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75 Most Popular Chinese Romance Internet Novels



Officially Feb 12, 2014 is the blog’s 1 year anniversary. However, I posted my first article on Feb 17 so I’ll consider that day as the anniversary. Hui3r aka Jessy was the one who set up the blog and did most of the writings initially. I never intended to do much except as a guest writer once in a blue moon. Like the plot of a promising novel that trainwreck, I ended up blogging all alone now. Sob, sob, such sad fate:( Thus, thank you to the support of my readers to keep me going. Oh, what a coincidence this is my 100th post. I can’t believe that I’ve been so hard-working. No wonder I am exhausted:P

As a present, I am posting something akin to the bestseller of this blog, the 50 Most Influential Chinese Romance Internet Novels. The ranking should be taken with a grain of salt as I am not sure of the sampling involved. Also, different people has different taste so you may not agree with the ranking or your favourite book didn’t even make it to the list. You should utilise the comment function here to voice your disagreement, or agreement. I’ve included the genre, A = Ancient or M = Modern and whether it has HE = Happy Ending, OE = Open Ending or BE = Bad Ending to help you pick your novels.


75. Twilight Upon a Thousand Snow-capped Mountains  – Fei Wo Si Cun (M, HE)

I have only watched the drama Sealed With a Kiss which has a poorer ending than the novel. Don’t even bother with the special. There is an English translation of the novel.


73. 玛丽在隔壁 – 校长 (Ma Lì Zai Ge Bì – Xiao Zhang) (A, HE?)

I don’t know anything about this novel. I need comments!!!

73.¥ 1 Trillion Wife Buy One Get One Free – An Zhi Xiao (M, HE)

This is a super duper long novel which I gave up because it is so draggy like a soap opera. The author is quite good with her writing with enough angst, humour, drama and cuteness. I suggest you read only the first 200 or so chapters.

72. Journey to Seek Past Reincarnations– Vivibear (A, HE)

I avoid everything written by Vivibear because of the plagiarism controversial so no comment.

71. Exclusive Memory – Mu Fu Sheng (M, HE)

Bongsd likes this book but as my faithful readers should know I am allergic to teacher & student relationship novels.

68. That Year, Time Flew – Jiu Ye Hui (M, OE)

One of cloud&sea’s favourite novels but it is kind of sad so I am staying away from it. For Eddie Peng’s fan, he will star in the movie version.


68. Cinderella’s Dream – Fei Wo Si Cun (M, BE)

I watched the drama The Girl in Blue adapted from this book and I am not impressed.


68. Hello, Old Times – Ba Yue Chang An (M, HE?)

I’ve heard about this book but I don’t have time to check it out yet. Anyone read it before?


66. 木槿花西月锦绣 – 海飘雪 (Mù Jǐn Huā Xi Yuè Jǐn Xiù – Hai Piao Xue) (A, HE?)

Such a super long book and another time travel book, so count me out. Comment, please.


66. Passion Heaven – Zi Yue (M, BE?)

I heard about this book but I am not really interested to check it out because it seems like a sad and serious novel. Am I right? I think I read somewhere that Lee Min Ho will act in the movie version of this?


65. Chaos of Beauty – Duo Duo Wu (A, OE)

I think this book is kind of like no. 46, the battle for empire kind of novel.

64.  Who Waits, Coincides with Flowers – Big Grey Wolf with Wings (M, HE)

I don’t plan to read this novel because I don’t like the male lead who made an appearance in another two novels I read. Seoul can tell you more about the novel.

63. Only if the First Sign of Life – Mei Zi Huang Shi Yu (M, HE)

I listened to the audio book a long time ago. I don’t really like it but it is very popular in China.

62. Heavy Sweetness, Ash-like Frost – Dian Xian (A, HE)

One of my favourite xian xia book. I need to boast that I was the one who recommended this book to xiaoyuer and persuaded decembi to pick up the English translation:P

61.Les Interprètes– Miao Juan (M, HE)

This book is quite interesting on life as a translator but I’ve not finished it yet as I am still waiting for my radio drama update.


60. Never-Flowers in Never Dream (梦里花落知多少) – Guo Jing Ming (M, BE?)

I am allergic to Guo Jing Ming’s novels. Nothing personal, just not my cup of tea. Oh, I found out that this was adapted into a drama and broadcasted already.

59. Song in the Clouds – Tong Hua (A, BE)

This is my favourite Tong Hua’s book and I think the saddest. You can check out the substantially completed English translation.

58. Warm Chord – An Ning (M, HE)

Bongsd loves this novel but I am confused by the incomplete radio drama. I probably need to listen again and ask Bongsd. Pm hates this novel with a vengeance so read at your own risk due to the difference in taste and opinion.

56. Killing of Three Thousand Crows – Shi Si Lang (A, HE)

Decembi likes this book and I like the male lead, Fu Jiu Yuen, lol. Decembi promised to write an article on it:P

56. To Our Youth That is Fading Away – Xin Yi Wu (M, OE)

I don’t really like this critically-acclaimed book because of the two selfish male leads. I feel Let Me Look at You is Xin Yi Wu’s best novel.

55. Bloom – Big Grey Wolf with Wings (M, HE)

I want to say I hate this borderline porno novel so read it at your own risk!


54. Liang Sheng, Must We Be Sorrowful? – Le Xiao Mi (M, BE)

The title of the novel sounds like it is a sad coming of age novel but don’t quote me on it. There are three books in total.


53.  Drunken Exquisiteness – Shi Si Ye (A, HE)

I read good reviews on this novel but it is also rather long. Why all the ancient novels are so draggy? I gonna give the audio book a try soon.


51. 穿越与反穿越 – 妖舟 (Chuan Yue Yu Fan Chuan Yue – Yao Zhou) (A, HE)

This author also wrote Blood X Blood, ranked no. 19. Hence, I should give either book a try as I feel the author is rather humorous.

51. A Lonesome Fragrance Waiting to be Appreciated – Feng Nong (A, HE)

This is a firm favourite at the book bar. I don’t know why, so can anyone enlighten me?

49. Summer of Bubbles – Ming Xiao Xi (M, OE)

I am not really interested in Ming Xiao Xi’s novels as the characters are so cartoonish and there are always a few males. If you support the wrong one, then it’ll be a sad ending so I put this book as open ending, depending on who you supprt.


49. Rush to the Dead Summer – Guo Jing Ming (M, BE?)

Another mr. popular’s novel, so run run run…….

47. You’re Still Here/Original – Xin Yi Wu (M, HE)

This novel is quite good as the male lead Chen Zheng is very devoted, just like He Yi Chen and he has a sense of humour. He is also terrifying since he stalks the female lead.

47. Once We Come Across Love – Yi Jin (M, HE)

This is a cute and sweet story on childhood sweethearts from the day they were born. However, it is way too draggy so decembi and I never bother to finish reading it.


46. Emperor’s Conquest – Mei Yu Zhe (A, OE?)

I have heard about this book but I am not really keen on it because the two leads are not really lovable as they come across as cold.


45. First Love Forever Love – 舒仪 (M, BE)

I read the summary for this novel. The male lead is very sacrificial and nice but has such sad ending.

44. When Spring Ends, I’ll See You Again – Shu Ke (A, HE)

Decembi likes this novel so you can read both of our features on it. I am not a fan of Shu Ke but at least this novel is short.

