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Really, Really Miss You (很想很想你) – Weibo Random Scenes and Storyline Song



One of the fun things about following these c-novel authors on Weibo is that many of them sometimes post little random scenes of characters from their novels, just for fun. (I’ve seen it from Mo Bao Fei Bao and Ding Mo. Unfortunately, nothing from Gu Man that I know of.) These scenes usually won’t make it into published novels, and often don’t even make it into the online copies that you read. I’ve gathered the little random Weibo scenes for Really, Really Miss You that I have found. (Toupai is naughty!)

Also, a storyline song has been made for Really, Really Miss You. I’ve translated the lyrics for it. Have a listen. 🙂

And this is it for now! That’s all I have on Toupai and Sheng Sheng until the book comes out or MBFB writes more Weibo tidbits. Once again, thanks for everyone’s support.  Hope to see you over in Beautiful Bones, which will be up for my next posting slot!  🙂

Weibo Random Scenes

So, these are just little scenes of Toupai, Sheng Sheng, and sometimes other characters that popped into Mo Bao Fei Bao’s mind at one point in time. If it’s not specified, you are not supposed to really try to figure where they fit in chronologically, whether Toupai and Sheng Sheng are married yet at that point, etc.  The actual novel may not even honour these random scenes later, so don’t think too much about them and just enjoy them.

If I know, I have written down the date of the Weibo post. Some of them, I haven’t been able to find the original. Not sure if they were posted and then deleted later by Mo Bao Fei Bao, or I just was blind and missed them.  I did not translate one because it was about a game in Weibo that I have absolutely no idea about. If I ever figure it out, I’ll update this post with that one, too.

Scene 1
(August 19, 2013) The honeymoon. Toupai discovered that the local currency in his wallet was all used up. Sheng Sheng saw a sign saying “currency exchange”, so she pulled out 400 RMB and walked over towards it. Standing in front of the shop were five or six women, but none of them paid any attention to her, even to the point that, when she asked them a question, they would take a step away. Toupai wrapped an arm around her and pulled her back. In a seductively low and tender voice, he told her, “In this country, people who stand in line underneath this type of sign will only provide services to male tourists…”

Scene 2
(August 19, 2013) The honeymoon. Sheng Sheng was sweating incessantly. “Why doesn’t the hotel have any air conditioning?” Toupai was lying on his side beside her, one hand propping up his head. “This place is different from the one we were at a few days ago. They get little sun throughout the year and their summer is short, so the locals don’t like to install air conditioning. They like to savour the summer heat.” Sheng Sheng quietly marked an “X” on the map. She definitely needed to tell Geng Xiaoxing, if Jue Mei was like Toupai and was very “physically fit”… this place was not suitable for a honeymoon…

Scene 3
(August 19, 2013) The vacation where Toupai “settled” Sheng Sheng, on an island somewhere. Geng Xiaoxing was at a supermarket, and the cashier pointed to a poster behind her. She did not understand, so the person explained to her. She still did not understand. Jue Mei: “She’s telling you to buy a frequent shopper’s card. You get a discount all-year round.” Geng Xiaoxing complained, “I’m just here on vacation……” She suddenly let out a squeal and exclaimed, “Have I gotten so tanned that I’m as dark as the locals here?!” Jue Mei cleared his throat. “It’s okay. If any violent incident happens, you’re safer than any of us.”

Scene 4
(August 19, 2013) The vacation where Toupai “settled” Sheng Sheng, on an island somewhere. Mu Mu had just finished a shower and stepped out in only his underwear. The sliding door to the balcony was suddenly pulled open by Dou Dou Dou Bing. “…… AH!!!!” Mu Mu frowned. Dou Dou Dou Bing eyed him up and down several times. “I feel like I need to take responsibility for seeing you like this…” Mu Mu continued to frown and then yanked Mo Bai, who was still toweling himself dry and had not put on any clothing yet, from the washroom. “You’ve seen both of us now, so you don’t have to take any responsibility…” Dou Dou Dou Bing shrieked and fled from there…

Scene 5
(August 21, 2013) There was a period when Gu Sheng had poor appetite. No matter what Qiang Qing Ci SAMA cooked, she would always have food left over. At last, SAMA finally gave a sigh and leaned over, his hands propping him up on the table, to tell her, “Most people who like to leave leftover food will go to hell after they die, and on top of that, they are forced to eat the food they had left over while they were alive.” Gu Sheng said in distress, “So that means I’ll have to eat decades of leftover food?” She took her food and held it up to his lips. “My Toupai loves his wife dearly…”

