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Don’t be So Proud (别那么骄傲) – Chapter 5.6



This chapter is mainly about Weibo account, a Chinese micro blogging website, similar to a hybrid of Twitter and Facebook. Hoju will come back to finish off the semen section.

Chapter 5.6 — The Stirring of His and Her Heart

It took quite some time for Shen Xi to clue in what Brawny meant by ‘upgrading his system’. She had thought Brawny was hiding off to the side, upgrading his mobile phone’s system, but it turned he was doing a ‘bodily upgrade’!

A suspicious-looking red-colour appeared on that handsome face, and in a huff, she snapped, “Upgrade my foot. No matter how you upgrade, an iPhone 4 can’t have an iPhone 5’s configuration.”

Brawny turned his head and said with a serious face: “But I have an iPhone 5’s configuration ah.”


© 2013-2016 FANATICAL ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Translated only for If you are not reading this from, then this translation has been posted without the permission of the translator.

Shen Xi went to her desk and switched on the computer to go online. She remembered she wanted to add the Weibo account of ‘Lion in the Wind’ but He Zhi Zhou did not have a Weibo account. She planned to register an account for He Zhi Zhou, ID will be called ‘Islet in the River’ (Zai He Zhi Zhou is homophonic with He Zhi Zhou’s name).

Successfully registered! She used ‘Islet in the River’s’ account to follow ‘Lion in the Wind’. At the same time, she visited Lion’s Weibo page. The caption on Lion’s Weibo page was: “Love wife, love daughter. I am the lion in the wind, amid the spring blossoms and autumn blossoms, I journey through the years that pass like wind.”

Mr. Lion has more than a thousand followers. He forwarded every Weibo post of his daughter, ‘Faint is Dawn’s Light’ (Chen Guang Xi Wei is homophonic with Shen Xi’s name). For a period of time, when ‘Faint is Dawn’s Light’ liked a male celebrity, she forwarded the updates of this celebrity daily. Then Mr. Lion’s Weibo page was also filled with the updates of this male celebrity. In addition to this, Mr. Lion’s Weibo forwarded mostly sports news.

Mr. Lion was also a foodie, with many original food and drink postings, a model example of the type that invited envy and hatred on himself.


When Shen Xi was browsing Shen Jian Guo’s Weibo, her heart felt rather warm. As she was about to write a comment to Mr. Lion, she discovered the newly registered ‘Islet in the River’s’ account had already been added to the blacklist by Lion.


The reason why Shen Jian Guo added ‘Islet in the River’s’ account to the blacklist was very simple. He felt that young people today are not sensible. This ‘Islet in the River’ was probably courting his daughter and went to the extent of using an alternate account to follow him! He had seen people who weren’t smart when it came to appropriate fawning in social interactions, but he had never met someone who was that dumb. Thus when Mr. Lion saw ‘Islet in the River’ was following him, he immediately got angry and added him to his blacklist ……

Shen Xi was unhappy. She sensed it could be because there were too little followers, so she first used her own ‘Faint is Dawn’s Light’s’ account to follow ‘Islet in the River’. Then she turned around to say to Monkey and Brawny: “I’ve a Weibo account now, quickly come and follow me!”

Monkey was a Weibo addict, so he immediately went and followed Leader, but he was also a bit puzzled: “Leader, why all of a sudden you registered for a Weibo account?”

Shen Xi casually replied: “In response to the request of all the girls in the university ah.”

Well, he will treat this as if he did not ask, Monkey quietly walked away.

Shen Xi also got Brawny to follow her, which he reluctantly did.

Yeah! Another two followers. Shen Xi turned her attention to Lin Yu Tang, knowing that he has a Weibo account. She said to Lin Yu Tang who was leaning on the bedhead and reading: “Lin Yu Tang, I’ve registered for a Weibo account, come and follow me. My ID is called Islet in the River (Zai He Zhi Zhou).”

Follow your ass! Lin Yu Tang continued reading he has never come across such thick skinned people.

Seeing that Lin Yu Tang was not responding, Shen Xi looked straight at him: “Following each other’s accounts on Weibo ah, I am not ripping you off.”