43. Too Late To Say I Love You – Fei Wo Si Cun (M, BE)

I watched the drama and needless to say Wallace Chung looks handsome and dashing in uniform. Xiaoyuer translated part of the novel if you want to read it in English. The book doesn’t have a happy ending for Wallace’s character.

42. A Gentleman’s Promise – Jiao Jiao (M, HE)

Pm likes this novel because there are many swoon worthy guys. The downside is so hard to choose.


41. Across A Millennium to Love You –  Qiu Ye Yu Han (A, HE)

This is an okay time travel book. I don’t think it is that good to make this list.

40. Tiny Times – Guo Jing Ming (M, OE)

Oh no, GJM again, please spare me the drama and the agony:P


39. Love is Still Here – Piao A Xi (M, HE)

I’ve read this novel and will post it on the book bar soon. It is an interesting book exploring the difficulties of modern marriage.

38. Third Kind of Love – Zì You Xing Zou (M, BE)

This novel is very popular in China but I don’t like novel that is too realistic and materialistic.

37. Lan Yin Bi Yue – Qing Ling Yue (A, HE)

I am saving this book for rainy days. It is a spin-off book of my favourite ancient novel, Who Gets the World which is ranked no.18. Therefore, I am sure it is a good book:P

36. Time Will Never Go Back – Tong Hua (M, OE)

I’ll give this a miss as I am never fond of coming of age novel especially one with an open ending.

35. Twice Blooming Flower – Tang Qi Gong Zi (M, HE)

This is T7’s worst novel, a modern version of Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms, with a weak plot structure and characters. Decembi said T7 has edited it extensively so I hope the revised version is better.

34. Bringing Calamity to the Nation  – Shí Sì Quē (A, OE?)

According to decembi, the female character is apparently super awesome and smart (hence she can become an empress), but the male lead she first loves… never ever loves her back. It’s a happy ever after tragedy, because she learns to let go and marries the second male lead.


33.  The Rise of Phoenixes – Tian Xia Guī Yuan (A, HE)

This is a very popular author who writes long ancient novels. She also has another novel ranked no. 11. Hence, I must definitely listen to one of her books one day even if it kills me, lol.

32. Best to Have Met You – Celine Gu Xi Jue (M, HE)

I’ve listened to the radio drama and it is not bad. Thus, I went to read the novel and I like it. No angst, very sweet & heart-warming a feel good novel. Thus, I am translating it.

31. Go with the Flow of Love – Big Grey Wolf with Wings (M, HE)

This is my favourite novel by Big Grey Wolf because of Xiao Bai. Restricted to those over 21 years old.


30. Empresses in the Palace: Zhen Huan Zhuan – Liu Lan Zi (A, BE?)

Another palace novel, fighting for the ugly king, lol. You can watch this with English subtitles.

s26334529 s26334540

29. Love in Another Life: My Gentle Tyrant – Mo Wu Bì Ge (A, HE)

I am interested in this novel but it is long and there is no audio book. I listened to the radio drama trailer and it is rather exciting and funny.

27. An Unrivaled World – Li Xin (A, BE)

This is the author who wrote Beautiful Country which Ruby filmed with Yuan Hong. I am not going to read this novel because it is long, has sad ending and also I am bored of Manchu historical setting.

27. Man Man Qing Luo – Zhuang Zhuang (A, HE)

This is a favourite with the Thai readers. There may be a drama adaptation with Chen Xiao and Zhao Li Ying if you believe Yu Zheng. Xiaoyuer wrote a feature on it.

26. Li Chuan’s Past – Xuan Yin (M, HE)

This novel is being translated into English by a fan. You should be able to see the drama this year but nobody knows when yet.

25. Once Promised – Tong Hua (A, BE)

After three novels by Tong Hua, I am taking a break from her books as she is such a step-mother. The sequel is Eternally Yearning For You.


24. 沉香如屑- 苏寞 (Incense Fragments /Chen Xiang Ru Xie – Su Mo) (A, HE)

I sort of read the synopsis for this book. It is rather draggy and I think at the beginning it is more like a supernatural novel than a xian xia.

23. Come & Eat, Shan Shan – Gu Man (M, HE)

I don’t need to write much on this since I am translating it. Everyone know I love Shan Shan and Feng Teng. Although the novel is simple and typical, it is happy and funny to brighten up your day.

22. Dazzling Lan Ling – Vivibear (A, OE)

As I’ve mentioned before, I don’t read anything by Vivibear. This is not the same Lan Ling as that Ariel and Feng Shao Feng’s drama.

21. Song in the Peach Blossoms – Mi Bao (A, HE)

This book is alright but it is a time travelling book which decembi and I don’t like. The leads are quite loving & funny but a tad too draggy.

s4597173 s4542994

19. Blood X Blood(血族传说)- 妖舟 (Xue Zu Chuan Shuo- Yao Zhou) (M, HE)

According to Camille, the novel seems to be a mix of vampire legends, science fiction and battle between aliens. She thinks it is different from the English Twilight. The main guy doesn’t appear many times but there are a lot of supported male characters who are love interests of the main girl.

19. Three Lifes, Three Worlds, The Pillow Book – Tang Qi Gong Zi (A, HE)

This book needs no introduction as I am sure nearly all of you who are reading this, are also reading hamster’s translation on Dong Hua and Feng Jiu.

18.  Who Gets the World – Qing Ling Yue (A, HE)

I listened to the audio book which is one of the best. Thus, this is my favourite ancient novel so you must read or listen to the audio book. I did a summary and some scene translations on it. I like Bai Feng Xi and Hei Feng Xi very much.


Queen of No. 11 Agent – Xiao Xiang Dong Er (A, HE)

This looks like a very popular novel but it is super duper long. There is an audio book but with sole voice:( This author seems to be very popular as her other super long novels are also well-received (暴君,我来自军情9处 and 军火皇后)


16. Cry Me a Sad River (悲伤逆流成河) – Guo Jing Ming (M, BE)

I am allergic to Guo Jing Ming’s books so I am avoiding all of them. From the title, I guess it has a sad ending.

15. Ballad of the Desert – Tong Hua (A, OE)

This is the first English translated novel I read so I have fond memory of it. I put the ending as open because it depends on who you shipped. If you are on Huo Qu Bing’s boat, then happy for you but if you on Jiu Ye’s one then here is a tissue for you.

s11118695 s11118700

13.  Faithful to Buddha, Faithful to You – 小春 (A, HE)

According to decembi, this novel is beautifully written. It’s apparently inspired by a real life figure who was considered one of buddha’s reincarnations?  There’s probably the tension between striving towards Buddha-hood (hence detachment of emotions) and falling in love. This is definitely going to be a heartbreaking book since the real life figure died when he was 24 years old.

13. Stolen Love – Zhao Yu (M, HE)

Bongsd likes this book as there are plenty of actions as the leads travel around. Although the audio book has dual voices, the male voice is a let down so I am not eager to listen to him.

12. Bu Bu Jing Xin – Tong Hua (A, BE)

I watched the drama and enjoyed it. Thus, I am recommending it to everybody. The novel and the drama are fairly similar. All the delicious looking guys made me feel hungry, lol. I am on 4th Prince team:P

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11. The Rising Empress – Tian Xia Gui Yuan (A, HE)

According to decembi, this is one of those fighting for throne books. The reviews are very mixed as some love it but some hate it.

