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50 Most Influential Chinese Romance Internet Novels



I am back, anyone miss me, lol? I could have posted this earlier but was waiting for Lidge’s comments. I think because she has been reading Gu Man’s latest book so she is slow like a tortise, haha…I am following up on my top 35 Guys with 50 Influential Novels. There is a bit of overlap. I don’t really agree with some of their rankings or inclusion but to each its own. I have not read a fair bit of them especially the ancient novels but Lidge is worse than me, haha. Okay, all shall be unveiled now………….

[Hui3r – Just came back from a long hiatus, so hijacked this post for a bit to add in my two cents. peanuts recced me some books she wont touch with a 10 foot pole for various reasons, but I dutifully finished. x____x]


1) Silent Separation – Gu Man

P: Why am I not surprised? Heehee, I bought the novel even though I can’t read to support Gu Man. Actually the story is average only but it is rated so highly because of the way it has been written which may be lost in translation.

L: Sweet story about a shameless girl who wins a guy’s heart through cute tactics and him waiting 7 years for her.  Must read for fans of reunion romances.

Hui3r: I read this, but I actually don’t remember too much about it except that its a good romance.


2) Hua Xu Yin – Tang Qi Gong Zi

P: I like this book but all the side stories are just so sad:( For those who can’t understand Chinese, the drama adaptation will be your only source but I feel the book is so much better in conveying the emotions.

L: All the side stories are well-written that each can be its own novel.  Good but sad.

Hui3r: This was what started this blog and me on my journey through c-novels. Agree that it is a total angst-fest. But still, a must read.


3) Three Worlds Three Lives Ten Miles Peach Blossom – Tang Qi Gong Zi

P: I beg to differ as I prefer The Pillow Book which is not on this list because it is too current. I didn’t read the revised edition but I feel the story structure of the original edition is not good, making me dislike Ye Hua until I read the epilogue.

L: The plot twists are good but takes a while for everything to unravel.  If nothing else, give this a try for Little Dough, the cutest kid in xian xia universe.

Hui3r: Its definitely not T7’s best, but enjoyable nonetheless.


4 ) Just One Smile is Very Alluring  – Gu Man

P: Oh, I like Xiao Nai, so cool but Wei Wei is just lucky:P The game section of the book is so dreamy but when real life intrudes, it becomes bland.

L: Sweet story of perfect guy + perfect girl = happy ending.  However, the online game parts, which are critical to the plot, can be confusing for people not familiar with online gaming.

Hui3r: Haven’t read this, so can’t comment.


5)  Bu Bu Jing Xin – Tong Hua

P: Do I need to say anything more? If you’ve not watch this drama, what are you waiting for? I disagree with Lidge as I feel the drama has a better ending than the novel.

L: Good but sad.  The book’s ending > TangRen’s ending.

Hui3r: Arh – Peanuts say don’t bother with reading it because there’s already a drama. I think the novel’s ending is more sentimental.


6) Song in the Clouds – Tong Hua

P: Many dare not read this book because they know the ending. But I highly recommend you to prepare a hanky and read it because it is very well-written in every aspects. Hui3r & Lidge, go & read it !!!

L: OK, I’ll read it soon. [I’ve been saying this to peanuts for months now, hehe]

Hui3r: Haven’t only read Mrs K’s scene translations. I might wait until Yumama’s drama comes out, before reading it. Otherwise, might vomit blood all the way through the drama.


7) Too Late To Say I Love You – Fei Wo Si Cun

P: I don’t really like this novel except Wallace Chung because his character is too hard and overbearing. Somemore the book has sad ending.

L: The book > the drama.  However, there is a reason Fei Wo Si Cun is called “stepmom” because the book does not end with Murong Feng losing his memory and meeting Jing Wan again so beware.

Hui3r: Haven’t read this, so can’t comment.


8) Who Gets the World – Qing Ling Yue

P: One of my favourite, love love love this novel and everyone inside. Very epic and thought provoking, so should rank higher:P

L: Have not read this.  OK, I’ll take your word for it, peanuts 😛

Hui3r: Agree that epic is the right word.


9) Ballad of the Desert – Tong Hua

P: My first novel, so fond memory of it inspite of its flaws. My poor Jiu Ye, boo hoo hoo……

L: Have not read so no fond memories like peanuts.

Hui3r: Read Mrs K’s translation! It’s a good read.


10) Queen of No.11 Agent – Xiao Xiang Dong Er

P: Seems like an ancient novel. Any idea Lidge? Got audiobook but very long:(

L: No idea.

Hui3r: Haven’t even heard about this. @.@

11) A Tale of Two Phoenixes – Tian Yi You Feng

P: Also, too long to hold my attention. I know the gist of the story, sound interesting.

L: Have not read, but reviews are favorable.  Added this to my ever growing “must read” list.

Hui3r: Considering reading this, but heard that it doesn’t get interesting until Chapter 60+. Undecided…

12) An Unrivaled World – Li Xin

P: Another long book with bad audiobook so count me out.

L: Have not read so no opinion.

Hui3r: Haven’t read this, so can’t comment. I started the audiobook, but put off by the production. 


13) Odin’s Blessing – Tian Lai Zhi Yuan

P: The author seems very famous, either well-liked or hate. Anyone read any of her books before?

L: Anyone? Anyone? ^^

Hui3r: Haven’t heard of this one!


14) Love in Another Life: My Gentle Tyrant – Mo Wu Bi Ge

P: No idea about this ancient book. Wah, a few books some more, so bye bye:P

L: No idea too.

Hui3r: Haven’t heard about this as well. ^^|||


15)  The Emperor’s Strategy – Qing Yao

P: I read positive comments on this the audiobook is read by a monotone single reader. You can consider it has a happy ending if you ship the right guy:P

L: Someone please translate in Viet for me 🙂

Hui3r: Haven’t heard about this as well. ^^|||


16)  Empresses in the Palace – Liu Lan Zi 

P: Will watch the drama one fine day. Sorry, I am shallow as there is no eye candy so please wait a while:P

L: Want to watch together, peanuts?

Hui3r: I LOVED the drama. ie Legend of Ru Yi). RYZ is actually quite good as well, but I think it’s unfinished. 


17) Faithful to Buddha, Faithful to You – 小春

P: I think this book is on Buddhism and love relationship with a monk??? So not my cup of tea.

L: Based on reviews, my impression is that the book centers on Buddhism themes, but the romance is hauntingly beautiful and heart-wrenching.

Hui3r: Haven’t heard of this one!

18) Reignited Fire Over the Moon – Tian Lai Zhi Yuan

P: Same author as no. 13. C gege and his sis are going to read this book so I will definitely give it a try. Good ending?

L: Never heard of this popular author.

Hui3r: Haven’t heard of this one!

19) The Third Kind of Love – 自由行走

P: I am not interested in the storyline about third party. Plus, got bad ending.

L: Bad and sad.  The love between the main couple is not strong to overcome family obligations and the temptation of wealth and power.

Hui3r: Haven’t heard of this one!


20) 绾青丝 (Wǎn Qīng Sī) – 波波

P: Cxt8 has posted this book but it is not its production. Atsu, any good? If yes, please post it in SSB:)

L: No opinion.  Have not read.

Hui3r: Haven’t heard of this one! But I have seen it recommended in some places. Anyone going to post?

21) Hua Qian Gu – Fresh果果

P: Heard a bit of the audiobook, feel it is better than Chong Zi but loving your shifu never sit well with me. But I’ll support Abu’s audiobook:P This is a hit in SSB.

L: I enjoyed Chong Zi so adding this to my ever growing “must read” list.

Hui3r: I think CXT8 did a production of this (which I am sure is a quality production). But I am just not inspired by the synopsis.

22) You are Still Here – Xin Yi Wu

P: I like this book, like Cheng Zheng’s devotion but I feel Let Me Look at You is an even better book, the plot is fuller and more heart breaking.

L: Perfect guy falls in love at first “glare.”  He chases and stalks and does foolish things until eventually winning over the girl of his heart.  Good story about first love and maturity that comes with age.

Hui3r: I dont’ think I have read this book yet…

23) Shattered Glass – 雪灵之

P: I read the novel is a lot better than the drama so I may give the audiobook a try later. But the novel has a sad ending, sob sob….

L: Book > Drama.  Both the book and drama have the same sad ending so beware.

Hui3r: Haven’t heard of this one!

