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Silent Separation (何以笙箫默) – Gu Man (Chapter 1.1)



Oh no, I just finished editing and posting this chapter then I found out from Gu Man’s blog that this book will be filmed into a drama as well as a movie next year. I better retire from translating after this book is finished before I destroy all the modern C-novels, lol. Gu Man is currently actively involved in the script writing/adaptation but the leads have not been decided yet. Please, please, please get me someone handsome/pretty as well as able to act, no ugly wood please, haha……. 

You should know by now what is our next translation project:) We respect those who have voted for their preference so we will be translating the book with the most votes. It is a very popular book which has been voted as number one in the 50 Most Influential Chinese Romance Internet Novels poll. The couple also got number 2 in the 50 Most Loving Couples in Chinese Romance Internet Novels poll. You get to read for yourself why this novel is such a firm favourite with many in China. I hope there is nothing lost in our translation.

Part of the reason why the novel has so many fans is because the male lead He Yi Chen is vey well-liked as he comes up top in the 35 Favourite Male Characters in Chinese Romance Internet Novels and also 100 Most Attractive Male Characters in Chinese Romance Internet Novels, both polls organised by Baidu. Lidge is deeply in love with him and has been seeking high and low for a replica, lol.

You can find the synopsis as well as plenty of spoilers in shusheng bar. I will advise you not to read the spoilers but sit back and enjoy our translation. The book is rather short so it should be finished before the end of 2014:P I have included the audiobook link which follows the book closely in the hope that you can derive more enjoyment from reading our translation. There are only a few chapters, but they are rather long so I’ll divide them into parts in accordance to the audio book.

Chapter 1.1: Reunion (translated by peanuts & edited by Lidge)

Later, I finally know how to love. Unfortunately, you were long gone and disappeared into the sea of people.


English lyrics prepared by: lavender 1509 or

0.31: Seeing him again, was seven years later in a crowded supermarket, packed with weekend shoppers.

Zhao Mo Sheng was pushing a shopping cart alone and struggling to navigate in the crowd. She had just returned from abroad, so she was still not quite accustomed to such a crowd. However, such a vibrant and friendly scene made her unconsciously smile, virtually using a grateful mood to listen to the noisy local accent. She did not know whether other people who have just returned from aboard were like her? Excited, nervous.

Seven years! Such a long time!

However, how come she had just returned from aboard but already met him? No, to be precise, it should be them.

Mo Sheng silently looked at the pair of shadows standing in front of the vegetable stand, once again feeling a strange twist of fate.  Seven years ago, it was them who made her decided to leave.

Now they were here to buy things together so ultimately they were also together! Fortunately, she ran away fast ah, otherwise she would probably hurt deeper.

He Yi Chen and He Yi Mei, she was so silly, why did she think having similar names were surely brother and sister ah?

“We are absolutely not brother and sister. Before, both of our families were very good neighbors. We all have the surname He so the adults just chose similar names. Later, Yi Chen’s father and mother had an accident so our family adopted Yi Chen.”

“You think you can compete and win over the two decades of deep affection between Yi Chen and me?”

“Today, I want to tell you, I love Yi Chen. I do not want to secretly love him. I want to compete openly with you.”

2.03: That year when she was nineteen years old, the day before Mo Sheng’s birthday, her good friend He Yi Mei, who had always been quiet and introverted, suddenly courageously made this declaration to her. Yi Mei, who had always been gentle and non-competitive would say something like that, she must have been extremely in love with Yi Chen.

But what could she have used to compete with her? On the same day which Yi Mei declared war, she had already lost. Then, she fled to the United States for seven years.

He Yi Chen – unexpectedly she recalled his ice-cold eyes on that day and heartless words. There was a trace of light throbbing pain in Mo Sheng’s heart, almost impossible to sense, nevertheless it was there.

