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100 Most Attractive Male Characters in Chinese Internet Novels – Part 1



I did 35 Favourite Male Characters before but this is 100 Most Attractive Male Characters:P There is I think 2 overlaps only which are number 92 (no. 35) and number 73 (no. 27). I won’t write anything on books which I’ve not read or know nothing about. In future if I do read them, I’ll edit this post. Please contribute if you’ve read them. This time I’ll include some notable quotes from some books instead of getting Lidge to write some comments since like me, she has not read most of the books. Some are just too lengthy or heavy duty for us. I bet most of you will not be happy with at least one of the ranking. I didn’t compile this list so don’t throw tomatoes at me:P I’ll include the baidu source in part 2. Do stay tune for that because someone you know will be there, hint hint, lol.


100. Zhāng Yang from novel: The Left Ear

“Following you, go wherever and do whatever are all good.”


99. Yù Huá from novel: 谁把流年暗偷换 (Shuí Bǎ Liú Nián An Tōu Huàn)


98. Ling Cao from novel: Once We Come Across Love

“My beloved, I want to promise you is not a present, but a future.”

This is a firm favourite with Lidge, Xinn & me. As per Xinn, “the lead guy is a shuai-ge who is serious, smart and hardworking. Ling Cao was like a warrior in an armour defending his turf, knocking down Tu-Tu’s potential suitors left and right. She was his, she belonged to him from day one. He never batted an eyelid to the hordes of girls clamouring for his attention.”

I also like Ling Cao who likes Bunny since childhood, always there for her, to support and protect her. He also works hard to provide a better future for them. Such a super sweet guy should rank higher !!!

97. Xuān Yuán Níng Xī from novel: 夜凝夕 (Yè Níng Xī)


96. Chen Xun from novel: That Year, Time Flew

“We do not have a burning passion or hot romance, but we have that year, time flew.”

This is one of cloud&sea’s favourite book but she hates the male lead. So, why is he on the attractive list & even rank higher than my Ling Cao?

95. Liu Jue from novel: Man Man Qing Luo

“Carrying too many burdens, does not allow a person to love wholeheartedly.”

He is okay, quite nice & caring but not that memorable for me.


94. Táng Chén Ruì from novel: Elite Lover

I am officially declaring my love for Chen Chen and his little bunny 😛 He is handsome, rich, smart, funny and also can cook, my ideal guy 😛


93. Pei Zheng from novel:  “I” Have a Sickenss

“Over the years, I have been watching you, guarding you, helping you to keep off open fire and attacks by your hidden enemies. Other people do not know your hardships, but I know is enough. You feel pain in your heart, you can’t tell anyone but I am willing to listen. Other people do not know how to feel sorry for you, but my sorrow is enough.”

I didn’t finish this book because I can’t get into the book inspite of it being read by 2 of my favourite broadcasters. I guess he is likeable since he is in love with her since young and did everything possible to help her to secure the throne and rule the country properly.


92. Xi Xi Chen from novel: Warm in Winter

“At the bridge, you look at the scenery. A person who is looking at the scenery from upstairs is looking at you.”

Lidge finds this book boring but I find it alright. Xi Xi Chen is fascinating and what he did for the female lead is touching yet I find him kind of manipulative. He loves her like crazy & patiently supports the girl for 12 yrs but didn’t reveal his intention.

91. Gù Yuè Shí from novel: 月时有圆缺 (Yuè Shí Yǒu Yuán Quē”)


90. Gu Xiao Bei from novel: Never-Flowers in Never Dream (梦里花落知多少)

“Time did not wait for me. It is you who have forgotten to take me away.”

89. Chi You from novel: Once Promised

“Since you are not going to keep the promise, why should we promise each other?”

I didn’t read this Tong Hua’s book so anyone care to share with us why is he so charming?


88. Lín Yáng from novel: Hello, Old Times (你好,旧时光)

“Actually, the best way for a person to become strong is to have a person who he wants to protect.”

87. Qí Míng from novel: Cry Me a Sad River (悲伤逆流成河)

“A lot of things we thought we’ll never forget but in the days when we think constantly about them, we start to forget about them.”


86. Yú Mò from novel: 沉香如屑 (Chén Xiāng Rú Xiè)


85. Fāng Yǔ Kě from novel: Beijing University’s Weak Student

Suddenly Lidge remembers she likes this cute and funny book and requested me to translate the synopsis and post it in SSB. I listened to the incomplete radio drama and find it quite funny. Fang Yu Ke likes the female lead Lin Lin but she likes his good friend.  But she doesn’t know he likes her. He is rather nice to her in a roundabout and indirect way.


84. Ren Yu (Night Deity) from novel: Heavy Sweetness, Ash-like Frost

“What I want is not much. I do not ask you to love me deeply, just love me a little bit daily. Day after day, month after month and year after year will compound into a lifetime. Can you? It is alright to love me a little, but please love me for a long time.”

