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My Sunshine (何以笙箫默): Episode 25 Review and Recap



My recap is slower than my watching because writing is a lot harder than watching 😦 I am satisfied with the ending which is exactly like the book. I think the last episode has the most WC so it is the best episode where my eyes never left the tv. This episode is also good with WC looking so domesticated, going to supermarket and cooking. He is no longer like the Yi Chen in the novel since it is mentioned that Yi Chen seldom smiles in the novel. Anyway it is good to see Yi Chen looking so happy, no longer sad and in pain.

My Sunshine Episode 25 Review & Recap (written by peanuts & illustrated by bongsd)

This episode begins with Mo Sheng and Yi Chen shopping in the same supermarket which they first met after she returned from US. This is a nice addition to the novel as this scene is so much sweeter than the first tension filled supermarket scene.

Mo Sheng: Are we cooking tonight?
Yi Chen: Yes, I am cooking.
Mo Sheng: You are cooking?
Yi Chen: Yes, is there a problem?
Mo Sheng:  No problem. So does it mean I can choose my dishes? Such as restaurant dishes that are more difficult to cook.
Yi Chen: Are you testing me?
Mo Sheng: No, this is trust. I want to eat kung pao chicken, sweet and sour spare ribs, cheese prawns, and fish in sour soupWill that be too many?
Yi Chen: No, not many.  Fatten you up so more meaty for me to hug.
Mo Sheng: Afterwards other people heard.
Yi Chen: Before, I don’t really like to go to supermarket.
Mo Sheng: I know because you are too busy with your work. Look at you. You exhausted yourself to the point of an ulcer.
Yi Chen: No, not because of work.
Mo Sheng: Then why?
Yi Chen: Because supermarket is too lifelike, many couples around making me feel sad, envious as well as angry.
Mo Sheng: Angry? Angry with me?
Yi Chen: Yes, angry with you. Hey, you just said this is a supermarket. You are an adult now, still acting coquettish. People will laugh at you.
Mo Sheng: I just want to feel the warmth of your body.


Yi Chen: Olive oil?
Mo Sheng: Hey Yi Chen, I saw you there on that day.
Yi Chen: That day I dropped my wallet. You only take one look at me, and I’ll have troubles come my way.
Mo Sheng: Oh, thank you. I didn’t realize I had such allure. Beauty that can sink fish and drop wallets. By the way I want to go and thank that security guard.
Guard: Oh, I remembered. So, did you manage to find the owner of the wallet?
Mo Sheng: Yes, I found him. Today, I purposely bring him here to thank you.
Guard: Congrats. At least I’ve done a good deed. Your boyfriend is very handsome.
Yi Chen: If possible, I want to invite you to our wedding.
Guard: It is not appropriate.
Yi Chen: Here is a business card. We’ll be very happy if you can come.
Guard: Okay, sure sure.

It is so touching that they go together to thank that security guard and invite him to their wedding as without the wallet I doubt they’ll be able to get back together. This scene is such a fitting closure to their first meeting in the supermarket 7 years later.


Arrgh, I can’t resist admiring a man cooking in the kitchen. Not only me, Mo Sheng is also very impressed. WC really looks the part with the way he is slicing the vegetables and the way he is holding the knife. I think WC can cook in real life? Not only WC looks good while eating, he also looks good when he is cooking. I think I’ve been complained by bookpie for gushing  praise on WC 😛


Mo Sheng: You actually really know how to cook?
Yi Chen: I started to help auntie to cook when I was ten years old.
Mo Sheng: Ten years old? I wish I had known you earlier. Yi Chen, teach me how to cook, so that I can cook for you in the future.


Yi Chen: If you continue to be like this I am going to cut my finger.
Mo Sheng: Will it be too many dishes? I actually just randomly named some dishes.
Yi Chen: Yes, each dish is a completely different culinary style.
Mo Sheng: Then you cook less or else we can’t finish eating them.
Yi Chen: I’ll cook better then bring some for Lao Yuan to comfort his broken heart. Oh, better not, he may get even more heart broken, haha…..

Such happy scene and the dialogue is so mushy. We’ve Mo Sheng hugging Yi Chen from behind again, so heart-warming.