They were walking towards her direction. The joints of Mo Sheng’s fingers that were gripping the cart began to turn white, and she almost wanted to turn around immediately. However, the supermarket was just too crowded so she, who was pushing a shopping cart, simply could not turn around. In the next moment, she thought why should she run away?  She should calmly say to them: “Hi, long time no see” then stroll away in an elegant and natural demeanor, leaving behind a beautiful silhouette.

Moreover, they probably could not recognize her. She had changed a lot, the flowing long hair of yesteryear had already become neat and short, and her previously fair skin had become tanned under the California sunshine. Wearing a loose t-shirt, jeans and sports shoes, she looked very different from the past.

They slowly step by step were getting closer, then ……brushed past her.

Not without heartache.

It seemed like someone spoke.

“Do you want to buy some milk?” Yi Mei said in a soft voice.


She did not hear the reply clearly. She really missed Yi Chen’s deep and low voice. All these years in a foreign country, she could still hear it often and everywhere echoed in her ears.

Feeling a sense of loss, yet also with a sigh of relief, Mo Sheng lifted her downcast head and strode forward.

A “Bang” sound could be heard as the shopping cart hit a pile of discounted soaps shaped like a hill on the ground. The culprit Zhao Mo Sheng innocently looked at hundreds of pieces of soap falling down as the scene was quite spectacular.

4.02: Uh, can she pretend she did not do anything.

“Oh My God! This is already the third time today.” The person who manages the stock in the supermarket appeared out of the blue and complained in a groan.

Thus, she should not be blamed for this la, as where got people put goods in the middle of the path. Mo Sheng quietly complained and tried hard to look regretful.

The movement here attracted the attention of the people around them, including He Yi Mei. She inadvertently looked to that particularly noisy place, then dumbfounded——it is her, it is actually her, Yi Mei almost could not believe her eyes. She has come back?

“Yi Mei?” He Yi Chen was puzzled by her reaction, asked out loud and followed her line of vision.

The tall and lofty body momentarily stiffened.

Zhao Mo Sheng!


That innocent looking small woman who had her head drooping like a guilty child is exactly Zhao Mo Sheng! Her face looked one hundred percent apologetic, but her eyes without doubt sparked with a mischievous smiling expression. Being faraway, in fact, he could not truly see her face, but Yi Chen knew it was her. He has always known she has always been like this, with a habit to disrupt a pond of spring water then leave without taking any responsibility, willful, selfish and hateful.

Exactly seven years ……she still knew the way home.


He Yi Chen dropped his eyes. “Yi Mei, let’s go!”

He Yi Mei was surprised to see a calm Yi Chen. “Don’t you want to say hello? Maybe ……”

“She has not been a part of my life long ago.” His tone was empty, as if it was really nothing.

Yi Mei looked at his expression carefully but could not find any clues. Finally, she had no alternative but to give a sigh. “Come on!”

When she had her last glance at Zhao Mo Sheng, she found that she also just happened to move her head and saw her, their line of vision collided in the air. Mo Sheng seemed stunned for a moment, then a faint smile emerged on her face and she greeted her by nodding her head.

Yi Mei hurriedly turned around and called: “Yi Chen ……”


“She ……” Yi Mei was shocked until coming to a halt. When she once again looked back at the moving crowd, she could no longer see her figure.


“No, nothing.” Yi Mei lowered her head. But she clearly saw them, yet why she so easily went away like that? Whereas Yi Chen also clearly saw her ……

6.08: She did not expect to return here one day.

During the interview, the editor-in-chief asked her: “Miss Zhao, why did you choose to work in A City?”

Suddenly, Mo Sheng did not know how to answer. Why lah? Because she studied for more than a year in a university here? Because she met him here? Because she suffered some hardships here?

At the beginning, she also did not know. Before coming back, the first place she thought of was here. Until she met him that day, she only came to understand that she wanted to see him. Although he no longer belonged to her, she just wanted to see him.

It was only to see him.

“Probably because I cannot go home.” Mo Sheng said. The editor-in-chief looked at her strangely for a long time and hired her as a photojournalist for a certain woman’s magazine.

