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Three Lives Three Worlds Mini- Special (Feng Jiu’s Revenge Edition) – Part 18


This is for those who are suffering from the drama withdrawal syndrome lol. I think the next update will be after the broadcast of The Pillow Book drama 😛 Tang Qi is busy writing Lotus Step which is Lian Song’s story. Only a few chapters have been released. After that, she will continue with Mo Yuan’s story in Bodhi Fate (also only a few chapters have been released). Be patient. As far as I know the author has a good full time job so writing is only her part-time job. Also, it takes a long time to write a good novel as you need to go through many drafts to perfect it. Let’s hope she will take the time to write a good novel and not copy other people’s work.

It is not easy to compile specials where Feng Jiu has the upper hand as all of you know our Dijun has a higher IQ than Feng Jiu and always manages to gain the upper hand 😛 Thank you to hamster for contributing number six.


One day, Feng Jiu slept until quite late in the morning before waking up. She felt hungry and went to look for Dong Hua.

Feng Jiu: “Dijun, I just dreamed of you.”

Dong Hua moved his line of vision from the Buddhist scripture to Feng Jiu, to motion to her to continue.

Feng Jiu: “I was hungry so you said you will roast yourself for me to eat.”

Dong Hua: “….”

Feng Jiu: “But you stabbed your skin three inches deep with a knife yet there was no meat. Wah, you have such thick skin!”

Dong Hua: “…..”

Feng Jiu: “……”

Dong Hua: “Do you still want to eat me now? ”


In Aranya’s Dream

Feng Jiu: “Don’t want … don’t want …”

Dong Hua’s hand lovingly stroked Feng Jiu’s furrowed brows, “Don’t be afraid Xiao Bai, I am here.”

Feng Jiu: “Don’t want! Don’t want … don’t want to eat sweet and sour fish.”

Dong Hua: “……”


Surprisingly, today was Dong Hua Dijun’s birthday. Feng Jiu eagerly went to look for him: “What do you want to eat today? I’ll cook anything I can provide for you.”

Dong Hua: “Then I eat you.”

Feng Jiu: ……

In the evening, when Dong Hua was passing by Tai Chen Palace, he discovered Feng Jiu was struggling to run around the palace ground. After watching quietly for a long time, Dong Hua could not help but ask: “What are you doing?”

Feng Jiu: “I am heating up your dish ah ~”

Dong Hua: …….


Dong Hua: “Xiao Bai, I’m thinking about a matter.”

Feng Jiu: “Anything that you have to think about must be related to Buddhism which I mostly do not understand. So, why are you telling me this?”

Dong Hua: “How old do you think I am?”

Feng Jiu: “…… Dijun, I don’t think anyone in the whole universe knows your age. . . Because you are really … old until … old until …”

Dong Hua: “Old until what?”

Feng Jiu: “Old until … a little young!”

Dong Hua:  “…..”


Today, Tianjun’s little royal great grandson was thinking about a very serious problem. Because he heard that his only cousin will marry Dong Hua Dijun. He scratched his head and naively asked Ye Hua Jun: “Father Jun, you said when you were young, you called Dong Hua Dijun uncle. Is it true?”

Ye Hua raised his head from a foot high of suriko: “Yes.”

Little dough walked slowly to Bai Qian’s side and asked: “Sister Feng Jiu really wants to marry Dong Hua Dijun?”

Bai Qian raised her head from a foot high of novels and replied: “Yes.”

Little dough went out and squatted on a stone at the entrance of Xiwu Palace. He used his fingers to count. Dong Hua Dijun is father’s and mother’s uncle, meaning his grandfather. This also means sister Feng Jiu will be marrying his grandfather …….  …….. @ # ¥% …… & *% ¥ # @

Feng Jiu and Dong Hua were passing by and saw a confused looking little dough in front of Xiwu Palace.

Feng Jiu happily walked over: “Little dough, what are you counting?”

Little dough said loudly: “Alas, sister Feng Jiu, I understand. After you’ve married grandfather Dong Hua, you will be my cousin, as well as my grandmother. You are mother’s niece, as well as her aunt. Cousin, why the relationship in our family is so messy ah?”

Feng Jiu: “……”

She raised her head to look at the sky and said: “Because your grandfather Dong Hua accidentally forgets to die, lives a little too long.”

Dong Hua: “……”


*Would you like me?*

“I heard you like fluffy furry things?”


“I heard you like mighty things?”

“Do I look mighty or not?”


Dong Hua: “I am going to descend to the immortal world for some time. Don’t cause any trouble when I’m not around.”