676f52eegw1eoichu81gzg207g082qv5“Making of My Sunshine: Wa [Wallace’s nickname] Becomes God of Cooking”
You can find the video here

Yuan Feng tells his friend he has broken up with Yi Mei during Rio drinking session. The friend says Yi Mei is too snooty so best to break up if they are not compatible. It is dinner time at the He household.

Mo Sheng: So tasty!
Yi Chen: What do you think?


Mo Sheng: I like to eat this one.
Yi Chen: Then eat more.
Mo Sheng: I can’t eat anymore as I am full. I want to go and lie down on the sofa.
Yi Chen: Hey, it is not good for health to lie down right after your meal.
Mo Sheng: Okay, then I’ll go and wash the dishes.
Yi Chen: Go and tidy up the clothes.


Mo Sheng: What clothes?
Yi Chen: My clothes. I’ve been living in the guest room for so long so it is time for me to return to my own room. Go ! Quickly go !
Mo Sheng: I’ll go immediately.

Another chance to fangirl WC’s mouth-watering eating posture 🙂 Their interaction is so cute and Mo Sheng is so shy, haha…



Mo Sheng goes to tidy up Yi Chen’s clothes. Another sugary sweet scene that is not in the novel.
Yi Chen: Are you done yet?
Mo Sheng: The color of your clothes is too dull.
Yi Chen: What other color for suits?
Mo Sheng: The suit can be of one color but your shirts and ties can be of different color.
Yi Chen: Okay, you can take care of them in the future.
Mo Sheng: Okay, I’ll make you look even more handsome. This is not right! You are already so handsome, attracting the bees and butterflies. So why am I making you look even more handsome, making trouble for myself?
Yi Chen: Come.
Mo Sheng: I’ve not finished tidying up yet.
Yi Chen: There is no hurry, let’s celebrate first.
Mo Sheng: Celebrate what?
Yi Chen: Celebrate that I am finally moving back to my own room.



Mo Sheng tells Yi Chen it is his turn to tell her about the past 7 years. If she wants to know about his cases, he can tell her. Mo Sheng is not interested so there is nothing to tell. Then they talk about the invalid divorce agreement. Yi Chen tells her the divorce decree is a forged one as Ying Hui did not hand the divorce agreement to the court. However since they didn’t register the marriage at the Chinese embassy, it’ll not affect their marriage in China. Mo Sheng is relief yet unhappy as to why Ying Hui will do like this. Yi Chen tells her not to worry as he’ll take care of it.


There is something wrong with the editing as this scene was shown briefly at the end of episode 24 then repeat and elaborate here? Yi Chen meets up with Ying Hui. He apologizes for having the meeting so late as he has been busy. Yi Chen replies as a lawyer he understands his tactic perfectly but it won’t work on him. Ying Hui replies he is misunderstood. Ying Hui continues to say the greatest achievement of a man is to build a business empire. Yi Chen says Ying Hui needs this self-assurance to make himself feels better since he must have received his legal letter. Yi Chen hopes Ying Hui will still be so confident when he is accused of forging the divorce decree in the future. There is no such thing as an invalid divorce application. Ying Hui is not intimidated and says so what. Then Yi Chen tells him the legal consequences of forgery. Ying Hui believes Mo Sheng will not stand in court to accuse him of forgery. She may not love him but she’ll never do anything that will hurt him. In the end Yi Chen tells Ying Hui, they are not concerned about the divorce certificate so he can continue to admire it. I am not doing justice in summarizing their conversation as it is too difficult. Do watch it with English subtitles as it is quite interesting.



Xiao Xiao and Mo Sheng has tea together. Xiao Xiao notices Mo Sheng is very happy. Mo Sheng asks her why she is not dating and want to match make for her. Xiao Xiao says no need as she wants to concentrate on her career. Back in the office, Mo Sheng receives a bouquet of roses from Ying Hui. Did he recycle the same bouquet that he had when he returned to China and went to Mo Sheng’s place to look for her? Xiao Hong thought the flower is from Yi Chen. She returns the flower to Ying Hui and tells her the only present she wants to receive from him is a divorce decree. He asks Mo Sheng if she’ll go to court and accuse him of forgery to send him to jail? Mo Sheng keeps quiet which means she won’t so Ying Hui is relief. Mo Sheng tells him he has misunderstood their relationship as she has never loved him. She’ll appoint a lawyer to proceed with the divorce but Ying Hui says he won’t cooperate. Mo Sheng appeals to him not to be someone she doesn’t know anymore. Then he tells Mo Sheng he has a second present for her which is to re-open her dad’s case to prove his innocence. Mo Sheng says she’ll investigate herself. At home, she remembers her dad said she can go and ask her mum about his case since she was also implicated.