10. So What, You Are My Student? – Tian Fan (M, HE)

I listened to the radio drama. I feel it is just average and don’t understand why it is so popular. I am allergic to teacher and student relationship book so my opinion may be bias.

9. Eastern Palace – Fei Wo Si Cun (A, BE)

I listened to the audio book. It is one of Fei Wo Si Cun’s better book. The story is sweet bitter because it is funny for the first half and sad thereafter. The ending is BE so it left a scar on me. Xiaoyuer also did a few articles on it.

8. Black & White – Chao Xiao Cheng (M, HE)

I read this story recently. This is the first triad book that I like inspite of the blood and bland female lead. I feel the supporting characters in the story overshadow the leads. Anyway, the Tang brothers are very captivating.

7. Xian Xia Qi Yuan Zhi Hua Qian Gu – Fresh Guo Guo (A, HE)

I didn’t read or listen to the novel but I sort of know the whole story pretty well since I did a feature on it and queenanon discussed the book in details with me because she loves this novel.

6. A Heart Warming Decade – Shu Hai Cang Sheng (M, HE)

I didn’t listen to the audiobook because there is only 1 voice and it is too long. The subject matter is a bit controversial so it will not appeal to everyone. To each its own.

5. Three Lives, Three Worlds, Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms – Tang Qi Gong Zi (A, HE)

I read hamster’s excellent English translation on it. I like the novel mainly because I like the adorable little dough and it is my first ‘xianxia’ book.

4. One Smile is Very Alluring – Gu Man (M, HE)

I listened to the radio drama. It is something of a hybrid book because the online game is a wuxia world. I like the online interactions and feel that the book becomes typical after they met in real life. I think this is the first online game novel. It will be filmed into a movie.

3. Feng Qiu Huang – Tian Yī You Feng (A, HE)

I didn’t listen to this story because the audiobook is not good and the story is too long. If you are interested, xiaoyuer wrote a few features on it.

2.  Hua Xu Yin – Tang Qi Gong Zi (A, OE)

I listened to the radio drama. It is very interesting and funny but all the sub-stories are so angsty which made me cried buckets. Although the ending is appropriate in the context of the story, it is still too sad for my liking. It has been adapted into a drama but it didn’t follow the novel faithfully so I am doing the summaries to let you know the real story.

1. Silent Separation – Gu Man (M, HE)

I listened to the audio book and radio drama. I like this book for Gu Man’s warm language and nostalgic feeling but not as much as many people such as lidge. It is an easy book to read so I am translating it. A drama and a movie are in the pipeline.


75 thoughts on “75 Most Popular Chinese Romance Internet Novels

  1. I haven’t read Blood x Blood but I read a review about it. Since the reviewer has nearly the same taste like mine and she is quite disappointed about the novel, I haven’t touched it yet =)))

    I think it’s different than Twilight. Blood x Blood seems to be a mix of vampire legends, science fiction and battle between aliens xD

    The main guy doesn’t appear many times :/ But there are a lot of supported male characters who are love interests of the main girl =)))))

    The story beginns with the end of the world (like in the legend of Maya). The parents of the main girl throw her in a special fridge-freezer (????). Sleeping in the fridge ( =))))) ) she wanders around the universe and then ends up accidentally on another planet called “Sange”. And yeah, you guess it right. The natives on Sange are vampires xD
    Then they all chase after the main girl because of her blood.

    If you are fan of science fiction I suggest you should read the novels of Ding Mo (他来了). I love her.novel “Exclusive possession” ❤

    • I read the book is such a best seller etc, so I thought it is a good book. Eeee I don’t like a book with many guys. This sounds kind of like this book

      Anyway, in the manhua, the main guy looks kind of ugly:( Anyway, thanks for the review. Beside T7, have you read any books on this top 75 list?

      I know abt Ding Mo as she is very popular in ShuSheng Bar. But too lazy to read yet:P I’ll probably start with the snail book.

      • The cover is so manga-like =))) I don’t like too many love interests either 😉

        There is a manga of BloodxBlood? O__o

        Yes! Read Ding Mo! I love the most of her books. The main guy is always very cool 😀 And the girl isn’t bad either 😉 The female lead of the snail book is charming in an awkward way xD

        I’ve read all of Gu Man’s books on the list, as well as Tang7’s one. I also think that “Twice blooming flower” is not as good as her acient books, but I quite enjoy the flashbacks of the 2 main characters (about their first meeting, how she fell in love with him…) I’m fan of stories that start with an unrequited love of the girl 😉

        I also read “Heavy Sweetness Ash Like Frost” (and like it), the first 30 chapters of Xian Xia Qi Yuan Zhi Hua Qian Gu by Fresh 果果 (lol), No. 3 “Feng Qiu Huang” (I enjoyed it but I wouldn’t give it that high ranking).
        Maybe I’ve read some more of this list but I don’t understand the chinese titles so I don’t know. Anyway, I’ve noticed before that the chinese readers do have different taste so I suppose lots of the novels wouldn’t be to my liking 😛

        No. 6 “A heart warming decade” was on my to-read-list before but then the summary and reviews scared me off xD

        • Yes, there is a manhua for Blood. You can find it in my manhua post. Manga is for Jap cartoon. Manhua is for Chinese cartoon.

          T7 is writing a modern novel. Maybe I’ll translate that if it is good & HE or the revised Twice blooming flower. I think I need a break from GM, lol.

          Hey, you are contradictory???? In Heavy, the female lead did not know who she likes at the beginning. Hua Qian Gu has many guys. Feng Qiu Huang also have too many guys.

          I’ve abt 50 of the titles translated to English & with links. As for the rest, I’ve attached the book covers. I doubt you’ve read those long ancient novels becos too long to translate into Viet? I like silly & funny books but most of the books on the list are way too serious.

          Haha, cloud&sea dropped no. 6 like a hot potato when she found out the male lead secret, lol. Although the couple is loving and HE, that secret really spoilt the mood.

      • In my opinion you can’t say that the female lead in “Heavy sweetness…” didn’t know who to love. It was more that she didn’t know at all what “love” is. Maybe, at the beginning she didn’t love the male lead. But she also didn’t love his brother either. And after she finally unterstood her feelings, she never swayed between the 2 guys. So it’s okay for me 😉

        Like I said, I have just read the first 30 chapters of Hua Qian Gu. And there hasn’t been lots of guys yet 😀

        Feng Qiu Huang does have many male characters. But I remember that the female lead didn’t love anyone of them except for the male lead.

        Anyway, maybe I haven’t express myself clearly enough. I do distinguish between “love interest” and “admirer” ;P I don’t care about the “admirers”. There can be as many admirers around the male/female lead as the author likes. They don’t bother me. The difference between a love interest and an admirer is the amorous affection the lead character harbors for the former (be it strong or weak). As a consequence, the lead character would be undecided, not knowing who to pick. And that’s what I hate 😉 On the contrary, like in Feng Qiu Huang or Tang7’s novels, the lead character doesn’t sway at all.

