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Blazing Sunlight I (骄阳似我 上) – Chapter 24



Konnichiwa from Tokyo. I am off to catch my bullet train up north while you celebrate Xi Guang’s discharge from the hospital. She didn’t need to take the train like me because Lin Yu Sen came to drive her all the way home to Wuxi, lucky girl 🙂

Chapter 24

I did not know how this happened, but all of a sudden, I do not dislike Lin Yu Sen at all.

In the blink of an eye, it was already my ninth day staying in the hospital.

At noon, Dr. Fang asked me to go and have lunch together with them again. In a cafe near the hospital, they will usually talk about work among themselves while I ate my food.

However they did not talk about work today. Dr. Yuan was talking about a new movie released recently.

“The reviews are pretty good. Thus I intend to go and watch it when I am on leave the day after tomorrow.”

Dr. Qin said: “Is this a horror movie? Are you going to watch the horror movie alone? You better find someone to go with you.  Afterwards, when you cry and run out of the cinema, there will be no one to comfort you.”

Dr. Yuan said helplessly: “I also want ah, but cannot find a companion. When the girls heard it is a horror movie, no one dares to accompany me to watch it.”

Dr. Qin said regretfully: “Unfortunately, I’ll be on duty. Otherwise I can keep you company out of friendship.”

After Dr. Qin finished talking, nobody spoke again. Suddenly it was awkwardly silent.

Dr. Fang laughed out loud, “When you speak about horror movie, I remembered some painful memories.”

He looked like he was grieving and lamenting: “During that time, with great difficulty, I managed to date a young foreign girl. Then I invited her to watch some movies in my apartment, you get what I mean? When I played the adult movie, it actually turned out to be a ghost story. In the end, I hugged her with my body trembling! The young foreign girl pushed me away and left …… ”

Dr. Qin smiled until almost burst out with laughter: “This really happened? You’ve the nerve to say it out, not feeling disgraceful?”

“What is so disgraceful?!” Dr. Fang chuckled a few time before saying, “It is natural for a real man to lose his head over lust. It is not considered shameful.”

While saying that, he was also pondering, “Aiya, this sentence sounds very familiar ah. Did I hear somebody said it before?”

Lin Yu Sen shot him a glance, “I said that, so how?”

Dr. Fang giggled.

The dining table was quiet for a while. I felt the atmosphere was a bit strange, so I raised my head and looked around quizzically. Everybody was eating their meal, nothing unusual.

Lin Yu Sen looked at me: “After finished eating, you go back first to rest.”

“It is okay, all of you do continue to chat. I’ll go back together with all of you afterwards. I’ve something to say to you.”

After a while, Lin Yu Sen said ‘okay’.

Dr. Fang was smiling from ear to ear. Suddenly he remembered something and asked Lin Yu Sen: “Junior brother, are you busy this afternoon?”


“Oh,” Dr. Fang lamented: “My junior brother, has always been quick in performing an operation (动手术 – dòng shǒu shù means performing an operation but 动手 – dong shou means to set about a task which can mean making a move on Xi Guang). Your senior brother admires you greatly ah ……”

Lin Yu Sen took a sip of the coffee, put down the cup and lifted the corner of his mouth, “You’re flattering me.”

We did not eat for too long because soon after, Dr. Fang received a phone call about a multi car collision that happened nearby. Those injured were being sent to the hospital. Thus they hurriedly went back.

When they were approaching the hospital, Dr. Fang was stopped by a fifty something years old woman.

“Dr. Fang, such a coincidence. It just so happens that I want to go and look for you. I am from President Zhang’s office and got in touch with you before. This is my daughter, Nan Nan. She just received her brain and lung CT scan films and will like to ask you to take a look whether there is a cause for concern …… ”

Dr. Fang handed the bag with the CT scan films to Lin Yu Sen, “This is my junior brother who is a neurosurgery specialist so you can ask him to help you to take a look. I have patients in need of emergency treatment now.”

Then he, Dr. Qin and Dr. Yuan hurriedly left together.

That woman looked skeptically at Lin Yu Sen.

Lin Yu Sen casually took out the films and looked at them under the light: “Calcifications in the lungs and brain, did she have tuberculosis before?”