WC fans, I want to ask you if it is WC’s real voice when he speaks in English to that American from Signativa Law Firm? Himmy insists it is WC’s real voice but I am not convinced. Yi Chen is reading up on the marriage law in US.


Just like in the novel, Yi Chen is bringing Mo Sheng back to the hometown to meet the parents.

Yi Chen: Mo Sheng, do you know how to play mahjong?
Mo Sheng: Play mahjong? Don’t know.
Yi Chen: Auntie loves to play mahjong, so if you don’t know how, she’ll probably be very disappointed.
Mo Sheng: What to do? Why didn’t you tell me earlier so I can practice?
Yi Chen: You still have time to practice. I’ll teach you.
Mo Sheng:  Aha, I’ve a solution.
What is the solution? Practice playing mahjong on her mobile phone?
Mo Sheng: You taking away my phone, how am I going to practice?
Yi Chen: We have arrived home.
Mo Sheng: Oh we’ve arrived. I’ll help you to carry.
Yi Chen: No need, help me to close the boot cover. Lock the door.


The family with the exception of Yi Mei welcome them with open arms. I am sure you can recognise Shan Shan’s dad is now Yi Mei’s dad, lol. Let us continue to drool on how good WC looks when he is eating. Oh, so yummy !!! Who looks better when eating, Shan Shan or Yi Chen haha? He should host a cooking program.  Mrs He complains Yi Chen didn’t inform them of his marriage. Yi Chen replies it was done at the spur of the moment and they still need her help to organise the wedding. Yi Chen tells Mo Sheng to learn from Mrs He how to cook his favorite fish.


After dinner, they go to watch Yi Mei hosts the local celebration event. All the neighbours find out that Yi Chen has got married. While walking down from the stage she nearly slips but Mo Sheng manages to grab her on time. Instead Mo Sheng is hurt.


Yi Mei brings Mo Sheng the chicken soup cooked by Mrs He. Although she expresses her gratitude yet it is not heartfelt. Especially when she says even if she was to slip to her death, she also doesn’t want Mo Sheng to help her. She is so hostile when she accuses Mo Sheng of pretending to look innocent. She’ll not ask about her stuff with Yi Chen anymore so she asks Mo Sheng not to show her face in front of her anymore. Mo Sheng is perplexed as to what she had done to her. Yi Mei tells her that she knows about her marriage to Ying Hui so she is not good enough for Yi Chen. Mo Sheng tries to explain the marriage is in name only. Why should Miss Nosy react so strongly since her brother accepted it? Whenever I see Yi Mei, I feel sleepy 😛


Aiya, another trouble maker, Ying Hui’s ex-girlfriend insinuating that Linda didn’t tell her something. Ying Hui has bad taste to ever like this fake and materialistic woman in the first place. With such bad judgement, how did he manage to make it big? I guess some people are just plain lucky. Yi Chen is attending to Mo Sheng’s injured leg. She tells him that Yi Mei knew about her marriage to Ying Hui. Yi Chen says she already knew when they were on their honeymoon. Mo Sheng doesn’t want people to judge or gossip behind Yi Chen back but Yi Chen says he doesn’t care.


Brother Yi Chen comes to talk to Yi Mei. She asks why he didn’t tell her the marriage was in name only. Yi Chen replies, he has only just found out. At last, she sees the errors of her way in believing outsider and apologizes to Yi Chen. Yi Chen says what is in the past has passed. Shouldn’t she apologize to Mo Sheng instead?

Hoju: Agree, apology should go to Mo Sheng. I’m glad Yi Mei has decided to let go, although I still find it partially a convenient excuse. She was trying to come between Yi Chen and Mo Sheng when she had just hints that Mo Sheng and Ying Hui knew each other. Maybe this is just the thing she needed to wake her up.