        So, that’s my scientific definition lol 😀

        I have to admit I don’t like super long novels too much. It’s the same for long series, I simply don’t have the patience. I haven’t read every chapter of Feng Qiu Huang. It was also very long. And I think for such long novels it’s very difficult for the author to keep the reader’s interest. At some point the plot will get tiring, too many schemings, too many complicated relationships…

        Woa a new modern novel from Tang7???? O__O Isn’t she currently writing the story about shifu of Bai Qian in the peach book?
        Oh please translate it! >__< I would be very happy *__*

        • Ok, your scientific definition wins, lol.

          Obviously the Chinese in China love draggy novels or else how to explain most of them are draggy? Bcos they can read Chinese very well so they can read very fast, not like us. Also, some probably are very free and have nothing better to do, lol.

          T7 gonna write this modern book first. Bai Qian’s shifu story is on hiatus. I am not translating bcos only a few chapters are out. I need to know it is HE and the book is nice b4 I start translating. Maybe you can read the Viet translation since T7 has such a cult following there. THe name of new book is weird. It is called 四幕戏 (Four Acts of a Play)

      • Haha the title is quite weird. I hope it would be better than “Twice blooming flower” which wasn’t bad in my opinion but not too special. Do you know what’s it about?

        I have read the few chapters of the story about Bai Qian’s shifu already 😀 And of course, I like it 😉

        Yeah, it does seem the trend is those draggy novels :/ I said it, the Chinese have such weird taste 😉

        • Only a few chapters are up so you better wait. T7 fans in baidu said it sounds like a tragedy. I think the female lead is sick. There are 2 guys so this may be the book you don’t love, lol. I think the title is derived from the Sichuan opera act. You go to Viet forum to dig more info as I am too lazy to read, lol.

          I read the first few sentences and got bored, lol. I still think T7 is best at writing ancient novel. Her draggy style is not suitable for modern novel.

          Hey, I am not a weird Chinese bcos I don’t come from China, lol.

    • where can i read Exclusive Possession? may you give me the link – thank you

  2. Wow, this entry is totally kick ass! And, now I know why you asked me to check out some of those books! Hahaha!

    Here are some views:
    3 – Feng Qiu Huang – shall go check out xiaoyuer’s features and maybe read this! It’s no. 3!!! Woohoo and happy ending!

    13 – Bu Ru Lai – I actually planned to read this before I flew back home, but time flew so fast!!! 😦 And, I can’t read another potentially bad ending book, I’m still recovering!

    18 – Who Gets the World – this is super on my list after all your raves and features! I’m saving it to read soon.

    24 – Cheng Xiang Ru Xie – oh, this is also on my top 5 to read list. I actually checked most of the plot already, heheh because I need to ship the right guy! It’s shorter than no. 3 so maybe I will read this first.

    27 – Man Man Qing Luo – also on my to read list!

    27 – Unrivalled Past – oh, I can’t wait for this drama. I thought the couple ended up together though?

    29 – sounds good! Going to put this on my to read list (yes, I know it’s a very long list haha)

    37 – Lan Yi Bi Yue – Is this confirmed a happy ending? I don’t know why but I thought it was a sad ending. Haha, shall confirm this for future reading. Think it’s the preque of 18 right?

    41 – yay, will be looking out for your feature!

    42 – Interesting with pm’s recommendations! Shall put on to read list as well.

    44 – I love love love this. This is so hopelessly romantic <3. Haha. I recommended it to my sister and she loved it too. Go read, people!!!

    Both 51s – ah, i really want to read both of these too! Why is time so finite?

    53 – has been on my top 5 to read list for the LONGEST time, esp since I love Killing Three Thousand Crows. But it's long and Shi Si Lang is not the easiest writer to read.

    Can't believe Heavy Sweetness is only 65! I love it so much. I wished Dian Xian would write more :(.

    I'm currently deciding whether i should translate Heavy Sweetness faster, or do the reviews of the ancient books I told you about or finally work on the Killing Three Thousands epilogue translation. Well, we will see. Maybe I shall find a black hole in which time is infinite!

    • 3. If I’ve a copy of xiaoyuer’s writing, I’ll post in SSB so everyone who can’t access her blog can read it. Btw, this is a time travel book so are you sure you wanna read it?

      13. I saw somewhere that Bu Ru Lai is HE but I am not sure as I think there is a sequel.

      18.You must read this or else don’t friend you, lol.

      24. Haha, I also know which guy is the right ship but when I read that the beginnng is draggy, I lost interest.

      27. This one can wait since it is Man Man, haha…..I don’t really like this novel but you’ve diff taste:P I’ll try to paste xiaoyuer’s review in SSB for you.

      27. This is not the novel with Ruby & Yuan Hong. They share the same writer only. The ending is bad, it is a time travel and it is about squabbles in the palace, your top 3 hates so I doubt you’ll read it.

      29. This is slightly better than no. 27 although it is also a time travel and with palace setting bcos it has a happy ending. Also, the leads are more affectionate and funny.

      37. I’ve already put in SSB this is the spin-off book of Who Gets the World, so guarantee you happy ending unless you ship the wrong guy, lol. But it is very obvious who is the leading man.The prequel with sad ending is Phoenix Coming from the Sky.

      41. You’ve a long wait as I am also a turtle, lol.

      42. Pm likes any books with handsome guys, lol.

      44. I can’t get into books which are draggy at the beginning. I need to be suck in first, haha….

      51. I don’t know why I am not keen to read Lonesome eventhought it is such a best seller in SSB. The other book is also a time travel book so approach it with caution.

      53. This book is so hard to read, so poetic. I feel that it is something like Who Gets the World but without the wuxia bit so less interesting. Moreover, the audio book is of inferior quality:( Btw, the author for this book is 14 Ye (夜) not 14 Lang so I presume they are different people.

      As I said in my intro, just take this poll with a grain of salt as everyone has diff taste. Of course we’ll place Heavy Sweetness higher.

      I suggest you to space it out eg, 1 translation then 1 feature like my blog, lol.

  3. Pm is here pm is here… loves intelligent manly handsome guys only….. :p

    Oky…let me go thru n make my comments too….

    75. Not touched..but since HE…might give it a try…
    73. Wanted to try..but since comments were its too draggy..I shelved it…
    72. X
    71. On my to read list… Will update when I reach that stage.
    70. No BE and OE for me.
    69. I watched the show without knowing it was an adaptation of her book…..but I cannot take the ending!!!!! I’m not sure if they kept the same plot tho.
    68. X
    67. X
    66. X
    65. X
    64. Read the beginning….but it got boring so I dumped it…anyway I was rooting for male lead and the 4th bro I think….so wasnt my ending…so..there u go.

    63. I do recall reading the first few chpts..but dunno why I didn’t continue…maybe it was abit draggy and boring?

    62. Reading decembi’s translation….hehe..another silent lurker there :p I love Jin mi’s character…totally oblivious…but well…guess its the unfeeling pill.

    61. On my to read list…..will update.

    60. X
    59. Oh my oh my… I just loved this story…..this was my second story I read after bbjx..and DMY…I got hooked coz of bbjx the drama..then I started goggling and fell into this whole c-novel land…I’m a liu fu ling shipper… So I stand there…. But meng jue….hhmm…I still like him..but it’s just wayyyyyy tooooo sadddd!!!! I can’t take it…I rem crying and feeling depressed for a week…..I dun care if he’s my beloved meng jiu’s adopted son….my poor MJ….ahh..I hate the writer…..