However, the editor-in-chief’s excessive attention to her work experience in a magazine publisher aboard made her uneasy.

“It is just a little magazine publisher.” Mo Sheng said to the editor-in-chief.

“Hey! Ah Sheng.” The female editor-in-chief who was in her forties affectionately called her name. “Are you praising my knowledge? That I even know so well about an uremarkable small magazine publisher in the US.”

Mo Sheng started to laugh, and her anxiety disappeared.

The editor-in-chief said sternly: “Ah Sheng, I know the great difficulty Chinese people who are photojournalists in the United States face. You have to be better than the white people. They always think we Chinese people have no artistic talent.”

Like this, she settled down. She still went to that supermarket to shop but has never encountered them again. Until one time, the security guard in the supermarket stopped her.

“Miss, would you please follow me to the security room.”

Mo Sheng looked distracted and intuitively felt this could not be good.  There were too many incidents regarding security guards in supermarkets forcefully conducting body searches and even beat up people being reported in the newspapers.

Mo Sheng stared at him cautiously so the security guard helplessly said: “Miss, I mean you no harm. I just want to ask if you have lost something a month ago.”

She had just returned to the country a month ago so could it be that she lost something but did not know? Out of curiosity, she went with him to the security room. The security guard handed her a black wallet.

8.02: Mo Sheng did not need to look inside to know it was not hers so she smilingly shook her head and said:. “You made a mistake, this is not mine.”

The security guard was unexpectedly stubborn. “You open it and take a look.”

She took and opened it. Then, she saw her own photograph.

The security guard said with satisfaction: “Miss, this is your photo, right? Although it is very different compared to now, I can still recognize you instantly.”

The difference was really big because that photo was taken when she had just entered university. Her hair was still long and tied into a ponytail, and her smile looked silly.

How could it appear in an unfamiliar wallet?

Mo Sheng gave the wallet back to the security guard. “It’s really not mine.”

The security guard was stubborn. “Aren‘t you the person in the photo?”

“Yes, I am, but the wallet is not mine.”

“Then it must belong to someone who knows you. Miss, maybe the owner of the wallet has a crush on you ……”

Hey, who said that Chinese people do not have a vivid imagination?

“But ……”

“You take it, take it since all this time nobody has come to claim it. It is also rather difficult for us to deal with it. It will be confiscated if we hand it over to our superior so you might as well have it. There is definitely some association between you and the owner of the wallet. Ah! Maybe I contributed to the beginning of a marriage match ……” With such imagination, the security guard must like to watch drama series.

A month ago was also about the same time she ran into He Yi Chen and He Yi Mei. Could it be that he lost it? With this laughable speculation, Mo Sheng took the wallet home.

At night after bathing, she carefully studied the wallet in bed. With a simple design, luxury brand and little cash, it was not possible to determine the identity of the owner.

Mo Sheng carefully took out the photo. There were traces of steel mark on it so it must have been torn from a document. When she inadvertently turned it over, she was suddenly startled by the words behind the photo! She could never forget that elegant and sharp handwriting.

It was Yi Chen’s handwriting, written in black fountain pen ——

                                    my sunshine

The complex urban life could also be lived in a very simple way. Only work, eat, drink and sleep, nothing else.  After a hectic period of adaptation, the following days became just numbing repetition.

9.58: “Ah Sheng ah, I have been looking for you everywhere.”

Mo Sheng had just entered the magazine publisher office and heard someone shouting from a distance.

“Old Bai, what is the matter?”

Old Bai was actually very young and was the magazine publisher‘s other photojournalist. His surnamed was Li but because he always mispronounced it so everyone jokingly called him Old Bai. He was really good at coaxing celebrities so he was responsible for the magazine’s cover shots.

“My wife is about to give birth. Can you help me to take care of the photography session with supermodel Xiao Xiao tomorrow?”

Xiao Xiao? Mo Sheng found it a little difficult. “I don’t have any problem, but I heard Xiao Xiao’s temperament is weird. If you are not an acquaintance, she would probably not cooperate.”

