friend, probably a mainland actress. The last famous pair is the father and daughter team of the man who acted as the emperor in Princess Returning Pearl, Vicki & Ruby’s dad. He has a mixed blood daughter and wants to use this opportunity to improve his relationship with her as he was not with her while she was growing up. Other participants are mainland celebrities and sportsperson who I’ve no idea who they are and don’t really care 😛 Oh, I just found out the guy with the hair dyed blond is Calvin from the disband Fahrenheit. Sorry, I only know who are Wu Chun & Aaron Yan 🙂

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WC is such a nice brother. The main reason why he is taking part is because his youngest sister wishes to take part in a reality show similar to her favourite, The Survival at least once in her lifetime. Jackie is a fire fighter so she is very fit and likes to backpack all over the world by herself. WC said the program created opportunities for him to get closer with his sister as they are always too busy to have time to talk much to each other. See, see, he is so caring, willing to sacrifice so much for his sister, not to mention the lost earnings from not filming drama or movie.
Wallace & Jackie managed to find the balloon with the car key to commence their amazing race.
WC arrived 2nd in the airport & can go to US in the first flight but because he broke the rule in not waiting for the camera man & drove away in the van to cross over to HK airport so he was penalised & have to give his air tickets to Jordan & Ekin who were fourth and have to take the 2nd flight. Jordan was mocking him & WC said if he has a gun now, he’ll shoot Jordan, so childish, lol. He also beat on the glass & called out Justice Bao, haha….Wah, wah, he is so aggressive and competitive when he drove away without the camera man, so different from his mild & calm portrayal in most of his drama. In contrast Jackie was so calm and composed. According to WC, he did ask the driver to wait for the camera man but the driver said no need, so it is not really WC’s fault, don’t blame that poor guy 😦
At last, they arrived in NYC, but WC lost his sister in the Big Apple 😦 Luckily, they’ve an understanding and he waited at the same spot for her to come back to look for him. (Remind you of Silent Separation?)
 In the end, WC & Jackie found the venue and was placed 6th for the night. As you can see, obviously Mr. Chung was not happy about it 😦
I don’t understand why Wallace & Jackie chose to deliver pizza and not play American football which was the popular choice. Fortunately, they’ve good memory and managed to complete their task successfully.


My poor WC was made to eat those awful looking hotdogs, no wonder he perspired heavily 😦 Moreover he is a vegetarian !!!

 I wanna explain why WC let the sister did that taking the clothes off while hanging upside down stunt towards the end. It is because he hurt his neck recently & his sister scared it will aggravate his old injury so she volunteered to do it instead. When he saw the sister struggling, he regretted & said he should have done it no matter what. Oh, give me a brother like this 😛 Actually, this feels more like the younger sister is taking care of big brother,  lol.
An excited WC running to the final destination of the day like a school kid 😛 Why didn’t he wait for his sister 😦 ?
Although they arrived 4th, Jackie violated traffic rule while driving so they were penalized a second time to wait for half an hour before being placed. From this, you can see that the game is fair & square, no bias towards WC 😛 She is a fire woman so no need to follow traffic rule in her line of duty.
Once again Ekin & Jordan arrived & took the 4th place. Wow, WC’s really over-reacted over this as he kept whinging he should have driven but he didn’t bring his international license and asking if the time is up.
Finally half an hour was up, WC & Jackie was placed 5th in the 8 teams competition. Although WC appeared uncool and panicky, he is nonetheless still cute & funny so he didn’t destroy his image in my eyes 😛 I am glad I get to see this other side of him, his real self which I won’t say is disappointing but more realistic & imperfect. At least, he has the guts to expose his true nature before the camera to fulfill his sister’s dream.