Scene 6
Gu Sheng continued to have poor appetite. One night, halfway into the night, she suddenly panicked. While Toupai was in the washroom, she sprang up, pulled out a box from the bedside table, emptied out its entire contents of several hundred little packages, and started carefully feeling each one. Toupai walked up behind her and watched her amusedly. “Are you trying to count to see if there is less? Whether I’ve secretly used some?” Gu Sheng nervously answered him, “No… I just wanted to feel to see if… you’ve ever pricked them with a needle…”

Scene 7
Regarding those several hundred “little packages.” They were having a group dinner. Mu Mu arrived late and then pulled out a large box from his backpack. “My friend does product quality testing. This week, he is sample testing this.” He opened the box. Everyone was speechless. Mu Mu: “After the random sampling is done, the ones left over have no use.” He casually pushed the box over to Qiang Qing Ci. “You need this more than the rest of us.”…… Mu Mu never understood that, this casual sentence of his bolstered one SAMA but shot down an entire table of SAMAs.

Scene 8
(March 6, 2014) One day, Mu Mu wanted to make it clear that he was indeed a straight male, so he posted in Weibo: I prefer the pure, innocent type. The type that is cute and makes you want to love them dearly. The most important part though is, I like someone who likes to wear red skirts. Five seconds later, fans who shipped Mo Bai and Mu Mu very excitedly posted a picture of Mo Bai crossplaying Xiu Xiu from Sword 3 and also took a screenshot of Mu Mu’s Weibo post as evidence. While the fans’ blood were boiling in excitement, Mo Bai also enthusiastically re-tweeted their post with an @ Mu Mu: Oh, so you like that style. That’s easy.

[Crossplaying is a male cosplaying a female or vice versa.]

55558944201204152200451430782657378_001Qi Xiu (aka Xiu Xiu) from Sword 3
204355o4fz16hkltw9d9ekCrossplayer of Qi Xiu

Scene 9
(March 6, 2014) Every time Sheng Sheng Man was on singing duty, the YY room would be bursting with the number of people in it, all of them hardcore fans of Qiang Qing Ci who wanted to hear his voice. Sheng Sheng felt sorry for his fans, so one day, she secretly turned on her mike and deliberately lead Qiang Qing Ci, who was behind her, along so that he would say something for everyone to hear. “You were recording yesterday. Were there any good lines that you spoke?” “Can’t really remember.” He walked up beside the computer and suddenly, in a low voice, coaxingly invited, “Done singing? Want to go sleep for a little while? …” And so, everyone got their wish and heard everything…

Scene 10
(March 18, 2014) Ever since Qiang Qing Ci had his golden master, there were always fans who especially did not support him on this and would leave badmouthing comments…… Sheng Sheng felt very distressed over this. One day, Qiang Qing Ci posted a PaPa recording [see Chapter 23, footnote 1]. His voice was low and cold. “Walking alone at night. Not really used to it.” Instantly, all his fans were heartbroken for him and flooded the comments with the same message: Golden Pig, hurry home… Don’t let our DaRen walk alone at night T.T… From then on, no one came to leave any badmouthing messages… #DiscussQiangQingCisPerfectActingSkills#

Scene 11
(Nov 13, 2014) The big doctor went out of country for half a year to further his studies. Gu Sheng developed a habit where she would save every WeChat message he sent her and only listen to them one at a time, spaced over a period of time. Even the ones she had listened to before, when she was bored and had nothing to do, she would re-listen to, justifying her actions with, “Once your biggest idol, forever your biggest idol.” When Geng Xiaoxing found out about this, she secretly told Jue Mei, and then Jue Mei secretly told Toupai. The result was, the next day, Gu Sheng discovered her WeChat had more than 1000 new voice messages and they all came from Qiang Qing Ci…

Scene 12
(February 1, 2015) Sheng Sheng’s first time meeting her future mother-in-law. Mother-in-law held onto her hand and revealed that she had already been her fan on Weibo for a long time. More than 10,000 fans. So amazing! Her heart silently dripping blood, Sheng Sheng glanced over at Toupai, who was sitting in the living room flipping through a magazine and acting like nothing had happened… If her lips had not been sealed ahead of time, she would definitely have pointed out the true god there: “Your son is the one who’s dressed in all sorts of gold and silver with several hundreds of thousand fans. I’m just made out of clay in comparison and not worth any money…”

Hoju: How do you think Toupai “sealed” Sheng Sheng’s lips? 😉 And if she’s a fan, shouldn’t Mama Mo know that Sheng Sheng Man is dating the famous Qiang Qing Ci?  