20 thoughts on “My Sunshine (何以笙箫默): Episode 25 Review and Recap

  1. Can I ask where you watched this episode? I watched it on Iqiyi and didn’t see the beginning with the super market scene. Wondering if the version that I have been watching is a cut version. Thanks.

  2. Peanuts,
    Yes, its WC’s real voice when he speak English.

  3. Honestly, I’ve never been so confounded by a tv drama like “Sunshine” before. I couldn’t comprehend how MS was all dull and lifeless in the first half of this drama and how she did a 360 degree turnaround to become all silly and annoyingly cute in the second half. Likewise, I couldn’t understand either how HYC could be all dull and sullen in the first half and then descended into a dorky and inexplicably sweet person in the second half. Thank god I didn’t read the book either; otherwise, I would be one super confused viewer of this drama. LOL! 😀 I guess this drama is a classic example of how a good novelist does not necessarily transcend into a good scriptwriter. They should have produced an 11-episode drama for “Sunshine” very much like all those J-dramas out there. At least, I’m enjoying the 4-episode condensed version right now. Well, better late than never. 🙂

    • These are my complaints with the drama:

      1) the production team – I had high expectations after finding out this production team is the same that did Boss & Me and Prince Turned To Frog, two dramas I love. However, something feels off in Sunshine. Now I’m forced to think this production team may excel at comedy dramas but not angsty dramas so they’re a wrong fit to be in charge of this project. This production team should do what they do best, which is stick to comedy dramas from now on!

      2) lead couple’s chemistry – The chemistry between the lead couple is one of the most important, if not the most important factor, that can make or break a drama. Unfortunately, I’m not seeing firework chemistry between Wallace and Tang Yan so the angst and heartbreak that are the basis of the plot aren’t convincing.

      3) unnecessary side plots to make the drama longer than needed – When I see my favorite books adapted, I want to see few changes especially to the characters because they make the novel what it is. If the adaptation is not similar to the book then just make a new drama and call it something else. Nothing wrong with that! I don’t understand why Sunshine needed to add YF and increased focus on minor characters like XX and YH”s ex. Instead, to fill screen time if needed, the drama should increase focus on Lao Yuan, Xiang Heng and Xiao Hong. These characters would be good comic relief, and they’re supporting characters in the novel so readers who love the novel will easily connect to these characters in the drama. And lastly, quality is more important than quantity!! China should realize there’s no rule in the universe that says all dramas must be at least 30 eps. If there’s only enough materials for 10 eps then make the drama 10 eps. If there’s only enough materials for 20 eps then make the drama 20eps. This novel is not long so Sunshine should not be 30+ eps.

      4) authors as scriptwriters – I love Gu Man!!! I truly do because GM’s books introduced me to Chinese romance novels so GM will always hold a special place in my heart. However, just like this production team that excelled at comedy dramas but fail at angsty dramas, I’m led to believe that GM is not a good choice for a scriptwriter, at least for angsty dramas. First, novels have different pacing than dramas. In novels, there’s no need to have a cliffhanger at the end of every chapter. However, in dramas, each episode needs to end with a cliffhanger so viewers will want to continue watching. Secondly, GM is known for lighthearted, humorous stories. This style clashes with writing for an angsty drama where you have to be as dramatic and crazy as possible to drum up viewers’ interest.

      So where did it go wrong when it’s the production team whose previous works I love, the novel that I love, the scriptwriter is the author I love, but the finished product is not what I expected? It’s because there are weaknesses when the drama was produced so when the finished product airs, these weaknesses unfortunately become glaringly obvious.

      • Hi, Lidge. Great insights on this drama. I couldn’t agree more. “Sunshine” probably deserves a Rotten Tomato award for its very mediocre production quality and its poor editing. LOL! Still, I can’t help but to be caught up in all its hype. For all its mediocrity, the drama has pulled in some respectable tv ratings since the halfway mark and garnered phenomenal viewerships on Internet television. I guess we’ll have to give due credit to the popularity of the original novel and the reputation of its author, Gu Man. Of course we cannot discount the fact that WC had also put in a sterling performance as HYC in the drama, never mind that he did miss the plot at times. 😀
        As to what went wrong with this drama – IMHO, allowing TY the free rein of interpreting the character of MS has got to be one of the weaknesses of this drama. I won’t elaborate further lest I incur the wrath of TY’s fans here. Don’t ‘shoot’ me now. LOL! 😛

  4. Dear Peanuts, Please do not stop gushing about Wallace. I could read you gushing about Wallace for pages and pages if you kept giving me gifs of him eating and cooking. I wish he would do his own cooking show. I need this because it takes me so long to watch the shows where I live. Instead, it looks like we will have two feet of snow tomorrow.