24) Man Man Qing Lou – 桩桩

P: I am not a fan of this book but it is ok. I think Yumama wanna adapt this book into a drama and will be casting Zhao Li Ying and Chen Xiao. Jessy, where is your comment in SSB?

L: All right story, but why would Yumama adapt this when there are better stories?  Oh, who am I kidding?  Who can understand what’s going on in that crazy mind?

Hui3r: My comment is that this is an okay book – filled with c-novel tropes. It’s a bit like Yumama’s dramas actually…

25) Loving You is the Best Thing I’ve Ever Done – 笙离

P: I listened to the audiobook, pretty good even though the story is kind of slow. The male lead is super nice and sacrificial and the female lead is also likeable.

L: Not kind of slow.  Very slow.  I gave up after the first few chapters.

Hui3r: Haven’t heard of this one! But I have seen it recommended in some places. Anyone going to post?


26) Drunken Exquisiteness – 十四夜

P: Another long and draggy ancient novel:(

L: Another famous novel waiting to be translated in Viet.

Hui3r: Haven’t heard of this one! But I might look into it…

27) Once Promised – Tong Hua

P: Oh, I am scare of crying. I will listen to this when the sequel is finished and I know who to ship, lol.

L: Have not read so have not cried.

Hui3r: *Stares at folder containing audiobook* I am really scared. I gave this a go when I first started with c-novels, but it was a bit confusing for me. For now… I would say that I’m in no hurry to start… Maybe I’ll start reading this when Mrs K finishes her translation of the sequel. 😛

28) Song in the Peach Blossoms – 靡宝

P: Not bad, funny and loving OTP but kind of long & typical storyline.

L: Have not read this.  OK, I’ll take your word for it, peanuts 😛

Hui3r: It’s Ok? But I would think that there are better books out there.

29) Secrets Hidden by Time – Tong Hua

P: Why is this book influential? I dislike the book ending even though Lidge thinks it is realistic.

L: Realistic because when our heart is set on our crush, it is hard to accept someone else.  Come on, what are the chances that there’s someone like Wallace Chung silently loving us from afar?

Hui3r: Haven’t read this one, so no comment!


30) Mù Jǐn Huā Xi Yuè Jǐn Xiù – 海飘雪

P: Rinchan, my reader from Thailand likes this super long book. Has it ended? I have short attention span so I cannot read or listen to long books.

L: When I have time, I’ll give this a try.  Then I’ll write you a summary, peanuts.  No need to ask, you lazy bone.

Hui3r: Haven’t read this one, so no comment!

31) Twilight Upon a Thousand Snow-capped Mountains – Fei Wo Si Cun

P: Neutral. People in China has different taste compared to me because I never really like step-mum’s books.

L: Since stepmom Fei Wo Si Cun is one of my favorite authors, I should read this.  Since Hawick Lau is my first TV crush, I should watch the drama.  So why haven’t I?

Hui3r: Haven’t read this one, so no comment!

32) To Our Eventually Lost Youth – Xin Yi Wu

P: A good coming of age book but I don’t really fancy anyone in the book because they are too realistic and selfish:(

L: If you had a heart-wrenching romance in college, read this because you will identify with Zhao Wei and relive probably the most innocent and best time of your life.  If all you can remember from college is avoiding classes and cramming for final exams so you wouldn’t fail like me, then you would not see yourself in the main female character and find the story flat.

Hui3r: I dont’ think I have read this one…Yep. I haven’t.

33) Eastern Palace – Fei Wo Si Cun

P: A tearjeaker but one of step-mum better book so I agree with the ranking.

L: Must read but only with boxes of tissues on hand.

Hui3r: If you would like to know how it feels like to have your heart ripped out, just go ahead.

34) The Reality – 桔子树

P: This is the sequel to no. 43. The audiobook is bad so I didn’t finish it. Hui3r said it is quite good & realistic on the reality of married life.

L: Have not read this.  OK, I’ll take Hui3r’s word for it 😛

Hui3r: Haha. I actually liked it! But the feeling/writing is more of a bubbling stream than waterfalls and crashing waves. If you get what I mean…

35) Remembering Li Chuan – 玄隐

P: The story sound boring & cliche but I will check out the drama when it is released for the eye candy, lol.

L: I wasted my time on this hoping that Li Chuan leaving Xiao Qiu is not because of the dread “C” ailment that’s been recycled so many times in K-drama.  I was wrong!!!

Hui3r: Can’t say I’m rushing to read it…


36) The Crazy Adventures of the Wu Gate – Ying Zhao

P: Got an audiobook so I will listen to this eventually, my C gege & his water sis.

L: After you’ve listened, write me a short summary, peanuts.

Hui3r: Haven’t read this one, so no comment!

37) If We were Strangers – Fei Wo Si Cun

P: Step-mum’s book, I don’t think I want to get tortured so run as fast as possible……

L: As a loyal follower of stepmom, I’ve added this to my ever growing “must read” list.

Hui3r: Not rushing to read this one either…


38) Love is Still Here – 飘阿兮

P: Hey lidge, u didn’t send me any comment on this book on marriage which you wanted to finish reading.

L: Because I haven’t gotten beyond chapter 1.  Don’t worry, peanuts.  I’ve added this to my ever growing “must read” list, haha.

Hui3r: Haven’t heard of this…

39)  Heavy Sweetness, Ash-like Frost – Dian Xian

P: This book should rank higher as I quite like it. I think most of you also like it to wait patiently for the English translation update.

L: Classic book in the xian xia genre.  Agree with peanuts, should rank higher.

Hui3r: Love it…


40) Dreaming Back to the Qing Dynasty – Jin Zi

P: Read that this book plagiarise BBJX so gonna stay away from it.

L: Are you sure, peanuts?  Wasn’t this published before BBJX?

Hui3r: Not interested at the moment.

41) Summer of Bubbles – Ming Xiao Xi

P: Did not bother to watch the drama or read or listen to the novel. But I gonna read the manhua because it is very pretty.

L: Gave the book and drama a try.  Thank goodness I had the good sense to stop after awhile so I wouldn’t waste my time.

Hui3r: Haven’t read this. Can’t say I’m planning to.

42) Only If The First Sign of Life – 梅子黄时雨

P: Quite addictive and controversial but not funny enough. Also, poor audiobook quality.

L: This book has supporters and naysayers.  I’m in the latter camp.

Hui3r: Haven’t read this. Can’t say I’m planning to.

43) My Youth Begin with Loving You – 桔子树

P: The story is rather flat but the audiobook is really good elevating this book to such delicious level until I cannot stop eating my cakes, lol.

L: Have not read this.  OK, I’ll take your word for it, peanuts 😛

Hui3r: Like it enough to have my robot read me the sequel. So yes, its a go for me.


44) Born to be Empress  就是皇后 – Yu Qing

P: No idea about this book except same author as no. 46. Rinchan, maybe you can tell us more since you like Yu Qing’s books:)

L: Have read several books by this author due to overwhelming positive reviews.  I found the author all right, but not a fan.

Hui3r: I haven’t heard of this one… But might consider if someone gives me more info…

45) A Lonesome Fragrance Waiting to be Appreciated – Feng Nong

P: May read this book when the English translation is finished. This book is very popular in SSB.

L: No idea.

Hui3r: There’s a manhwa no? But really slow translation. The heroine is smart, so I like her. 


46) Gentleman Free-Floating Cloud – Yu Qing

P: Read good review about this book, waiting for someone to read to me.

L: Please see my comment in #44.

Hui3r: I haven’t heard of this one…

47) Warm Chord – 安宁

P: I read good reviews but no audiobook. Only radiodrama which is a bit confusing and incomplete:( Pm hates it but bongsd likes it so you decide for yourself whether to read or not.

L: Have read but don’t remember so no opinion.

Hui3r: I haven’t heard of this one…


48) 千秋素光同 (Qiān Qiū Sù Guāng Tóng) – 寐语者

P: No idea except long book? Same author as Emperor’s Conquest.

L: No idea.  Don’t know if it’s short, medium or long book.

Hui3r: I haven’t heard of this one…


49) First Love Forever Love – 舒仪

P: Never heard of this book but saw some good reviews. A book which will make me cry, run run run. Oh, got an audiobook so might check it out later. The male lead is no. 7 in top 35 fav male poll.

L: Very positive reviews on this, though I believe the ending is either open or sad.