The expression in that woman’s eyes changed straightaway and she nodded, “Yes Yes, Nan Nan had tuberculosis when she was young. But please take a look to see if there is a cause for concern with the brain. In the future, will she …… we are very worried so we will go for check-up every year.”

“I can’t see anything wrong with the brain. Tuberculosis will indeed lead to such a situation, but the calcifications will not become cancerous unless your tuberculosis recurs and increases the calcification.” Lin Yu Sen returned the films to her and said gently, “Also, CT scan may have harmful side effects on the body, so better don’t have it done every year.”

© 2013-2016 FANATICAL ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. If you are not reading this from, then this translation has been posted without the permission of the translator.

That pair of mother-daughter were extremely pleased when they left. Lin Yu Sen’s eyes rested on me, “Why are you staring at me?”


Did I?

I ‘laughed out loud’ and shifted my gaze away, “Suddenly, I recall last time you said that my CT scan has to be re-examined but it seems that it has not been done?”

“Oh, is it? How could that be?”

“…… I am asking you ah.”

“But it seems that I am not the doctor in charge of you?”


But don’t tell me you were not the one who said it has to be done? I made strong eye contact to question him.  However I was eventually defeated by the ‘nothing to do with me’ expression in his eyes.

He laughed, “What do you want to say to me?”

“Oh yes.” I almost forget, “I’ve finished writing the report that you made me write. I’ll give it to you in a moment.”

He paused, “…… only this one?”

Of course not!

I nodded and said: “Yes, only this one. Are you coming with me to the room to take it?”

I was a little eager to return to my room, to hand over the report to him. Then to take credit when the chance arose: “Vice President, I did not neglect my work while I am in the hospital. I should get the salary for these past few days as usual, right?”

Lin Yu Sen took the report and flipped through it. Then he said in a slightly mocking tone: “Miss Nie, you are working for your family’s company, yet you are still concerned about this?”

“…… You said until like you don’t take salary.”

“I am a worker, so of course, I take salary.” He said in a relaxed tone of voice.

I was nearly choked by his words.

However remembering my main purpose, I quickly changed the topic, took out the video game from the drawer and gave to him, “Well, I can forgo my overtime pay, unless you help me to get past the fifth level. I am unable to pass through it.”

He froze in his action of flipping through the report.

“Okay.” After several seconds, he took the video game and put it into the pocket of his coat.

“Aren’t you playing now?” I looked at him eagerly.


He paused in his action again but still put down the report. Then he took out the video game from his pocket, casually played a few times and lifted up his eyes to look at me.

I presumed he had found out.

In fact, a lot of games do not need to use the left hand at all. For instance, the one I had given him.

I urged him: “Quick, start playing. Let me see if you can get past the fifth level.”

Lin Yu Sen lowered his head and began to play seriously.

Finally I got to witness how precise, fast and stable a surgeon’s hand can be. To my surprise, he can play such a crazy game until advancing several levels, just like the existence of God.

“You’re so awesome!” I gave him a thumbs up. Then sincerely and genuinely praised him.

“Nie Xi Guang, did you notice ……”

“What?” I was still excited that he got through the various levels so quickly.

He did not answer me but his gaze rested on my face with a faint smiling expression in his eyes.

“You can be discharged from the hospital.”

He said.

On the next afternoon, I stood in front of the hospital to call my mother.

“Mom, I am going back today. I want to drink bone broth at night!”

Mom said snappily: “When did you ever come home without ordering the dishes first? Why are you coming back before the weekend?”

“Oh, because I was injured!”

“What?! How did that come about? Serious or not?” Mom started to sound nervous.

I smilingly said: “Nothing serious. I twisted my foot while going down the stairs.”

Without a doubt, I got scolded by mom.

© 2013-2016 FANATICAL ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. If you are not reading this from, then this translation has been posted without the permission of the translator.

After hanging up the phone, I only found out that Lin Yu Sen had already come over and was standing in the doorway looking at me.

“I treated a patient who fell from the top of the truck and happened to hit a stone. His skull was fractured, intracranial hematoma and the spleen ruptured, so he had to stay in ICU for a month before starting to recover. The height which he fell from is lower than yours.”