Scene 13
(February 1, 2015) Qiang Qing Ci: “Sheng Sheng?” She was sick with a sore throat but did not want to take medication, so she could only nod in answer. Him: “Do you want to sing another duet with me?” She nodded. “Do you want it so that, even if I am not home at night, you can still lie on this bed and talk to me on the phone?” Blushing, she nodded her head. “Come here. Take your medicine.” He bit a pill between his teeth and successfully fed it into her mouth… “Do you need me to feed you your water, too?” She immediately picked up her glass of water and – gulp, gulp – downed it fiercely.

Scene 14MBFB asked fans what they wanted for a Lunar New Year’s present. Everyone had requests for new scenes from their various favourite novel(s). In the end, she posted a giant post with a scene each for the leads from nearly every single one of her novels, in which a theoretical email was sent out to them asking them to recap the first night they did *it*. Here is the one for Really, Really Miss You.
(February 19, 2015, Lunar New Year’s Day at 12:01am) On a certain day, in the middle of the night, Mo Bao Fei Bao sent an email to all the leads of her novels: “Hey dears, do you still remember that night?”
Gu Sheng: “The author… um, she didn’t write it…”
Mo Qingcheng: “She doesn’t need to. It happens every night.”
Gu Sheng: “Not… every night, right?”
Mo Qingcheng: (picks her up from in front of the computer into his arms) “Really? Are you sure you’re not remembering wrong?”
Gu Sheng: “Well, for example, when you have to work overtime… we won’t do it.”
Mo Qingcheng: “Oh? (lowers his voice and gently, dotingly blows her ear) “Are you filing a complaint? How about this? You keep note in an electronic calendar and whatever I miss, I’ll make up to you. I…… willingly and happily will make it up to you.”

Scene 15“Bi dong” is an Internet slang used to describe a scene where someone is pressed up against a wall and kissed. “Bi” means wall and “dong” is an onomatopoeia to describe the sound of bumping into the wall.  It is a term that has been around for a while but recently has been very popular because of the drama, My Sunshine and the now famous scene in episode 8 (gifs and all to help you visualize 😉 ).
(February 28, 2015) In regards to “bi dong”. He had arrived home from the hospital late one night. As Sheng Sheng rubbed her eyes and crawled out of bed to cook a late night meal for him, she was suddenly pulled back. Her back thumped into the wall and she heard his voice beside her ear. “You said on Weibo, you like ‘bi dong’?”
Sheng Sheng: “……”
Toupai: “Legs need to be pressed together?”
Sheng Sheng: “No……”
Toupai: “What about our upper bodies? Is this position correct?”
Sheng Sheng: “Mm……”
Toupai lowered his head: “Next, I am free to take it from here as I please?”



Really, Really Miss You Storyline Song

From what I understand, Really, Really Miss You really was one of the first, if not the first, novels to focus on the 2-D world of CVs. A new category of novels has sprung up in the last year or so called “wang pei” or “online voice acting”, but all the ones I’ve seen have come after RRMY. ❤ How appropriate that a storyline song be made on it that tells the story of Toupai and Sheng Sheng.

This is truly a fan made cover song with original lyrics written for the novel, then posted in 5sing. The singers are kind of like Gu Sheng, amateur singers who aren’t huge in popularity but are having fun in the online singing world. They may or may not fit your ideal voice for Toupai and Sheng Sheng, but I commend the job they did. It’s made well enough that it has become the favourite song of my children of late. I have had to listen to it every_single_day. (See me banging my head on the wall?) My kids can recite dialogue taken straight from RRMY. 😉

The song is called 闻言倾心 “Wen Yan Qing Xin” [To Hear the Voice and Fall In Love]. Lyric and dialogue translation below, blue for Toupai, red for Sheng Sheng, green for both.



After I read Mo Bao Fei Bao’s “Really, Really Miss You”, I really wanted to write the lyrics of a song for the leads…
As the first novel out there to write about the CV and ancient-style music entertainment circles, it is simply a classic!

Mo Qingcheng: Sheng Sheng Man, are you there?
Gu Sheng: Hm?
Mo Qing Cheng: I love you. Do you… love me?
Gu Sheng: I…… I love…… your voice.
Mo Qingcheng: Thank you. I’ll “hold” you off the mike now.