Hui3r: I haven’t heard of this one…

50) A Heart Warming Decade – 书海沧生

P: After reading the spoiler, I am not keen on this book. Somemore the audiobook is long and poor quality. The male lead is no. 2 in top 35 fav male poll.

L: I want to read this, but no Viet translation.

Hui3r: I nearly started on this one before I fell into my pit of work.



87 thoughts on “50 Most Influential Chinese Romance Internet Novels

  1. Adding my comments:
    1. Read half and dropped because I lost interest. Not recommended.
    2. Good book. Need to finish.
    3. Did not really like the male lead. He should never use “protecting her” as an excuse to hurt her.
    4. ???
    5. First audiobook and it was amazing. Love the story and princes to bits!
    6. Read a few chapters but decided to put aside because I knew the ending and I didn’t really like the female lead….
    7. Would not have read if not for Wallace Chung. The Murong Feng described in the book seems hotter than the weakling portrayed in the drama.
    8. On my list of to-read books.
    9. Love love love male leads and female lead. Highly recommended!
    10. ???
    11. Such a good book. I could not put it down, though I do agree that it’s a bit too long. Love story of the ages.
    12. Only read half. Okay but repetitive story line.
    13. ???
    14. ???
    15. ???
    16. Read a few chapters but I felt the drama was better even if the male actor isn’t eye candy.
    17. ???
    18. ???
    19. Bleh. Did not like how the female lead was the Xiao San. Not recommended.
    20. ???
    21. Saw its popularity of SSB but have not read.
    22. ???
    23. ???
    24. Initially really liked it but then the plot became too repetitive. Still worth a read though.
    25. ???

    That’s all I have time to do right now.
    tl;dr – read Da Mo Yao, Bu Bu Jing Xin, and Feng Qiu Huang.

    • You like ancient books so modern books are not your cup of tea:P Higly recommend you to listen to Who Gets the World audiobook, really very good. I think you’ll fall asleep reading the novel, lol. Hua Qian Gu’s audiobook with Abu will be out later so we can listen together with Chancy, Raini & Atsu:)

  2. OMG OMG… why I almost read nothing of this list? =”= The stories all look unfamiliar, except for the Gu Man’s ones and the name Tong Hua ‘ ~ ‘
    Guess that my type of simple storyline is not every one favorite ` ~ ‘

    • Haha, you & Lidge can be best buddies:P Come on, I am sure you know Tang Qi & Fei Wo Si Cun. Actually I don’t really like most of them. I also like silly & funny books, lol. Hey, are you reading Gu Man’s new novel?

      • I knew about GM’s new novel but Im still waiting for complete translation. I don’t like reading incomplete one ‘cuz it usually drag my feelings down. I prefer a smooth reading with a whole exciting feelings without being break through 😀

        • Than bad news for you because there are 2 books. I bet Gu Man has not written book 2 and is not even sure which guy to give the girl, lol. You’ll be torn between the two guys. With Gu Man’s character we probably need to wait a few years to get book 2, haha..Lidge tried to induce me to read but like you I am not reading because I want to make sure I ship the winning guy, hehe…..I am translating the synopsis now.

          • Really? I’m so sad not only because of the slow of GM but also ‘cuz I deeply hate love triangle ar… 😦 Especially love triangle with two guys… And then that is the reason why I don’t read many famous books ‘cuz love triangle is the irreplaceable spice in them 😦

            I also have a bad habit of reading the ending first to make sure I know the main couple so that I won’t feel disappointed as the story progress 😀

            Anw, are you already back form Beijing? You reply very quickly 😀

        • Yes, I am back to being an office slave, boo hoo hoo….Yah, Lidge told me the story already. I’ll post it in SSB later. There are 2 guys, One is like lawyer He Yi Sheng and the other one is like boss Feng Teng. Lidge thinks Feng Teng is winning but this is book 1 only. I bet book 2 is different. Arrgh…Lidge said the story is very cute & funny. also don’t like love triangle but the story will be flat & less exciting if there is no competition. Are you having school holiday now? What are you reading?

          • Haha, but isn’t He Yi Sheng is the most favorite guy of all her novels (according to the fans)?
            When I mean love triangle, I mean the real love triangle one (confusing, eh?) ^^~ But there are sometimes that the third person is just the one who adds the spice to the story, not having real competition from the very first chapters 😀 When I read manga, I also try to avoid that kind of stories too 😀

            I’m in my summer break now 😀 Anw, I’m just reading old books ‘cuz I find no new books that interest me right now 😦 so sad 😦

        • Yah, He Yi Sheng always come up top but Feng Teng also has many fans like me:P GM’s new book has a real love triangle as you won’t know who will win as they are kind of equally good. I don’t like this kind of story because I’ll feel bad & sad for the loser since he is also good, haha…

          What old books are you reading? I’ll ask Lidge to recommend you funny & silly books in Viet, lol.

          • I read Shan Shan and some novels that have internet-game (I don’t what it called in English) like Wei Wei Yi Xiao Hen Qing Cheng 😀 I read some silly and funny 10 chapters novels too 😀

            I don’t know if Lidge and I like the same kind of novels or not, ‘cuz usually I also have my type of the female lead that will strongly affect my decision on starting reading any story 😀

          • You like novel about internet game? Lidge & I don’t play internet game so we are not familiar with the terms. Anyway, beside Wei Wei, I read this internet game novel & like it because the male lead is rather funny & thick-skin, kind of like Dong Hua, lol.

            Lidge reads anything & everything, haha……..

          • Haha, it depends… But there are some novels with the internet game theme which I really like 😀 (mostly because the story is very simple and the female lead is so adorable ^^). I’m in love with the type of female lead who is like Shan Shan (innocent, fluffy and adorable) and another type is the one who is kind, gentle and caring… haha…
            If the female leads are not my taste, then I’m not reading it 😀

            Btw, I can’t access to the radiodrama page of Shan Shan on your page 😦

          • Have you read When Great God Encounters Great God ? If not, you can give it a try as Lidge said there is Viet translation.

            You mean you cannot access the radiodrama links in Shusheng bar? I’ll give you the tudou links so hopefully you can access them. There are 2 radiodramas equally cute:)


          • Finally I can access to the radio drama… it sounds so cute, I want sub, I want sub *cryinggggggggggg*

          • Haha, same as the book & our English translation. If I’ve time tomoro, I’ll summarise part 1 is from chapter 1 to chapter what etc so you can follow better. I’ve listened to the radiodrama many many times so I am very familiar, lol.

          • Thank you so much, you’re really the best ever *hugging and kissing peanuts crazily*

  3. Peanuts…here’s my comments….hehe

    1. He yi sheng shao mo – gu man

    I liked this story…. Hhmm….main guy….I like…persistent in love….not fickle…main girl….persistent in love….. Second guy…ying hui……I felt sad for him….he deserved a better ending tho….2 great guys to chose from….hhmmm…whom shall I choose…

    2.hua yi xin
    Ya…side stories all sad……but I didn’t really understand…maybe my Chinese not that great….missed out quite abit……but interesting…..dunno when the main guy discovered the girls identity….

    3. Twtltmpb
    Read the English translation……eh…didn’t really like the story….but I liked the kid and the cartoons..

    4. Wei Wei yi xiao hen Qing cheng
    Haven’t read

    5. Bbjx
    Watched the drama….the first which started me off reading the rest….I cried…I hated tat she ended up with 4th…I shipped 8th…maybe coz he looked better than 4th.

    6. Yzg
    Read it….loved it…hated the ending…..I want my ling ge ge and yun ge to be together….

    7. Tltsily
    Watched the drama…hmm….dun like mu rong feng….dun like the kind of guy he represents…..more dislike the horrid army girl…….she deserved her end!! But I heard drama and story are different……I like mr dr best…mr always there….

    8. Who gets the world…..
    Not read

    9. Ballad of the desert
    I’m with peanuts….. My poor jiu ye….oh how I would like a jiu ye….. I dun want hqb…..I want my mj….why why why!!!!!!! My second book I read

    10. Dunno what book tat is…

    11. Feng qui huang- didn’t read

    12. Unrivaled world – didn’t read

    13. Dunno what book

    14. Dunno what book

    15. Dunno what book

    16. Legend of feng huang – didnt read

    17. Dunno what book

    18. Reignited over the moon…..any good? Not read

    19. Third kind of love – didn’t read…but since bad ending….I’m going to skip

    20. Dunno what book

    21. Hua qian gu – not read….any good?

    22 you are still here…didn’t read…..xyw books all got sad endings…dun dare try…good or bad ending?