    58. – 44. X
    43. Watched the drama……dun like the ending…..arghhh.
    42. Ah yes….my 3 handsome men…I liked this book….but after reading more books…nicer men…..haha… But still a good read….
    41 – 36. X
    35. I’m oky with the story….but that it abit weak.. The ending was a bit too abrupt and not to my liking…..
    34 – 33. X
    32. I liked this…but way to adult themed……yeah…under 25 not allowed!!!!! But Li xiao an is just way off scale… Imagine calling her kids xiao xiao and an an….btw….if I read correctly..I tot she was preg with a son??
    30 – 27. X
    26. Godfrey GAO…haha…read other nicer ones already….but still like it too….Waiting for drama release to drool and eye candy
    25- 24. X
    23. Ssooo cute….little blur white rabbit and evil handsome tiger….Wished it happens in real life tho.
    22. X
    21. Read this…not bad…..I’m not sure who I root for in the end….both kings were impressive..and she saved both..both loved her…even mr song I think liked her….even that guy she hung arc with who was the nephew or younger bro of the king…many guys again…
    20. X
    19. Reading hamsters translation :p
    18. Highly recommended……i liked the prequel more tho….even if I read it by mistake…haha.
    17-16. X
    15. I do not like the ending!!!!!!! I’m on jiu ye’s boat!!!!! Always on his boat… I like myself a nice gentle considerate man who is smart intellectual handsome and oh well abit of a handicap….but must be handsome and loving!!!
    14-13. X
    12. The starter of all things addictive!!!! I still ship 8th prince. .. Then again coz I think Nicky is old n ugly with a big nose. But oh!! They ended up for real!!
    11. X
    10. Funny book just for silly funny laughs. Nice read for boredom.
    9. X
    8. On my to read list.
    7. X
    6. X
    5. Yes..I read on hamsters again…….my 1st xian xia book too…I tot little dough was a sea sponge and not a kid!!!
    4. Haven’t tried…but on my to read list too.
    3. X
    2. I found this book very sad… All 3 stories in it was sad too…
    1. 7 years of waiting…lovers get back……but I still feel sad for the other guy too….tot he deserved some love…..rather than HYC rubbing salt into his wound…. 😦

    • Hey, you’ve a lot of the numberings wrong:P Anyway good on you for reading more on this list compared with Xinn, lol. You don’t really read ancient novels bcos you xx most of them:P Give no. 58 Warm Chord a try since it is one of bongsd’s fav books. You should also give the two no. 47 a chance. Lastly, no. 32 Meeting you is not a restricted book. You should read it. It is no. 31 that is restricted to those over 25 yo, lol. I notice that you like to ship the wrong boats. Next time ask me before you jump aboard or else you gonna die of drowning, lol.

  4. Hehe…..some of the numbers are repeated…so I just renumbered when I wrote….U have a run thru on the numbering…dunno if it just occurs on my site tho?

  5. Sighz…true….I seem to be boarding all the wrong ships….but I feel so sad for those ships…since no one wants them…good ole pm will ship them.

  6. I will put 26, 32 and 61 on my list. And will wait for your review for 39.

    I read the post for ‘Hundreds Millions Wife Buy One Get One Free’ in SSB. 908 chapters ! o_O

    • You read all the M & HE novels on this list except that 3 to be put on your list? Hundreds Millions Wife has not been translated to Viet so you can’t read it, lol. It is like those American day time soap where they add characters and storylines after the initial hundred episode. The lead story is quite funny & nice but tater the book becomes ridiculous with some weird characters.

    • Nope, there are at least 10 (M&HE) books that I didn’t read. And for the others, I’m not interested.

      It’s good then. No one is persistent enough to translate 900 up chapters. Usually, when the book is too long, I tend to read only the main couple’s parts.

  7. Aahhhh….I’m such a dumbo!!! I tot the numbers were in descending order 😦 oh no…..sorry peanuts… How do I change them?

  8. And YES!!! Jiu ye needs a good loving girl…..liu fu long needs a longer life…

    • He is Liu Fu Ling. This shows how much you love him when you mis-spelt his name, lol. Haha, this means peanuts love them more:P Ok lah, I know you’ve fat fingers so mis-typed:)

  9. Well, first, Happy Anniversary ❤
    I don't really like any of these novels -___- (except for some books, you know 🙂 ) I think I don't have the same taste as Chinese readers 😦 I stay away from most of the popular novels in China. They are always too draggy, angst, or frustrating -___- therefore, I don't really trust those lists, haha.

    • Hihi, long time no see. Shan Shan is delayed this week, lol. At least SS is on this list so it is not such a bad list:P I like half the books on this list. Actually some of them are not that bad but we don’t know how to appreciate them as we don’t like realistic novels. Also, I can’t read Chinese so I don’t like long books. But for those who can read, it could be an enjoyable experience for them.

      • Yeah, long time no see, neh ^^ But I’m still lurking around your site quite frequently, you can call me your silent supporter now, lol.
        I think SS is on this list mostly cuz of GM’s fans, haha. I mean no offence, it’s just that my cup of tea is a little different from the others ~( ̄▽ ̄~) It’s simpler and more enjoyable, lol.
        Hey, the #74, it’s not popular in Vietnam @.@ it’s about game online, and the topic of this novel doesn’t have any comment @.@ maybe it’s just so-so so that the one who read it never bother writing comments, or they don’t find it interesting from the introduction, so no one read it ^_^

        • No, no, you can’t stay silent since you are my Viet to Chinese translator:)

          Don’t worry, you are not alone. We are both misfits, lol.

          You mean Ma Lì Zai Ge Bì? So it is a modern book? From the book cover, I tut it is an ancient book. I think I read somewhere the ending is kind of open-ended as someone died. Died in the online game world? It has been translated to Viet?

          • Im always here when you need me, lol.

            No, that book hadn’t been translated to Viet yet, but there are some one converted it to Vietnamese. Usually, we can read the reviews of any stories by searching for the name of the book, well, but this one… -___-

            Hey, you have any news about SS comics yet? I’ve read some pages of SS comics on FB. So cute ar… I’m dying for more *sobbing unsatisfying*

          • Where? Where? Give me the fb link.

        • I’ve checked it, there are just three pages and they were already posted on GM weibo. Maybe you’ve seen it? It’s about when they go on the trip with their colleagues ar ^^

          • Ok, I go & check it out tomorrow bcos my cousin finished my bandwidth so I can’t go anywhere online now:( I’ve neglected Shan Shan lately, peanuts quickly runs away, lol.

          • Oh, so that is why ^^ go check the pics ar ^^ Thanks to them, I know where Liying got her hair style from. SS in the comic also makes her hair into a bun on the top of her head, which is so cute ar ^^

  10. Still can’t believe Heavy Sweetness is ranked all the way near the bottom! I don’t understand why Silent Separation is ranked so far ahead of Heavy Sweetness. I mean, Silent Separation is a nice book with a romantic male lead who waited for his love for 7 years, but hey, the male lead in Heavy Sweetness waited for his love for 5000 years! Try to beat that! Plus, unlike Mo Sheng, who simply ran off and abandoned He Yi Chen, Jin Mi actually killed poor Xu Feng. Yet, Xu Feng still forgave her when he was revived. Try to out do that, right?