[00:27]那天 是你声音无意闯进我心间
That day, your voice unintentionally barged into my heart
[00:34]那天 是我再次遭遇你偶然出现
That day, I once again by chance encountered you
[00:41]是你 唤醒我心中的火焰决定让你沦陷

It was you, who awakened the fire in my heart and caused me to decide to surrender into it with you

The only one for me in this noisy world

Amid tens of thousands of people, I called out your name

It’s the little joke I have wanted to act out for a long time now

And in your brief moment of silence
[01:14]我看见自己的心在冷眼谑笑 多可气

I could see into my heart where I was inwardly laughing facetiously. How annoying of me!

When I heard that you indeed loved my voice alone

I was secretly thrilled but did not express that happiness that I felt

Long ago, I had already heard your voice and my heart had fallen for you

Forgive me, for I only wanted to, one step at a time, get closer to you
And cause you to slowly fall into this trap called “love”
[01:59]共我同吟一曲 上邪

To sing together with me a song – Shang Ye

[02:19]那天 是你问我什么时候听到你
That day, you asked me when I first heard your voice
[02:25]那天 是我低头安静站在你面前

That day, I stood there quietly, head lowered, before you
[02:32]是你 唤醒我心中的爱恋决定自我沦陷

It was you who awakened the love in my heart and made me decide to surrender myself

To the only one for me in this noisy world

I secretly recorded the half a song you sang

Before you, I tentatively sang out the feelings of my heart

But in that time when rumors and gossip were swirling
[03:06]我听见自己的心在卑微退怯 多可笑

I heard my heart cowardly try to retreat. How absurd of me!

When I heard that you indeed love my voice alone

I was nervous, but I could not express that happiness I felt

Long ago, I had already heard your voice and my heart had fallen for you

I had no choice but to allow myself, one step at a time, to move closer to you

Worried that I might have misunderstood your feelings
[03:49]却吟一曲声声慢 予我
But then, you sang a song with “Sheng Sheng Man” in it to me

Mo Qingcheng: I like you a lot. Will you be my girlfriend?
Gu Sheng: …… We’ve only seen each other a few times…
Mo Qingcheng: With this sort of thing, the number of times we’ve seen each other doesn’t really matter
Gu Sheng: What if…… we aren’t suitable for each other?
Mo Qingcheng: What if…… we are?

When I heard that you indeed loved my voice alone
And that we had known each other before we had even really become close

Where you heard my voice and then your heart fell for me

I rejoiced that, one step at a time, you were moving closer to me
So that you were (I was) slowly falling into that trap called “love”
[04:57]共)同吟一曲 上邪

To sing together with me (you) a song – Shang Ye

[05:14]那天 是你声音无意闯进我心间
That day, your voice unintentionally barged into my heart
[05:21]那天 是你问我什么时候听到你
That day, you asked me when I first heard your voice
[05:28]那天 是你让我在声的海洋中砰然动心
That day, it was you who caused my heart, amid the vast ocean of voices, to flutter with stirred emotions
[05:35]成为我喜欢的 唯一
And to become the one I love – the only one.

Mo Qingcheng: If we don’t even start, we won’t know the ending, right?
Gu Sheng: Mm-hmm……

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      We just need to keep in mind these are amateurs. This is actually a really hard song to sing with those long, long phrases, and where they chose to take breaths often was just when they ran out of air. They probably were challenged with breath support, and I suspect that’s why I can really notice the male singer’s vibrato. But these things can be fixed with experience and some pointers. They both have nice voices and good potential and these technical things will improve with practice. So, after remembering not to be like those internet critics in the novel that tore apart Sheng Sheng's amateur works, I sat back and just enjoyed the song and appreciated the work and good job everyone did.

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          So here he is as Yi Chen:
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          Yes. 🙂 The artists have allowed downloading. R-click on the button with the green arrow and save to your computer.

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      Unfortunately, if you’re in the U.S. (actually, I think, N. America… though not sure about that), you won’t be able to view it. This is a cover (with lyrics written to fit RRMY’s story), and the original song has claimed copyright. There was no request to take down the song, but the copyright owner has made it blocked in some parts of the world. Unfortunately, that means you’ll have to go through 5sing or other means to get it.

      Sorry for the inconvenience. I’m glad you’ve enjoyed it and the story, though.

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      Aside from the one that I mentioned that I did not translate because it was about a game that I knew nothing about, yes, these are all the scenes that she posted on Weibo that I know of. In fact, there are more scenes here than what ended up getting printed in the published hard copy book. That scene that I didn’t translate never made it into the printed book.

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