    23. Shattered glass – didn’t read…since bad ending….I’m skipping

    24. Man man Qing Lou – not read

    25. Loving you….not read but thinking of trying

    26. Du.nno what book

    27. Once promised…sad ending so I’m skipping

    28. Song in peach blossom – not read

    29. Secrets hidden by time. Read the synopsis by koala I think…dun like ending..

    30. Dunno what book

    31. Swak – watched the show……Sheeze…..weird story….but I somehow well…liked the main guy….after all his crap…and only at the end…but I still dun think I liked it..think I liked the wifes brother more…..

    32. Lost youth…haven’t tried…any good? I had sad love story in uni…but not heart wrenching…haha…but lidge…I did tonnes of cramming too..maybe I shd try…sad ending?

    33. Eastern palace. Not tried

    34. The reality…eh….oky…I shall re read synopsis for both ….good ending?

    35. Remembering Li chuan… that’s my book…sorry girls…..I liked this book..I dunno why….maybe it’s coz I saw Geoffrey gao’s face….hhmmmmm….but the Li chuan is a well.. I dunno what to say…wanna let go but wanna hold on…hhmm…but xiao qiu is a persistent lover…..good on her…but I’m glad it worked out for them….tho I must say it will take quite a bit of acceptance on her part tho….

    36. Dunno what book

    37. Not tried

    38. Somehow this one seems familiar…but I cannot recall…..isit in ssb?

    39. Heavy sweetness…not tried

    40. Oky…take ur word for this one…

    41. Summer of bubbles – think had some VIP stuff so I skipped….I think….

    42. A simple love..wanted to try..but seems not worth it from both ur comments?

    43. Youth … Oky…wun start it….

    44. Dunno what book

    45. Lonesome fragrance…not tried

    46. Dunno why book

    47. Warm chord…think I tried…but was slow moving so I dropped….

    48. Dunno what book

    49. Also dunno what book

    50. Dun plan to try…

    Oky…that’s my 1 cent of contribution…. 🙂

    • Thank you for your comment, hug, hug, lol.

      1. GM’s new book also got 2 great guys, He Yi Sheng & Feng Teng, who you gonna pick?

      2. Go & listen to Hua Xu Yin’s audiobook or radiodrama.

      3.Yah, little dough is so adorable. Read Pillow Book, more funny & cute.

      4. If you don’t play internet game, you’ll be lost.

      5. Hey, I support 4th prince !!!!

      6. Hey, I support Meng Jue !!! and Ling gege also but he is dead so let her end up with MJ.

      7. You like tame & weak guy, ahahha…..In the book, the girl will end up with your doctor so go & read it:P

      8. Audiobook is highly recommended !!!

      16 The drama is very popular, on par or even more popular than BBJX. I think with the aunties, lol.

      21 This book is very popular with the Thai people. We can listen to the audiobook together when it is released later.

      22 Good ending so YOU MUST READ ! You’ll like the male lead bcos peanuts & lidge like him, haha…

      25 You’ll fall asleep reading the book, listen to the audiobook instead.

      29 Watch the drama when it is released because I think happy ending with WC:P

      32 Depend on which guy you support. If you ship the right guy, happy ending.

      33 Sad ending but one of the best book by Fei Wo Si Cun

      34 Good ending

      35 You & your obsession with Godfrey:P

      38 It has not been posted in SSB. Waiting for Lidge to read & post, haha…

      39 Highly recommended. Xiaoyuer translated part of the novel.

      41 No VIP but don’t waste your time, lol.

      42 Depending on your taste. It is about casual love, get the drift?

      43 The audiobook is very good.

      45 Got English translation so very popular in SSB.

  4. Hi peanuts! I spent a very long time typing this goshhhh LOL. writing a post is really not easy. *pats Lidge and your shoulder*

    1) He Yi Sheng Zhao Mo – Gu Man
    Sweet story. Male and female leads got separated due to misunderstanding and lack of trust BUT what is a story without misunderstanding, right? There is always an element of misunderstanding in a story some way or other… Got a bit draggy, not much plot but i like this kind of simple novels with a devoted male lead.

    2) HXY
    One of my fave chinese novels. All the side stories revolve around the theme, Regret, in my opinion. My fave side stories will be Song Ning and I have watched the youtube fan vid, starring Hu Ge and Liu Shi Shi many times! Just watching the video makes me sad already. 😦 I expected the ending to be sad like how the side stories were but it was kind of a “happy” ending. Still heart-wrenching nonetheless.

    3) Three Worlds Three Lives Ten Miles Peach Blossom – Tang Qi Gong Zi
    I tried reading the Chinese version but gave up as it was too confusing for me. I teared though when I read the first part stating how the female lead was pregnant and left alone. I really thought that the male lead was a jerk for bring her to Heaven and abandoning her all alone!!! Later on, I decided to read the English translated version. I thought that Qian Qian was a bit… too demanding and slightly selfish. The male lead was giving in all the way, which is a bitttt too much.

    4) Wei Wei Yi Xiao Hen Qing Cheng – Gu Man
    Funny and sweet story. What is more perfect than having the most handsome guy and pretty girl in school as a couple?!

    5) Bu Bu Jing Xin – Tong Hua
    Read the first 10 chapters of the book but gave up because the drama really did a very good job and I knew the plot already. 😦

    6) Song in the Clouds – Tong Hua
    This. Is. Heart. Wrenching. I suffered depression for 2 days (no joke) after reading this book. I will always remember the plot and just get so moody. T_T

    7) Too Late To Say I Love You – Fei Wo Si Cun
    I was in love with this drama starring Wallace Chung heh. Tried reading the book after that but read halfway. I must say it was the book is not interesting and the reason why the drama was such a huge success is because of the presence of Wallace Chung.

    8) Who Gets the World – 倾泠月
    Haven’t read.

    9) Ballad of the Desert – Tong Hua
    What if Jiu Ye was braver from the start? What if…? I rooted for Huo Qubing from the start but then the sacrifices that Jie Ye made me root for him too. *bawls*

    10) 11处特工皇妃 – 潇湘冬儿
    Haven’t read.

    11) Feng Qui Huang – 天衣有风
    Haven’t read.

    12) An Unrivaled World – 李歆
    Haven’t read.

    13) 奥汀的祝福 – 天籁纸鸢
    Haven’t read.

    14) 再生缘:我的温柔暴君 –
    Read this book before. If I am not wrong, this story is very long and talks about the female lead losing her memory or something like this… Talks about the emperor doting on the female lead a lot.

    15) 天子谋 – 青垚
    Haven’t read.

    16) Legend of Zhen Huan – 流潋紫
    Watched until Episode 2 and got so bored. I guess the costumes made the leads looked old, making me bored. The dialogues are not very interesting too.

    17) 不负如来不负卿 – 小春
    Wanted to read but I thought that this novel is about falling in love with a monk and I was like “Amitabha…”

    18) Reignited Fire Over the Moon – 天籁纸鸢
    Haven’t read.

    19) The Third Kind of Love – 自由行走
    Think I touched and go for this novel. Didn’t leave a deep impression…

    20) 绾青丝 – 波波
    Haven’t read.

    21) Hua Qian Gu – Fresh果果
    Haven’t read.

    22) You are Still Here – Xin Yi Wu
    I liked the story a lot but I hate betrayals etc… I couldn’t accept after I thought that both of them will get together happily ever after without any huge obstacles. Xin Yi Wu’s novels are all very realistic that I don’t dare to finish reading it.

    23) Shattered Glass – 雪灵之
    I cried like mad for this novel. The male lead is selfish, and his love (or is it EVEN love?) came too late. The trailer for the drama was pretty atrocious so I didn’t bother watching. If I’m not wrong, the female lead if the same as the one in HZGG.

    24) Man Man Qing Lou – 桩桩
    Haven’t read.

    25) Loving You is the Best Thing I’ve Ever Done – 笙离
    Read this. Like what Peanuts said, this is another sweet story. Slow and pretty predictable but I like this kind of stories heh.

    26) 醉玲珑 – 十四夜
    Haven’t read.

    27) Once Promised – Tong Hua
    I read this 2 times only to realise I have read the wrong part or wrong version. Practically wanted to die when I knew I have been reading the wrong one -_- Lost my mood for this novel now… will pick it up one day again.