    Also, I am not sure why Pillow Book is ranked so far behind Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms. Donghua is a blockhead, much more obtuse, and infinitely ruder than Yehua, but hey, this guy is much more interesting than Yehua. In fact, Donghua is so rude and blunt that he is funny and entertaining. (Still, I have not forgiven him for the grief he has given poor Fengjiu and still want her to leave him and fall in love with a more deserving guy.) Furthermore, Pillow Book’s Fengjiu is spunkier than Ten Miles of Peach Blossom’s rather boring Bai Qian.

    Come and Eat, Shan Shan, what can I say? My dear Feng Teng deserves a higher ranking. Good looks, money, humor, and heart. Did I mention the money? Why isn’t his story of finding true love with cute little Shan Shan ranked higher, I want to know!

    decembi – Nooooo! Don’t digress! Please pump out more chapters of Heavy Sweetness before straying to other projects! I need to know the full story in English because my Mandarin is poo poo!

    peanuts and hui3r – Happy 1st anniversary! Here’s to many more anniversaries to come and many more translations of stories with handsome, swoon-worthy male leads!

    • Ooops, forgot to put spoiler tags on my first paragraph in the comment above. Sorry. 😦 I don’t know how to go back and correct it.

    • No need to put spoiler as it is all over xiaoyuer’s blog:P

      Come on, you can’t compare apple and orange. Different criteria. As one Chinese visitor to the blog said Silent Separation is nostalgic, China’s first exposure to this kind of novel so inevitably it’ll have a special place in many hearts. Probably in a year or so, different books will top the list. In defense of Yi Chen, by running away Mo Sheng indirectly killed Yi Chen’s heart yet he still forgive her so he didn’t lose out to Xu Feng. Also, 5000 years in xian xia probably = 5 yrs in modern time so Yi Chen wins, lol.

      The poll took place before PB 2 was released so the voters did not know the ending yet plus some waiting for the release of the 2nd book may not read it yet so this is why the lower ranking. I agree with you that PB is a better book & should rank higher than 10MPB. But, readers read the 1st book initially so there they also have nostalgic feeling for it like Silent Separation. Plus, they’ve have the cute little dough to pull in the votes.

      Honestly speaking, stories like Shan Shan are plentiful in c-novel land so it is nothing special plotwise. But, bcos of GM’s good writing skill, it elevates an ordinary story to extraordinary funny and warm level. You can go to the book bar & sample some.

      Thank you Mel for your continuous support and comments:) If I ever post a new translation project, I’ll not reveal the title of the book so you cannot find out the storyline, lol.

    • Hahaha! I promise I won’t digress, although I realllly want to get Killing Three Thousand Crows out of my system haha.

  11. Thanks for this post! I’m a silent reader HAHA! continue posting!!! ❤

  12. Commenting just for fun 🙂
    75. watched the drama and found it strangely addiciting. but i don’t think i will read the novel because the relationship is too dysfunctional for me. kind of like stockholm’s syndrome (falling in love with your kidnapper)
    62. my first xian xia book too and one of my favourites! i also can’t believe it ranked so poorly! i think it should be top 10 if not top 5! thanks peanuts for asking xiaoyuer for picking up the english translation or else i would not have picked up on this book.
    59. read koala’s translations but not the actual chinese book. i think it is pretty gut wrenching but really beautifully and lyrically written (even from the english translations). i don’t think i will be able to ever stomach reading the actual chinese book. the upcoming drama adaptation looks beautiful in the stills but not sure if i will watch it. (heard alot about yu mama’s dramas and have not watched any of them)
    50. yup seems like a favourite with many people but somehow not inclined to read it. not sure why.
    49. watched the drama but skipped alot of parts in the middle. found the plot kind of middling and the acting not very good although there were many A-list actors. maybe because idol dramas are not really to my taste.
    43. read xiaoyuer’s translations and also jolecole’s summaries of the book. never watched the drama in full, only some clips to see what is it about. don’t think i will do either one. seems like a sadomasochistic relationship. haha is it sacrilegious to say that i have never watched a wallace chung drama and not sure what is his charm?
    37. & 18. Peanuts this seems to be your favourite wuxia book! i’m quite tempted to read the WGTW but not sure why i haven’t started. actually when i first read the synopsis in SSB, was kind of puzzled because I literally thought the main characters were battling out in a real chess game. Haha realised how silly i was, but that was because i was still a newbie to all this wuxia and fighting for the thrones.
    27. i quite like this book (but i’m not a Thai) – mostly because of the awesome male leads and also the funny father of one of the male leads. i like the first half of the novel much more than the second where the storyline got abit repititive.
    25. although this book is well written, i don’t think i will ever read it because of the sad endings all around. but i did read the sequel of the book. altough the ending was sad for some characters, at least two of them got a happy ending so that is good enough for me. i can’t really say who i ship more in the book (Xiang Liu or Shi Qi). that’s how good TH is in writing her male leads. one day i will re-read the book again or maybe just follow along ms koala’s english tranlation. TH really writes beautiful epilogues for her characters.
    23. i’m following your english translations Peanuts! although i don’t usually read modern novels, i’m enjoy the simple and heart warming fluff the story provides.
    19. and 5. aww DH and FJ couple – my favourite funny couple (along with JM and Phoenix). read the english translation by hamster and also the chinese book. i think i liked the first half of the story more, although the aranya portion of the story is important to the plot development of DH and FJ relationship (or rather the relationship that was not fated but tried to be fated but failed – confused already? :p ) i wish that T7 didn’t make their relationship a series of missed chances/misunderstanding. it was kind of frustrating for me but glad that they did get their HE. for that reason i like YH and BQ’s relationship more – a straightfoward romance with not much interference from side characters and the cute little dough.
    15. my first novel like you Peanuts! so it’s one of my favourites too. i read the english translation and then looked for the chinese text to find out what happens and eventually bought the actual book! that’s how much i liked it. although JY has a sad ending, i think TH wrote such a beautiful epilogue for him that it makes his character so memorable and that’s why so many people like him. honestly if she didn’t write the plot that way, would his character leave such an indelible impression for us?
    12. watched the drama but didn’t read the novel. i really enjoyed the drama and actually i though LSS played the role quite well and she looked good in her costumes. not too sure why there were some grouses. (yup LSS made a fan out of me after this drama)
    9. read xiaoyuer’s english translations and got motivated to read the actual book although i knew in advance it was a sad ending. although i liked the story, i don’t think i will read the book again. 😥 the male lead was too cruel although he loved the female lead deeply, but if i were the female lead, i don’t think i could forgive him either. a good emperor but probably not a good husband. although after she died, he didn’t have many concubines, but if she didn’t die the way she did, would he have continued in his ruthless ways and maybe sacrifice her if the situation called for it?
    7. didn’t read thie novel but read it’s counterpart, ChongZi. somehow CZ appealed to me more, maybe because of the synopsis and the cover art? haha. one student-teacher and xian vs mo romance is good enough for me. but i did enjoy reading the book and the nurture vs nature storyline. would recommend it.
    2. and 3. read xiaoyuer’s features, although the storyline sounds interesting, am not tempted enough to read it. also for 3., the SE is a nono and plus with so many sad endings for the side characters. it’s a double triple etc. nono. shall be contented to just read the features.
    1. haha this book is the most popular book all the time? don’t usually read modern novels but Peanuts maybe i’ll just follow along your english translation.
    I quite liked Paper Rose (modern novel) because of the strong female character. i think this novel should make it to the list. (instead of 75. Qian Shan Mu Xue – such a dysfunctional relationship!) gosh i really wrote a long post.

