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Best To Have Met You (最美遇见你) – Chapter 15.3



At last, the translation of this novel is finished. I translated this partly for Bong because her Vietnamese version is incomplete. This is why she has been searching pictures for me. I also want to thank hoju for her invaluable help when I don’t understand some Chinese words even after consulting the dictionary or I don’t know how to phrase something into understandable good English.

Although the novel has ended, there are still plenty of epilogues so don’t run away yet 😛 But update will be slow so do be patient. For your information, I’ll only translate the epilogues on the OTP (One True Pairing).

I also want to take this opportunity to request the readers not to save any finished novels in this blog in pdf, epub or any format which can be widely distributed or shared. It is our preference to have only 1 true copy online which we will make continuous revision when needed. You may have kind intention to share around but please respect the wish of the translators.

Wishing the readers a Happy Lantern Festival!

Chapter 15.3 – To Read You [and Learn and Understand You] for an Entire Lifetime

In mid-March, the highlight of the biggest wedding was naturally the wedding ceremony. On that day, the weather was good. The sun was shining brightly outside. Coincidentally, it happened to be White Day.

The wedding was held in a certain big hotel in X city. An Ning was wearing a simple but elegant wedding dress when walking the red carpet. Xu Mo Ting was wearing a well fitted wedding suit. Under the bright lighting, he looked extraordinary handsome, like a prince.

When the bride put her hand into the groom’s hand, all the friends and family surrounded the striking newlywed couple and applauded.

The relatives of the Xu family and Li family were present. There were also some politicians and business friends. It can be described as extremely grand.

An Ning met the mysterious figure of the Xu family for the first time—— Xu Mo Ting’s grandfather, a legendary political figure. An Ning respectfully called him, “Grandfather.”

The other person said “good”. This elderly man, who carried a presence that commanded awe and respect even without getting angry, had a loving and kind expression in his eyes. Then he gave a very thick red envelope to An Ning.

This was followed by uncles and aunts. An Ning drank each and every one of the toasts, not missing even one glass. This was mainly because the groom was not lending a hand! There were a few toasts made to the groom which were drank by the bride on his behalf.

The best man Zhang Qi and bridesmaid cousin had no opportunities to provide any help, occasionally taking the time to glance contemptuously at the groom.

Xu Mo Ting mood’s was extremely good, so he did not mind.

On the day of the banquet, another highlight was the newlyweds’ friends.

When An Ning came over, Mao Mao proposed a toast: “Meow Meow, your action is too quick. I’ve just gone home and have not even adjusted to the time difference yet, but you are already married! Anyway, congratulation to brother-in-law!” After that, she boldly drank bottoms up first to show respect.

Qiang Wei proposed a toast to the groom: “Brother-in-law, I watch Meow Meow grow up. Please take good care of her in the future! In addition, please let me be the godmother when the child is born!”

Zhao Yang got up: “I’ve nothing to say except may you always be of one heart and enjoy a harmonious love forever!”

Lao San sang: “Sister-in-law, you’re electricity, you’re light, you are my only myth ……”


Such a happy day with raucous drinking.

An Ning came to the conclusion that marriage is between two people, but with the blessings of a lot of people.

When it was night-time, the bride went to the suite on the third floor to change into a pink dress and took a brief rest. Frankly speaking, she will be tired to death soon.

Collapsing on the bed, she added another sentence to her conclusion: “Marriage is also to torment people.”

Cousin laughed: “Wait until midnight, when even more tormenting act will be staged on this king size bed.”

The exhausted bride has no more energy to bicker with her cousin.

At this time, someone pushed open the door and came in. That was the groom who was like a grown jade tree in the wind (a Chinese idiom often used to describe a young man’s talents as well as his physical appearance).

When cousin saw Xu Mo Ting, she said in a gentle voice: “I’ll go down to eat something. You take care of her.”


Only the two of them were left in the room. An Ning closed her eyes and did not want to move at all. Xu Mo Ting walked to the side of the bed, sat down, touched her face and said: “Are you very tired?”

An Ning opened her eyes, pulled at his hand and took a bite.

Mo Ting laughed and said: “Hungry?”

An Ning was annoyed at him for asking a question which he already knew the answer. She closed her eyes again, motionless like a corpse. She was not hungry but tired. Feeling warm fingers running along her calf and thigh under the skirt, An Ning jerked and half sat up: “What are you doing ?”

The young master Xu put on an extremely harmless smile: “Giving you a massage.”