Lin Yu Tang was annoyed: “I don’t have a Weibo account.”

“Bluff people, you are called Tang Tang Who Came From the Stars (that guy in the famous Korean drama?) on Weibo, do not think I don’t know.”

Tang Tang Who Came From the Stars …… Brawny got goose bumps all over the body, he asked Lin Yu Tang: “Third, did you choose the name yourself?”

Lin Yu Tang stood up, the Weibo’s name was chosen with Shen Xi’s help. At first, he did not want to use it. Later, after using it, he got used to it, until pleasing to the eye and not allowing others to question it. He was used to being passive in a lot of things.

With Shen Xi pestering Lin Yu Tang, he has no choice but to login to Weibo and follow ‘Islet in the River’. As a result, he saw ‘Faint is Dawn’s Light’ at the common friends list. Lin Yu Tang was so angry until he wanted to throw down the phone, scolding himself in the heart for being so cheap!

‘Islet in the River’ finally has three followers! Shen Xi was thinking on how to increase the number of followers. She took a handsome photo of herself and was going to upload it, but discovered one of Brawny’s big and strong leg was in the photo.

This will greatly affect the quality of the photo, so Shen Xi waved to get Brawny to move aside. He unhappily changed a place to eat his watermelon.

One night, Shen Xi relied on this photo with a very handsome side profile, suddenly she got five hundred followers. Moreover the number of followers were also increasing exponentially.

Was this a sign of increasing popularity? Shen Xi feared He Zhi Zhou will beat her after becoming aware of it, so she quickly deleted the photo. She also wrote “not me” in the personal statement.

But who would believe it? The members of dorm room 921, including Lin Yu Tang and ‘Faint is Dawn’s Light’ from normal college were also following ‘Islet in the River’, how could it not be him? Must be pulling our leg.

As a result, everyone was delighted by the cuteness of this contrast to ‘He Zhi Zhou’s’ usual personality, and another wave of crazy fangirls flocked forth again.

Shen Xi prayed hard that He Zhi Zhou will not become aware of this matter.

© 2013-2016 FANATICAL ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Translated only for If you are not reading this from, then this translation has been posted without the permission of the translator.

Everyone in dorm room 921 got up early in the morning, waiting for the private car to send them to the medical school like little white mouse, to do the experiment. Before the arrival of the private car, Brawny and Monkey were exercising and striking with the fists. They had already made preparation to bring some honour to the school. Shen Xi was drinking milk and had already finished half of the 1500ml bottle, hoping to be productive at that time.

Only Lin Yu Tang behaved as usual as if nothing important, sitting on the desk and reciting English words for IELTS (International English Language Testing System).

Monkey asked Lin Yu Tang: “Third, are you going abroad?”

Lin Yu Tang will be going abroad? Shen Xi was surprised, raised her head to look at Lin Yu Tang, feeling rather sudden.

Lin Yu Tang raised his head and replied Monkey: “Maybe.”

Brawny walked over: “If you go, what will happen to your Beautiful Maiden Shen?” The moment Brawny asked, he realized that he has a poor memory. Beautiful Maiden Shen was no longer Third’s girlfriend but Leader’s girlfriend.

Lin Yu Tang’s lip twitching, he stopped talking.

While drinking milk, Shen Xi raised her hand to make known that she has not died.

Brawny gave a hollow laugh. Monkey heaved a sigh, he has never seen someone stealing girlfriend in such just, honorable,  inevitable and right manner. However Third was also in the wrong in this matter, or else Leader will not be able to steal so smoothly?

“When will be our turn ah?” After a long wait, Brawny kept asking Monkey and urged him to call to inquire.

Monkey called the person in charge of this matter in the medical school and was told apologetically because the first group of ‘little white mouse’ was not progressing smoothly, the second group of ‘little white mouse’ was also not going smoothly. As a result, there was a delay, it was estimated that their turn will be in the afternoon.

Shen Xi breathed a sigh of relief.

Brawny was very unhappy: “How can it not gone smoothly? Really wonder whether they are true and real men!”