Old Bai also thought of this and said: “Well, you go and try first. If you really cannot, then call me.”

The next day when Mo Sheng met the cool, elegant, glamorous and impressive Xiao Xiao, she was completely stunned. She was not familiar with the celebrities in the country and had never seen the photos of Xiao Xiao before so she did not know she was actually…… Actually, she looked so much like a good friend in her university days.

However, her friend was such a simple and clumsy country girl, but the person in front of her had her long legs crossed and her smoking gesture was so skillful and seductive……

Mo Sheng did not dare to acknowledge her. Maybe they just looked alike only.

However, supermodel Xiao Xiao squinted at Mo Sheng, then walked elegantly over and stopped in front of her.

“Hey, you do not recognise me?”

“…… Shao Mei?”

“Ah!” She chuckled sarcastically. “If it is not me then who could it be?”

“Ah Sheng, you and Xiao Xiao know each other? This is really good.” The colleague who came together with her chimed in excitedly.

“When I was a first year university student, she slept in the upper bed, I was in the lower bed.”

“In university, bunk bed-mates are the closest friends.” Xiao Xiao’s agent also joined in the conversation.

“Am I supposed to be photographed? Quickly shoot la!” Xiao Xiao impatiently said.

She had really changed a lot! While taking photos, Mo Sheng also thought the person under the lens was no longer the cute and clumsy Shao Mei.  Then who could she be?

Perhaps nobody.  A good photographer can capture the souls of the people under the lens.  However, Mo Sheng could not capture Xiao Xiao’s soul. Maybe her skill was lacking or the person under the lens did not have one.

Xiao Xiao felt very empty! A kind of emptiness which made people powerless and desperate. Perhaps it was this kind of emptiness that propelled her to rise rapidly in popularity.

After shooting a session, Xiao Xiao waved her hand. “We will stop here for today.”

“But Xiao Xiao, there is more ……” Her agent eagerly said.

“Stop here.”

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    • I though you read Silent Separation in Viet already? But do read my translation because I found a few differences between the Viet translation & the original Chinese novel:P You also fangirl lawyer He? Don’t know why I prefer Feng Teng over him, lol.

      Oh so sorry, I forgot you are underage but pls dun call the police to shut down my blog, lol. I told you the book is similar to Ye Luo Wu Xin so you should expect that. Didn’t you read the warning in Seoul’s blog? Anyway, you can skip them like what Lidge & I do, haha…Hey I didn’t recommend you Liang Fei Fan’s book bcos I don’t like it. That one is really R-rated with no substance. Qin Song’s book is a bit bland but sweet & cute:)

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        The first ‘Silent Separation’ in vietnamese was released in 2007 and a new edition in 2011. I don’t know the difference (perhaps it’s just the cover lol the old cover is awful). I want a copy of all the books that I like but can’t find an online store that ships internationally. 😦

        Haa ! No worries, sometimes I forget my age but for sure I’m over 18. lol There are a lot more than in YLWX’s books ! I keep in mind the funny and romantic parts..and forget the others ! 😀

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          Silent Separation has 3 diff Chinese versions. Version 1 & 2 are the same but version 3 included new epilogue on their son. The book shops in Viet don’t ship internationally even if you pay postage? Then fly to Viet for holidays as well as buy books, lol.

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          • Wow, how many times have you watched Lu Zhen, lol?

            Aiya, no need to buy, be a free loader like Lidge, lol. Bcos I am translating GM’s books, I did buy all her books. Although I can’t read, I can still guess read a bit so it is easier with the physical copy at hand. Also, it is a form of respect for the copyright to translate from an original copy, heehee.