With the appropriate strength, it gradually reduced the soreness in her legs. It was so comfortable An Ning immediately fell back onto the bed and threw in her towel in complete surrender to him, letting him do as he wanted.

“Don’t fall asleep.” He whispered. An Ning grunted, feeling even more sleepy.

Xu Mo Ting felt rather distressed, removed his hand, pulled over the quilt to cover her and kissed her forehead: “Sleep la.”

An Ning said vaguely “okay”, hugged him and fell asleep.

Until half an hour later, a phone call ended their short peaceful rest.

After taking a short nap, it revitalized An Ning’s energy a lot. But she could not help but cling to him at the corridor: “Carry me.”

The handsome groom asked: “Not afraid of being seen?”

“See la, I’ve to stand for a long time later. Whenever I think about it, I feel weak at the knees.”

Mo Ting smilingly nodded. But he did not carry her on the back. Instead he carried her in his arms. The pink skirt swayed around elegantly in the hallway.

An Ning clung to his neck: “Put me down when we are on the first floor.”

“Didn’t you say you are not afraid of being seen?”

“Your family has so many relatives, so I’m shy.”

“Don’t worry, I will share both the honor and the disgrace with you.”

After hearing this, An Ning acted coquettishly: “Hubby, you are really nice.”

“……” It was uncertain whether Leader Xu was shivering from the sappiness or touched by what she said.

Both of them went into the elevator. An Ning reached out to press the 1 button.

The mirror reflecting the two people cuddling ……

A week after the wedding, An Ning was living in the Xu mansion. On the third day after the wedding, she returned to her parents’ home together with her husband (this is a unique Chinese wedding custom).

Recently, An Ning was very interested in the room, leader Xu had lived since he was a child. After marriage, their bridal chamber was moved to the third floor, with the master bedroom connected to the study.

Xu Mo Ting’s parents stayed on the second floor, as well as the room Xu Mo Ting had previously stayed. Spacious and comfortable, but not as large as imagined. In fact, quite plain and simple. Two paintings were hanging on the wall. The bookshelf on the left side was almost full. She flipped through a few books, not expecting Xu Mo Ting to mark the day and year when he finished reading them. He was even reading some of them a second time. When An Ning was flipping through the books, she cannot help but to admire: “Wah, he started reading ‘Xingyuan Jiqing’ (documents the direct lineage genealogy for the emperors of the Aisin Gioro family i.e. the direct lineage of the Manchurian emperors) when he was in junior high school?”

The Xu family mother who is her mother-in-law heard that when she passed by. Thus she smilingly answered: “I was the one who let him read.”

Uh, mother-in-law planned so far ahead, so gave her the thumbs up!

After that, her mother-in-law who was all smiles, took out Xu Mo Ting’s personal photo album. Sitting together with her daughter -in-law at the desk, they chatted about the growing up years of the only son of the Xu family.

An Ning looked at the photos of Xu Mo Ting when he was a year old, two years old, ten years old, fifteen years old and twenty years old …… the feeling was really unparalleled happiness and pleasure. She was unaware that the sun had set, until Xu Mo Ting appeared and brought her back to their room to continue their activity.

Mo Ting switched on his laptop. An Ning was lying on the bed and fantasizing about the ten years old leader Xu.

Xu Mo Ting moved his laptop to the bedside, held her in his arms and clicked open one of the travel web page: “Choose a place.”

“What?” An Ning said languidly.



“Southern or northern hemisphere?”


“A little hot or cold?”

“Somewhere hot ……”

“Near the sea or inland?”


Leader Xu: “In that case, Peru la.”


As a result, a week of honeymoon in Peru on 20 March. Speaking of which, An Ning was depressed. That was not honeymoon but simply xx week ……

They came back at the end of the month and rest and recover for two days.

At the beginning of April, on a fine sunny weather day, An Ning returned to the university. Of course, together with Xu Mo Ting.

She has to go and see the tutor first, so she got down near the teaching building. She bent over and spoke to the person on the driver’s seat: “I am going. You make your own arrangement.”

The other person smiled and nodded, “Call me after you’ve come out. Let’s have lunch together.”

An Ning looked at her watch, “It is only 9 o’clock now.”

“I am making an appointment with you earlier, as I am afraid a busy person like you will have a short memory later.”


An Ning felt after marriage, their method of interaction was not much different from before. Except the feeling of happiness in Xu Mo Ting was a little more openly displayed.

She looked at the car being driven away, turned and walked towards the office building. The wind blowing in her face was warm. She saw soft green sprouts growing on the trees at the roadside. Suddenly she realized that warm spring has arrived and flowers were blooming.


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