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Three Lives Three Worlds (三生三世) Mini-Special – Part 1



For fans of Three Lifes, Three Worlds, Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms who miss the book and little dough. Also, for fans of Three Lifes, Three Worlds, The Pillow Book who are patiently waiting for the English translation. A big thank you to hamster for translating both books to English. I found some mini specials and want to share them with fans of both books. I can’t read Chinese so there might be errors or omissions in my translation, so please don’t lodge a complain:) If you want to rant or rave about the books, you can come & visit peanuts at the book bar. Hope you enjoy them !



This year, it is popular to organise beauty pageant in Jiu Cong Tian. Every year, the most beautiful one will be selected from beauties from all corner of the universe.

First year, Bai Qian was selected, second year was Feng Jiu, in the third year was Feng Jiu, the fourth year was Feng Jiu and fifth year was also Feng Jiu.

Little dough consulted Siming Shenjun: “My mummy is really not as beautiful as sister Feng Jiu?”

Siming Shenjun : “No, it is because your dad only acted as a judge for one year, whereas Dong Hua Dijun served for four years.”

Netizen’s Addition:

Later, Bai Qian and Feng Jiu felt this kind of activity is really boring and detrimental to their husbands’ well-established image in the four corners of the universe. Thus, they asked Zhe Yan to take over as a judge … So the winner in the sixth year was Zhe Yan, seventh year was Zhe Yan, eighth year was Zhe Yan, ninth year was Zhe Yan, the tenth year was still Zhe Yan:P


Cheng Yu hastily came to look for little dough: “There is good news and bad news to tell you. Which one do you want to hear first?”

Little dough: “… the good news.”

Cheng Yu: “Your father played chess with Dijun (Emperor) and won.”

Little dough: “… the bad news?”

Cheng Yu: “Dijun bestowed Gun Gun to your father as your marriage partner.”

Little dough: “Isn’t Gun Gun a guy? ” (Bai Gun Gun is Dong Hua & Feng Jiu’s unborn son)

Cheng Yu: “So, now you understand why I say this is bad news …”



Little dough sighed and squatted beside Dong Hua: “I’m a little sad today.”

“Ah? ”

“I was chosen as the first one in the class to come out to recite the Buddha scripture.”


“But the teacher did not praise me:( He said my father can recite the scripture back to front at my age. I blew out”

“That’s normal.”


“Because your father married your mother who passed on her gene to you, so it dragged down your IQ”




One day, little dough consulted Dong Hua Dijun: “My mummy told me that I must become a good-hearted person. Only with a beautiful soul, there will be plenty of beauties who will like me in the future. Brother Dong Hua, you like sister Feng Jiu because her soul is very beautiful? ”

Dong Hua: “I like her very beautiful appearance.” Paused: “So you should strive hard to become handsome, this is most important.”


Little dough had a heart to heart talk with Dong Hua: “Recently, I increasingly dislike my father. He always monopolizes my mummy to the extent that I do not get much opportunity to sleep with her. Don’t you think he has gone too far?  She is my mummy, not his mother!”

Dong Hua: “If I am your dad, I will send you to Mount Kunlun for apprenticeship, only let you return once in every ten thousand years. Your father is too soft-hearted.”

Someone asked the little dough what was his reaction after hearing that.

The little dough did not have any reaction.

That is because the little dough was scared to tears 😦


Not long after, Dong Hua and Feng Jiu got married.

Feng Jiu: “You are not afraid, I will drag down the IQ of your son in the future?”

Dong Hua: “I worry, but I calculated, even if you drag it down, he will still be above average.”

Feng Jiu: “… Kindly tell me a lie, will you die? You don’t ridicule me for one day, will you die?”

Dong Hua: “No.”

Feng Jiu: “Then …”

Dong Hua: “But I will not be able to sleep.”

Feng Jiu: “…”



Feng Jiu and Dong Hua’s quarrel.

Dijun: “You cooked sweet and sour fish for Su Mo Ye to eat.”

Feng Jiu: “Tomorrow, I’ll also cook for you to eat.”

Dijun: “Somemore you danced for him to see.”