 Next stop, Texas for line dancing. Although WC started out his career as a dancer & is good at dancing, he shouldn’t have chosen this task but the picture taking task because his sister doesn’t know how to dance. WC has never taught her how to dance before so can’t expect her to dance well with a few pointers. They took the longest, about one and a half hours to complete this task. Jordan is also a good dancer but he chose the picture taking task because Ekin can’t dance which benefited them greatly.
During the mechanical bull ride, WC said his boots were slippery so he took them off and changed shoes. Come on, he filmed so many ancient drama before so riding a galloping horse should not be a problem for him, a piece of cake.
Haha, the armadillo race is funny, poor WC looked like a crazy guy who kept on blowing on the animal. Because he took part in this task, WC can’t do the next task which is more dangerous. Hence, it is not that he bullied Jackie and made her do all the hard tasks. Ekin & Jordan breached the rule and was penalised for half an hour, yet they still came up top. At the end of this lag, WC retained his fifth position and the youngest team with that 2 kids was eliminated. I don’t want to bash her but that girl was really useless (remind me of lidge 😛 ), everything also can’t do. The guy even carried the bag for her.
 An extra bonus this week where the contestants took part in a trivia for a variety program on tv to talk about their experiences. Is was hosted by TVB Liza Wang. It is pretty funny if you can understand Mandarin. WC is such a joker. He went to smell Ekin’s hand to verify that the cow manure has not stuck with Ekin lol. Poor WC was voted the person who sprinkle salt on your wound but he vehemently denied it saying he is just  helpful 😛 In addition, he is also pretty ruthless & cunning like a fox in that I think he gave a U-Turn to the two young men team to slow them down. WC blamed it on his sister, saying one has to respect the competitive spirit of the game 😀 WC also said he didn’t realize how out of control he was until he saw some of the footage on tv. Yes, you behaved like a loose canon lol.


The next destination is India. Sour grape lidge said my WC will be eliminated soon because that combination is just bad, their communication is off & WC seems spoiled. I won’t dispute with a non-fan like her as time will tell and action speaks louder than words. I’ll continue to support him and watch the competition. It is not winning but the process that counts 😛 Anyway, even if you are not a WC’s fan, do give this a try because it is rather exciting as well as funny, something different from watching drama & reading novel.

42 thoughts on “The Amazing Race – China Celebrity Edition with Spoilers (極速前進) : USA

  1. Oh thank you for this 😄 I love WC too! I really hope someone would translate the show, but I’ll watch anyway for WC 😍

  2. Oh i love amazing race 🙂 i watch all amazing race (asia, america, canada ,aussie all amazing race 🙂 thanks peanuts but no sub?

  3. Gotta watch this one for sureee.. I want this kind of ‘ge’.. If only.. Lols
    Even there’s no eng-sub, i’ll watch it! My love is always blind for him haha..
    From your review, i could see his ‘family man’ side..

    Omo, ekin cheng? He was my childhood crush haha

    Thank you peanuts.. ^^

    • Have you watched it? How lol? No need subtitles, just watch WC’s expressions & actions:P

      Childhood crush? Indeed you’ve a lot of them, lol. Btw, next time charge you for each mis-spelt 😛

      • i did.. last night!!! haha.. and once again he ruined my “Li Cheng” image!!! LOLs… like seriously, i never thought that he would be THIS childish! hahaha.. but i did enjoy watching him.. and his sister, if you didn’t tell that was his younger sister, i would think that wallace was the the youngest one.. hilarious.. and love him!

        haha.. yes i have a lot 😛
        aiyooo.. then i will pay you many $$$ for sure LOLs

        • I saw WC’s short interview last nite. He said he is a vegetarian but he even ate the hotDOGS, poor thing lol. He was quite impatient & impulsive in that he didn’t check the balloon properly but luckily her sis found the key. Hence, WC has self-reflected where were his mistakes and how he could have done better 🙂

        • The pic of him and calvin, so hot.. I used to like fahreinheit lols.. So this fahreinheit disbanded? I dunno bout this.. (Kinda random but suddenly i remember my teenager crush boyband 5566, anyone still remember? Lmao excuse my random thought haha)

          Aiyooo now im related to every TVB stuff ah? Lols.. Then i request handsome actor la 😛

          • Have u watched the Texas leg & the trivia? Not as funny as the NYC one bcos WC didn’t get into much trouble lol. Anyway, any place that is near to lidge’s home is boring heehee… I can forsee India on this Fri will be more interesting.

            Aiya they didn’t officially disband but understood la since they are all going solo now. Plus Aaron’s recent interview complaining abt everyone except Wu Chun. Oh, I remember 5566 but I don’t know what happened to them & I also don’t care 😛

            You watched tvb so many yrs yet can’t understand Chinese? Aiyoyo, u need to work harder, add oil 🙂 TVB Lawrence Ng will be divorcing so you can have him lol.