    28) Song in the Peach Blossoms – 靡宝
    Haven’t read.

    29) Secrets Hidden by Time – Tong Hua
    Koalasplayground said that the novel suck hahahah. But there’s Wallace Chung in the drama! Ok, I’m not really mad over him now (like I did before) but still, hehehehe.

    30) 木槿花西月锦绣 – 海飘雪 –
    Haven’t read.

    31) Sealed with a Kiss – Fei Wo Si Cun
    I like the drama. Bought the novel but didn’t finish reading it because the male lead had very little role in the novel.

    32) To Our Eventually Lost Youth – Xin Yi Wu
    Must watch this movie ASAP haha.

    33) Eastern Palace – Fei Wo Si Cun
    Love this novel. One of my fave ones.

    34) The Reality – 桔子树
    Haven’t read.

    35) Remembering Li Chuan – 玄隐
    Their love started off very weirdly, with both of them taking very huge huge huge initiatives. Then… Li Chuan left her. And the female lead became a bit too desperate and all. A bit draggy and made no sense at the end. Will watch the drama though cos the male lead look so hot there. *hua chi mode* Oh ya… and for a short period of time, I liked reading male leads that are blind or handicapped LOL.

    36) 午门囧事 – 影照
    Haven’t read.

    37) If We were Strangers – Fei Wo Si Cun
    Haven’t read. But I liked another torture book by FWSC, starring Peter Ho and Janice Chang. It’s called Le Jun Kai.

    38) 过客,匆匆 – 飘阿兮
    Haven’t read.

    39) Heavy Sweetness, Ash-like Frost – Dian Xian
    Read the English translated version. Quite nice, I must say but not one of my fave ones.

    40) 梦回大清 – 金子
    Haven’t read.

    41) Summer of Bubbles – Ming Xiao Xi
    Watched like 6 episodes of the drama because I was going gaga over Huang Xiaoming that time but the show really suck… or maybe it’s attributed to the fact that the novel had a really bad plot?

    42) A Simple Love – 梅子黄时雨
    Haven’t read.

    43) My Youth Begin with Loving You – 桔子树
    Haven’t read.

    44) 就是皇后 – 于晴
    Haven’t read.

    45) A Lonesome Fragrance Waiting to be Appreciated – Feng Nong
    Haven’t read.

    46) 闲云公子 – 于晴
    Haven’t read.

    47) Warm Chord – 安宁
    Is this called Wen Nuan De Xuan in Chinese? Read this story before and if I’m not wrong, it’s another typical sweet story that I like haha.

    48) 千秋素光同 – 寐语者
    Haven’t read.

    49) There is a Man who Loves me like Life – 舒仪
    Think I read this book too before. But I really can’t rmb anything… probably got to read the introduction to refresh my memory.

    50) A Heart Warming Decade – 书海沧生
    Read this and cried because the family was really bad towards the female lead. But gave up because the male lead is too girly to my liking. And I read the spoilers!!! Apparently the male lead was sexually harassed when he was young or something like that… NOO! Dropped the novel like hot pancakes immediately.

    • Thank you for your sharing. Haha, you didn’t read as many novels as I thought you’ve or maybe you’ve read all the light & fluffy one:P

      1) If you don’t know, GM’s new novel will be released this coming Sat but you’ve to wait forever for part 2:(

      3) Yah, I dun really like Qian Qian. Read the Pillow Book, Feng Jiu is a lot cuter & sweeter.

      8) Heehee, I repeat, listen to the excellent audio book.

      16) Oh, I feel better now, knowing at least there is you out there who don’t like the drama, lol.

      22) Hey, finish reading it, happy ending. Btw which version did you read as there are 2 versions?

      23) I am allergic to Mickey He so no drama for me.

      25) I tut you abandoned this book bcos it is too boring?

      27) Huh, how could u read the wrong book????

      29) When is this coming out since I’ve waited forever for the drama, lol?

      32) The movie is very different from the novel !!!!

      35) You can fight with pm over Godfrey, haha….

      37) Have Lee Jun Kai been released? I am allergic to Peter Ho but I wanna watch it:P

      47) 温暖的弦 is the Chinese title, I am illiterate:(

      49) This book got sad/open ending?

      • I read a mixture of classics and some random books heh.

        Le Jun Kai is not released yet but I saw BHS that day and gosh… Peter Ho is so aggressive. *shudders

        For Pillow book, I read on SSB that there is a 2nd part? Is it released or do I have to wait for it?

        • Pillow Book 2 will be published tentatively in Sept 2013 but you can still read book 1 and part of book 2 online. It was supposed to be released in June but was postponed. So is Gu Man’s new book. Those poor authors can never meet the deadlines, lol. The audiobook book is pretty good.

  5. Hey, is this some new site or something, peanuts? I just discovered this! How come no one ever tells me things? 😦 I feel so left out.

    Anyway, great site! I’ve spent hours reading it in between my busy life. Ha.

    I want to say that I laughed when I read Lidge’s comment about Secrets Hidden by Time. Hahaha! What are the chances that a Wallace Chung look-alike is lurking about, ready to sweep us away from our jerk of a first crush? Probably zilch but it’s always nice to hope for that look-alike. 😀 I do, however, agree that most people are often blinded by love and cannot see (or wish to turn a blind eye to) the flaws and shortcomings of the person they love. Therefore, it is indeed very believable that Su Man in Secrets Hidden by Time could go back to her jerk of a first crush and remain completely oblivious to the very hot and loving Lu Licheng. It sucks but love makes us want to see and believe in things and personality traits that are not really there. Sad, I know. By the way, when in the world is Secrets Hidden by Time coming out? Is it on youtube yet? 😦

    • A big hug to Mel:) This is my new house which I think I’ve lived for less than half a year. It is mostly about novels with the occassional mention of drama by hui3r. Sorry, I don’t know where & how to send my house warming invitiation to you. But I know with so many WC’s pictures, MVs & comments, you’ll definitely find your way here, lol. Thank you for spending hrs to read my fangirling, haha….Pls come often & leave some comments as it is usually pretty quiet here. Btw WC’s pictures are in the top 35 fav male post & his MVs is in WGTW’s summary review:P

      I am about to reply your comment on SSB abt WGTW & SHBT. I am also waiting very impatiently for SHBT !!!! Why are they taking such a long TIME? I am sure they’ll get SAFT approval in no TIME since there is no TIME travelling or change to history. This is the best TIME to release during school holidays in China so everyone can be glued to the tv to swoon & support WC, haha….I doubt it is on youtube but if you do find it, pls tell me immediately:P

      • Thanks for the welcome, peanuts. I’m surprised Heavy Sweetness, Ash-like Frost is not ranked more highly. I’m also surprised Fire Deity (Xu Feng) did not appear anywhere on the lists of the most romantic or most attractive leading males in a Chinese novel. Wasn’t he considered very handsome, even more so than Ren Yu, in the Heavy Sweetness novel? He did lord it over Jin Mi quite a bit, but I think that was his way of expressing his affection. He would lord over her, but he would be very polite and smooth with other immortal ladies. That sort of treatment reminds me of grade school boys always teasing and picking on the girls they have crushes on but just being polite to girls they aren’t romantically interested in. Haha. Besides, Jin Mi killed Xu Feng, and yet he forgave her when he came back to life. If that’s not love, then I don’t know what is. :p I simply don’t think it’s in his nature to say flowery words to the woman he loves. He strikes me as a very frank person to the person he loves. No masks, no facades, no pretty but fake words. On the contrary, Night Deity has no qualms saying pretty things to Jin Mi, all the while using her to attain his ambitions. And yet, Ren Yu made the list, but not Xu Feng. Go figure. Come to think of it, I think Wallace Chung would do well as either Ren Yu or Xu Feng. He can play the arrogant but besotted Xu Feng or the reserved and deceptive Ren Yu and I would still love him. 😀

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  7. Hey, you can read A Heart Warming Decade at, but it wasn’t complete. If you need, i will send you the convert version of this novel.^^
    P/s: Sorry, my English is not good :”>

    • Thanks so much for the link!! I’ve been wanting to read this but didn’t know if anyone started editing yet. I’m a registered member of tangthuvien, but I find the convert versions very difficult to read so I don’t read them often. If you’re more comfortable writing in Viet, you can do that because I can read Vietnamese.