Feng Jiu: “Tomorrow, I’ll also dance for you to see.”

Dijun: “You went on a date with him but did not bring me along.”

Feng Jiu: “Stop complaining. If you are so unahppy, you can also go and dance for him to see, go on a date with him without bringing me so we’re even!”

Dijun is silent for a long time: “I can cook sweet and sour fish for him to eat.” (Eating Dijun’s sweet and sour fish can poison people as after eating them Feng Jiu shed so much fur …)

Feng Jiu: “……”


Don’t know where Dong Hua heard that Feng Jiu has good cooking skill. He called her to come every day to cook for him.

Finally Feng Jiu could not withstand and revolt: “Although Dijun has a highly respected status, I am also the female monarch of Qing Qiu. So, it is inappropriate for someone like me to go and cook for you.”

Dong Hua: “I do not mind. You mind?”

Feng Jiu: “… Yes, I do mind!”

Dong Hua: “Oh, then you have to learn to accept it.”

Feng Jiu: “……”



After a long time, all the female immortals in heaven collectively get a day off on International Women’s Day.

Dong Hua Dijun asked His Royal Highness the Prince for a day off from participating in a function on the ground that: “Today is International Women’s Day, so I have to wait on Xiao Bai (Feng Jiu), cook, and look after the children.”

Feng Jiu said: “I usually have to wait on you, cook and take care of the children as well, so how come I did not take leave?”

Dong Hua: “Ya, I am curious, as to why you did not take leave?”

Feng Jiu: “……”


Recently, Dijun has toothache and Xiao Yan wanted to go and laugh at him.  He heard Feng Jiu has made plenty of plum parfaits to entertain him. But he did not see even a single piece while he was drinking his tea so he asked Feng Jiu: “Where is the plum parfaits you made?”

Feng Jiu: “Dijun has finished them all.”

Xiao Yan: “Didn’t he have toothache?”

Feng Jiu: “He endured the pain and the possibility of breaking his tooth to finish eating them.”

Xiao Yan: “…… What is he up to?”

Feng Jiu: “He said eventhough he has toothache, you should not even think you can fare any better …”

Dijun, you killed your enemy 800 times but self-injured yourself 1000 times. (帝君你真是杀敌八百自伤一千)


39 thoughts on “Three Lives Three Worlds (三生三世) Mini-Special – Part 1

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  3. haha, cute!!! cute!!! I love little dough

    • Thank u for your support. I also love little dough:) He’ll also be in part 2 if the response is good:P

      • hey peanuts. did u come out with the extras or was it written by the author? is there really a comic book? 🙂

        • Some of them written by the author, some by her fans & some modified by peanuts, lol. I did write one each in part 11 & part 12:) There is no comic book but there is an artbook. Sometime Tang Qi will post some comics on her weibo for fun.

  4. Thank you so much! This was a nice treat while we wait for hamster’s translation of the pillow book. You guys are awesoOOOome!!

    • Haha, you are welcome:) This one was done in a hurry so I am improving it now. Part 2 will be released in the next few days so don’t forget to come back:P

  5. waiting for part 2! lol~
    I like the comics strips too. I wish she does that for all her snippets.

    • Because you are waiting, I’ll post part 2 tomorrow, lol.
      Can TQ draw? The two 3L3W hard copies come with supplementary arts? I am thinking of buying. Since I can’t read, i want plenty of pictures, illustrations, cartoons etc

      • U know, I’m not sure who drew those comics. But they’re posted on her weibo so I assume they’re hers. The new 10 Miles book is called an artbook but from what I saw online it’s not in the same style as the old cover. Kinda odd. Not that pretty.

  6. Haha, these are hilarious. I especially love the ones with A Li. It’s so true that he takes after his mother. I hope that Ye Hua and Bai Qian’s next child is a daughter who is as whip smart as her dad.

    After seeing these comics, I’m not sure that I like Dong Hua. (I haven’t read the Pillow Book yet as I want to wait until it’s complete.) Or I should say, I’m not sure that I like his and Feng Jiu’s relationship. It’s just so unbalanced, although knowing TQGZ, he’ll get his comeuppance in the second book (he better!).