            Yaya, I find Qin Song so annoying in Go with the flow but he redeems himself in his own book. You know that Xinn Xinn is so against Li Wei Ran to the extent of skipping all his parts. She said he is boring, lol. Well Xiao Bai is definitely more interesting but I will not be so cruel to Wei Ran as he is a nice guy. Check out the fan-made MV in SSB with Ariel & that guy from My Girlfriend is a Gumiho but don’t blush, lol. I think I read somewhere that Yīng Gāi (应该) is the author fav book but I’ve yet to read it. If you read it, do tell me if it is that good compared with the others.

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        • haha I turn around and around… and begin to open your blog like my FB. lol

          Thanks for the info. It’s not the one I’m reading. Actually, in 应该 the girl is Gu Yan older sister and the guy is 2nd brother’s brother. = )

      • Hi Peanuts,

        I’m a new reader of you wordpress blog, I would like to thank you very much, from the bottom of my heart for your translations, thank you, thank you very much, I don’t know Chinese and I was looking on the Internet like crazy for this some other Chinese Books (Novels), I could only found it in Chinese, again thank you for taking your time in bringing this awesome stories to us readers lovers.

        Between, I would like to know if you or any colleague that also translate is thinking about translating the following books : “My Story for You” or “Love the Whole World ” (为了你我愿意热爱整个世界) by Tangjia Sanshao (唐家三少) and “Put Your Head On My Shoulder” (致我们暖暖的小时光) by Zhao Qianqian, if you know about any translation please advised me in what website I can look for it, thanks in advanced.

        • Thank you for liking our tranlations and your support. If you like this novel, I’ll recommend you to watch the drama if you’ve not done so 🙂

          We don’t take any translation request because we only translate novels that we are very fond of. As far as I know, none of the books you’ve mentioned has Eng translation. You can go to SSB fr time to time for an update.

          • Thank you for the link I’ll check it every few months to see if someone decide to take one of those 2 books.

            I really loved the drama that’s the reason why I started reading this novel, I will continue with the novel of the drama “Boss & Me” and then “Love O2O”.

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            And above all I wish those book had an English or Spanish Edition someday.

  3. Ooh sounds good! ❤ Will be reading your translations 🙂

  4. Hey peanuts! I’m back! I need to catch up on the Shan Shan translations, but couldn’t help but peek at this new translation project. Your introduction to chapter 1 lured me in, so I went and listened to the whole cxt8 audiobook last night. Forgive me for being harsh…but here are my honest opinions. Also, there are some spoilers to my comments below, so please read at your own risk.

    I’m not sure how accurate the audiobook is to the actual novel, but after listening to the story, I am not sure why He Yi Chen is so well loved! He’s handsome, he’s faithful, and he’s successful. He sounds like a dream in real life, but he fails miserably as a book character. He’s incredibly boring and humorless (as you have pointed out yourself, peanuts). And he doesn’t sound very romantic, either, although you could argue that waiting for a woman for 7 years without dating anyone else or sleeping with anyone else (we assume) is in itself THE most romantic gesture of them all. I cannot deny that I would swoon if a man had waited and waited for me without even batting an eyelash at other beautiful women. However, once He Yi Chen actually meets up with Mo Sheng again, his romantic aura fades. He’s rather rude and stiff around her. Perhaps he’s still incredibly hurt over her abandonment. Or perhaps the male reader from the audiobook just yells a lot, but He Yi Chen sounds very bad tempered and moody with Mo Sheng. He’s the perfect gentleman with the rest of the world, a bit aloof and cool, but still very polite. But he is very short and sarcastic with Mo Sheng, especially on their wedding day and for a time thereafter. If he has so much anger for her, he shouldn’t have just proposed and essentially twisted her arm into agreeing on the spur of the moment. He should have had an all out fight with her and then kissed and made up BEFORE marrying her. Instead, he chooses to marry first and then give her the cold shoulder after.

    I think the only time I truly liked He Yi Chen was when he lurked around Mo Sheng’s apartment drunk after finding out that she was going out on a blind date. At that moment, he was passionate, he was ferocious, he was out of control with his feelings for her, and he finally wasn’t just…blah. After that scene, I was sort of hoping he would show a more interesting, passionate side of him, but then he returned to being bland and tasteless.