Feng Jiu: “How can I? Don’t worry! Oh, by the way, how long will you be gone?”

Dong Hua: “I’ll be back within a hundred days.”

In the end, Dong Hua came back on the second day and saw Tai Chen Palace in appalling condition.

Dong Hua: “Xiao … Bai … come out …”

Feng Jiu: “Di … Di … Jun, aren’t you returning within a hundred days? Today is only the second day ……”

Dong Hua: “Today is within a hundred days ah! Are you complaining? Are you planning to demolish Tai Chen Palace?”

Feng Jiu: “I was merely helping you to renovate, but I failed  …”

Ye Hua: “My real body is a black dragon, really mighty.”

Lian Song: “My real body is a silver dragon, really dashing.”

Zhe Yan: “My real body is a phoenix, really stylish.”

Bai Qian: “My real body is a nine tailed arctic fox, really pretty.”

Feng Jiu: “My real body is a nine tailed red fox, really cute.”

Dong Hua: “. . . All of you continue to chat, I’ll go first.”

(Dijun is a stone 😛 )


On a certain day, for the first time ever, Dong Hua let Feng Jiu teach him how to cook. Feng Jiu was very upset because this was the first time she encountered someone who can boil lotus seed soup until become lotus seed cake. But she was also very pleased to be better than Dong Hua in something.

Feng Jiu: “Dijun, you also can be so stupid?”

Dong Hua: “Half of you?”

Feng Jiu: “Of course, you are not half as smart as me ah! ~ ~”

Dong Hua: “…..”


[How do they address Feng Jiu?]

Feng Jiu’s parents: Baby Feng – –

Migu: Hey Yo Hello ~ my little brat.

Bai Qian: “Xiao Jiu ah ~”

Ye Hua: “Whatever Qian Qian calls, I will follow.”

Cheng Yu (happily): “Godmother!”

Lian Song (bitterly forced): “Godmother. . . ”

Dong Hua: “Xiao Bai, any objection?”

Little dough: “Cousin, sister, sister Feng Jiu, dear sister Feng Jiu, my most beloved sister Feng Jiu!”

Feng Jiu (happily): “Little dough, you are so well-behaved. I also like you ~”

Dong Hua (looking gloomy): “Little dough, you go back and copy this Buddhist scriptures ten times for me.”

Little dough (grievance): “Sister Feng Jiu. . . ”

Feng Jiu (pushed the Buddhist scriptures away): “Copy yourself. Come little dough, I’ll make you something to eat ~”

Little dough (excited): “Good eh! Let’s go ~”

Dong Hua: “…..”

18 thoughts on “Three Lives Three Worlds Mini- Special (Feng Jiu’s Revenge Edition) – Part 18

  1. Little Dough always win ahahahaha

  2. How cute. Thank you for sharing. Just encountered the Three Lives, Three World reality. Had to read the novels first and then wait for the drama to finish, but live your little additional outtakes that we have to enjoy. Read all of the other ones and thoroughly enjoyed this one. Thank you for sharing!

  3. Hahahahaha now I remember the part when Donghua wants to adopt Chengyu so that Liansong have to call him ‘father’ after Liansong said that Donghua had to call Yehua ‘uncle’ when he marries Fengjiu 😂😂😂

  4. Thank you for the cute story. Love little dough

  5. Thank you!! 🙂

  6. Feng Jiu’s revenge making Dijun’s all speechless in each part lol

    Xiao Bai, jiayou~ ❤

  7. I like # 8 the best!

  8. Nothing much to say except ❤ !

  9. Hahah ya, no8 real funny 😂😂

  10. Can’t hold my tears from laugh… when everybody said that the’ve made from something special… but dong hua j7st can say : “All of you continue to chat, I’ll go first.” because he is a stone … 😛

  11. yup, this is exactly what was needed after the drama withdrawal 😀
    Thanx so much! I love to read whatever little tidbits there are ^^

  12. had a great laughed on this, Thank you, update me any latest about mo yuan, feng jiu or ye hua. i always lost of trace. hi hi

  13. You’re the best! Can’t stop laughing at no. 8 😂 thank you for making my day! I finished watching the drama and I also finished reading the pillow book 1&2 I must say I still want more of Dong Hua and Feng Jiu.

  14. This is really cute! 😍😅

  15. Ye Hua: “My real body is a black dragon, really mighty.”
    Bai Qian: “My real body is a nine tailed arctic fox, really pretty.”
    So what is the real body of Little Dough?

  16. I really am having withdrawal issue, thank u for these updates 😍

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