    Similarly, I’m not even sure now that I like Ye Hua and Bai Qian’s relationship; their relationship is like the opposite of Dong Hua and Feng Jiu’s, in that in the case of the former, the balance tips rather heavily in Bai Qian’s favor, whereas in the case of the latter, the balance is in Dong Hua’s favor.

    I think TQGZ is also planning to write a book about Cheng Yu and Ye Hua’s playboy uncle? I’m looking forward to that one – I think their relationship will be more evenly balanced, in that both sides have equal push and pull.

    • I know I know! DH is such a bully. And Bai Qian was a snob. LOL that’s just how I see it. I want the pair Changyi and Liansong ASAP. They’re so lovely in the prologue.

    • Heehee, A Li is smart but no match for Dijun. Dong Hua is not bad, just different.:P Without him, we won’t get all these hilarious situations, haha….I do like his ‘black humour’ but I do agree he is a bully. So, I am also looking fwd to book 2 in June as to how TQ gonna torture him, lol.

      Yah, TQ will resume writing the 3rd book in Sept. I think a chapter or two have already been written and posted online. I’ve already booked Lian Song long ago on hamster’s blog, lol.

  7. I liked the wonderful pictures posted ~ Btw, nice novel translations!

  8. That’s really funny. LOL. Thank you for translation.

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  11. The sky is high, the road long, and donghua dijun’s mouth eternally blunt. Alas, my short-lived Ye Qingti-Fengjiu ship(or was it Tiqing? lol, I forgot already). Well, if I’m honest, I like Donghua twice as much. But I’m not. I have such a fickle fangirl heart, sigh. I love eating popcorn and watching love trials.
    I can see the family resemblance between Gungun and Donhua though. And I support Ah LixGungun already!
    But persevere, Ah Li! Live past your hilarious names, the weight of your fans’ expectations, and Donghua’s mouth, and find your own love that can protect you from the bullying Dijun!

    Oh, and whoever told me 3L3W was an easy read, I forgive you now. I even put the sword back into the birthday box for my dad. Come March, you probably don’t have to worry about me assassinating you anymore.

  12. So cute

  13. So I have been trying to find this book on hamsters page but all links say page not found. Do you know what happened by any chance? I really wanted to read it.

  14. I’m thinking of buying the artbook, does the artbook include the comics? Also, should I buy the artbook for ten miles of peach blossom or the pillow book?

    • Include some of the comics but not all of them as some were posted in T7’s weibo.

      Depending on which book you like better. If u can’t make up your mind, then buy both 🙂 I think you get a discount if u buy both via dangdang.

  15. cute little dough…hahahaha…nice!!!

  16. Thank you for translation! You never know how much I love it!! 😘😘

  17. Waaaah! I’m so glad I found this mini specials to help me move on from Pillow Book. I stayed up all night after reading the ending that is “Gunggun, I’m your father!”. I almost screamed!!! Although I’m happy that everyone appeared to be alright even though Feng Jiu hasn’t woken up yet but that ending left me hanging up in the clouds! And with my obsession I searched almost everything related to Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms and Pillow Book and coincidentally found out about this blog and the mini specials!!! Huhuhuhu thank you so much for the translation because it helped me A LOT from Pillow Book and I can now sleep peacefully knowing that Feng Jiu and Donghua Dijin didn’t have that tragic end that they had in the tv series 😦 cause I’m still sooooo sad about it >.< Anyway thank you so much again for this wonderful compilation of mini specials! 🙂 ❤ ❤ ❤

  18. it is indeed cute and interesting! ❤ thank you for the effort and arduos work.

  19. thanks for the translations, peanut ❤
    and to hamster ❤
    can’t get enough of donghua and fengjiu and gungun. Pillow book was the first c-novel I’ve read (havent finished 10mpb..hehe). So damn beautiful! (and heart-wrenching) lols

  20. I’m in love with tmopb and ELOD… So when I saw this on Facebook I excitedly visit the site and love this too…. I’m hoping for more mini special story of them…

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