      Your English is good 🙂

      • The convert vesions are translated by Quick Translation so It’s difficult to read them. If you have difficulties in translating into Vietnamese from Chinese, you should use Quick Translation. ^^
        Lidge, where are you from? Sorry because I am so curious 😛

        • I was born in Vietnam (Nha Trang to be exact, but I lived most of my life in Sài Gòn). My family immigrated to the US when I was 9. I’m fluent in Vietnamese because I speak to my parents in Vietnamese every day since they don’t know English. I also read a lot of “ngôn tình Trung Quốc” hehe.

          I think your English is fine, but if you’re more comfortable writing in Vietnamese then go ahead.

          • I can improve my English by taliking with you ^^ so I think I should write in English. Can you tell me how you translate Chinese into English? Can you speak Chinese?
            P/s: I had lived in Sai Gon but now live in Quang Ngai city because my father works here 😀

          • The one who is translating from Chinese to English is me, peanuts who is a Chinese but cannot read Chinese. However I can understand Chinese so I use google translate and ‘pinyin’ to translate. Lidge cannot understand Chinese at all, so she translates from Viet to English.

          • Sorry, I was too curious. I have read Come and eat, Shan Shan which was posted in Fanatical and I think you or Lidge can speak Chinese because every chapters were so fluent and easy to understand ^^

          • No need to be sorry as many people are also confused. Lidge likes to confuse people as she has translated the first 18 chapters of Shan Shan but posted them under my name. I am translating Shan Shan now. We put in a lot of time and effort to make the translations fluent and easy to understand. Thank you for supporting:)

        • I did the first 18 chapters. What I did was use Google Translate to convert the Chinese text to English. Then I edited the English version using the Viet translation as reference.

      • I’m editing Tuý Linh Lung in but I am usually lazy, so I haven’t edited yet ^^. However I’ll try to complete this novel in near future 😀

  8. Hi everyone, I would to ask if anyone of you know the english title for “Ai Hieu Duoc Long Em” by Luc Xu. I can’t find any info about the author. Because this book is one of my favourite books. 🙂

    • I don’t know Viet but Phong said the name in Chinese is 莫不知璃心 by 绿枢. The protagonist names are Mò Xiū Ling and Jiāng Yīn Lí. If that is the book then I think you can translate it to English as Mo (the surname of the female lead) Doesn’t Know Li’s (the name of the male lead) Heart or Nobody Knows Li’s Heart as Mo means nobody in Chinese.

  9. The story is about Jiang Yin Li has a crush on Mo Xiu Ling when she was young but knowing that he and her half sister have a very special relationship. She gave up..She dated a classmate. Xiu Ling went study abroad. A few years later, he came back. The Jiang family and the Mo family wanted Yin Li and Xiu Ling to tie a knot. The love relationship between Jiang Yin Li and her classmate didn’t work. Heartbroken, she agreed and got married to Mo Xiu Ling. They keep thinking that their marriage is without love because their prides are so high. But little by little, she discovered that he loves her since the beginning. Happy ending.

    I like this story… more and more at the end. That’s why I finished this book in 3 days. It took me a lot of time because I can’t read vietnamese well. But my taste is a little weird so I don’t know if you will like it or not. The female lead is very smart but also stubborn. She always said that she’s selfish. The story begins 2 years after their marriage.

    Really ? The book is released in vietnamese on october 9, 2013.

    Ps : Sorry for my English. I speak French and Vietnamese.

    • Thank you, thank you very much. I’ll check it out after I finish Paper Rose which is a bit like your novel. Your English is very good so don’t worry as I understand what you’ve written perfectly. My Viet friend told me the author is well-liked in Viet bcos Viet ppl like angsty novels. But I don’t think she is popular in China. Otherwise her novels will be published as physical books. Anyway, I’ll give it a try & tell you my opinion later. Merci:P

      Hey, I wanna ask you if you live in New Caledonia? Were you there when Lee Min Ho was filming BOF, haha?

      • Right now, I’m reading another novel (惹爱成婚, I think this is the title but I’m not sure) from her. I will tell you what I think about it later. 🙂

        How do you know I live in New Caledonia ? XD I only know they filmed here after watching ep 6. But according to what my friend said.. I think I was at school.

        • The official English title is Real Chenghun and the book cover is pink with something like Eiffel Tower? I’ve not read any of her book so I don’t know abt her writing skill but her storylines are quite typical of many books I read b4.

          Pssssst, I work as a hacker, lol. Actually bcos I saw New Caledonia on my stats quite often recently & I remember LMH went there for BOF so I suspect you are from there. Oh, what a pity you didn’t get to meet him. I thought New Caledonia is very small & you now who is who and who is there, haha…..

        • Yes, this one. But I dropped it yesterday. Or I will put it on hold because the story is similar to 莫不知璃心 but I don’t like the main leads. Too much anger, too much hate, too much side stories, I don’t have the strength to finish it. >.<

          Ha ha ha, I was a lurker. I followed this blog since Yumama said he wants to adapt "Come and eat Shan Shan" and the male lead is Chen Xiao. So I found this blog (Thanks for the translations ^^) and I fell in love with Gu Man's style. XD
          Yep, New Caledonia is a very small country with around 260 000 persons. But none of them told me that Lee Min Ho or Kim Hyun joong will come. haha

          • I did glance at it briefly but it is not attractive enough for me to commence reading:) Hey, what kind of book do you like? Beside 莫不知璃心, which are your fav books? Haha, yes I am a busybody, always like to know what others are reading.

            Yes, yes, I remembered you. I hate YMM yet I love him for sending you to my blog, lol. Did you read all of Gu Man’s books? Which one you like best? Wah, New Caledonia has so many ppl. I always though there maybe 26,000 ppl there, lol. I’ll tell you when I am going there for a visit, haha….

        • Thanks for the warm welcome. ^^

          Beside 莫不知璃心, I like Silent Separation. I like cold guys who only love one woman in his life. And even after few years his heart is still the same. Hahaha Because it’s not easy to find one in real life. Any recommandation for me ?

          I’ve listened to the audio books of “Come and eat Shan Shan”, “Silence Separation”, “One smile of you is very alluring”. And I read the 1st part of “Blazing Sunlight”. I like “Blazing Sunlight” too. Even if at the end of part 1, it’s pretty obvious that she will choose Lin Yu Sen. But I don’t know perhaps in part 2, the other guy will show his real feeling… Gu Man, don’t make me wait more… please.

          Yeah, You should come here one day ! The beaches here are beautiful. But don’t forget that summer is around january and winter around june. Only summer and winter, we don’t have the two others seasons. And don’t forget to tell me ! =)

          • Wah, you are testing my knowledge but of course I can easily think of two which are & There may be more so check out my book bar:) I don’t like cold guys, I like funny guys which are plentiful in novels but extinct in real life:(

            Audiobooks? You can understand Mandarin? Are you supporting Lin Yu Sen? Most ppl also think watermelon will choose him but nobody is sure so there is still this risk so I don’t dare to start reading this book:(

            Thank you, thank you but unfortunately I cannot swim:( Maybe I’ll drop by one day since my friend is keen to go all bcos of BOF, lol.

        • Okay, thank you for the books ^^ I will check them. And no, I can’t. I can only understand the very simple sentences (like : “I love you”, “I like you”, “I’m sorry”, “I believe you”) because I like taiwanese dramas. Yes, audiobooks in vietnamese. XD

          • You are welcome. I listened to the radio drama for Warm Chord & it is pretty good. I could be bias bcos the male voice is very attractive, lol. As for the blind book, cloud&sea said only the beginning is nice. But diff ppl has diff taste. Leave me a comment when you come across any good book & I’ll also keep your cool guy requirement in mind, lol.

            Lidge told me the Viet audiobooks are not good. Go & learn Chinese so you can listen to the Chinese audio books which are very good, at least some of them:P

    • Hi! It’s been a long time since you posted this recommendation.

      Do you know if it’s translated into English?
      I’m really enjoying this website and I’m going through all the books I can find that have been translated.

      Thank you everyone for making fun books available.