    – May

  13. 75. Same opinion as you:)
    62. I didn’t ask xiaoyuer to do the English translation. I recommended this book in spcnet & she read it, love it so decided to translate it. Did you know the fans for this book and fans of 3L3W:10MPB have a squabble over who copied who. I can’t see much similarity. I also think it should be ranked higher.
    59. In the same boat as you but I’ll give the drama a try.
    50. I think those ppl fell in love with the manhua first then the novel. Chancy & Atsu like it but not xiaoyuer.
    49. I am allergic to Peter Ho:P Btw I think Ming Xiao Xi is good friend with Gu Man so I don’t think GM’s novels are you cup of tea:P
    43. Normally I don’t like FWSC’s novels but I watched the drama for you know who, lol. Since you are not a fan, you missed nothing:P Don’t worry, we won’t boycott you just bcos you don’t know WC:P It is just your miss, lol.
    18. In all fairness, the book is dry, slow & wordy but I listened to the audio book so it is fantastic. I’ll advise to give the audio book a try.
    27. Haha, bcos I visited a referrer blog which is a Thai forum & they love the book. I didn’t finish this book. Nearly all ancient books are so draggy:(
    25. I am taking a break from Tong Hua, after all the books and dramas.
    23. Wow, what a shock to find out you are one of my silent reader, lol. I feel honoured bcos I know how serious/picky your taste in book is, lol.
    19 & 5. I’ve not read PB 2 yet as I am waiting for hamster to finish translating bcos I intend to skip the aranya bit. I don’t know why T7 wanna have 2 books when she can tell the story perfectly in 1 book. So draggy, my pet hate, lol. 10MPB is slighly better bcos it is shorter & with little dough. But as a couple, FJ & DH are more interesting & funny compared to the boring & bland BQ & YH.
    15. The agony with TH’s books is that she wrote both male leads equally well so if you are not on the right boat from the beginning, you gonna have your heart broken into pieces:( Even if you ship both guys, you also get half your heart broken:(
    12. Agree with you:)
    9. I got conned by xiaoyuer into reading this book but I don’t regret doing so. Yup, that male lead is just too hateful. Hey, after she died, he’ve concubines and even have a daughter who looks like the female lead. Hence, how deep is his love? Ya, I expect him to stay celibate for the rest of his life to redeem his sins:P
    7. It is bcos you read Chong Zi first so you like it better, just like queenanon read HQG first so she loves it:P I didn’t manage to finish CZ and don’t feel like reading HQG but from the comments & storylines, I feel HQG is better:P
    2. Huh, did xiaoyuer do a feature on HXY? I think you’ve your numberings mix up:P No. 2 is the one with an open ending. It is not really sad if you view it in another way. When I am doing my features, I am revisiting the book & feel like I am liking the main couple very much, lol. I am thinking whether I should translate Mo Yan & Ah Fu’s parts only since chenguang’s orchard has been on hiatus for so long. The main couple is funny like DH & FJ and also loving like YH & BQ. I feel this is T7 best book.
    1. Actually the author for Paper Rose wrote a lot of interesting novels but I don’t know why she never manages to achieve fame & fortune. I doubt Silent Separation is for you bcos the female lead is weak & silly, not the kind you like.

    I replied with an equally long post to thank you:P

  14. lol Peanuts, thank you for your long reply to my post :p now i have another long reply for you!

    cos last time i watched more k-dramas (not so much hk, china & taiwan dramas), so not so familiar with the works of chinese actors and actresses. maybe if there’s a captivating drama with wallace chung next time, may check it out. although as it’s one less person to fight over WC :p

    actually why do so many people not like Peter Ho? i’ve only watched one drama of his – wuxia one i think called Feng Yun something? (Wind and Cloud) but that was quite long ago so i can’t remember anything. just found the summer bubbles drama quite pretentious (acting, storyline – didn’t move me at all – or maybe it’s because i’m way past the age to be crazy about idol dramas :p )

    oh i meant Xiaoyuer’s features on Feng Qiu Huang were quite good. you’re right, she didn’t write a feature on T7’s HXY. read the features you posted and also the links. after reading the summaries on Song Ning & Shen An, i felt it was such a frustrating story! these two people would have been a perfect pair together if not for the machinations of that silly mute girl. actually their story reminded me of Hans Christian Andersen’s version of the Little Mermaid mixed with Pride and Prejudice, where Song Ning is the Little Mermaid/Elizabeth Bennett, Shen An is the Prince/Mr Darcy and the silly mute girl the interloping princess. although she wasn’t mute in the story, SN just couldn’t communicate with him and maybe he knows but was too proud to admit that he was wrong. i blame SA for the tragedy!! even Mr Darcy acknowledged in the end he was prideful! SN loved him too much and kind of sacrificed herself instead. glad Ah Fu could give her an alternate universe where she lived a blessed life with the man she loves. yes please, if you can post some translations on Mo Yan & Ah Fu’s parts that would be nice! to take the bitter taste of the sad stories away.

    i did read some of Xinn Xinn’s uncle stories but i can’t remember all the names. the female leads there were weak and silly but sweet and the male leads were some alpha male types/fu hei men. although they were quite interesting, i think my mind got abit warped after that :p (some i think had too many s** scenes in which the male lead kind of forces the female lead to do it)

    also read Jue Se Qing Cheng – but i don’t think that is actually a romance story??? that one was a real tragedy!! was totally misled by “. However, it’s also a starting point where Wei Xi begins a new legend and touching love story…” in the synopsis. i thought it would have a HE. actually i was kind of attracted by the cover art you posted too :p the female lead wasn’t really silly but she more of resigned to her fate, she just wanted to go quietly on her way but the psychopathic male lead refused to let her go. thought the story would end where the female lead got together with the male lead’s friend but instead it became a trainwreck of insanity instead.

    • I also watch more k-drama than c-drama. I don’t like draggy drama. Oh, I didn’t know many ppl don’t like Peter Ho since he is in a lot of drama. I don’t like him bcos I don’t think he is handsome or has good acting skill. It is just a matter of taste, nothing personal. Feel free to dislike Wallace Chung bcos I am not a crazy fan, lol.

      Xiaoyuer didn’t write abt HXY bcos initially she didn’t like the book so she did not read much until much later she gave the book another try & likes it. By then, she was too busy to write anything. Hey, you can read Chinese so you can go & read only Mo Yan & AH Fu’s parts which are not that sad compared with the sub-stories. If you wait for me, I may take forever, lol.