Arrrgh, with such a desperate plea, I do feel sad and bad for Night Deity. Xiaoyuer & Mel love him. However I still find him too calculative for my liking. Bah, Phoenix did not even make it to the list:(


83. Song Zi Yan from novel: KAO, I’ve been Submerged !

Song Zi Yan is also a favourite with Lidge, Xinn & me. As Xinn puts it, he is the ‘cream of the crop, charming, cool, rich, handsome, smart, successful’, which is why he is well liked but his taste in woman is weird 😛  Squeek, the audiobook has just been released. Btw, he is a teacher who I can ship:P

82.  Lin Qi Zheng from novel: The Third Kind of Love

This is a very popular book but the storyline is just not my cup of tea. I think the male lead is selfish and not very likeable. In fact nobody is likeable in that novel.

81. Han Qian from novel: Famous Overnight

“The warmth of the sunshine makes you believe in love once more.”

I read a few chapters of this book which I’ll continue when I can find the time. I think he is a movie producer & his interactions with the female lead who used to be a paparazzi but is now an actress is quite funny.


80. Luō Dōng Fēng from novel: 那一瞬的地老天荒 (Nà Yī Shùn Dì Dì Lǎo Tiān Huāng)

“My last blessing is for those people – who know that I am imperfect yet they still love me.”

79. Ming Er from novel: Lan Yin Bi Yue

I have not read the book yet but planning to so it’ll be be updated.


78. Huo Zhan Bai from novel: Snow in Seven Nights

Eugene, please tell us why he is so attractive?

77. Qin Ke from novel: Hi, My Man

“Before boarding the train, Xiao Juan half-jokingly said to me, if Qin Ke dares to treat you badly, just dump him and come to look for me.
Qin Ke laughed, rest assured that she will bring Qin Xu to visit you.
I asked, who is Qin Xu?
He smilingly said, your son.
The train finally brought Xiao Juan far away.”

I am supposed to read this book but kept on forgetting. Oh no, I’ve become like Lidge:( Since you’ve read this book, tell us what is so good about him?

76. Mo Shao Qian from novel: Twilight Upon a Thousand Snow-capped Mountains

Huh, is he charming? I guess so when he is not angry or crazy, he can be nice and sweet.


75. Lee Cheng Yin from novel: Eastern Palace

“As it turns out, all along that fox has not been able to wait for the girl, he has been waiting for.”

Wow, this one is a big question mark. Well, he can be charming when he chooses to be but at the same time he can also be utterly ruthless. When he is Gu Xiao Wu, he is more likeable.

74. Lù Yǔ Jiāng from novel: 景年知几时 (Jǐng Nián Zhī Jǐ Shí)

73. Lóng Fēi Lí from novel: Love in Another Life: My Gentle Tyrant

72. Chu Lí from novel: 暴君,我来自军情九处 (Bào Jūn, Wǒ Lái Zì Jūn Qíng Jiǔ Chù)

71. Sī Kòu Huán Xiáng from novel: 风槿如画 (Fēng Jǐn Rú Huà)

70. Huo Qu Bing from novel: Ballad of the Desert

“The fate is done, your wish is complete,

The moving clouds are no more than people aging,

The yellow sandy desert, each seeking our own carefree,

This parting today, no meeting in sight.” (Translated by Mrs Koala)

I guess many of you have read this book before and is fond of him. I find him okay when I though Hu Ge will be potraying him. Later, I am also alright with Eddie but not as enthusiastic, lol. In end, I feel more for Meng Jiu because of the sacrifices he made as well as him not getting the girl. Oh, why is he not even ranked:(?


69. Dong Hua from novel: Three Lifes, Three Worlds, The Pillow Book

I know, I know how can my beloved Dijun is ranked so low????? They sure need a pair of specs !!! I suspect Dong Hua being a big bully and so shameless has ruffled a few feathers so this is their revenge on him on behalf of Feng Jiu, lol. Never mind, Dijun is thick-skinned enough to think he is the most charming one, haha..

68. Yè Tiān Líng from novel: Drunken Exquisiteness 

67. Qí Mò from novel: Stolen Love

“I allow you to like me.”


66. Yǔ Wén Ruì from novel: Grabbing Your Hand, Dragging you Away

Oh, this book sound like something I might like.

65. Gù Yè Bái from novel: The Road Turns White Tonight 

“Once you said you do not deserve me. Actually it is Gu Ye Bai who doesn’t deserve you.”

64. Zhū Gé Yuè from novel: Queen of No.11 Agent

63. Wèi Qīng from novel: Almost Love

Wei Qing pinched her face and said: “From the time I know you, you have always said do not want. Do not want your money, do not want to go out to eat, do not want to date, do not want to be your girlfriend, do not want to get engage, do not want to get married – When can you obediently nod your head and say I want!” sighed loudly. The more you do not want, the more you are unable to extricate yourself.”

62. Li Mù Yú from novel: Moonlight Outside the City (城外的月光)

61. Zhāng Yuǎn from novel: 忽而今夏 (Hū Er Jīn Xià)

“The boy I love has the world most handsome side face.”

60. Qin Song from novel: Fated Marriage

“It is said that every person in a lifetime will encounter a girl called Ting Ting. One day, a small beast also encounters one.”