    Ying Hui would have been awesome, if he had been developed and fleshed out more. I can see Mo Sheng falling madly in love with him, so why didn’t Gu Man use such a juicy specimen to spice up the story? If I were the author, I would have turned Ying Hui into a strong contender for Mo Sheng’s heart. I would have delayed the marriage between Mo Sheng and He Yi Chen just so these two people, who still obviously miss and love each other, could have some time to fall in love again after so many years. And I would have Ying Hui chase after Mo Sheng after regretting his decision to let her go in the past. After all, I think Ying Hui is just as eligible as Yi Chen is. Anyway, so this will be another novel adapted into a drama, huh? Perhaps the scriptwriter can give more story time to Ying Hui and make He Yi Chen more likable. I just don’t understand why He Yi Chen ranks so highly among readers… He completely pales next to Feng Teng, and poor Feng Teng isn’t even a fully fleshed out character!

    • Hey Mel, are you trying to sabotage my translation project:P? Next time, I need to translate something with no audiobook or keep the title a secret until the last chapter so you can’t listen ahead, lol.

      To each its own so you are entitled to your own opinion which I kind of share. However since this book is so highly rated, it does have its merits like Gu Man’s warm language, it is not draggy, some of the cute moments in the book and some of He Yi Chen’s characteristics such as his devotion in waiting and deep love to the extend that he can forgo revenge. Have you ever though part of the reason why you don’t really fancy him is bcos he is real with his imperfections yet is prefect in other ways?

      Different people has different taste especially between overseas Chinese and mainland Chinese. We don’t see eye to eye with a lot of things. However Lidge, Atsu & Bongsd like this book quite a fair bit. Hence I am translating this book to let the overseas readers judge and form their own opinion. To my readers who are following this, do finish reading the translation before you draw your conclusion.

      I’ve already made this clear in the poll that this is not my fav book yet the majority of the readers still voted for the book so I guess they are all curious. Thanks to you Mel, at the end of the day, if they don’t like the novel, they will not think it is my translations which spoiled the book, lol.

      The audiobook follows the novel very closely but I’ve to admit the dubbing especially for Yi Chen’s character was not done well. You may like him slightly better if you listen to the radio drama with petboy who has a nice voice. Yes, Gu Man did mention that Yi Chen’s character will be more flesh out in the drama version so you may change your opinion of him later, haha.

      Since you’ve a thing for second lead, you may want to read Gu Man’s latest book Blazing Sunlight but you’ve been warned that it is unfinished:P I like Feng Teng the most which is why I chose the novel as my first translation project. I personally think Feng Teng is quite flesh out as I know nearly everything about him, especially his mischievous nature and wicked sense of humour, lol.

      I saw that you found your way to decembi’s blog:P Similarly Heavy Sweetness is not that well-received in China but it is a hit with overseas Chinese. For your information I was the one who convinced decembi to pick up the translation because I feel it is such a waste not to finish the story as I like this story even more than 3 Lives 3 Worlds 10 Miles of Peach Blossoms:)

  5. why is 何以笙箫默 highly voted in China?
    as a native PRC, i want to point out:
    it’s not perfect, but it was the first book for many to the new internet novel era.
    and its plot was quite novel to us at that time.
    so there’s a lot of nostalgic sentiment there.

  6. I wonder if there are any audio vietnamese for any Chinese novels? Thanks

  7. Although I read this book last year, I want to find it by English to improve my reading :’)

    I wish I found this web early. Anyway, thank you so much

  8. I am rereading this after yesterday. I am in love with love…. Again. Thank you for translating this one. Now I know why this novel is so popular in China. I am so happy that I found this after your recaps of “boss and me” and gu man’s “come & eat shan shan”. I like, no, I love Ms Gu Man’s writing through your translations. I am looking forward to reading more of your recommendations here. Your blog site is awesome! God bless you for lighting up my days…