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  12. Haha! Just saw that I was mentioned! I haven’t read Wan Qing Si although it’s on my list. I’ve heard it’s excellent but you have to try these things to really know…

  13. Peanuts,
    you should totally watch Zhen Huan, at first I was eh about everyone and their looks but once you get use to it, I really think Zhen Huan has THE MOST beautiful costume and head pieces EVER. Plus, the story is not bad. Sun Li is amazing. Everyone is pretty much amazing (except maybe the emperor, his facial expression doesn’t really change [yes, and he’s old and definitely not a looker] so I can never tell if he’s sad, angry, happy or whatever).

    • I read good reviews on it & really wanna watch it. Beside the male lead, it is also way too long & draggy. I am impatient so I doubt I can sit thru 60 plus episodes. I’ll probably abandon it before the end. I’ll try to watch it when I’ve time but honestly I am not motivated. Hey, if I watch it then I won’t have time to translate:P

      • Am I the only person to think the 17th Prince is really charming? I got won over by his frivolous comments on Zhen Huan’s feet when they first met, and when I saw how he was trying to hide his talents and stay humble in front of the Emperor so as to keep his life.

        It is a very long drama, and I wasn’t interested in it at all, despite the local tv station broadcasting it and all my colleagues who were watching till the wee hours (strange the tv station aired it late past midnight!). But I stumbled onto a link online to check out the beautiful costumes, and the rest was history. One does get sucked into the story! Character development for Zhen Huan was believable and exciting to follow too.

        I think this drama can only be fully enjoyed if you can understand Chinese and have the Internet at your fingertips. So much is spoken through the backstories of the poems which the characters (the main characters who are educated) quote from in their dialogues. 1 line of poetry can draw similarities between the scene/situation described by the poem to the actual situation the characters find themselves in. Ability to understand each other when speaking those poetry also showed the difference between the educated and the servants, and also reflected the ability to connection.

  14. Haha I think there are so many comments that I needed to re-fresh 5 times before I could comment! Oh so cool, the ancient novels on this list are overwhelming! Haha, just realised that I’ve read quite a few ancient novels since I started reading in December haha.

    Though, I think I want to take a break and read fluff (yay! can’t wait to start on your translations).

    But, I plan to read these in the near future: 8, 17, 21 and 26! 🙂

    Actually, I didn’t cry at all while reading Once Promised. I cried while reading Lost You Forever when I saw the final resolution of all my beloved characters from Once Promised — too touching!

    • Haha, ya thank you everyone for their support:) I feel most ppl like ancient novels more & I am the misfit, lol.

      I am a fluff novel addict. I can read them forever but I am scared the good ones will run out one day since I am also choosy, heehee….

      8 – waited forever for you to read it:) 26 – I want to listen to this also but single voice is off putting.

  15. Hey, I’m finally back 🙂 Sorry for being absent so long but I had to fight a real battle with my exams so there was no time for anything else >__<
    I'm glad to see that Tang 7's books are ranked so high 😉
    Concerning Gu Man's Silent Seperation I can't say I'm surprised. It's simply a classic.
    I guess I haven't read most of the acient novels listed there. But I read some of the modern novels. "There was a man who loves me like life" received lots of positive reviews. Because of the sad ending I'm not going to touch it.

    Lately I haven't read any novels. The reason is my obsession with the Korean drama "You who came from the stars". OMG it's really great. It became one of my favourite dramas. The story may not be that special (except for the fact the main guy is an alien that has superpower) but I'm so fascinated by the lead couple. Their acting is fun to watch. I cried and I laughed and it was just wow…

    • Welcome back:) I see that you’ve been stars gazing, lol. My good fren is crazy abt that drama & kept on pestering me to watch. She even watched it raw first & plan to fly to Taipei to meet Mr Kim that alien, lol. I am the sane one with very good self-ctrl so I’ll marathon it when I am free, maybe during Easter break.

      Did you get my msg abt Tang 7’s modern book? I read the first few paragraphs & some comments. I m not attracted to it. The story sounds a bit depressing as I think the female lead is sick. There are 2 male leads. I want to make sure it has happy ending & has good revews so I’ll wait for it to be be finished b4 I touch it.

      Yes, Silent Separation is such a classic so I am rather stressed out in translating it:( I need to ensure I retain the classic taste as well as the meanings. Hence, I am translating another unknown book where I can simply translate it to my liking, lol.

      All those ancient novels are super long & i am super scared of draggy novels. Also, no sad ending novels for me.

      • Sorry for the late answer! I’m at home with my parents now so I can’t always hang out in the internet lol.

        It’s good to have self control. I’m always jealous of people who have self control. Believe me T___T

        Your friend is definitely a die-hard fan haha. Although I’m really crazy about that drama too but I don’t feel the urge to see the actors. It’s rather the story and its characters I’m crazy about. Now when I’m thinking about that I notice that I haven’t any idols, even during my teenage time. Maybe a bit strange :/

        After watching “You who came from the stars” I checked out other movies of Kim Soo Hyun (the alien) and I have to say that he is quite a talented actor.
        You really should give the drama a try 😉

        I checked my mails but I haven’t received any mails from you 😦 You send me the message by e-mail, didn’t you?
        There are 2 male leads? Oh my >__< I don't like that. Yeah I also think it's better to wait for the end since if it's Tang 7 you'll never know whether it's going to be SE or HE. But then, the girl is sick so I assume it will be a sad story. It's somehow strange that there is nearly no information about Tang 7's new novel in Vietnamese. Usually they pouce on her novels like a mouse on a piece of cheese =))))))))))

  16. Lidge or Lãnh Mạn Nguyệt, do either of you kow where I can read “eastern palace” in Vietnamese? My reading level is poor but after being addicted to Lost You Forever, I read ahead in Vietnamese. Now I think reading level actually improvd. Also, LYF is actually delightfully non-poetic and used common language so it was easier to follow.

  17. How come 长相思is not rank here? I thought it is a good book. I am a fan of your translation of 顾漫books. Great job, Thanks for your hardwork!

    • The poll took place before Lost You Forever was published. Maybe part 1 was published but definitely not all 3. Also, maybe not many ppl who took part in the poll, read the book. Then, even if they’ve read, it doesn’t mean those who participated in the poll, like the book as different ppl have diff taste.

      Thank you for supporting our translations. We are Gu Man’s devoted fans, haha….

  18. “Haven’t only read Mrs K’s scene translations. I might wait until Yumama’s drama comes out, before reading it. Otherwise, might vomit blood all the way through the drama.”

    LOL this is hilarious!

    I read 梦回大清 and it was ok, involving the 4th prince and 13th prince, though not memorable. It started in 2004, which was before BBJX though.

  19. Yong Ye is now on progress of Thai translation. BTW, I think it will take a year for the translator to finish her job. So Sad…..for Thai fans.

  20. wow there are so many stories I don’t even know. Having fun with guessing the names and the authors. I have been on this website for so many times but today I realize that Ligde is a Vietnamese like me. It’s just so startling that I can find people who read Chinese novels around the world. Do you guys still use this page???

  21. 11处特工皇妃 (no.10) is a masterpiece!!! I really love and enjoyed it… definitely recommended!!

  22. No 14. 再生缘: 我的温柔暴君 (Love in another life) is one of my favourite books! This book is mentioned quite often on baidu and tieba when people ask for recommendations on heartwrenching historical / timetravel books. So… If you like books that are 虐身虐心 (heavy on angst), but have a happy ending, you should definitely give it a try! Lost count on the number of times I cried, but it was so worth it when they got their happy ending. And although the book is heartbreaking and a tearjerker, it’s also a very sweet book because of how much the leads love each other. Most of the sadness stems from the fact that they love each other way too much.

    It also features one of the best openings I’ve ever seen… The female lead, 年璇玑 (NXJ), is sentenced to death by execution by the male lead, 龙飞离 (LFL), who is also the emperor. And the other characters in the book are all wondering what made LFL sentence her to death especially when he gave the love meant to be spread across the 3,000 concubines in his harem to her, and her alone. On the date of the execution, LFL visits NXJ before the sentence is to be carried out and she asks to have one last moment with him to speak to him alone…. then she dies from blood loss in his arms (apparently she was heavily injured while locked in prison, and the eunuch ordered by the emperor to deliver the medicine to her did not do so because the eunuch hated her. That’s cause everyone thought she conspired with the enemy country to betray LFL, just like her traitorous father). So NXJ dies, and just as the emperor is about to bring her body to some xianxia-esque place to preserve it (so that her soul may one day re-enter the body and resurrect), there’s news from the palace that his other concubine (aka the 2nd female lead, 温如意 [WRY])’s unborn child is in danger and she wants to see him. (*spoiler* WRY’s child is NOT LFL’s! But everyone thinks it is, because WRY is the emperor’s concubine.)