Oh, he is rather temperamental and childish but very adorable & sweet to his wife, swoon…..

59 Zōng Zhèng Wú Yōu from novel: The White-Haired Imperial Concubine

58. Qin Mo from novel: Twice Blooming Flower

Oh, I can’t believe his ranking is higher than Dong Hua. Anyway he is rather caring and nice to the female lead. Also, waited many years for her. He is a teacher in a novel who gets my seal of approval, see I don’t anti-teacher, lol.

57. Wú Wáng Fu Chà from novel: Grand Dreams of Spring and Autumn


56. Zhan Nan Xian from novel: Warm Chord

“You heart is the place where I want to return even after I’ve gone to the end of the world.”

I have not read this book but Lidge have read it yet cannot remember anything. I think the male lead is not bad as he waited many years for the female lead and they broke up because of a misunderstanding.

55. Cao Cao from novel: 笑倾三国 (Xiào Qīng Sān Guó)

54. Zhuāng Yì from novel: 苍耳 (Cāng Er)


53. Xīn Zi from novel: 试问深浅总是辛 (Shì Wèn Shēn Qiǎn Zǒng Shì Xīn)

52. Heng Jia from novel: Dazzling Lan Ling


51. Xuān Yuán Chè from novel: Descent of the Phoenix : 13 Years Old Princess Consort

“In the future, I am your protector. Whoever dare to bully you, I’ll give a tooth for a tooth and an eye for an eye.”

14 thoughts on “100 Most Attractive Male Characters in Chinese Internet Novels – Part 1

  1. Haha… Saw this list a few days ago on Baidu, decent, very diverse. Some fit my liking so I’m kinda happy, I guess Pillow Books male characters and the 3lives3world series will dominate the list once the novels completed and published. DongFung will be next month hot topic in C-novel romance.

  2. I found Cao Cao from 笑倾三国 (#55) very dislikable. He was this mentally challenged man for the first fourth of the book, and when he regained his senses he was cruel and ruthless. I know that this follows his character in history, but I don’t see how those characteristics are attractive at all… Granted, I got so annoyed by the characters and story line that I didn’t finish the novel.

    Also, I think 美人劫 (#57) is an older version of Grand Dreams of Spring and Autumn. Fu Chai is quite funny and ultimately a good man to Xiang Bao, but he horribly mistreated her when she was one of his concubines. How can he claim to love her when he aborts her baby and sleeps with other women during her most painful times?

    Not liking the list so far… I think there are plenty of male leads who deserve to be on this list more than these two….

    • Oh, thanks for the info & sharing. The guys in the modern novels are all quite good except step-mum’s man and the 3rd kind of love. As for ancient novels, Lee Cheng Yin & Night Deity are no no for me. Hopefully the top 50 are more to your taste, haha…

      • Yeah, I’m so sad that the Phoenix isn’t on this list. Also I liked Liu Jue from Man Man Qing Luo, I just couldn’t stand the female lead, especially in the latter parts if the book. Liu Jue kind of reminds me of Huo Qu Bing.

        As for Chi You… I have mixed feelings about him. I like how dedicated he is to A’Heng, but he is always quick to judge her. When she didn’t meet him by the peach tree, he accuses her of forgetting her promise. When he sees her with Xiao Yao and Shao Hao, he accuses her of betraying him. In several instances, their misunderstandings would have been cleared up if he had only listened to her explanations.

  3. About Dong Hua thick-skinned –You’re funny 555+ I think the same too.

  4. Reading back what I wrote about Ling Cao really warmed my heart. I remember I was really over the moon, over him. I was totally immersed, totally in love with him, it was scary becoz I totally brought his character out of the book. Almost like wanting to phone him up and just say, ‘hi’. I think it was simply becoz he’s more real than the other super rich, super invincible back belly characters. He had to work hard for a living like everybody else in real life, unlike the others who seem to be able to command the world with a flick of a finger. Ling Cao is really too lifelike.

    While reading the book back then, i stopped half way for couple of days becoz i did not want to finish it. Ultimately, I still got to the end although I purposely slowed my pace. If only I have the time to reread the book.

    I am surprised that Qin Song also made it to the list. I remember he fought with Lee Wei Ran over Sang Sang. But really, if i was Sang Sang, i would hv picked Qin Song over Lee Wei Ran, i remember disliking the latter terribly so much so that i skipped all parts of the book containing him. But Qin Song’s character seems like a far far cry from Xiao Bai. Won’t be reading his book any time soon.

    Another surprise, my Song Zi Yan also made the cut. Super cool Zi Yan who simply refused to openly admit to poor Qin Qing that he loves her. Stupid Qin Qing had to guess and guess and guess and at the end almost had to literally forced Zi Yan at gun point to obtain a confession from him. One of the funniest book in my record so far.

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  6. Can you show me the name in Chinese of Famous Overnight?

  7. aloo…. i’m newbie. nice to meet you. just wanna ask, are all the novels in 100 Most Attractive Male Characters in Chinese Internet Novels has happy ending? because i hate sad ending.

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