    • I notice you are running down my novel stock in real quick time:P Every novels that have been translated here are good in their own ways, depending on what genre you like. We only translate novels that we like very much & we’ve good taste in books, lol. Hence, enjoy yourself here & slowly savor them 🙂

  9. Haha, good of you to notice! I have just retired thus, have lots of free time to indulge in my hobbies (baking, cooking, watching movies in YouTube and reading). Honestly, I am so glad that I found your blog. Thank you so much for your diligence and your excellent selection. Because of your work, I am thoroughly enjoying Chinese novels, something I never expected. My tons of paperback edition of novels by American romance authors have for the past years been my reading materials. Again, great thanks and looking forward to more of your translations!

    • I also want to retire so that I can indulgence in my hobbies daily, lol. It is such a pity that you can’t read Chinese bcos what we’ve translated are the tip of the iceberg only. There are so many good Chinese novels out there but not enough translators. Some American romance novels are good but after a while they get a bit formulaic. This is purely my personal experience only but after reading Chinese novels, I’ve never touched another English one.

  10. is the ebook eng translation downloadble?

  11. hi, i fall in love with this novel after i read your translation.
    I want to buy the novel book but do you know where i can but it online?
    Do this novel have an official english version?

    -thank you-

  12. Hi, I am so glad I found your blog for Silent Separation english translation. Have been a great fan and swooning over Wallace Chung since I saw his character as Lu LiCheng in Best Time. I am holding off watching My Sunshine to check out the novel as heard that is popular/good. Just read your translation of 1 episode and liking it so far.
    Do really appreciate your dedication in translating the novel as i regret not learning to read chinese when young thus missing out all lots of great chinese novel out there.

  13. Thanks for the link. I guess I will spend much time there from now on to swoon over Wallace. After Best Time, I tried to catch up with his other drama but found they are mainly period drama (tried Too late to say goodbye) but without sub I am lost, so I am really excited to know he is back in modern drama once again in My Sunshine. Do you know if the drama is very close adaptation to the novel? I am now reading your translation of chapter 3 and feeling to urge to start watching the drama already. But I know always the novel will have more insight of the character compare to drama.

    • Go to the link page in WC’s blog for novel translation and certain episodes with English subs for Too Late To Say I Love U.

      The novel follows the novel very closely bcos the script was written by the author of the novel Gu Man. Actually the drama has more insight bcos it is longer. But I prefer the novel bcos I don’t like draggy stuff 😛 We did recaps for My Sunshine and compared it with the novel.

  14. Boof laf nguowif Viet nam har? are you vietnamese, right?

  15. Thank you for the translation! Do you know how I can download the Chinese audio book so I can listen to it and learn Chinese? Thank you.

  16. Thank you so much for the translation! I really loved and enjoyed the novel.
    So, I would like to ask you for a permission to translate your version. I speak Portuguese and I’m sure that a lot of people would love to read this! Obviously, I will give you the rightful credits!! I’m waiting for your answer.
    (I’m sorry for talking about this here, I didn’t find any other way of contact.)

    • I don’t own the copyright to those novels so I am not in a position to give any kind of permission. Because I’ve translated those novels from the original Chinese novels, I would prefer any further translation to be based on the original Chinese novel and not my translation. More will be lost in translation to a different language. But if you really need to use my translation as the basis, I hope you take the time and put in the effort to translate them properly and accurately.

  17. It would be nice to translate from original but unfortunately I can’t. Because of that I will work hard to provide the best possible.
    Thank you for answering!

  18. Hey. Just stumbled upon the blog. Since I like to read, and have watched some C- dramas I thought of reading the stories here. Who knows I like it here. And I just finished reading Honey Stewed Squid and I am so in love with the story. More so with your translation. The works reflect the kind of hard work you must put into bringing about the same emotions as in novel. Translating a novel is really hard so kudos to you for taking up the job and doing it all the justice.

    A sincere thank you!!!

    Now I’m off to read this story. God help me! I’ve found another addiction. Lol.

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