  4. Oh I want to watch Amazing Race China so much. WC is also my favorite male actor (Chinese). I started knowing him from drama Best Time which I am so pity on his role.. BTW, I hope You are my Sunshine will allow me to feel better since the end of story are so happy.

    • You’ve good taste in Chinese actor, lol. Ya, his role in Best Time is bad. Come on, only a blind girl will reject WC haha…..I’ve to warn you WC is rather childish in the race, such a baby lol.

  5. My guess for the final 3 teams: 1) the 2 young guys, 2) Ekin & Jordan and 3) the married couple where the wife only speaks English. No Wallace Chung 😛 :D.

    • Throw rotten eggs at lidge’s crow mouth 😛 I can’t say WC will win but as far as I know he has reached the half way mark of the race so it is a big accomplishment. I dare your tofu WH to take part, lol.

      • WH can’t take part now because he doesn’t have a partner. He’ll do it later with his wife, me! We’d be like that married couple with me speaking English and him replying in Chinese :D.

        • WH can take part with his sister, parents or friends !!!! Don’t give silly excuse 😛 If he takes part with you, 100% get eliminated in the 1st round lol.

  6. You and your obsession with Wallace..C !! *sigh…sigh…sigh

  7. Thank you for sharing this! I didn’t read your post yet, but I downloaded the video to watch with my mom. ^^ And the primary reason is my HK actors nostalgia. Heh. We’ve watched 30 min so far. It’s fun hearing Wallace speak in Cantonese! I’ve forgotten he was originally from Hong Kong! I understand about 70% of what’s going on. ^_^; They’re speaking too fast.

    I feel really bad for the man and daughter team. I don’t think she knows Mandarin and since the show is such a fast pace “go go go” amazing race, it’s hard to explain the instructions thoroughly in English. They haven’t been kicked out yet, but I do hope that the daughter does see the effort the father is making and the father bonds better with his daughter. It’s already a huge thing inviting an estranged daughter to a show!

    LOL. I can’t believe Ekin and Jordan asked the officers for directions!

    • Not only you get to hear WC speaks in Cantonese but you get his real voice throughout the race. Don’t forget all his mainland drama have been dubbed 😦 You also get to watch his childish antics lol.

      The daughter comes across as ungrateful & not sporting as she even commented that the dad was so slow, he might as well roll down the turf???? I guess you can’t expect loving care from estranged daughter.

      Ekin & Jordan are matured and experienced men so they did the right think in asking the officers for directions! My dad always tells me if I am lost, always ask the ‘Ah Sir’ for directions lol.

  8. I’ve only watched a couple of episodes of the other TAR China, China Rush with Allan Wu but this one looks fun. Although I’ll miss China Rush’ editing which is closer to TARA and the original TAR US, this one I’m kinda digging because it feels more like a documentary following globetrotters lol.

    Don’t know any of the contestants but kinda nice to see many of them are fluent English speakers (I can only second guess what they’re saying when talking in the vernacular). I’ll have to see if I could stick to this on the long haul as I’m currently following TAR US and TAR Philippines.

    • This is a celebrity version so I don’t expect it to stay true to the original. Ya, the editing wasn’t done well but hopefully it’ll improve.

      Most are Chinese actors, actresses, models, singer and athletics. One of the woman who speaks fluent English is an American born Chinese. I am a fan of one of the contestant which is why I am following this 😛

  9. I think it’s amazing that Wallace Chung is willing to drop his perfect idol image and present a more realistic image of himself despite knowing that it might or might not work in his favour. His reasons for participating in this show make me like and respect him even more.

    • Yeh, tonight get to see WC on tv again, lol. Yes, WC is such a nice & real guy. He even dared to touch cow manure & ate hotdog (he is a vegetarian) just for the contest, so sporting.

  10. I can’t believe they came to Texas 😛 I’m from Texas! Ah, so close, yet so far 😦

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  12. hello,
    i was trying to watch the variety show hosted by Liza Wang but the link is not working anymore. any advise.

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  14. Thank you guys so much for this news about the amazing race with Wallace Chung. I’m a new fan and I’m always searching for updates about him. This was so funny to watch and his personality in real life is so different than the composed, cold, romantic characters he played. But he seems really down to earth and yet very competitive at heart😀 the best thing was to finally hear his real voice 😊

  15. i dont know if I can be considered a WC fan since I have only watched My Sunshine but seriously everytime I see him my heart feels giddy and warm and fluffy and drool…

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