      Oh, I am shocked, lol ! I didn’t know Xinn is so naughty, lol. Maybe I should have a G, PG, M & AO ratings on the books but how to grade them? She seldom visit my blog bcos it is too tame for her, lol. I think I’ve never read any of her recommendations bcos I don’t fancy uncles & I don’t trust her taste, lol. Actually I wanted to support her & give them a try but I just can’t find the time:(

      I think I need to defend Jue Se Qing Cheng even though I did not read it. It is clearly stated in the comment section on the day the book was posted that ‘Don’t expect you can find any such thing called happiness in this book! JSQC is a complete tragic story from beginning until the end.’ Hence, in future, do read the comments as we try not to post spoiler at the synopsis as there are ppl who want to be surprised, lol. Also, I didn’t post any cover art. That is the book cover. I was on holidays in Japan at that time so I am innocent, lol. Another lesson for you is judge not a book by its cover, haha…..In future I’ll put (OE, HE, BE) for every books just for you:)

      • I don’t dislike Wallace Chung! Haha it’s just that I haven’t watched any of his dramas. But quite a few of you like him alot so I”m wondering what is his appeal 😀

        If I read HXY, I have to scan through and omit the sad side stories myself. I don’t mind waiting for your translations :p

        A reading a few uncle books, I realised that those *** scenes are de rigueur so don’t blame Xinn :p hmmm I also read those books just to try out and see what they’re like. I think the ones were the “uncle” and “niece” grew up together in the same family is kind of squicky even though they’re not blood-related. But the other ones were the uncle is just a much older guy not related to the girl is ok because it’s the appeal of the pampering mature man (do these people exist in real life? haha).

        Yes I realized that I plunged into Ju Se Qing Cheng ignoring the comment section :p The cover art and book cover – I’m assuming it’s the same thing. Haha I like the colour purple so it looked appealing to me. Actually, I don’t regret reading JSQC because some parts were quite well written especially the scenes with the female lead and the second male lead. It was quite moving and sweet, I wished they could have ended up together. The female lead has an inner strength and purity that actually draws the three guys to her so I quite liked her too. The only letdown was the author giving it such a crazy/makjang/gouxue ending! (bomb on the plane/kidnapping&prisoning the female lead/lost memories/poisoning onself to inflict revenge on another/faked deaths !!!) The perfect ending to this story would have been giving the female lead a second chance of love with the second lead. 😥

        • As a fan, I’ve to admit WC is bad at choosing roles. I’ve only watched 3 of his many dramas, some fan ah, lol? I guess his appeal is that he looks good, haha..

          Oh, I just found out T7 won 2 literary awards for HXY. Indeed, it is a good book & I’ve good taste, lol. I don’t think I can do a line by line translation like what I am doing now with Shan Shan. Maybe I’ll just do a detailed summary with some quotes or scene translations. I’ve to think abt this, headache:(

          Haha, I believe caring & pampering men do exist in reality but they are probably old & look well-fed, lol.

          You need to be careful as some novels start out promising but become a train wreck later, just like some dramas. If in doubt, ask in SSB:P

  15. *Claps for peanuts* 😛

    Work wrecked me. i got conned into doing more work than expected.

  16. Gah, I have opinions on quite a few of these novels. 😉 Just had to jump in and comment on 2 that haven’t been discussed.

    46. Di Wang Ye – Epic. Not like “Who Gets the World” but rather, more political maneuvering. Detailed, well-written, and grand. It is not a light read or a feel happy story in any way. There are occasionally sweet parts, but they feel far and few because of the serious tone of the novel. ME in that the guy and girl are together, he loves only her, never swaying once from that conviction, but she basically runs her body down to help him pursue his dreams, and by the time the dust has settled, she doesn’t have much time to live. The epilogue after her death feels like Hua Xu Yin’s epilogue, his deep sense of mourning even after she has passed on for years.

    24. Chen Xiang Ru Xie – I didn’t realize this book was that popular. I really enjoyed it, to the point that I nearly started translating it. It has a very similar feel to Heavy Sweetness, is a light read, and has two very likable male leads. I’m not sure about the comments about the slow start. I couldn’t put the book down once I started it. I guess the guy, Yu Mo, of the “right ship” disappears for quite a while at the beginning so you don’t see him for about 1/3 of the novel? Yu Mo is one of my favourite male leads — silently supportive, never forcing his love on the female lead, gentle to her. Yan Dan is pretty comical — bumbling, lost most of her powers so is weak (but never gives the impression of damsel in distress), unaware of Yu Mo’s love because she is still caught in the pain of her past. Read it if you want to feel happy.

  17. Can someone show me the English version of 13. Stolen Passion – Zhao Yu (M, HE) please?
    Thank you.

  18. Hi, can you translate the popular C-novel 玻璃鞋 by author 鄭媛? I really wanted to read the novel when I saw Chen Xiao and Zhou Dong Yu’s trailer. Can you do it? Please 🙂 Thank you!!

    • We’ve a few books on hand so nobody is free to start new translation. Anyway the novel will be quite diff fr the drama so just watch the drama. Also, u’ve already left a comment in SSB so if there is any taker, she’ll reply your comment. If you are desperate, use google translate or listen to the audiobook.

  19. thanhk you very much

  20. Can you give me the chinese title of Stolen passion?

  21. I would like a link to Xia You Qiao Mu, Ya Wang Tian Tang please~ the movie for it coming out but I also want to read it~

  22. I want to ask. Where can I read the english version of Chinese books that you have already mentioned such as GU man novel, or fei wo si chun and other? Because, I want to read it. Thank you.

  23. hi I find that I really have to drop a note to thanks all whom take much effort to translating from chinese novels to english for non chinese reader. I never thought that I will be introduced to chinese novels and here I am reading it as well as listening to it. A BIG THANKS TO YOU ALL….

  24. hamster deleted the pillow book!!!!!I was in the middle of it my life is over does someone have e pub ob it in English version?????

  25. I was wondering if you’d be able to recommend a translated novel (curse my inability to read Chinese), since I’m quite a picky person and can’t seem to pick for myself.

    • It is rather hard for me to recommend something since I don’t know what genre you like & we’ve diff taste. Also, I only read books in Chinese. Some books may be good in Chinese but didn’t turn out well in the translated version. I’ll advise u to go to shushengbar English translation section to check out each translated books. Some of their synopsis are also in SSB.

  26. just wonder if you guys have translated BloodxBlood.

    I am Chinese,and I am so curious about how you would translate.cuz i have read the book several times when i was in high school.

  27. Do you know where I might be able to find Huang Quan – Tian Xia Guī Yuan (either in Chinese or English)? The plot sounds really interesting.

    I searched it up on Amazon but it seems like it’s not in stock either.

  28. Hi Peanuts, I don’t know if you’ll read my comment here but I am a huge fan of your novel recommendations on shushengbar. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to access shushengbar since a few weeks ago. The message displayed says the website can no longer be found. Has it been closed down? It would be such a waste as it is the BEST website for chinese novel recommendations! I truly hope you and your team will revive shushengbar and I would like to thank you and your team for the awesome work you guys have put in all these years! 🙂

    • I’ve received a few messages asking about Shushengbar. I am the administrator for that website but I am not the owner !!! The owner is Chancy who has been paying the hosting and domain name fees without putting any ads. If I remember correctly, these few days will be the website’s 6th anniversary. I suspect Chancy might have forgotten to pay the domain name renewal fees so the website is down. I’ve emailed her but still no response from her. You’ll just have to wait patiently for her to sort it out since I am powerless to do anything. I can’t even migrate that website to be hosted free of charge by WordPress or pay the fees on her behalf 😦

  29. Hi there ! I came here to find a new novel to read, but with your descriptions, I didn’t find anything alluring… There is one I absolutely love, even if it is long, and it is The ghost emperor wild wife : Dandy eldest miss. This book is truly beautiful, and is a cultivation book, but the love story behind it is truly perfect, and The female lead is not weak. I was wondering wether it would appear here, but it seems that it is not really known, because it is not on most websites.

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