    Also, I read that there is going to be a film version of this book. What do you guys think?

    • Okay, I’ll continue to gush until nauseating lol. I’ll try my best on the gifs depending on my stock. Maybe I’ll make a post just to fangirl WC eating & drinking lol.

      I think there’ll be 2 film versions of the book. Of course I am not gonna support the first one which is in the midst of filming now bcos no WC :

      • I would put a special bookmark in a link for a post filled with Wallace eating and drinking. I have read all of your posts of the drama and your blog’s translation of the novel. Everything is shut down today where I live. We already have a 15 inches (38 cm) of snow and it still snowing, so I have some time to watch more Wallace. Keep the pics coming, please. I am forever thankful for you sharing your Wallace love with the rest of us. 😀

  5. Yi Chen tells her the divorce decree is a forged one as Ying Hui did not hand the divorce agreement to the court.

    – Kinda proud of myself for calling that since episode 14. I mean, it was kind of obvious once hoju explained what was said between Ying Hui and his lawyer, but still, it makes me feel all smart and stuff. LOL!

    Also, can we take a moment to appreciate that Ying Hui is the dumbest villain in the history of dumb villains. The writer’s did not do the character of Ying Hui justice. His entire plan was just so ….tsk, tsk, tsk

    • Yup, some ppl in baidu has been complaining why someone like YH is desperate enough to do something like this and some more not doing it well. He is supposed to be an internet whiz kid like alibaba but in the drama it sounds like he is alimama 😛

  6. Since I don’t understand Chinese, how does YC find out the marriage between MS and YH was only by name? by reading the old marriage contract??

    • Probably two ways, although the first one is less obvious. (episode 24… check out peanut’s translation of their entire conversation)

      (1) When they consummate their marriage… I’m sure Yi Chen probably realized then that it was Mo Sheng’s “first time” so if that was the case, what about her marriage with Ying Hui? He must have realized that there were things he did not know, hence afterwards, he was very pensive and got up to gather his thoughts by the window. When Mo Sheng woke up, he decided to ask her about the past.
      (2) Mo Sheng told him. He asked her how things were when she first arrived in the U.S. Remember, Mo Sheng’s response was, “I thought you would want to ask something else”? I suspect she probably thought he would jump straight into asking about her marriage with Ying Hui. Anyways, as they talked through the night about her time in the U.S., the whole story about why and how she adopted a son would likely have come up.

      • thanks. I assumed too when they consummated their marriage he might have suspected something. In the novel I think I recalled her ‘ex-husband’ telling YC about the fake marriage but since the drama made the ‘ex-husband’ a bad guy I knew he would never let this fact be known. And when she talked about her time in the US, I was thinking maybe the drama will have her say “My marriage to ‘ex-hubby’ was fake because…”then we see the next day.

  7. hoju — I thought the same thing…that after their first time in bed, he probably knows she never slept with her ex-husband……I had to wonder…was it his first time too? Lol…

    • He’s so prim and proper, never had a girlfriend aside from Mo Sheng, and is known in the whole industry as someone who keeps away from women (prior to Mo Sheng’s return, of course). No woman has ever successfully gotten close to him… so, YES! I think so!

  8. I am so glad I reread this review! I was chuckling as I read the comments! Love this blogsite! Thanks, Peanuts and Hoju! Love you and WC, a lot!

  9. Especially when she says even if she was to slip to her death, she also doesn’t want Mo Sheng to help her. She is so hostile when she accuses Mo Sheng of pretending to look innocent. She’ll not ask about her stuff with Yi Chen anymore so she asks Mo Sheng not to show her face in front of her anymore.

    – wadafak this girl… seriously, she never apologized for what she said 7 years ago (yes, i am petty, i want to hear that golden ‘sorry’ word) and now she do it again.. she owe mosheng double or triple apology.. you are so messed up girl… do you don’t even have a pride? why you do all these just for a man (even if the man is heyichen), GO AWAY!!!

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