Why all of a sudden, he turned into a frightening doctor?

“Knowing that someone will worry, in that case, don’t do things that will make people worried.”

I quickly raised my hand and swore: “Okay! Guarantee that there is no next time.”

Raising up a hand in mid air, I only realized this action was very silly. But this silly gesture seemed to please Lin Yu Sen because the expression in his eyes instantly softened a lot. He seemed to have got out of his frightening doctor mode.

I was a little embarrassed when I put down my hand. Probably because I was overly excited to leave the hospital, my speech and action were so mindless …… but since when did I start to speak to him in such a relaxed and comfortable manner?

It seemed like it happened some time in these past two days.

This was not a bad turn of events. Yet she was a little worried that the hospital could be an unusual environment? Once we got away from this environment, will our relationship become strained like before?

That seemed …… also very regrettable.

“Well, thank you and auntie Chen for her food these past few days.”

He nodded, “Auntie Chen said you’ve already sent a gift to her and she likes it very much.”

“Oh, I got Yin Jie to help me to buy outside. It is good that she likes it.”

“Nie Xi Guang, I discovered that you don’t really know how to focus on the key point.”

“Ah? What?”

He clearly did not intend to answer my questions to clear up my confusion. He gave me the bag in his hand and started to walk towards the car park. “Come on, I’ll drive you home.”

I took the bag and immediately got a headache after looking at its content. Besides the credit card I gave him to pay the hospital bills, the other things in the bag are medical record and so on. No matter what, I also cannot bring them back to let my mom see. I hurriedly chased after him: “Vice President, can you help me to destroy the evidence?”

It started to rain, not long after I got into the car.

I looked worriedly out the window: “Why it started to rain the moment I left the hospital?”

It will be good if I had left the hospital in the morning when the weather was still quite good. Unfortunately Dr. Fang has something on and my discharge was delayed until the afternoon. Indeed, the weather forecast was right to predict that it will rain today.

Oh, and so on ……

Looking at the toll booth in front, I only realized that the car was already on the highway.

I looked at Lin Yu Sen in surprise.

Lin Yu Sen calmly said: “It is raining, so I’ll send you directly to Wuxi.”

“…… Actually, it is easy for me to take the train from the station.”

“Where is your home? Use the mobile phone to set navigation target.” He tossed his phone to me, completely ignoring my sentence.

“……” I silently took his mobile phone.

“I need the password.”

“Wait.” While waiting to pull up to the toll booth to take the card, he leaned over and keyed in the password into the phone. His warm breath touched me, so I was stunned for a moment. Then I looked down to set up the navigation destination.

“It is done.” I gave the phone back to him.

He took the phone and glanced at it. Then he took out a pair of spectacles from the eyeglasses box in front of the windshield.

I was a little surprised: “You need to wear spectacles to drive?”

“The accident affected a bit of my eyesight especially when it rains.”

I subconsciously said: “Then your car accident must be quite serious.”

After saying that, I started to regret and wished that I could take back my words. I was really a pig. How could I step on other people’s wound? Luckily he only replied ‘yes’ and there was nothing unusual in his attitude.

I decided to salvage the situation, “Actually, you are truly very awesome.”

“Oh? Why do you say that?”

“After you came, there is obvious growth in the company’s performance because you increased production.” I emphasized, “Therefore, you are really very awesome in whatever you do.”

He looked ahead and smiled.

“…… Why are you smiling?” Could it be that my flattery was too obvious?

“Getting the future …… boss’s approval, don’t tell me that I should not smile?”

“…… I am not your future boss.”

From Suzhou to Wuxi only took a little while, so Lin Yu Sen sent me directly to the downstairs of my house. After I got down from the car, I bent down to say ‘thank you’ to him who was sitting in the car.

When I straightened up and was just about to leave, I recalled his bad record of having had two accidents. Thus I could not help but lean back on the window, “Be careful when you drive back.”

Unexpectedly, he looked at me. Perhaps because of the refraction of light rays through the lenses, for a split second, I actually thought the expression in his eyes was particularly soft like the melting of snow.

© 2013-2016 FANATICAL ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. If you are not reading this from, then this translation has been posted without the permission of the translator.

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