    Then the question is left hanging: whether LFL will go to preserve NXJ (who is by now, a dead person)’s body or if he will go return to the palace to see WRY and ‘their’ unborn child. The story then cuts to a flashback which takes up the MAJORITY of the book, basically describing how NXJ first time-traveled to ancient China and met the emperor, as well as how they came to love each other, and how LFL eventually came to realise that what he felt for WRY was gratitude and responsibility, and not love. And after the realisation, LFL devotes himself to NXJ, and her alone.

    Then the flashback leads up to/ merges with the opening scene featuring NXJ’s execution and we finally learn what made LFL so enraged as to sentence NXJ to death. (ANGST, so MUCH ANGST). BUT the story doesn’t end like that, thankfully! It’s a happy ending. NXJ goes back to modern china and is then transported back to the past, this time round with her original face. (Btw, her ‘original face’ is also the same face she had during her FIRST/ past life. This book features 3 lifes – the first life, the modern life in 21st century China, and the historical life in ancient China. Basically, in the first life, NXJ was the unfavoured wife/queen of LFL, who only liked his concubine (aka WRY in the past life). This first life ended in ta ragedy because LFL only realised his feelings for her after she died to save WRY’s life.) So, back to ancient China, there’s about 20-25% of the book left, and everything starts to get resolved, and NXJ and LFL get the happy ending that they deserve. ❤

    Its sister story (非我倾城:王爷要休妃) set in the same universe but featuring different characters, is also worth a read. LFL and NXJ appear a couple of times here. I'd say this book it's even more heartrending since the male lead, 上官惊鸿 (SGJH), takes a much, MUCH longer time to finally accept the fact that the person he loves is the female lead, 翘楚 (QC), not the 2nd female lead, 沈清零 (SQL). This book also features 3 different lives – the first life, the historical life, and the modern life. But the emphasis on the modern life is slightly heavier here, since there's also a mini-sequel about their modern lives. But it's okay because the plot line featuring their modern lives is just as heart-wrenching and captivating.

    In 非我倾城:王爷要休妃, I still remember one scene where SGJH agonises to himself why can't he have the best of both worlds (i.e. have both the female (QC) & 2nd female lead (SQL) -.-). BUT eventually SGJH becomes honest with himself and finally realises that his attachment with SQL is out of a misplaced sense of gratitude. One of the reason why he's so attached to SQL was because during his difficult childhood, she was the one who accompanied him. Turns out, it's actually QC, not SQL. In fact, SQL as a child preferred his brother, the crown prince, over him. There's a lot of angst while SGJH thinks that the person he loves is SQL because of the way he treats QC. When QC first discovered his true intentions regarding the throne (succession battles with the crown prince), SGJH took a gamble and let her free instead of killing her. Instead, he force-fed her a poison to ensure that she'll never betray him. But when QC stumbled across the fact that SQL was a double agent acting for SGJH instead of the crown prince, SGJH ordered QC killed. I remember how QC remarked that SGJH was willing to take a risk and let her go when she discovered HIS secret, but how he loved SQL so much that he would not take this risk when the secret concerned SQL. 😦 It's only when SQL's uncle stepped in that she barely saved her life. If not for that, SGJH REALLY would have had her dead.

    Anyway, those happened early on in the book. Eventually (which takes a while…), SGJH realises his true feelings for QC, and finally admits that his 'love' to SQL was just attachment and familiarity. Then he kind of forgets/ neglects SQL all the way till the end. There was a scene where the people in SGJH's manor discussed how much money he gave to each of his concubines/ servants. Normal servants received a couple of taels per month. First wife 郎霖铃 (LLL) received 1,000 taels. His trusted servants/ bodyguards/ assassins received 500 taels. SQL (who he was forced to marry by the emperor) received 2,000. QC's two trusted servants also received 1,000 or 2,000 (I can't remember which). But he gave QC the key to his treasury and told her that everything he had, was hers. 😀 Finally we see how QC measures up compared to everyone else in his heart, which was so, so worth it, because for so long, SGJH kept prioritizing SQL over QC.

    Also, you know how some books like to make the 2nd female lead suffer and etc after they lose the male lead's love? How the female lead will start to enact her revenge and stuff? In this book, that doesn't really happen, which is oddly satisfying. SGJH just becomes so fixated and enraptured by QC that he eventually just gives no shit about SQL. It's like SQL becomes so insignificant that both SGJH and QC could barely care less about her. Oddly enough, in their modern lives, even first wife LLL had a greater role in SGJH's life as compared to SQL. In the modern lives SGJH REALLY didn't give a shit about SQL, only saw her as his friend's sister and all that. So yes, it was super satisfying, because SQL is so bloody self-centered.

    So yes, this sister book also features a truckload of angst, but it also ends happily 😀 The mini-sequel on their modern lives was just as good as the main book on their historical lives! In fact, I keep thinking about their modern lives, for some reason. It's just so… ❤

    Overall, I think I cried more in 再生缘: 我的温柔暴君, but strangely enough, I also felt that 再生缘: 我的温柔暴君 was a sweeter/more romantic book. That said, 非我倾城 was also written by the same author and set in the same universe, so if you love one, you'll probably like the other.

    I don't think there exists any english translation for the above two books. They're super long, and I listened to the audiobooks at ximalaya, and both have over 200 audio episodes. Yes, it sounds LONG, but it's so good that I never want them to end and am re-listening to them again. ;_; In particular I think 再生缘: 我的温柔暴君's was super well produced, despite it being narrated only by 1 female narrator. The female narrator was just able to bring out SO MUCH emotions in her voice… also, maybe it's because she was narrating such a long book all by herself, but her voice also became slightly hoarse during the later episodes. This hoarseness was strangely fitting because it kind of sounded like the kind of hoarse voice you get after crying, which is fits the melancholic sadness in the book. ❤

  23. Guys, I know Buddhism and monk-love sounds off-putting but please don’t knock Faithful to Buddha, Faithful to You and till you’ve at least tried the first few chapters. I only got up to chapter 29 (from the english trans in progress…seriously debating just listening to the audiobook) but it’s already one of my favorite novels. It’s definitely one of those novels like One Life One Incarnation Beautiful Bones that is totally atmospheric and evokes emotions and mood in me rather than explicit thoughts. FBFY is so utterly majestic and just…majestic. It’s incredibly culturally rich. I was also skeptical at first but honestly I grew to love and totally got interested in Buddhism because of the book (it’s what convinced me to write my research paper on Buddhism in China and Kumarajiva). The religion part is woven into the essence of the novel and is explained very well and thoroughly to allow for easy understanding of the Buddhist ideas…and this is coming from someone who knew basically nothing about Buddhism. the love story is epic and so deep and moving. I would liken it to Eleven and Xiao Nanchen Prince but with more developing romantic love. But at the root, it holds that same vein of deep mutual respect and understanding that is both acknowledged and not-needed-to-be-said. The feel of the novel is so vast and all-encompassing and the characters and their love feel so majestic. There’s truly no better word to describe it. It’s majestic in that their love, their ideals, their everything feels so much grander, so much bigger than just them. Again, they evoke the same passion and aspirations as Xiao Nanchen Prince from our beloved Beautiful Bones. I HIGHLY recommend this book to EVERYONE.

    Word of warning, I hear it’s NOT a tragic ending, but still prepare to have your hearts torn up into pieces.

  24. Actually i wanted to ask if you have read the novel named jade lovers from the app kongfubooks
    The thing is that i liked it very much and i think this is from a book
    So i would like to ask if you can tell if it is from book or not
    And if yes then whats the name of the book
    I looked it all over google but I didn’t find it
    There is another one in other website but it is difrerent
    So could you please check and confirm it
    I would be glad if you could say

    • I’ve not heard of kongfu books until today so I checked it out.

      I’ve also posted this book in SSB for you.

      But I’ll not entertain anymore request since Fanatical is just a blog for me and hoju to translate books that we like, not a forum or place to ask question or request for translation. Also, I don’t read translated novel or president/CEO text so my knowledge in this area is very limited. In the future, it is best that you ask Kongfu books directly for the novel name in Chinese.

  25. Hello…. is there any way you can update the top novels for 2018/2019? It would be great to have some new novels to look forward to… Thanks lots..

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