“Zhou Chen, please don’t talk big, is it the same to get you to stroke in the dormitory and the laboratory?” Monkey poured a basin of cold water on Brawny.

Brawny groaned to express his dissatisfaction.

At noon, Monkey made a telephone call to order take-away. When he asked Shen Xi what she wants to eat, Shen Xi said to him: “I want to eat bull penis ——”

Brawny nodded: “I also want!”

Monkey put down the phone: “Where am I going to get bull penis for you ah?!!!”

In the end, Shen Xi ate rice served with roast beef potatoes on top. After lunch, He Zhi Zhou sent her a text message, the content was very simple with just a “?”.

Shen Xi did not understand what it meant, also replied with a: “?”

Finally He Zhi Zhou sent a complete sentence: “When are you going?”

With her back facing Monkey and Brawny, Shen Xi replied He Zhi Zhou with a time. He replied: “Is there a problem?”

Shen Xi was silent for a short period of time, then gave an analogy to He Zhi Zhou but she did not know if he can understand. She said: “If everything were to happen according to my normal performance, there’s no way I’d get into S University. I’m just placing all my hopes that when I get to the exam room, I”ll have a super, super, super good and long time to perform.”

He Zhi Zhou: “……”

At half past three, Monkey received a call from the contact person, finally they will be able to make a start. Brawny stuffed a small yellow book (porno) into his pocket and made a signal to go forward: “Setting off towards the direction of the straight guy universe!”

Shen Xi who was the most crooked guy (gay) in the whole universe and having a guilty conscience, lowered her head. She stole a peek at Lin Yu Tang, who was still holding a book in specialized field borrowed from the library. Recently, she felt that Lin Yu Tang has been acting like a pretentious prick until making one’s hair stand up in anger. At this time, he should be bringing a small yellow book, so bringing a book in specialized field was not being a pretentious prick, what was the use?!

Lin Yu Tang realized that he had been misunderstood, has no choice but to explain: “We will be passing by the library, so I can return my book.”

So it was like this, Shen Xi no longer looked at Lin Yu Tang, until the ‘warm and nice guy’, Monkey considerately gave her a pack of wet wipes. Shen Xi behaved like she had taken a hot potato, and quickly put this pack of wet wipes into the pocket. Then she quickly bent down and said pitifully to everyone: “Oh no, my stomach hurts.”

Monkey: “…..”

Shen Xi blinked: “How about you go first, I will take a taxi there later.”

The head of the dorm room, Monkey has no choice but to agree: “Leader, contact us after you’ve arrived.”

“Certainly!” Shen Xi assured him, then watched Monkey, Brawny and Lin Yu Tang walking out of dorm room 921. Soon after, she called He Zhi Zhou immediately: “Big brother He, what should I do next?”

He Zhi Zhou replied with a cold-blooded sentence: “When did I tell you that I have a solution?”

© 2013-2016 FANATICAL ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Translated only for If you are not reading this from, then this translation has been posted without the permission of the translator.

Shen Xi arrived at the medical school exactly an hour later than Monkey and others. They had already accomplished their mission and went to a nearby shopping mall to have a good meal, only then she slowly made an appearance at the testing center.

“He Zhi Zhou, right?” An old nurse immediately gave her a form, “Please sign here.”

Shen Xi bent down to sign her name.

“Why did you come so late ah?” The old nurse asked, then began to explain the matters she should pay attention to. Shen Xi listened very carefully, almost wanted to take notes. She did not expect knowledge is everywhere in this world, even something like this could be so particular, with such attention to details.

The old nurse has a bad temper, looked at Shen Xi’s look of confusion, frowned and asked: “Understand?”

Shen Xi nodded, then shook her head. She leaned on the table, looked around and inquired in a low and nervous voice: “That …… can I ask for help?”

“You …..” The forty to fifty years old nurse’s face was starting to turn red after being asked for help by this handsome man. She turned around and took a stack of pictures from the cabinet and said with a look of displeasure: “Take it, take it …. ”

Shen Xi flipped through the pictures. WTF, what was the use for her to look at pictures of women! She took a deep breath, ready to risk everything, said to the old nurse: “…… Do you’ve pictures of men?”


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